Sending the right message

Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi send very strong messages as a reaction to Deputy Minister in Prime Minister’s Department P Wathyamoorthy’s statement of “Shootout or execution” for the Police gunning down of five Indian gang members on Monday.  It has been seen as in the tone of the Opposition and berating the professionalism of the Police Force.

Just quit if not happy with police actions, Zahid tells Waytha

AUGUST 24, 2013

Former Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy should resign from his Cabinet position if he wants to act like a representative of a non-governmental organisation, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (pic).

“In the war against crime, there should be no quarter given to criminals,” Ahmad Zahid said, referring to Waythamoorthy’s criticism over the shootout in Penang.

“If an individual who once led an NGO, issues negative statements which bear the hallmarks of his past, then he should just resign from his position in the Cabinet,” he said.

Waythamoorthy, the deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, had criticised the police for the shooting of five suspected Indians in Penang and called for an inquest.

He was sceptical that a shootout had actually happened as police claimed, suggesting that the five Indians had been executed.

An angry Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar later refuted Waythamoorthy’s claims and insisted police would do whatever was necessary to keep the peace.

However, Ahmad Zahid didn’t make any specific reference to Waythamoorthy when issuing his hardline statement today, telling reporters to draw their own conclusions.

Earlier this week, he advised Waythamoorthy not to issue statements which conflicted with government policy.

“He should remember that he is no longer the head of an NGO, he isn’t the Hindraf leader anymore, don’t interfere in police work,” Ahmad Zahid said soon after Waythamoorthy had expressed unhappiness over the shooting.

Yesterday, Waythamoorthy responded by stating that he will not be silent on issues just because he is in the government.

“I cannot just be a disinterested observer on the sidelines just because I am in government.

“In fact, it is to the advantage of the government that I voice out the true sentiments of the people on the ground so that I can contribute positively to the objectives and good governance of the government,” he said in a statement released yesterday.

Ahmad Zahid’s views echoed sentiments expressed by Malay non-governmental organisations.

Right wing Malay NGO, Perkasa, said that the chairman of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) should make private inquiries about the incident rather than doubt the credibility of the police force.

“Our security forces are scrambling to reduce the public’s ire toward the increasing number of armed criminals but Waythamoorthy here is questioning the actions of our forces,” said Datuk Zulkifli Noordin, who is Perkasa’s vice president.

“We do not deny his right to fight for the Indian community but he needs to know his position. If he still wants to have the mentality of an NGO, it is best that he resigns and focus on building the Indian community,” he told the Umno-owned Malay daily, Utusan Malaysia.

Another group known as Tolak Individu Bernama Anwar Ibrahim (TIBAI) also asked the deputy minister to respect the police.

The group’s adviser, Muhammad Zahid Md Arip, said Waythamoorthy is looking at criminal activities from a very narrow scope and as such he should be dropped from the Cabinet.

“This is not a race issue but it is about national and public security. I urge the Prime Minister to remove Waythamoorthy from his position,” he added.

Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) president Azwanddin Hamzah cautioned Waythamoorthy from acting so quickly on his own to defend the Indians.

“Criminals are still criminals and the police know what they are doing. He should have discussed this first instead of impulsively releasing a statement,” Azwanddin was quoted as saying. – August 24, 2013.


Home Minister Zahid standing up for the Police Force is very encouraging. They are the law enforcement agency empowered with a parliamentary act and often enforcing other relevant acts,  entrusted for the national security and combatting crime.

What is more important he is just stating what many Malaysians are reacting to Wathyamoorthy’s outrageous statement against the Police.

Then again, many are baffled if not left appalled on Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s decision to bring in former HINDRAF Chairman Wathyamoorthy as a Deputy Minister when he announced his Cabinet on 15 May 2013. HINDRAF in the past demonstrated their extremist, chauvinist and even militant tendencies.

On 25 November 2007, HINDRAF staged a very aggressive demonstration to protest the ‘Colonial policies of Great Britain’ here in Kuala Lumpur, where private properties like parked cars were destroyed and several shops were broken. 31 Indian youths were arrested and later charged for “Attempting to commit homicide against a Policeman on duty”.

These HINDRAF extremists were even described as “Guilty for High Treason”.

After sending a letter dated 15 November 2007 to Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Whitehall about “Ethnic cleansing in Malaysia”, they later resorted to wanting to sue the British Government.

P Wathyamoorthy is his HINDRAF colours

Waythamoorthy wanted to sue the British Government and demand to pay £1,000,000 to each Malaysian Indian for the “Pain, suffering, humiliation, discrimination and continuous colonisation”. It is an outrageous political stunt, which is also very humiliating.

Obviously Prime Minister Najib’s policy of ‘inclusivity’ to bring minority personalities like Wathyamoorthy into the Federal Government isn’t of one the better post-13GE decision.

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  1. True sentiments on the ground? Or the sentiments of the gangsters you befriend?

    The shoot to kill should be enforce now more than ever.

    Could it be that the abolishment of the eo and i.s.a was a grandplan of jibby?

    Why just trap them, when you can release them and let your hunting dogs kill them off? But i think i am giving jibby too much credit.

    The cops should take this opportunity presented upon them by the most progressive of p.m, and gun down every single one of the detainees that were set loose.

    Its a good thing waytha-todi-murti was hired by jibby to be a dep. minister. He should keep opening his mouth so jibby looks more like an idiot.

    You cant believe the smile i had reading his statement. Lasted the entire day

    • When you smiled, I fumed. I agree with what you said, but I fumed. Lost my sense of sarcasm, sense of humour, I fumed.

      Got to see the doctor to check if I have blood pressure problem. My friend said he was told by his doctor to lessen his blogging to control his blood pressure.

      If the doctor says I have blood pressure problem, I’m going to send the bill to Jibby. And shout louder to appeal to the 150,000 UMNO members to replace him by somebody not causing blood pressure problem to anybody.

      • Wonder how you felt when shahrizat became special adviser? How nazri acted in defending himself when probed into the hiring of his son?

        Najib, today is the number one cause for rising cases of cardiovascular problem and high blood pressure prevalent amongst articulate malaysians. And that is fact.

        Btw the only thing he will have in his legacy, at least for me, is it was during his premiership that metallica came to malaysia.

      • Felt very shitty, wish I could shit on …

        Najib has to boost Shahrizat’s image as she is being contested as Wanita Head and supporters of the previous Deputy who contested PRU13 as an independent will surely go to Azlina, the former Puteri Head.

        Najib has nobody to rely on to get the Wanita votes if he is contested against, and Shahrizat has said Wanita support the no contest to top two UMNO posts. Shahrizat is Rosmah’s buddy buddy since TKC days and has been walking in and out of the PM’s residence any time day or night. So, there you go.

        Nazri was quoted by saying “unlike many of us Malaysians who are thin-skinned, I am thick-skinned. What people say about me does not bother me.” Again, there you go. He was retained in the Cabinet for his role as a bouncer. He bounces criticisms against his boss.

        And he quoted Voltaire, too! “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it.” But Voltaire does not have a foot in his mouth. Nazri does. There you go again.

        I better switch off now to avoid blood pressure problem.

  2. Received an SMS fwded, which could be from one Minister to another:

    Bro … tlg berenti beri stmt begini. Sejak kamu kata tiada lagi amaran, saham aku menjunam setiap kali saham kamu melonjak.

    Hehehe 🙂

  3. This Hindraf fella should just resign. But I guess he likes his Timbalan Menteri status and perks too much to do that. Didn’t hear any statement from him post GE13. Funny that his first official statement is to defend Indian criminals. Birds of the feather flock together?

    Najib oh Najib.. why do you appoint such loser as Timbalan Menteri? Why the rakyat need to pay for this idiot? What exactly did he do so far as Timbalan Menteri to develop the country?

    • How Can This Be?

      One Minister asking a deputy minister to resign whilst the PM remains silent as if nothing is happening!

      What is Going On?

      When Two Malay Ministers demand the same Non Malay Deputy Minister to Resign and the PM still remains silent as if nothing is happening?

      Careful for they can be misconstrued as bullies.

      Maybe if a few more Ministers Steps up on the Plate to ask this Deputy Minister to resign we will finally emerge as a Country Ruled by Collective Decision Making (aka Mob Rule) and will no longer need the PM.

  4. Salam bro BD, another fallacy of the current admin’s stance uncovered. Anjing mane yg tak makan bangkai (perhaps BD). which adds to my belief that another phase of the malay social reformation must be launched ASAP. the goal being to galvanise malay resources to seize the agenda in a concrete manner not just rhetoric. at this rate, malays cant afford to totally pin their hopes on umno & fed govt. we must collectively ensure that malays operate strategically and i aver, interact with whoever & whatever, so long as said malays profit and benefit. will be in touch soonest.

  5. Bro, recent events have put us in a struggle both epic and historic. in 1509 Lopez de Sequeira berthed at Melaka port, a vibrant and leading regional trading hub then, under the guise of a trading mission on behalf of the Portuguese king. two years later Alfonso de Albuquerque razed the port to the ground ostensibly as a reaction to a trade and legal dispute. The dutch and english who came later had the same intentions, to capture our markets. Is the US-initiated TPPA not similar? Err, lions dont change spots, did you say, old chap?

  6. Deyy thambey, this is in response to your provocation:


    Pronunciation: (pu-rī’u), [key] – n.
    1. an outcast.
    2. any person or animal that is generally despised or avoided.
    3. (cap.) a member of a low caste in southern India and Burma

    ETHNONYMS: Adi-Dravida, depressed caste, external caste, Harijan, Panchama, Pariah, Dalits, Scheduled Caste.

    Dalits and similar groups are found in India, Nepal, Pakistan,[14] Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Further wherever immigrants from these countries have gone caste has gone with them. As a result Dalits can also be found in the U.S., U.K, Singapore, MALAYSIA, Canada, and the Caribbean.[15][16][17] – Wikipedia

    The word “Untouchable” was first applied to this category of Hindus by the Maharaja Sayaji Rao III of Baroda in a lecture he gave in 1909, to describe their most essential characteristic vis-à-vis higher-ranking castes. The British have long called them “Pariahs,” in reference to a major Untouchable group of Tamil Nadu.

    The low rank of the Untouchables is explained by the general belief that their traditional occupations and other habits are or were polluting to higher castes in a spiritual way as they had something to do with blood, dirt, or death. Furthermore, it is felt that this karma comes to Untouchables as a punishment for sins committed in a previous existence. Although these numerous castes all fall below the “pollution line,” they are not undifferentiated in rank but rather recognize a range of social distinctions. Some, who rank higher than other Untouchables, serve as priests to the rest, at their own shrines, because it is impossible to get Brahmans or other priests of very high status to serve the religious offices of these people.

    The marks of their supposed pollution were traditionally expressed in a variety of ways. Very commonly, a cheri or separated, satellite hamlet was established for the Untouchables of a village; otherwise, they would inhabit a segregated quarter. The use of their own wells and even in some areas the use of their own footpaths and bridges were thought to be ways of protecting the rest of Hindu society from their polluting presence. In Kerala until a century ago there were various prescribed distances, ranging from 12 to 96 paces, closer than which the particular Untouchable castes could not approach higher-status Hindus. Some were said to be so polluting that they could pollute a corpse – itself considered highly polluting, or should only move around at nighttime. Some groups in Kerala polluted a Hindu of higher caste if only their shadow fell on him; others had to actually touch him or his food to do so.

    Sizable numbers of Untouchables have over the past century or so been converted to Christianity, Islam or Buddhism, partly in response to the relative egalitarianism of these faiths, and partly because membership in these communities might obscure one’s Untouchable background and so improve the chances for better employment.

    – In defense of our men in Blues, I think they were startled by a snake in that apartment, so they did what they were told all along, ie when you met a snake and a keling (especially a murderous one); well, you know the rest…

    • Thanks bro, that’s very informative, I never knew the extent of pariahness they can get to,

      Now I know the kepala besarness they try to be in a country where pariahnism is not practised,

      Also Tony what’s the name ..?

  7. Waytha must follow-up with proactive programmes to rehabilitate those criminals of indian descent instead of just hounding for scapegoats amongst the police force.

    Equipping them with vocational skills for occupational outfits may be a step forward.

  8. I strongly support Datuk Zahid Hamidi, the Minister of Interior and the PDRM.

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