My father is a liar!

Had I not watched ‘Tanda Putera’ in person, then probably I might be convinced that my father has been lying to me since 1977 about the most challenging period of Malaysian history. Considering the overpowering propaganda by pro-Opposition news portal, social media network accounts and constant statements by Opposition leaders, where many Malaysians based their basis of forming an opinion.

This is because what some so-called Malaysians have been upto very serious no good trying to manipulate half truths, twist, confuse and debunk a historical film about the lives, challenges, mitigating circumstances and decisions made by Tun Hj Abdul Razak Hussein from 4 May 1969 till 16 January 1976 and his closest ally, Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman (till 2 August 1973).

Both of the statesmen were called back by Allah s.w.t. on the respective dates mentioned.

In the tone of the certain group of extremists and probably “radicals and subversive elements” amongst the minority within the Malaysian society of the day, who in desperation have been systematically drumming up trying very hard to confuse and demonise highly acclaimed film maker Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba’s latest project. ‘Tanda Putera’ which is supposed to be a landmark work to promote the spirit of nationalism, has now evolved as something highly controversial.

The National Operation Council report dated 9 October1969

‘Tanda Putera’ is based on the National Operation Council (NOC) report dated 9 October 1969 which was tabled in Parliament as a White Paper and account of individuals who privy to all of the events within the five and a half years depicted in the film. Shuhaimi also recollected how Tun Razak and Tun Dr. Ismail brought the nation back together again in so short of time, considering the challenges that they were facing.

The challenges include the Communist Terrorists, who have gone underground and operation in the urbans. They have resorted to assassinating top security officials, as part of their plan to weaken the administration. IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim was assassinated near Bukit Mahkamah on 7 June 1974 and Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong was gunned down on 13 November 1975.

All of these events were depicted in the 125min film, which will go into public screening through the cinema circuits three days from now.

My father was very much involved in the immediate post-13 May 1969 racial clashes in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. He was then a loyal civil servant of His Majesty’s Government.

The provocative demonstration insulting the Malays scene in 'Tanda Putera'.

The provocative demonstration insulting the Malays scene in ‘Tanda Putera’.

The insults again the Malays by the Non Malays especially the Chinese fanned by hatred by Chinese Chauvinists such as the DAP and “radicals and subversive elements” in the planned series of provocative demonstrations before and after the 3GE in May 1969 were overbearing. The ‘temperature’ was already heated when in Setapak, a few Malay men were clobbered by some Chinese men.

The day the clash erupted in Setapak, Abah was on his way out of Kuala Lumpur heading East Coast for official duty. He managed to get information about “Big clashes in Kuala Lumpur” from the Police at a road block somewhere near Raub and hastily turned back.

As he approach the city limits, the night already set in and there an eirie feeling in the streets, with a deep tinge of chaos. He immediately sought refuge at Sentul Police station.

Later, he tagged behind a convoy of Police land rovers going to the High Street Police Station (now Jalan Bandar). Along the way, he witnessed the first day carnage of racial rioting and clashes in places like Ipoh Road (now Jalan Ipoh), Chow Kit Road and Batu Road (now Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman) and China Town.

He wanted to go High Street because a very close childhood friend from Muar is a Police Inspector on duty at the Police Station. Later, Uncle Din escorted Abah home to Petaling Jaya.

Scene in 'Tanda Putera' depicting the NOC presided by Tun Razak as the Director, is in session

Scene in ‘Tanda Putera’ depicting the NOC presided by Tun Razak as the Director, is in session

A few days later, he was recalled for active duty even though there was a 24 hour curfew enforced as Tun Dr. Ismail declared Malaysia, “A state of Emergency”. He was ‘volunteered’ into active duty, to assist in the food section of then the NOC, which was then the government of the day.

He is now one of the ration officers in the NOC.

Since there was a 24 hour curfew, food storage was critically low because the supply chain was completely disrupted. Many homes were running low on food because no one stocked up before 3GE nor the clashes. The reason is simple; Majority of Malaysians couldn’t imagine the country would come to then the current state of distress. Especially twelve years earlier Merdeka was achieved out of a series consultation and agreements, in the spirit of togetherness, understanding, accommodating and most importantly, compromise.

One of the most distress facility which was short of food was the hospitals. The hospitals needed freshly cooked food and patients were not advised to eat canned food (which was available in the army and police stores).

NOC: Fr. left; Ibrahim Ismail, IGP Dato' Salleh Ismail, Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie, Tun V.T. Sambanthan, Tun Dr. Ismail Abd. Rahman & Tun Abdul Razak Hussein (Not in picture Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah, Left. Jen. (B) Tunku Osman Jewa, Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin,

NOC (Fr. left) Left. Jen. Dato’ Ibrahim Ismail, IGP Tan Sri Salleh Ismail, Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie, Tun V.T. Sambanthan, Tun Dr. Ismail Abd. Rahman & Tun Abdul Razak Hussein (Not in picture Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah, Left. Jen. (B) Tunku Osman Jewa, Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin.

Abah is now entrusted to search for raw food, for the patients in then General Hospital Kuala Lumpur. He would go around farms around Selangor and take chickens, eggs and fresh vegetables from the farmers and issue them letters of indent. This is so that the government would pay them later when the administration machinery is back in operation.

A few days later, his duties also include the task of bringing cooked food prepared by the army central kitchen in MINDEF, to enclaves such as new villages in Kepong, Jinjang, Serdang and Cheras, as these Chinese settlements are totally cut off from the supply chain. Even though Chinese sundry shops were owned and operated by them, many chose to hoard food for obvious reasons.

He saw more carnage and how really bad inviduals broke curfew laws and were infact armed for the sinister reasons, to perpetuate the bloody conflict.

Shuhaimi depicted some of the scenes that collaborated my father’s take on the aftermath, in ‘Tanda Putera’. Watching the film is like understanding what Abah have been trying to tell me all these years about what and how it happened.

Moments before Sgt Aman and Corp Kop came to the rescue of Kara and Allen

Shuhaimi depiction of some of the scenes were accurate to the details. Example is the scene where Police Sergeant Aman and Corporal Kop escorted Kara and Allen back to Petaling Jaya in the night of the racial clash, was exactly like when Uncle Din escorted Abah back home in the early hours of 14 May 1969.

The media could also interview persons who are still around and were privy to ground zero of the 13 May 1969 racial clashes such as retired IGP Tun Mohamed Hanif Omar, retired Director of Special Branch Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Rahman and Brigadier (Rtd) Syed Hamzah.

The Malaysian public should come and watch ‘Tanda Putera’ first before making any comments. Even if they are prejudicial about this film, they must at least watch for themselves first before making any statements which persons like me (since I already watched this film more than once) considers as racial slurs, with deep sinister motives.

In my mind, it is certain the firm believe that Lim Kit Siang had lied and continue to perpetuate a web of twisted lies about DAP’s direct involvement in terms of planning, excution and post-event actions of the 13 May 1969 tragedy, rather than having a tinge of doubt that Abah made up even a tiny portion of his own account.

P/S: Why since 1977? That’s when the first time I was told about the 13 May 1969 racial clashes and riots. I was hardly ten years old then.

*Updated 2359hrs

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  1. A family I know in Setapak must have lied on the death of their loved ones in the hands of Chinese. They must have mistaken them for Vietnamese 🙂

  2. We should, as a matter of responsibility bring our children to watch this movie. This will educate and prepare them to counter any lies or made up stories perpetuated by the neo Min Yuen to cover the truth.

  3. In the 70’s, a mention of 13th May would draw a “Sssh!!!” from my mom. Thou shall not talk or mention it at all.

  4. My father was called for active duty too.

    When he was in a Chinese new village in the suburbs of KL, he was given army escort. The Royal Rangers Sgt. who escorted him shot a Chinese man who was swiftly coming towards them, aggresively.

    “Kenapa sarjan tembak dia?”

    “He broke curfew law, Enche’!”

    “Kalau iya pun, kenapa tembak?”

    “Kalau dia ada hand grenade, Enche’ tau ke?”

    Apparently there was a soldier killed a few days earlier not far from the village, believed to be by CTs.

    That was a damning bit about May 13. I’m utterly convinced the commies were ready to strike!


  6. In 1964, I was in the Dewan Rakyat listening to the duels between the Alliance and the PAP leadership. I was present at the 1964 General Elections rally of the PAP at Sulaiman Court, Kuala Lumpur. In 1967, there was a riot in Pulau Pinang after mainland Custom duties were imposed. Before the General Elections of 1969, I was at the demonstrations by the Opposition at the Foch Avenue (Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock), Kuala Lumpur and later, the drums and cymbals beating with intimidating loudspeakers processions which raised a huge ruckus along the streets of Kuala Lumpur and Imbi Road. I noted many Praetorian Guards which accompanied these convoys. My heart sank when I noted such behaviour seemed to be designed to provoke. SUCH ACTIVITIES DID NOT TAKE PLACE AFTER THE 1964 GENERAL ELECTIONS.

  7. I think a movie about how china didnt want the tin miners back should be made also

    • Can you tell more about how China didn’t want the tin miners back, please. And the source of the info. too.

      I missed that one somehow.

      • If you mean the tin mine workers called coolies, yes I have read about them being encouraged by Chinese leaders like Premier Chou En Lai to be loyal to their “country of adoption”.

        But if the millionaire tin miners not accepted by China, I’m very interested to know.

        One car parts dealer who has 2 wives in Malaysia and one in China told me even the major shareholder of a Chinese newspaper keeps a wife in China, goes there often, “built a school from his own pocket” in China.

        Yes a film on all those but I hope it would not encourage others to do the same – contributing to the motherland, instead of to this country Malaysia.

      • Its in a really good book called The Right To Leave And Return And Chinese Migration Law.

        The book puts it in a good way where the country didnt want to be burdened and yada yada yada. You can find it in the book.

        They would have only accepted those who could prove that they (millionaires) could and would survive on their own without depending on the state and i doubt the coolies could. And why would the millionaires want to go back?

        I wish to add that those huayi (if i am not mistaken as the very 1st gen) were addicted to opium, were involved in gangs and also were disease ridden specifically with stds.

        Why would china want these guys back? They were nearing a billion population in about a decade or two. Where would these coolies go and how would they contribute.

        And this restriction is still enforced today. So thats where the whole being loyal crap to an adopted home came about.

        Have a look in the book Haba. Very good read i might add.

      • Txs mate. I think you are right. I just rely on your additional info above, enough lah. So much to read what the ungrateful ingrates write and the walloping of them by concerned citizens like us, no time to read that book lah. Know the general points from you sufficient to shit the nonsense they say, as and when necessary.

        Pssst, must admit I’m lazy, too. And the hardcore incorrigibles will not change even with facts, analysis and detailed arguments. So, for me, just have enough facts to show they are talking nonsense, leaving the “deep whacking” and “persuading of the misled” to you all.

        Let’s continue whacking these buggers one of who wrote a shit book trying to deflect blame for the 1969 race riots to – of all people – Tun A Razak and his close associates. I also have not read the Kua Ka Soong book of trash. Refuse to. Clearly nonsensical. I only read what those who have read it wrote.

  8. BD, I was a witness to May 13. I just arrived from kampong to register for admission into MU. I saw the Chinese procession at Batu Road prior to May 13. The shouts ” melayu Balik kampong” still very clear and vivid. Such crass and arrogance as if they were the masters. At MU, the Malay chaps at the Science fac had to face other challenges and sabotage by our Chinese lecturers. Of course we were the minority in Sciece, Medic and. Engineering. There was no blogs then for us to expose the dirty and under handed tactics of our lecturers. If only the young generation knew what we went thru, …..

  9. Well, you lived long enough to see internet blogs exist. If you still remember you can still make one.

  10. It’s tied up with the coup attempts of post-independent Indonesia & Sukarno’s romanticism with the communists, and then the terribly horrible backlash massacres of suspected communists in Indonesia:

  11. Truth, like milk, arrives in the dark
    But even so, wise dogs don’t bark.
    Only mongrels make it hard
    For the milkman to come up the yard.

    ~Christopher Morley

  12. This is the sort of things that make me feel concerned about not aligning ourselves with “the Policemen of the world”, as reflected in my comments in the previous post. As a sort of deterrent to others not to be emboldened with seditious remarks etc knowing that 1.2 billion of them are only several hours’ flight away and so many have entered this country as tourists and overstaying all over the place, could be hoped to help even if their seditious words and deeds lead to another 13 May.

    Consider the blasted Malaysiakini putting out this heading –

    “To sing or not to sing the Negaraku at cinemas?

    Adrian Lim Chee En
    4:47PM Aug 26, 2013

    Fancy standing up for six minutes before a movie at the cinemas? Starting next Wednesday, a six-minute clip comprising of Negaraku and two patriotic movie clips will be played before any movies in the cinema start.”

    Where in the world can you find so-called citizens making such a mockery of a country’s national anthem? And they getting emboldened even before Najib throws out the Sedition Act.

    • There used to be the Non-Alignment Movement but geopolitic has changed and NAM has not been heard much any more.

      A trade pact is not a political union of any sort. Even the EU is not an agreement cast in stone – even the British have been talking about quitting. Should a trade pact like TPPA be found out to be manifestly to our disadvantage, we can get out at the relevant time. But the muscle flexing Chinese appear to be bullying a fellow Asean member, the Philippines, which had rushed up – on their own volition – to rebuild Clarke Air Base and Subic Bay to cater for US naval and air fleets.

      China even appears to bully former World No. 2 economic power, Japan, which is bound by their war-renouncing Constitution but when necessary scrambled their “defence force” jet fighters all the same. The mainland Chinese may start sending their war boats to the group of islands Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei and others have been claiming. And the seditious blokes at Malaysiakini and at the numerous Chinese language blogs will be clapping their hands cheering – the 1.2 billion bretheren.

      Remember, that kind of blokes could’t care two hoots about anything – never grateful creatures, they dragged others into a Chinese tsunami at PRU13, Lim Kit Siang even spoke for bloody communist terrorist Chin Peng be allowed to enter the country.

  13. Whoever wants to produce Tanda Putera 2.0 is free to do so in this country. This applies to the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP as well.

    • I disagree. They’ll start showing Lim Kit Siang as Maharajah of a tiny dot in the northern part of Semenanjong Tanah Melayu, calling communist terrorist Chin Peng to settle down there.

      They’ll say so many laws have been discarded and they can do anything they like. They’ll show the Maharajah’s rakyat being the triads, thugs and gangsters holding hands in awe and complete subservience to the Maharajah.

      They’ll kill one another in another place, not in the kingdom of the Maharajah. And whack those who refuse to see the Maharajah film,

      Endless possibilities, hehehe.

      • Let the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP produces the sort of film which you envisage HaBa. They will only show that they are not fit to rule this beloved country of ours and make fools of themselves in colour.

  14. I was a form five student in St John.s Institution. I escaped death when the Toong Foong bus I was travelling in to go home in Jalan Nakhoda Yusoff managed to squeeze through the Chinese blokade infront of Majestic theatre in Pudu road. Whilst the bus was approaching we could see the front buses being stopped by kuntow clad chinese men, young and old; weilding sword, spears and all the kuntow weapons. They dragged down Malay girls from the buses, on their way home from work and slashed, stabbed and then kicked them into the drain. I could see blood spurting from their baju kurung clad bodies.

    As my bus rammed through, spears were lunged through the windows. All we school boys could do was to spit and throw bus tickets towards the murderers!

    A few days before that we saw jubilant chinese groups on one 1/4 ton lorries banging on drums and cymbals dancing to thr dragon tunes parading into malay majority areas like Kg Pandan, Government Quarters showing off their private parts and shouting profanity towards malay ladies and children uttering words like “melayu sudah mati’ ‘melayu masuk hutan’, blatant defiance of the rule of law and disrespect for malay sentiment.

    DAP just won KL at that time. Lim Kit Siang was there. He is still around now.

    I could write a book on my experience. Maybe I will just do that.

    • When you do that, ask also the security forces, including the Police, who enforced the curfew. The shoot to kill orders they carried would atone for what you saw from that Toong Foong bus.

      The film is to remind them to avoid those things. The fact that they politicize the film shows those fellows never learn, keras kepala mcm batu.

  15. Is the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP trying to distract attention from Pulau Pinang – a place which requires Federal funds to develop meaningfully. Very soon the World’s financial turmoil will be upon us. Pulau Pinang which was one of the leading lights of the Federation, may bear the brunt of an unexpected downturn which will affect its Rakyat’s well-being and employment. Tourism, the construction of condos etc will not be able to sustain employment as we know it. With such an aggressive and confrontational attitude of the DAP leadership on mundane matters, have they thought out a safety net for the inhabitants of Pulau Pinang ?

  16. My grandfather also recall the events happening as the film Tanda Putera depicted. Seems to be more realistic compared to New Village PSM DAP PKR PAS imaginary film.

  17. […] and subversive elements” did not cause the nation’s darkest history. Unless so many people  who lived through actually lied and manufactured events and stories and/or manipulated… about what happened during and after the 13 May 1969 racial clashes […]

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