Advice or Directive?


Today, Penang Chief Minister and Mini Emperorissimo of Middle Malaysia Lim Guan Eng claims that the call for ‘Tanda Putera’ to not be screened or banned in the state as an ‘advice’ instead of ‘directive’.

This is an extract on what Riong Kali news portal reported:

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state did not ban any cinema operator from screening the controversial film.

“Just like any travel advisory issued by the government for the safety of citizens travelling in strife-torn or dangerous countries, this advisory is issued to cinema operators to highlight to the public the dangerous lies in this film that can only threaten and tear the fabric of national and racial unity in the country,” Lim said in a statement issued in George Town today.

He added that both local councils – the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) and Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) – will not punish cinema operators in Penang for screening the film.


The MPPP letter is self explanatory. It is obviously a threat as per para 2 and an instruction as per para 3 to all cinema operators in Pulau Pinang.

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  1. Tear social fabric? Thats rich coming from a cina like you.

    And do you think many are stupid like you limmy? The letter is in simple bahasa. Maybe you should be deported since you cant even read and comprehend simple malay?

    Please sneak up aboard a vessel and sneak into the nearest mainland.

  2. Bedebah punya benda Allah.

    Menipu, kata nasihat masakan mengarah jangan tayang. Tidak membayangkan penghormatan kapada hari Kemerdekaan secara memuramkan suasana bagi rakyat mera’ikannya, menghalang tayangan filem itu.

    Cuba menutup perana DAP dalam mencetuskan pergaduhan kaum 13 Mei 1969. Langsung tak mengaku dan tidak mahu mengambil iktibar dari kesalahan yang partinya buat di masa yang lalu. Ini jenis kominis subversif dan tidak harus ada di negara ini. Perlu di nyahkan sahaja.

  3. The letter mentioned about ‘diarah’. But the irony of it , the last sentence reads ‘ Dihargai sekiranya Tuan/ puan mematuhi permintaan ini. Well it is only a ‘ permintaan’ i.e a request. Should a permintaan dipatuhi? Not necessarily. The moral of the story – the content of the letter is not consistent. An amateur piece of work. Yo! no one doing vetting or simply poor in their grasp of Bahasa Melayu?

    • Sengaja menggunakan contradictory wordings (“diarah” and “permintaan”). If there’s a hue and cry then they can say there was no directive just a request as proven by their letter.

      There’s your irony, the Democratic Action Party that doesn’t practice democracy according to the norms, and which stands by the principles of Accountability and Transparency which they effectively camouflage by using contradictory terms

      • Well..who doesnt recall LGE’s famous ‘slip of the hand and typo error’ excuses. There’s already a hue and cry but LGE’s press conference showed DAP-led Penang State Govt was dead set about the ban. They can’t beat the mainstream, so they unleashed their political and Penang state power to dissent. For the Malays who voted for DAP in the last GE and helped DAP campaigned and carried DAP flags, they certainly helped DAP untuk jadi bongkak dan menindas.

    The request in the letter is just as good as a directive.

  5. Ni semua salah Microsoft excel ni.. Haha

  6. Whatever he meant can be judge based on what the intended recipient of the letter understood it to be.

    “In compliance with Penang State Government’s directive (as per letter by Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang dated August 28, 2013), GSC will not be screening the movie “Tanda Putera” in its cinemas in Penang,” it said.
    – New Straits Time

    Kita perlu sebarkan taktik kotor cina bangsat ini seluas-luasnya terutama sekali kepada pemuda-pemudi Melayu. Biar mereka faham akan ancaman yang dihadapi oleh tanah tumpah darah mereka ketika ini.

    Cerita kepada anak cucu kita tentang pengkhianatan yang dibuat oleh puak-puak pendatang ini semasa 13 Mei 1969. Biar mereka faham dan beringat bahawa sesunggunya ada golongan tertentu dalam masyarakat kita yang tidak boleh dipercayai.


  7. Welll DAP surely needs no other enemy than tokong himself.

    Their sifu down south has also lost faith in their effectiveness as a credible opposition.

  8. What do you expect from a luntur (runtuh) guy. “Diarahakan” means advise. Bahasa Malaysia A++ punya olang

  9. What can we expect of a bloke whose party caused the race riots of 1969 and whose father played a significant role in it..

    The party has been denying it and tried to deflect it to others. Bloody crooked blokes.

    No sense of decency and decorum all though their years of existence. Illegal street demonstrations and all. Now won’t even respect Merdeka Day celebrations. If they won’t partake, at least they should have let the film be screened unhindered. Guilt conscience of the highest order.

    Now they have power in only one state and already showing their arrogance in various forms. God forbid them having it in more than that. The people will rise against them if that happens.

  10. Below is the kind of DAP blokes who behave badly even when in other people’s country and also concerning Independence Day celebration –

    “A Malaysian national, Broderik Chin, could spend up to five years in prison for making a joke about Indonesia’s flag.

    National Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Agus Rianto said that Chin, the general manager of palm oil company PT Kreasi Jaya, which is a subsidiary of Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK), allegedly said that the flag “could be replaced with his red underwear” on Aug. 16, one day before the country’s Independence Day.” – The Jakarta Post.

    How twisted their mind, how disrespectful of others, how ungrateful of the fact they have been able to cari makan in other people’s country – these are the bastaks whose ancestorrs had a terrible past in south China, descended of a mixture of hill tribes referred to as Cina Bukit, never maturing and conforming to the ways and the laws of the country they are in.

    They must be taught lessons. 5 years in prison would do the job.

  11. The leader of an extreme hypocrisy is well defined by his ethnic congregation. Lim Guan Eng is not talking the same language as Najib’s proclamation bubbling the dream of 1 Malaysia expression. 

    Najib is trapped in his 1 Malaysian concept perceived as  depressing as in its meaning ideally with much realization by his leadership. Concurrently, Lim Guan Eng is deceived by his Chauvinism.

    An advice , Najib underlining policy should be in covenant before consensus:  All policies are revealed good to ethnic Malays are also good to the other ethnics. The others good are complementary to the good of all selves goodness in the making for an act of covenant in a better Malaysia.

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