Menyambut Merdeka Malaise

In the eve of celebration of the 56th Merdeka, the spirit of nationalism and patriotism is unusually sluggish. It is probably due to an enigma of issues, controversies and scandals, entwined in a very delicate and complex .

First, the series of inappropriate appointments into position of Ministers, Deputy Ministers, GLC Chairmanships and some of the Advisers and Special Officers for the Prime Minister and/or Prime Minister’s Office.

Then it was the abuses and irregular practices by persons who are supposed to the aides, Advisers and/or Special Officers to the Prime Minister.

Of course the controversy of the investure of Pingat Kedaulatan Negara which many started to question the relevance and appropriateness of its issuance for non combatants or non military or security forces personnel.

The most recent one is the highly probable scandal Endless Possibilities concept, slogan and planned campaign. This could be seen as a ‘Flip-Flop’. Then again, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak has already demonstrated that he could reverse a decision made, just like the reversal of ‘Malaysia Airlines-Air Asia share swap’ which has been proven as a failure in less than nine months.

A rare sight, nowadays

Thirteen years ago when the nation was geared in the recovery of the economic downturn of the Asian Financial Crisis 1997-8 and socio-political recession due to the sacking of the Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on 2 September 1998, a campaign of patriotism was launched. As such, Jalur Gemilang flags of different sizes were made available everywhere.

Even average motorists were proud to fly the Jalur Gemilang on their cars, vans, trucks and some even on their motorcycles.

Everyone, everywhere was signing patriotic songs, such as  ‘Jalur Gemilang’. Also was the ‘Keranamu Malaysia’ song. They sing proudly with a lot of zest, especially school children. I remembered attending my daughter’s pre-school concert in 2001 and both songs were items in the program.

Now, both songs are no longer heard anywhere, anymore.

The message in these patriotism campaign was simple and very apt. Needless to say, the unity and patriotism of the people brought the nation together. Coupled with other factors, the nation was put back together and placed on the track of progress in not too long of time, considering the challenges.

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak should step up and personally ensure that this malaise situation is reversed.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke-56: Malaysiaku Berdaulat, Tanah Tumpahnya Darah.

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  1. He was late for the ceremony.

  2. Malaisie means melayu mati bos On Aug 31, 2013 12:52 AM, “The thirteen million plus Ringgit guy

    • Not sure your drift, man. Wat you trying to say one?

      Am inclined to think you mean Anwar Al Juburi mau mati. Bontot ka?

  3. I identify with the malaise. I am so disappointed with our leadership. Crime is off the charts and he chooses to blame the damn repeal of the emergency ordinance. When there is outright corruption in his glcs and evidence of gross abuse, what does Najib do? He buries his head in the sand with his bum up in the air. And once Tan Sri Isa and his cronies finish plundering Felda? What will he do? He’ll probably say, thanks and please now help me win the Umno elections.

    Malaysia is such a dissappointment.

    • That’s why the 150,000 voting UMNO members must seriously think about replacing Najib at the coming party elections. Many are feeling disheartened, others are feeling angry and disenchanted with UMNO.

      Malays still supported UMNO/BN, giving 88 seats at PRU13. I doubt if the same level of support to UMNO if Najib continues as President. He even put aside the NEP. Not fighting for the rights and interests that UMNO have for over 60 years sworn to do.

      Now the mood is so dampened that not many national flags are displayed on Merdeka Day. Never before, I think. A lot due to Najib’s doing or not doing.

  4. My favourite American President Harry S Truman said, ‘ The Buck stops at my desk.’ I like him because he was a homely and normal sort of person in the most powerful office in the World !

    • Yet Dwight Eisenhower did not even come up to the White House when invited for tea and cakes Mrs Truman baked before the outgoing couple moved out and the President elect moved into the White House.

      The arrogant and damn eager-to-occupy-the-White-House general just waited in the car until the good old Harry Truman left the premises to go to the Railway Station to take them back to his home town. So said the Truman memoirs and a documentary on it.

      The general behaving like the DAP goons. Don’t ever let them reach the White House. Putrajaya? Whoever talks about Putrajaya for biadap fellows.

  5. Pening dan bertambah stress mendengar cerita Merdeka ni. Lebih baik kita dengar satu cerita yang saya terima melalalui sms. Saya terima dari kenalan pagi tadi. Cerita dia begini:

    “Aku baru kawin dan duduk dengan bini aku berdua. Aku ni ada tabiat suka makan telo rebus, tak la mengapa, sedap agaknya. Senjak aku kawin tabiat tu kurang sedikit sebab bini aku masak sedap2 tapi dah lama agak la aku tak pekena telo rebus ni.

    So, ceritanya bulan lepas balik dari kerja, kereta aku rosak, aku call bini aku balik lambat sebab kena menapak. Sebah lapar sangat, masa on the way tu, aku singgah kedai makan…..ada telo rebus!! apalagi…., aku makan nasi dengan telo rebus lah.. and order lagi buat ratah.

    Sebelum balik aku bungkus lah buat makan sambil berjalan balik. Kenyang yang amat, maklumlah balas dendam sebab lama tak makan.

    Buka je pintu rumah, bini aku cakap,” Bang, ada ‘surprise’..”, sambil sengih2 dia tutup mata aku and ikat dengan kain hitam and pimpin aku ke meja makan. Aku pun duduk, dia siap pesan jangan try2 nak buka ikatan. Aku nak gi toilet sebab perut start buat hal, tapi malas nak spoilkan ‘surprise’ bini. Aku pun tahan je dulu…

    Tetiba phone bini aku berbunyi, dia angkat and pergi jauh dari meja. Aku agak sampai Ke dapor dia pergi.

    Ini peluang, aku pun kentut sebab dari tadi aku tahan..bau bolih tahan sebab makan banyak telo…ok lagi sekali….aku pun angkat sebelah punggung dan lepas satu das! PRUTT! bau memang xhingat, aku pun tak tahan…. Lama pulak bini aku ni, aku tak sabar nak tahu ‘surprise’ dia. Aku rasa nak kentut lagi…..aku bangun tonggeng dan PROTT!… Fuhhh lega, bau macam bangkai… dekat 2,3 minit baru bau hilang.

    Lepas tu bini aku datang dan minta maaf sebab lambat, dia pun jerit “SURPRISE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANG!!” Lupa lah hari ini birthday aku, dia suruh aku buka penutup mata, aku buka… Mulut aku terus melopong.

    ALAMAK!!! aku tengoh merah padam muka bapak and mak mertua aku, adik2 ipar aku, duduk keliling meja makan. Jiran sebelah aku pun ada?! Aku nak cover malu, aku pun tanya la bapak mertua aku, “dah lama ke bapak sampai?” Slamber je bapak mertua aku jawab, “dah lama sebelum kentut pertama lagi!!”

    Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka.

    • Agaknya masing masing hilang selera …

  6. You’ve made my day Lolong G Mali…..the ending was unexpected!!!!
    I was rolling on the floor laughing out loud!!!

    Have great day…. 🙂

    Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka!!!!

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