Speed cameras save lives

British Transport Minister Dr. Stephen Ladyman was a guest of Jeremy Clarkson in the ‘Reasonably Priced Car’ segment of TV world’s most watched automobile magazine BBC “Top Gear”, arguing about speed cameras.

United Kingdom is the most ‘watched over’ country in the world. There are over 5.9 million CCTVs (one for every eleven people), where as there are over 6,000 speed cameras on the island nation.

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  1. Of course. But what i dislike is, why with the jpj, trafic police and what nots, with the capabilty and ability, we dish out the job to a sdn bhd company who just happen to have someone who knows someone and can call in a favor and split the loot.

    • I thought zahid hamidi has mentioned that Police is now in charge of the system after recently taking over from the private company. So the concern about a private company profiting from the system is no longer true. Good decision, zahid.

      • anon 19:45,

        Yes, the AES is back in Govt hands now BUT how much did it cost us to get back what was ours in the first place?

        Why didn’t the Govt build it and own it in the first place?

        The money spent would have been recovered in next to no time yet it was given away to a crony company.

        I’ll bet you that the crony company is very happy to get rid of it because they would probably have had been paid lots of money for surrendering the AES so early.

      • True but why did it happen in the first place?

        Should it have happened?

        Should there have been an uproar, only then things change for the better?

        Then life is going to be tough. Some people are goong to make millions and retire before things are set straight.

        Is this fair?

        Not too my liking.

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