F1 is not for Low Caste Teams

Fernandes's racing team Caterham, acquired in 2012 to promote the 'AirAsia' brand as the replacement to the 'Lotus' brand that he could no longer use

Fernandes’s racing team Caterham, acquired in 2012 to promote the ‘AirAsia’ brand as the replacement to the ‘Lotus’ brand that he could no longer use

Tune Group Boss Tony Fernandes is up to his usual antics again. This time, complaining about the escalating cost for running a Formula 1 team. It is reflective of his own hardship maintaining a F1 team, which is at the bottom rung.

Fernandes says F1 ‘screwed up’ cost cuts

SEPTEMBER 21, 2013

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Caterham boss Tony Fernandes. – Picture by Saw Siow FengCaterham boss Tony Fernandes. – Picture by Saw Siow Feng

SINGAPORE, Sept 21 — Caterham boss Tony Fernandes said Formula One “screwed up” the chance to keep costs under control as teams face a dramatic escalation next year.

The Malaysian entrepreneur said teams failed to come together and make a concerted effort to keep costs down, and also agreed to the extra expense of introducing a new type of engine in 2014.

“I think the teams didn’t get together. The teams had a wonderful opportunity to try and create a fair, equitable split so that the sport is sustainable,” he said ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix.

“Teams looked at things on an individual basis as opposed to working together in FOTA (Formula One Teams Association) and trying to find a win-win situation for everyone and create a very healthy environment in a sustainable sport.

“We screwed it up, it’s as simple as that.”

Fernandes has said in fighting in FOTA was to blame for the failure to implement cost controls. Several teams are struggling for money, and HRT went to the wall last year.

Teams have recently finished negotiations for a new Concorde Agreement to govern the sport and decide how to share profits in coming seasons.

And with an eye on environmental concerns, they will switch to smaller, 1.6-litre V6 turbo engines and limit their fuel supply.

“I’ve been consistent since day one that I’ve been in Formula One that costs are too high,” Fernandes, who also helms budget airline AirAsia and English football club QPR, said late yesterday.

“When I came into Formula One, people talked to me about costs coming down but I don’t think there’s been a single year it’s come down.

“I think next year will be probably the highest year — so I think there’s something fundamentally wrong. I don’t think it’s just the engine, by the way, I think the teams lost out an opportunity to get costs under control.

“I think self-interest overrode the sport and we are as much to blame for this problem as an engine.” — AFP

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Let us get the facts right, in the right order.

First, Fernandes started the F1 team in 2010 calling it ‘1 Malaysia Racing Team’. It is very clear with the explicit intention to get Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s buy in and pay for the team which will eventually promote the brands such as ‘AirAsia’, ‘Tune Group’ and ‘Tune Hotel’.

That did not materialise.

Then he branded it as ‘Lotus Racing’, under license from Group Lotus. At the same time, Fernandes lobbied very hard to get Petronas to go with his Lotus racing team and become their major sponsor. Instead, Petronas went with Brawn GP, to be Petronas-Mercedes GP.

Petronas-Mercedes GP

Petronas-Mercedes GP

Group Lotus is a 100% owned by Proton. Then the licensing with Lotus buckled and was terminated, Fernandes changed it to ‘Team Lotus’. That dragged him into a legal tussle with Lotus Group.

As result of that, Fernandes went to acquire Caterham Cars and 2012 season, it is known as ‘Caterham Team’.

Bernie Ecclestone said that Formula 1 is a business venture for serious racing team players with lots of money and not for cheapos. “Why would I rob a train with only two and a half million pounds on it?”

Current season F1 teams standing

Current season F1 teams standing

The interview also suggest that Fernandes tried to get the low rung F1 racing teams to gang up against Ecclestone’s FIA.

In short, an F1 racing team is a very expensive proposition to do and maintain. And is not for low caste operators and wannabe hopefuls, trying to play in the game with and against the majors. Worse still, hoping to get others to pay for it and the story could not hold water.

Fernandes tried to do a ‘Malaysia Airlines-sponsorship-of-QPR’ for his F1 team. Then again, QPR is also a pathetic venture at the bottom rung of the English Premier League. He shouldn’t be too ambitious if he really can’t afford to have an F1 racing team. Or for that matter, an EPL team too.

It is so undignified, to be pitted last in almost every race.

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Propagating Communism

CPM rebels and bandits armed with M3 Carbines

The Malay Mail Online editor and editorial team should be arrested and investigated under Sedition Act and/or SOSMA, for allowing room to propagate the communism ideology. The news portal published Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) Chairman Abdullah CD’s farewell to Secretary General Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng who passed away in Bangkok in the morning of 50th Malaysia Day, dated same day.

Farewell, Comrade Chin Peng — Abdullah CD

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

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SEPT 16 — He has left us, but he is with the people forever.

With the greatest pain and deepest sorrow, we announce the passing of our beloved leader and our dear comrade Chin Peng @ Ong Boon Hua who departed peacefully at the age of 89 on 16th September, 2013 at 6:20 a.m. (Malaysian time 7:20 a.m.) in Bangkok, after a long struggle with illness.

He has thus ended a glorious life in combat and finally left all his compatriots of all races, comrades-in-arms, relatives and friends as well as the people’s cause, for which he devoted his entire life, and his beloved Motherland.

His battle against illness depicts his strong character, just as in his life, fighting against all odds, against the inevitable. He fought with such determination and courage; and most of all with serenity imbued with great wisdom, without which he would have lost the “battle” long ago.

And yet, the inevitable has come: he has left us forever. Perhaps, it is like after a long drawn fight, he needed a rest. So be it, rest in peace, our dear comrade.

He may have left us, but his spirit is with us, embedded in the heart of every one of us.

Nothing could replace the comradeship that has bounded us together. We fought to death to defend our country against foreign aggressors. Together we mustered the courage to fight against evil forces and injustices in society. Together we dared all our adversaries to continue bullying the weak and the oppressed.

We share the same ideals, the same political beliefs that hold us together for a life time. We dream together for a better world. We show to future generations that the road for change is long and tortuous. We were a bunch of people who dare to fight and dare to sacrifice for the betterment of mankind.

We fully understand his last wish to return his body to his children whom he had never been able to care for. Their sufferings and his could perhaps never be understood or felt by others. In this, he has shown to the world that he is but a human being, full of humility and humanistic values and sensitivities. We salute him. We salute his children and family, to whom we convey our deepest condolences.

He had loved very much his country — his place of birth. He had the wisdom and courage to bring peace to our country. He had done his part and yet he had been denied return to his beloved Motherland. History will point the finger of indictment at those who break the promises. Let it be, the people are not blind.

Farewell, Comrade Chin Peng — our beloved leader, our comrade, the courageous freedom fighter!

* Abdullah CD was the chairman of the Communist Party of Malaya.

** This is the personal opinion of the writers or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malay Mail Online.

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/what-you-think/article/farewell-comrade-chin-peng-abdullah-cd#sthash.VOW9gh2j.dpuf


This is clear communism propaganda.

The fact is that, many of more than the 10,000 persons died between 1948 to 1960 are Malayans. Many of the Malayans are non combatants, women, children and old folks. Homes, schools, community halls and police stations were burnt. Even an entire village in Perak.

Places where Malayans earn their living such as smokehouses, factories, tin mine palongs and even transportation such as trains, buses and trucks were attacked and wrecked, if not razed to the ground.

The martyrs of Bukit Kepong

Malayans would never forget the early morning of 23 February 1950 incident where Bukit Kepong Police Station was attacked. 22 Policemen, 4 Auxilary Policemen and 4 non combatants women and children were brutally massacred. The Police Station was razed to the ground.

All are Malayans.

When UMNO President Tunku Abdul Rahman led the Alliance party in the Federal Consultative Council general elections on 27 July 1955, Malayans gave him an overwhelming mandate. After the self governing was obtained, Chief Minister Tunku offered the communist rebels amnesty and demanded that they lay down arms, since its already proven that majority Malayans.

Then Tunku agreed to meet Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng in Baling on 28-29 December 1955. The same amnesty was offered but it was seen as ‘surrender’.

Rashid Maidin, Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng and Chen Tien representing  Communist Party of Malaya rebels at Baling Talks, 28-29 Dec 1955 which they refused to surrender and lay down arms, now that Britain agreed to allow Malayans to negotiate for independence

There on, a month later Chief Minister Tunku left for London. He came back with Kemerdekaan achieved, scheduled by 31 August 1957. Chief Minister Tunku also convinced HRH Rulers to accept almost one million Non Malays dubbed ‘Stateless Persons’ as citizens, even though they did not qualify under the conditions as per agreed in the Federation of Malaya Treaty dated 21 January 1948 as a replacement to Malayan Union.

A sovereign nation of Malayans and by Malayans was born. Yet, the atrocities of the communist terrorists now deemed a rebellion, continued.

Emergency ended in 1960. But not the communist rebellion. During the lull period of 1960 to 1968, the CPM underwent a period of streamlining, retraining, and re-indoctrination of the communism ideology. The Malayan Races Liberation Army (MRLA) had established a series of bases along the Malaysian-Southern Thailand border. Despite being weakened by the Commonwealth forces during the first Emergency, the CPM boasted a nucleus of between 500 to 600 well-trained guerrillas and a reserve of about 1,000 men, available for full-time service if required.

A quarter of million dollars bounty for Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng, from 1 May 1952 The Straits Times headline

In July 1961, Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng met Deng Xiaoping in China. Deng had proposed to the CPM that it conduct a second armed struggle. Deng insisted that Malaya was ripe for a revolution. The success of Vietnam War bolstered the CPM to launch another revolt in Malaya. Deng later promised Chin Peng that China would assist the CPM and contribute US$100,000 for the second insurgency in Malaya.

On 1 June 1968, the Central Command of the CPM issued a directive entitled “Hold High the Great Red Banner of Armed Struggle and Valiantly March Forward”. CPM is ready to wage another rebellion and this time, its against Malaysians.

On 17 June 1968, to mark the 20th anniversary of their armed struggle against the Malaysian Government, the CPM launched an ambush against security forces in the area of Kroh, Upper Perak The communist rebels brutally killed 17 Field Force Policemen. This mark the Second Emergency.

Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong’s funeral procession, through Ipoh town

In 1974, CPM incorporated target assassination as part of their rebellion. As such, IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim was assassinated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on the way to work on 7 June 1974. Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong was shot on 13 November 1975 on his way for lunch.

The pain and anguish of suffering Malayans and Malaysians throughout the 54 years of atrocities and duress inflicted by CPM cannot be simply forgotten nor forgiven. Even when Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng offered his apology.

The belief in communism as the only avenue for rule brought CPM rebels into very evil deeds. This farewell note explicitly demonstrated that they did not give up on the communism ideology, which was the underlying drive for them to commit atrocities against Malayans and later Malaysians.

The Malay Mail online is now propagating the communism ideology, on behalf of the Neo Min Yuens who now assimilated themselves in modern Malaysian society. This is dangerous and anti-Constitution. The editorial team must be investigated for this.

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