F1 is not for Low Caste Teams

Fernandes's racing team Caterham, acquired in 2012 to promote the 'AirAsia' brand as the replacement to the 'Lotus' brand that he could no longer use

Fernandes’s racing team Caterham, acquired in 2012 to promote the ‘AirAsia’ brand as the replacement to the ‘Lotus’ brand that he could no longer use

Tune Group Boss Tony Fernandes is up to his usual antics again. This time, complaining about the escalating cost for running a Formula 1 team. It is reflective of his own hardship maintaining a F1 team, which is at the bottom rung.

Fernandes says F1 ‘screwed up’ cost cuts

SEPTEMBER 21, 2013

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Caterham boss Tony Fernandes. – Picture by Saw Siow FengCaterham boss Tony Fernandes. – Picture by Saw Siow Feng

SINGAPORE, Sept 21 — Caterham boss Tony Fernandes said Formula One “screwed up” the chance to keep costs under control as teams face a dramatic escalation next year.

The Malaysian entrepreneur said teams failed to come together and make a concerted effort to keep costs down, and also agreed to the extra expense of introducing a new type of engine in 2014.

“I think the teams didn’t get together. The teams had a wonderful opportunity to try and create a fair, equitable split so that the sport is sustainable,” he said ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix.

“Teams looked at things on an individual basis as opposed to working together in FOTA (Formula One Teams Association) and trying to find a win-win situation for everyone and create a very healthy environment in a sustainable sport.

“We screwed it up, it’s as simple as that.”

Fernandes has said in fighting in FOTA was to blame for the failure to implement cost controls. Several teams are struggling for money, and HRT went to the wall last year.

Teams have recently finished negotiations for a new Concorde Agreement to govern the sport and decide how to share profits in coming seasons.

And with an eye on environmental concerns, they will switch to smaller, 1.6-litre V6 turbo engines and limit their fuel supply.

“I’ve been consistent since day one that I’ve been in Formula One that costs are too high,” Fernandes, who also helms budget airline AirAsia and English football club QPR, said late yesterday.

“When I came into Formula One, people talked to me about costs coming down but I don’t think there’s been a single year it’s come down.

“I think next year will be probably the highest year — so I think there’s something fundamentally wrong. I don’t think it’s just the engine, by the way, I think the teams lost out an opportunity to get costs under control.

“I think self-interest overrode the sport and we are as much to blame for this problem as an engine.” — AFP

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/sports/article/fernandes-says-f1-screwed-up-cost-cuts#sthash.Yl03iBgn.dpuf


Let us get the facts right, in the right order.

First, Fernandes started the F1 team in 2010 calling it ‘1 Malaysia Racing Team’. It is very clear with the explicit intention to get Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s buy in and pay for the team which will eventually promote the brands such as ‘AirAsia’, ‘Tune Group’ and ‘Tune Hotel’.

That did not materialise.

Then he branded it as ‘Lotus Racing’, under license from Group Lotus. At the same time, Fernandes lobbied very hard to get Petronas to go with his Lotus racing team and become their major sponsor. Instead, Petronas went with Brawn GP, to be Petronas-Mercedes GP.

Petronas-Mercedes GP

Petronas-Mercedes GP

Group Lotus is a 100% owned by Proton. Then the licensing with Lotus buckled and was terminated, Fernandes changed it to ‘Team Lotus’. That dragged him into a legal tussle with Lotus Group.

As result of that, Fernandes went to acquire Caterham Cars and 2012 season, it is known as ‘Caterham Team’.

Bernie Ecclestone said that Formula 1 is a business venture for serious racing team players with lots of money and not for cheapos. “Why would I rob a train with only two and a half million pounds on it?”

Current season F1 teams standing

Current season F1 teams standing

The interview also suggest that Fernandes tried to get the low rung F1 racing teams to gang up against Ecclestone’s FIA.

In short, an F1 racing team is a very expensive proposition to do and maintain. And is not for low caste operators and wannabe hopefuls, trying to play in the game with and against the majors. Worse still, hoping to get others to pay for it and the story could not hold water.

Fernandes tried to do a ‘Malaysia Airlines-sponsorship-of-QPR’ for his F1 team. Then again, QPR is also a pathetic venture at the bottom rung of the English Premier League. He shouldn’t be too ambitious if he really can’t afford to have an F1 racing team. Or for that matter, an EPL team too.

It is so undignified, to be pitted last in almost every race.

*Updated 0130hrs 23 Sept 2013

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  1. Tony FFFFF, huh ?
    World view friend of KJ who is fren of jonathan jason pork chop and want tompang se kaki, wannabe virgin air, high income nation,endless possibilities,use other people money for free,the best is yet to come,kona baring,marah dengan KLIA2,main proxy nak terajang pengerusi MAHB,parking kereta depan MAHB punya slot ,bubuh signage-no to MAHB,cannot get along with nippon air,nak try indon punya partner,tak pernah sokong aspirasi malaysia,kalu ada sokong, ada dapat free publicity dan promosi,cannot get get along with everybody,sampai kan coach qpr kasi tau DIAM !,baru diam.
    no to tony
    no to tony
    no to tony
    to azman
    no to danny
    wahai famliies of MAS, saya rasa gembira dengan berita yang di alami olih saorang yang selalu nya di kasi muka,kasi jalan,kasi free,sebab orang macam ini belum kena taufan lagi,sebab ada payung besar yang di berteduh…
    wahai families of MAS,harap anda terus juang.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

    • Pandai pandai tupai melompat, ada masanya jatuh ke tanah. Dalam sejarah Amerika pun, yang terkaya ada yang jatuh tak dapat bangun hingga mati. Ramai juga yang jatuh, nak jahanam perniagaannya, kemudian hidup balik nyawa ikan.

      Rockerfeller (terkenal dengan perniagaan minyak), yang terkaya di suatu masa, asetnya 7 kali ganda dari Carnegie (terkenal dengan pengkilangan besi), jatuh, akhirnya asetnya hanya 3 kali ganda dari Carnegie. Ada di dokumentari Discovery Channel (?) 1-2 hari lalu.

      Tupai hitam ini belom jatuh ke tanah lagi. Tapi cara cara dia melompat membikin ramai orang mahukan dia jatuh ke tanah.Kita lihat lah nasib dia dalam tahun tahun berikutan.

  2. Tony,

    Your team always come last, since trued to fool Malaysians in supporting your venture to do this sad magic trick in this stupid dramatic way.

    You’re fired!

  3. Hmm.. I wonder what will the attack on TF will result? This blog must try harder because I see TF getting stronger . My 2 sen only

    • Sorry, but only those who are grateful to Dato Seri Najib can reply my comment. They can add other comment but pls do not reply mine like Haba and some others. I cant stand ungrateful people.

      • Sorry, but who are you in this blog to demand and/or determine who qualifies to reply or pen their thoughts against you?

      • Well done, BD. You as blog owner telling him off hits the nail right on his head.

        He may be allowed to enter – to provide fodder for us to whack his kind. But when demanding this and that, like the DAP pendatang always do, your putting him at the right place is very much in order.

        And I’m taking time off from whacking the Tony bloke. Have had enough of his face for the time being. Though by all means he must be whacked for the many ills he does or doesn’t do that affects the national interest.

  4. Tony is angry that EPL and F1 did not treat his teams like the Government of Pak Lah and Khairy favoured him heavily.

    Hehehe … sorry Tony, there is no low cost model ….opps low caste model for winning F1 and EPL


  6. Please ha not just last…always being lapped by other top drivers..
    Now he screwed up people’s plan by jumping queue to register Moto2 team. He’s screwed Hafidz Syahrin Petronas Raceline Team plan big time. mutha fuckaaaa..

  7. Well, Bernie Ecclestone did call the Singapore F1 race the “crown jewel” in the F1 world.

    Not once, mind you.

    Maybe that puts the Sepang race into the category of also-rans.

    Not really relevant, but Ecclestone does what’s best for Ecclestone.

    And he has way too much mojo for any single F1 team to take him on in order to rationalize the F1 world.

    If Tony Fernandes wants to put his money into a F1 team, then so be it.

    And if anyone else was persuaded to invest in it, I would presume that they are consenting adults who understand the consequences and not wet-behind-the-ears neophyte newbies.

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