Propagating Communism

CPM rebels and bandits armed with M3 Carbines

The Malay Mail Online editor and editorial team should be arrested and investigated under Sedition Act and/or SOSMA, for allowing room to propagate the communism ideology. The news portal published Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) Chairman Abdullah CD’s farewell to Secretary General Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng who passed away in Bangkok in the morning of 50th Malaysia Day, dated same day.

Farewell, Comrade Chin Peng — Abdullah CD

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

Biz Updates From PR Newswire

SEPT 16 — He has left us, but he is with the people forever.

With the greatest pain and deepest sorrow, we announce the passing of our beloved leader and our dear comrade Chin Peng @ Ong Boon Hua who departed peacefully at the age of 89 on 16th September, 2013 at 6:20 a.m. (Malaysian time 7:20 a.m.) in Bangkok, after a long struggle with illness.

He has thus ended a glorious life in combat and finally left all his compatriots of all races, comrades-in-arms, relatives and friends as well as the people’s cause, for which he devoted his entire life, and his beloved Motherland.

His battle against illness depicts his strong character, just as in his life, fighting against all odds, against the inevitable. He fought with such determination and courage; and most of all with serenity imbued with great wisdom, without which he would have lost the “battle” long ago.

And yet, the inevitable has come: he has left us forever. Perhaps, it is like after a long drawn fight, he needed a rest. So be it, rest in peace, our dear comrade.

He may have left us, but his spirit is with us, embedded in the heart of every one of us.

Nothing could replace the comradeship that has bounded us together. We fought to death to defend our country against foreign aggressors. Together we mustered the courage to fight against evil forces and injustices in society. Together we dared all our adversaries to continue bullying the weak and the oppressed.

We share the same ideals, the same political beliefs that hold us together for a life time. We dream together for a better world. We show to future generations that the road for change is long and tortuous. We were a bunch of people who dare to fight and dare to sacrifice for the betterment of mankind.

We fully understand his last wish to return his body to his children whom he had never been able to care for. Their sufferings and his could perhaps never be understood or felt by others. In this, he has shown to the world that he is but a human being, full of humility and humanistic values and sensitivities. We salute him. We salute his children and family, to whom we convey our deepest condolences.

He had loved very much his country — his place of birth. He had the wisdom and courage to bring peace to our country. He had done his part and yet he had been denied return to his beloved Motherland. History will point the finger of indictment at those who break the promises. Let it be, the people are not blind.

Farewell, Comrade Chin Peng — our beloved leader, our comrade, the courageous freedom fighter!

* Abdullah CD was the chairman of the Communist Party of Malaya.

** This is the personal opinion of the writers or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malay Mail Online.

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This is clear communism propaganda.

The fact is that, many of more than the 10,000 persons died between 1948 to 1960 are Malayans. Many of the Malayans are non combatants, women, children and old folks. Homes, schools, community halls and police stations were burnt. Even an entire village in Perak.

Places where Malayans earn their living such as smokehouses, factories, tin mine palongs and even transportation such as trains, buses and trucks were attacked and wrecked, if not razed to the ground.

The martyrs of Bukit Kepong

Malayans would never forget the early morning of 23 February 1950 incident where Bukit Kepong Police Station was attacked. 22 Policemen, 4 Auxilary Policemen and 4 non combatants women and children were brutally massacred. The Police Station was razed to the ground.

All are Malayans.

When UMNO President Tunku Abdul Rahman led the Alliance party in the Federal Consultative Council general elections on 27 July 1955, Malayans gave him an overwhelming mandate. After the self governing was obtained, Chief Minister Tunku offered the communist rebels amnesty and demanded that they lay down arms, since its already proven that majority Malayans.

Then Tunku agreed to meet Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng in Baling on 28-29 December 1955. The same amnesty was offered but it was seen as ‘surrender’.

Rashid Maidin, Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng and Chen Tien representing  Communist Party of Malaya rebels at Baling Talks, 28-29 Dec 1955 which they refused to surrender and lay down arms, now that Britain agreed to allow Malayans to negotiate for independence

There on, a month later Chief Minister Tunku left for London. He came back with Kemerdekaan achieved, scheduled by 31 August 1957. Chief Minister Tunku also convinced HRH Rulers to accept almost one million Non Malays dubbed ‘Stateless Persons’ as citizens, even though they did not qualify under the conditions as per agreed in the Federation of Malaya Treaty dated 21 January 1948 as a replacement to Malayan Union.

A sovereign nation of Malayans and by Malayans was born. Yet, the atrocities of the communist terrorists now deemed a rebellion, continued.

Emergency ended in 1960. But not the communist rebellion. During the lull period of 1960 to 1968, the CPM underwent a period of streamlining, retraining, and re-indoctrination of the communism ideology. The Malayan Races Liberation Army (MRLA) had established a series of bases along the Malaysian-Southern Thailand border. Despite being weakened by the Commonwealth forces during the first Emergency, the CPM boasted a nucleus of between 500 to 600 well-trained guerrillas and a reserve of about 1,000 men, available for full-time service if required.

A quarter of million dollars bounty for Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng, from 1 May 1952 The Straits Times headline

In July 1961, Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng met Deng Xiaoping in China. Deng had proposed to the CPM that it conduct a second armed struggle. Deng insisted that Malaya was ripe for a revolution. The success of Vietnam War bolstered the CPM to launch another revolt in Malaya. Deng later promised Chin Peng that China would assist the CPM and contribute US$100,000 for the second insurgency in Malaya.

On 1 June 1968, the Central Command of the CPM issued a directive entitled “Hold High the Great Red Banner of Armed Struggle and Valiantly March Forward”. CPM is ready to wage another rebellion and this time, its against Malaysians.

On 17 June 1968, to mark the 20th anniversary of their armed struggle against the Malaysian Government, the CPM launched an ambush against security forces in the area of Kroh, Upper Perak The communist rebels brutally killed 17 Field Force Policemen. This mark the Second Emergency.

Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong’s funeral procession, through Ipoh town

In 1974, CPM incorporated target assassination as part of their rebellion. As such, IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim was assassinated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on the way to work on 7 June 1974. Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong was shot on 13 November 1975 on his way for lunch.

The pain and anguish of suffering Malayans and Malaysians throughout the 54 years of atrocities and duress inflicted by CPM cannot be simply forgotten nor forgiven. Even when Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng offered his apology.

The belief in communism as the only avenue for rule brought CPM rebels into very evil deeds. This farewell note explicitly demonstrated that they did not give up on the communism ideology, which was the underlying drive for them to commit atrocities against Malayans and later Malaysians.

The Malay Mail online is now propagating the communism ideology, on behalf of the Neo Min Yuens who now assimilated themselves in modern Malaysian society. This is dangerous and anti-Constitution. The editorial team must be investigated for this.

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  1. The inconsistencies and the incongruousness of the terrorist kind of statement issued by the damned communists and published by the nationally incompatible Malay Mail:

    1. “but he is with the people forever” – the overwhelming majority of the people don’t want even his ashes to enter this country

    2. “Chin Peng @ Ong Boon Hua who departed peacefully” – “after a long struggle with illness”, battling cancer to the end = “departed peacefully”? What anarchistic thinking is that.

    3. “a glorious life in combat”? – has there ever been any glorious combat for the bloody communist terrorists in the tropical jungles, full of mosquitoes, suffering and tip toeing in thick, dense and at times impenetrable jungles? They were never the famous and gallant horse-riding “brigade of six hundred who rode into the Valley of Death”, were they? Still dreaming this remaining band of crooks under Abdullah CD.

    4. “his beloved Motherland”? – his was mainland China. The records showed that he wanted to free this Tanah Melayu so as to turn it into a territory under the suzerainty of communist China. He got all sorts of assistance from communist China, he went and stayed in communist China for periods of time. Except that Premier Chou En Lai said all “Nanyang” or “Overseas” Chinese should show loyalty to their countries of adoption and Chin Peng was not really welcomed there. So he ended up neither here nor there, and went dead in Thailand.

    My goodness, so many inconsistencies already from just a few paragraphs of that subversive and unwelcome statement. But then, what can we expect from damn anarchistic, communist terrorists.

    • “departed peacefully” – maybe their minds have always been full of images of their communist terrorist colleagues shot dead, hands and feet tied up, slugged on the pole head hanging downwards and carried out to the nearest Police Station like dead wild boars, as seen in some photographs of old.

      So compared to those, the commie Chin Peng is said to have “departed peacefully”, ok lah.

      But I wish the bloke was slugged on the pole like a dead wild boar. No mercy, no sympathy for him. And I’m not going to apologize or repent for what I said one bit, ever. Like the bugger never did also.

  2. Like to see how the presents Menteri Dalam Negeri acting on this ,if the previous MDM memang tak bolih harap .

    It’s heart brake to see people with responsible are not sensitive to this type of propaganda .

  3. i thot malay mail is controlled by characters who are strong supporters of najib? didnt they takeover another online news portal also allegedly for najib? They are enjoying the best of both world, it seems!

    • You are out of date, mate.

      The blokes getting funding from Neo-Cons, Jews and Zionists have bought controlling shares in Malay Mail. Their gang signed an agreement for Malaysiakini to use their info – emphasis on info, not necessarily news.

      • Zen, i’m eternally grateful for the info. obviously i’m out of my depth in this world of intrigue. so its neocons & zionists galore…and the plot thickens. so who has buggered who? or we are all buggered?

      • Certainly Anwar has buggered DAP and PAS, both of whom don’t agree with each other that Anwar be PM candidate for PR, but PAS continues to doodle along, though Hadi Awang said if PKR and DAP injure the rights and interests of the Malays, they’ll definitely leave PR.

        Anwar befriended the Neocons, Jews and Zionists in US, got funds remitted to NGOs supporting him, he said publicly Malaysia should have diplomatic relations with Zionist Israel, even supports the protection of the security of Israel instead of the Palestinians, whereas PAS have said they don’t want anything to do with Israel.

        So, the plot thickens. And now Anwar is engrossed with his Sodomy II trial. His proxies in PAS like Mat Sabu the Deputy President has lost his Parliamentary seat at PRU13, and Nik Aziz (a strongly anti-Malay unity like Anwar) is no longer MB, even wants another candidate to fill the post now occupied by Mat Sabu, and Khalid Samad, the Anwar-aligned PAS MP for Shah Alam (referred to as the Erdogan of PAS) whose group got Hudud and Negara Islam thrown out of the window some time back, could not fight the Ulama faction bringing Hudud back at PAS 2012 Convention, now relatively quiet.

        But others are not buggered. Last Black505 Rally at Padang Merbok had only 5000 participants when they expected 300,000. PAS leaders did even show up, although Lim Kit Siang showed up a short while, Lim Guan Eng never did.

      • Correction:

        PAS leaders did not even show up ..

  4. Yes, we trade with communist China and China may not be practicing communism or exporting the ideology any more.

    But we have not allowed and still do not allow communism in this country. We do not tolerate any communist practices, terroristic or not. Our Constitution is Monarchy-based and Communism is the opposite and must never be allowed.

    Agree, Malay Mail fellows should be hauled in under SOSMA (replacement of ISA) or whatever law the Police think fit.

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  6. Chin Peng can share the same room as Pol Pot for all I care.

    • Not the same room, but the same Hell, pls.

      • I was being subtle Zen 😉

      • I just wanted to drive in the naked brutalities the damn communists terrorists did, my friend.

        Gosh, I like the word naked and wish they could be stripped naked and lined up on the street for Anwar to inspect and …. hehe.

        Also wish I can produce that laughter symbol you put out, instead of making do with the crude hehe, IT illiterate me!

  7. As long as ah jib gor choose to remain the popular PM, his enemies will continue to exploit similar brainwashing opportunities to sway the historically-illiterate segments of society, especially the youth.

    He needs to grow a spine urgently and take actions against these seditious elements before he goes down in history as a lame duck PM.

    He will only be remembered as the red samfu-clad cina-wannabe, clasping his “chinese” hands and beating the chinese drum while wishing the tsunami population.

    • ray. Correct. Correct. Correct. The Opposition having lost big in the 13th General Elections and have no more substantive issues, now grasps at any straw to make themselves heard and be relevant partly in response to their paymasters. The now Blue (via LKY Washington links) ex Red (S’pore) Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP shouts leftist slogans in direct competition with the Red (Beijing) ex Blue (KMT) MCA. I think both are behaving silly.

    • Ah Jib Gor is not being contested but people have been talking that the Malays would in due course be asking him to resign again, in more voluminous and active manner than just in blogs and private conversations, and Muhyiddin will take over.

      I don’t mind that at all, even have a wishful thinking about it. Am now watching closely how serious he is on the Bumiputera empowerment policy. And whether he’d get back to trying to be liberal – so-called liberal, when in fact he’d only become pseudo-liberal, or liberal olok olok.

  8. Communism have revived due the abolishment of ISA by Najib.Tikus membaiki labu..more less like Pak Lah

  9. Hell is Real! but of course the killer Chin Peng and his terror groupies are not permitted to return to earth to testify to humanity about the terrible torment of hellfire they now must undergo unceasingly!
    God deliver us from our tyranny!

  10. My comment in Helen blog. Still ditapis. Ketua Bahagian MCA Kluang, Johor juga mendewakan Chin Peng.

    I am hoping my father, age 84, alive and well can meet with Gan. We live in Kluang. I bet Gan’s parents and grandparents were at war with my father. My father was an army earning $15 perweek protecting the people who were busy making more money than him.

    Your reader should know, most Chinese in Kluang were communist before merdeka and most of them benefit a lot from Kampong Baru resettlement. Land, house, schools, infrastructures etc.

    My father? He is 84 and still without any land. Our home was demolished by KTM for RM8,000 to make way for Singapore-KL railway. He is living with my brother. Latest I heard, ATM is going to gotong-royong build him a small house on my stepmother’s land far away while Gan is going for few hundres acres of land nearby.

    Pathetic ain’t it?

  11. Accoding to my friend,Dato Meor an X commender of police UTK,in 1960, when they raiden a new viliges in nothen Perak,they found almost $100k ,50 note of singapore dollar.
    They just wonder ,who in Singapore send them the money.

  12. Malaysians who glorify Chin Peng giving him the status of freedom fighter do have short or selective memories of CPM’s brutal acts of atrocities. Chin Peng’s hands dripped with blood with untold brutality towards mankind in the name of his morbid conviction towards communism. He aimed for the dictatorship of proletariats akin to the Bolsheviks brutality and Pol Pot insane ideology. Dont these group of Malaysians have the slightest idea what pandora box they are dealing with? Are they trying to influence the minds of the largely ‘ buta sejarah’ and lazy to learn sejarah young generation Malaysians that it is okay to forgive and forget the brutality of communist terrorists which is the hallmark of Chin Peng? Are these Malaysians out of their f****minds? Do they know that ideology never dies and can be carried forward, nurtured and mutated into something more dangerous and reckless? There are views that the younger generation Malaysians look to the future and tend to see the past as shadowy events best forgotten. To the people who hold this view, prove it that history never repeats itself. We are dealing with an ideology that legitimise killings and terror and the sooner these people understand this the better. It is for this reason too that Chin Peng cannot be called a freedom fighter and Malaysia’s severence with this terrorist is total, complete and final. Dont be such a donkey lackey with statement like ‘ yang sudah tu sudah lah’.

  13. These communist terrorist bastards should burn eternally in hell, for all the atrocities and hardship they inflicted on us.

    And the various facades of Neo Min Yuen bastards of the day, trying to keep the armed rebellion alive. Only in different forms (to suit the democratic system that worked so well).

    We should round them up and burn them at the stake!

  14. All this bull-shit thrown up by the Opposition for want of any tangible issue to argue about. Here are two examples.

    1. An innocent tapper on my family rubber estate in North Johore was murdered in 1949.

    2. I was nearly shot in the back by my class-mate who was recruited into the Auxilliary Police and sat behind me in the class-room, accidentally discharged his revolver. The bullet went threw my desk.

    All these folks who had a good time after being born after the Communist Insurgency and had a good life of complacency and enjoyment as provided by the Alliance and BN since 1957, do not realize what they are talking about. Talking is easy.

  15. IGP Tan Sri Hanif Omar asked Chin Peng during the signing of the Hadyaii Accord whether would he comeback to Malaysia and continue to be active in politics. Chin Peng summarily said “Yes”.

    Hanif also asked which political party would he join? “Would it be MCA?” Chin Peng did not answer.

    “Would it be Gerakan?”. Again, Chin Peng was nonchalant.

    “Then, would it be DAP?”


    “Why DAP instead of MCA or Gerakan?”, Hanif asked.

    “Becoz DAP fought for the Chinese and preserving Chinese dominance and culture”.

    So it’s all along about ‘Chinese First’ rather than upholding Communist Internationale doctrine.

    That’s the reason for CPM leadership and directorate had always been dominated and controlled by Chinese and the Malays just complement the struggle since majority of Malayans are the Malays.

    Exactly like DAP!

    The Malay Mail Online editors, just like second-line editors of The Star are just like all the Chinese dailies; DAP sympathisers aka Neo Min Yuens!

  16. Yeah ! The two incidents I mentioned the benign Uncle Chin did not pull the trigger. It is good I lived to tell the tale. But the thousands of deaths and injuries to the innocents, the benign Uncle Chin also did not press the trigger. Such a nice fellow to some of these loud-mouths with nothing between the eyes born after 1948. The nice life-style laid out for them by the Alliance and the BN as led by the UMNO is not counted or recognised because as citizens these fellows deserved every bit of this largesse ! My foot !

  17. The late Tan Sri C.C. Too the most Senior Adviser to the Federal Government on Communist Insurgency always told me that the defeated Communists would surely come back in another form He lamented the running down of the Special Branch from the 1980s onwards. The open Communist front was the Labour Party of Malaya which worked hand in hand with the terrorists operating in the jungle.

  18. […] “Chin Peng is an enemy of the State” is a decisive titah of HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah of Selangor. Tuanku also issued a stern warning for anyone trying to be funny against national pride and honour, especially for sordid political stunts. This also include the propagation of communism. […]

  19. […] “Chin Peng is an enemy of the State” is a decisive titah of HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah of Selangor. Tuanku also issued a stern warning for anyone trying to be funny against national pride and honour, especially for sordid political stunts. This also include the propagation of communism. […]

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