Its been ten years

The last time Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad waved goodbye to all Prime Minister’s Department staff, as the Fourth Prime Minister

This time ten years ago, Malaysian Fourth Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was invested the Seri Mangku Negara (SMN) which carried the title ‘Tun’. This was during the official ceremony at Istana Negara when PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi swore in as the Fifth Prime Minister before His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agong, as Tun Dr Mahathir officially retire since serving as the Chief Executive since 16 July 1981.

Handing over the ‘working blue book’, a symbol of the transition of power

In the afternoon, he hands over the Prime Minister working ‘blue book’ as a symbol of transition of power at the Prime Minister’s Office on Level 5 in Perdana Putra building in Putrajaya.

A lot changed after that.

His working habit, work pace, discipline, vision and legacy were systematically tried to be dismantled by men around PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah. Even on going programs and projects, where the latter had agreed and vowed to continue.

The national car project Proton started to decline, the double tracking electric railway program was cancelled and the last straw was the Scenice Bridge over Johor strait replacing  the Johor Causeway was summarily cancelled in April 2006.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was attacked, upon 'instructions to stop him from speaking in Kota Bahru' 27 July 2006

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was attacked, upon ‘instructions to stop him from speaking in Kota Bahru’ 27 July 2006

On 22 June 2006, Tun Dr. Mahathir started to openly attack PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah weak and poor leadership near Kuala Lumpur. A month later in Kota Bahru, he continued further and  revealed the new element which is an integral part of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah weak, poor and franchised leadership; ‘The Level Four Boys’.

The mainstream media were not allowed to cover any of his speeches. Even the tactic of intimidation, which include the Police, was deployed to stop many quarters wanting the Statesman to come and give a talk to them.

This include UMNO. UMNO in various capacities in all cancelled or revoked 14 invitations send to Tun Dr. Mahathir. They even paid monies to branch delegates to stop the Old Man wanting to be voted as a Kubang Pasu UMNO Division delegate for the 2006 UMNO General Assembly in Jitra, August 2006.

As such, Tun Dr. Mahathir started to blog as (later Chedet,cc) on 1 May 2007, to reach out and state his views and thoughts on the many that he sees from where he is sitting.

In summary, after Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak took over from PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah as the Seventh UMNO President on 28 March 2009, situation changed for the Statesman. He is no longer a mainstream media persona non grata.

Until present day, his thoughts, opinion and view points on many aspect be it matters domestically or globally is much sought after.

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How to kill a mocking bird

Rogue BFM 89.9 DJ and experimental short film maker Ezra Zaid is back in the bad light again. It seems that he is continuously mocking the ‘kalimah Allah’ issue, even after the highly controversial interview with Reza Aslan on BFM 89.9 which should be seen as insulting.

Perak Perkasa wants action over YouTube clip mocking court ruling on Allah – Bernama

OCTOBER 30, 2013

A screenshot from the YouTube clip which allegedly mocks the Court of Appeal's ruling on the Allah issue. - October 30, 2013.A screenshot from the YouTube clip which allegedly mocks the Court of Appeal’s ruling on the Allah issue. – October 30, 2013.The Perak chapter of Malay right wing movement Perkasa today lodged a police report over a YouTube clip, which it claimed mocked the Court of Appeal decision on the use of the word Allah.

Its head Mohd Hafez Mubin Mohd Salleh together with 10 other Perkasa members lodged the report at the Ipoh police headquarters in Ipoh, at 1.44pm.

He told reporters the clip titled The Effing Show #95: Allah, Apa Lagi? lasting six minutes and 30 seconds did not respect the sensitivities of Muslims in the country.

On October 14, the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya had ruled that Herald, a weekly published by the Catholic church in the country, could not use the word Allah in its Bahasa Malaysia section, as a reference to God. – Bernama, October 30, 2013.


In no way this should not be seen as mocking the Judiciary, provisions in the Federal Constitution particularly Article 3(1) and Article 11(4), HRH Sultan Selangor’s titah on the subject matter and the investigation currently being carried out by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission o BFM 89.9,  DJs Ezra Zaid and Umapagan for their interview.

It is a deliberate Kurang Ajar!

Ezra Zaid should be investigated under Sedition Act because of deliberating using the social media and internet to continuously mock the ‘kalimah Allah’ issue, where the Courts of Appeal unanimously decided on 14 October 2013 for the Home Minister’s decision to ban the Catholic Herald.

Screenshot of the Popteevee

Screenshot of the Popteevee

Coincidentally, this Youtube recording was aired by Popteevee the day after Ezra Zaid was called in to be interviewed and his statement recorded by MCMC officers. Popteevee is associated with BFM 89.9 and Ezra Zaid and Umapagan Ampikaikapan are not only regulars on The Effing Show, they are also key persons behind it.

This is not the first time Ezra Zaid, who is the son of Former Cabinet Minister turned failed PKR politician Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim, is in hot soup. He was charged for by Syariah Court for publishing the controversial book by Irshad Manji.

07 March 2013| last updated at 04:34PM

Director charged for publishing controversial book

By Jennifer gomez
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PETALING JAYA: A director of a publishing company was charged at the Lower Syariah Court here with publishing the controversial book titled ‘Allah, Kebebasan dan Cinta’ (Allah, Liberty and Love) by author Irshad Manji last May.

Mohd Ezra Mohd Zaid, 30, was also charged with an alternative charge of distributing the book to Silverfish Books Sdn Bhd and to an individual named Faisal Mustaffa.

In the second alternative charge, Mohd Ezra was said to have been in possession of 180 copies of the book.
He was charged under Section 16 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Selangor) Enactment, in his capacity as director and major shareholder of ZI Publications Sdn Bhd.

He was alleged to have committed the offences at his office in Merchant Square, Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1 near here, in May last year.

Mohd Ezra, who was dressed in a dark suit yesterday, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Selangor syariah head of prosecution Abdul Shukor Abdul Hamid urged the court to compel the accused to explain why he did not turn up in court to face the charges on Nov 29, which resulted in an arrest warrant being issued on him.

Mohd Ezra’s lawyer Zulkifli Che Yong explained that his client did not know the exact date he had to appear in court, and asked the court for forgiveness.

Syarie judge Saharuddin Selamat then advised Mohd Ezra to meet court obligations in the future.

The judge allowed bail of RM1,000 with one surety and fixed May 9 for mention.
Mohd Ezra faces a fine of up to RM3,000 or a jail term up to two years, or both, if found guilty.

Read more: Director charged for publishing controversial book – Latest – New Straits Times


MCMC, please do what the law required you to do. Since a Police report already been made, please get the CCID do a thorough investigation on the subject matter. The will and emotions of the majority, principles and value system of the Federal Constitution and society are being subjected to be mocked and insulted by this man, on the ‘kalimah Allah’ again.

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Bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh (or kawin lain)?

Riong Kali’s pro-Opposition news portal reported that Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who said that the Federal Government is weak because the support of the rakyat is not solid and firm, and “Has the tendency to accede to the demands of extremists in the opposition”

Dr M says Putrajaya is weak due to low support, pandering to opposition

OCTOBER 28, 2013

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic) today attacked the Najib administration as weak, saying it was pandering to extremists in the opposition and getting lesser support from the people.

The former prime minister has not criticised Datuk Seri Najib Razak since he took power in April 2009 and had praised him as better than Tun Abdullah Badawi.

“The political situation now is unstable because the perception is that the government is weak and the lunatic fringe now hold sway over politics in the country,” he said in Putrajaya today.

“We have a government that is weak because of weak support from the people, and with a tendency to accede to the demands of extremists in the opposition.

“The worst part is that they make extreme demands to unseat the government who can’t get rid of whatever they don’t like. But if you think that they will then say ‘thanks, we will support you now’, you are mistaken,” he added.

Najib is currently in London to attend the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF).

Speaking today on the topic of “Current Political Trends and their Impact on the Economic and Social Direction of Malaysia”, Dr Mahathir appealed to the “moderate majority” to have courage to speak their minds and at the same time for the government to pay more attention to the silent majority.

Dr Mahathir said there was no need for the government to entertain the demands of extremist groups.

He said the government must understand the thinking of the moderates and convince them to work together to promote stability.

“This is a clear example of politics impacting on the economy because when the government is seen as weak and entertains the demands of extremists, the growth of the country is in danger.

“I hope that the moderates will prevail. They must be brave enough to make choices, not in their own interests but for the good of the nation, for good politics and the good of society,” he added. – October 28, 2013.


Tun Dr. Mahathir often reminded that if the Malays’ support of the Federal Government is solid, then there would be strong confidence of crafting up strategic socio-economic development plans and programs, make decisions and eventually roll out the implementation.

Then there would no no room for pockets within the minority groups to be bold enough and stand up to sound out their demands, in the insulting and threatening tones and connotations that they have been doing.

The Malays as the majority are not united and as solid as they were, when the movement to fail Malayan Union in 1946 was galvanised and eventually UMNO was formed, and there on UMNO carrying the struggle for Kemerdekaan. The fragmentation within the Malays led to BN having to pander pander into all sorts of demands by the minority groups, because they are unable to rely on the Malays for the support to maintain power.

Then UMNO Youth Chief Hishamuddin Hussein was made to apologise for the ‘Keris drawn’ as part of the UMNO Youth Ceremony

As such, during the days of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as the Fifth Prime Minister and Sixth UMNO President, UMNO are not allowed to be bold even in their soundbites, to uphold their struggle of championing the Malay cause and issues. This is despite UMNO leaders and even the Malays have been systematically challenged if not insulted by the minority groups and extremists.

The situation digressed further as UMNO has not been seen able to continue the ‘struggle for the Malay cause and agenda’ and say the right things. At least to the eyes of the Malays.

Simultaneously, bold soundbites and effective campaign have shown the Malays started to be taken in to the Opposition struggle and drama. As such, the ‘Political Tsunami’ of 8 March 2008 happened. BN lost 5 + 1 states and for the first time, unable to have 2/3 majority in Dewan Rakyat from the position of 90% control of Parliament the term earlier.

Even UMNO did not stand up to protest in the defense of Utusan Malaysia

The majority of the Malays were not happy and in utter disappointment started to look out for NGOs instead, to carry on their hopes of ‘Struggle for the Malat cause and agenda’. Hence, PERKASA was formed four months after the fateful 12GE.

Some of the journos who were from Riong Kali dot com reported Gerakan Chief’s manipulation the facts about Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s stance on pro-Malay NGOs.

Najib is actually against Perkasa, claims Gerakan


Biz Updates From PR Newswire

Chang called on the Najib administration to reject all forms of extremist politics and named Perkasa specifically as an enemy of multi-racial Malaysia.Chang called on the Najib administration to reject all forms of extremist politics and named Perkasa specifically as an enemy of multi-racial Malaysia.KUALA LUMPUR,

Oct 26 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has never agreed with Perkasa’s extremist politics although his administration never openly admonished the Malay rights group, Gerakan interim president Datuk Chang Ko Youn said today.

He said in all of the party’s “dealings” with Najib, the prime minister has repeatedly expressed his opposition to Perkasa’s communal agenda despite not making the stand public.

“I’m not sure about criticising but in all of our dealings with the PM, he definitely doesn’t share their (Perkasa) wills,” Chang told a press conference after opening Gerakan’s congress here when asked what he felt about the government’s muted response to some of Perkasa’s extreme actions.

Earlier today, Chang in his opening speech called on the Najib administration to reject all forms of extremist politics and named Perkasa, specifically, as an enemy of multi-racial Malaysia.

Present at the congress was Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak who, in his opening speech, echoed Chang’s view that Barisan Nasional (BN) should reject racist politics.

But critics have questioned Najib’s seriousness for reforms as his government was seen flip-flopping on several pledges including backtracking on his vow to open up the economy to more non-Malay participation and improve civil liberties.

Recently the prime minister announced the return of race-based affirmative action policy in the New Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda and also introduced laws that would restore the state’s preventive powers in a move seen as pandering to conservative demands.

Analysts said Najib’s sudden hardline stand was merely aimed at averting a potential challenge to his position at the party polls but this reflected weak leadership and indecisiveness on his part, especially when forced to confront issues concerning Malaysia’s growing polarisation.

Chong said BN has deviated from its original ideology of inclusiveness and that it must now fight towards restoring the “Spirit of Independence” in charting policies that would benefit not only one race, but for all.

He claimed this co-operative spirit was embodied in the politics of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Malaysian prime minister, who was also known to reject the politics of race.

“Tunku never backed down when facing extremism and communalism, because he felt that the only way for a country to move forward is for each rakyat to feel belonged.

“Everytime we disagree, it is unfortunate that extremist groups like Perkasa will challenge other non-bumiputera races and ask them to ‘return to their country of origin’ or migrate. This taunt is not only hurtful, but is detrimental to unity and social harmony,” he said.

Despite growing calls for action, including from his own non-Malay allies in BN, Najib

has never openly censured Perkasa or other similar groups despite some of its provocative actions.

And while Chong urged all parties to reject Perkasa’s extremism, the Gerakan leader appeared to have backed Najib when he said that it was important to engage the group in a dialogue in the spirit of freedom of speech.

“The PM has made it known that he is against extremism..we should condemn them (Perkasa) definitely, but we must also respect their freedom of speech. And that is why we believe we should instead dialogue with them,” he said.

Gerakan, and other non-Malay component parties in BN had previously blamed Najib’s party Umno for the minority vote swing. They claimed Umno’s Malay-centric politics have alienated non-Malay support for the coalition.

The party which once dominated the politics in Penang, Malaysia’s second most industrialised city, is now facing party elections amid growing calls for a firm leadership, claiming the present lineup pandered too much to Umno’s will.

Chong said today Gerakan will stay committed to BN as Najib has proved his mettle as a moderate and progressive leader.

– See more at:


The fact is that PERKASA is not and never about extremism. The NGO and like other Malay NGOs such as PPIM, JATI and others sprung out for nothing else but about upholding the ‘Struggle for Malay cause and agenda’ as per status quo and what have been provided in the Federal Constitution and State Constitutions.

It is very wrong to accuse that the notion and call to defend and protect all of the special provisions enshrined for the Malays in the Federal Constitution as ‘racism’ and ‘extremism’.

PM NaJib welcomes PERKASA High Council at the Prime Minister's Office

PM NaJib welcomes PERKASA High Council at the Prime Minister’s Office

The matter of fact, to detest, challenge and demonise all these special provisions enshrined for the Malays in the Federal Constitution such as role and position of HRH Rulers, Islam as the religion of Federation, Malay as the national language, Special Malay Rights under Article 153 and role and power of the Syariah court are the acts and intent deemed as ‘extremism’.

Another interesting fact seen in the recent Gerakan convention is that many of the leaders and members freely blame UMNO and Malay NGOs for the poor performance in the last two GEs. They do not even use their own political convention platform to attack DAP and any of the racism and extremism brought forth by the Chinese Chauvinist party.

That should be deemed as ‘back stabbing’ UMNO.

84% of the eligible voters in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council general election are the Malays, who were 'Subjects of HRH Rulers'.

84% of the eligible voters in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council general election are the Malays, who were ‘Subjects of HRH Rulers’.

The Malays for hundreds of generations have demonstrated their kindness and hospitality in their willingness to share and accommodate. Even politically. That is the basis of the Alliance Party to work together in the Federal Consultative Council general election in 1955, where out of 52 seats contested 15 were allocated for MCA and 2 for MIC. This is despite the fact that 84% of the eligible voters are the Malays and there is only 11% eligible voters amongst the Chinese.

In rising for the ashes of the 13 May 1969 racial riot tragedy, Second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein adopted in the accommodating and inclusivity approach where the participation of all ethnic groups are taken into consideration when strategic plans are formulated and crafted. Even Gerakan, which was one of the ‘radical and subversive elements’ in the 13 May tragedy were brought into the consultation conference.

Hence the birth of the New Economic Policy.

PM Najib and PERKASA President Ibrahim Ali

Barisan Nasional was born two years later, where the Alliance Party was disbanded and all the component parties in Sabah, Sarawak and Gerakan were accepted as members. The agenda was to move the nation forwards and no one should be left behind.

UMNO and BN have been giving Gerakan a consistently strong backing through thick and thin. Even economic development programs and spending. An example is UMNO led Federal Government invested in the mega project of the Penang Bridge in 1981, the largest infrastructure project this country has ever seen and the benefactor is not an UMNO stronghold such as Johor or Selangor.

Unfortunately, Gerakan has started to demonstrate its inability to endure extreme tests and stress. Instead of looking inwards and overcome their own shortcomings, they take the easy if not the coward way out and conveniently blame others, for failures which most of it should be attributable to their own fault. It is almost like pandering to the same tune and tone of the Chinese Chauvinist DAP.

Zulkifli Nordin receiving his tauliah from Selangor BN Chairman. PM Najib

It is wrong to accuse Prime Minister Najib is trying alienate PERKASA. In fact, Prime Minister Najib as BN Chairman allocated Shah Alam parliamentary seat for PERKASA Vice President Dato’ Zulkifli Nordin during 13GE.

If Gerakan has started to re-adopt its ‘radical and extremist’ traits, seen strongly 45 years ago, then probably it is for the betterment of Malaysia that UMNO and Gerakan part ways.

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A proud nationalist

Today we would like to talk about Khaled Hadji Ibrahim. He is an Algerian performer and might we add, a very proud one. He shot to international fame with his number ‘Didi’, exactly 20 years ago.

The number won international fame, especially all over Europe. For the past twenty years, Cheb Khaled has been performing that song amongst other of his popular numbers over and over again in events, concerts and clubs.

The highlight is when he performed the song at the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, representing the Arab speaking Africans.

As everyone can see, Cheb Khaled never fail to bring the most important symbol of his origin and proud nation, the Algerian flag.

It is grossly unfathomable why there are ingrate Malaysians who benefited so much from this land of plenty, try so hard to demean the country and to a point of insulting the Jalur Gemilang.

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Consorting with the enemy

DAP ADUN for Pandungan Wong Kin Wei

DAP ADUN for Pandungan Wong Kin Wei

Our favourite PEMANDU girl is back into the cybersphere limelight or more aptly, in the line of fire. This time, it has been said that she is expected to attend an excursion program to expose selected young Malaysians, shortlisted by the US Department of State via  the nomination from the US Embassy here in Jalan Tun Razak.

It is believed amongst those who are selected by the US Government to attend this program is DAPSY Vice Chairman for Sarawak and ADUN for Pandungan Wong Kin Wei.

They are a select few who would are expected to be attending this International Visitor Leadership Program by US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in Washington D.C.. sometime in November. They would be exposed to several US Government agencies of the philosophy and in the methods of doing things.

Farah Intan posted her 'very personal' photos in social media network and accessible for public consumption

Farah Intan posted her ‘very personal’ photos in social media network and accessible for public consumption

Farah Intan Burhanuddin, an analyst for the NKRA with PEMANDU would be in all the discourses with the Americans and YB Wong in this program, to discuss amongst other things methods employed by the public sector to prevent corruption, encourage ethical leadership and transparency, responsibility and accountability.

She was in the cybersphere spotlight about seven weeks ago about her lifestyle and inadequate qualification and competency to be where she is. However, PEMANDU clarified against the reports. However, Bloggers demanded for more clarification in many other issues.

However, the blog report about PEMANDU officers sabotaging BN has not been addressed.

Now, Farah as an analyst with PEMANDU is attending a course organised by the US Government with a DAPSY leader and ADUN. She and her employers must be mindful of the events and activities that he is attending and committed herself to even though the department did not officially dispatch her for this program in Washington D.C.

CEO for PEMANDU Dato’ Ser Idris Jalan, who is a Cabinet member

PEMANDU leadership and officers must be mindful that they are civil servants and the department is a very strategic unit under the Prime Minister’s Department. What they do, who they meet and what they talk or even perceived to be talking about is very important to the confidence of majority of the rakyat towards the Malaysian Government.

More over, PEMANDU is a department created by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak for his ‘Transformation Plan’.

Confidence and eventually trust are very valuable political currencies for any leadership to continue of getting support and most importantly, votes from the rakyat. If people with very strategic duties and responsibilities in strategic organisation within the Federal Government and worse still in Prime Minister’s Department are not observant of sensitivities and perception even in involvements of non official arrangements, then they must be ready to be blamed when their chips are down.

Consorting with the enemy is a definite ‘No, No!”. Regardless how the explanation, justification and rationalisation that comes later.

*Updated Sunday 27 October 0200hrs

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Making homes for all Malaysians

Summary of BN Manifesto 13GE

Summary of BN Manifesto 13GE

There are a lot of goodies for the betterment of the quality of life for Malaysians in the Bajet 2014 delivered by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak less than an hour ago. One important ‘Big Ticket’ item of Bajet 2014 is housing.

First all, Federal Government is committed to realize Barisan Nasional’s promises in the 13GE Manifesto (Aku Janji Pilihanraya) where 1 million homes were to be built in the span of five years. Prime Minister Najib announced that 220,000 affordable homes would be built under the various scheme and programs by agencies such as PR1MA (80,000 homes), SPNB (26,122 homes) and so forth.

All of these are targeted for the low, middle-low and middle income Malaysians. It is clear the grievances of Malaysians across the board about home ownership have been noticed and steps being taken to rectify the problem.

The second one is the attack against homes getting more and more outside the range of affordability. One of the issues that loom the continuous escalating price of homes especially in the urban and high growth areas is caused by speculators.

Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) is the tool being sharpened to reduce the speculators. For gains on properties disposed within the holding period of up to 3 years, RPGT rate is increased to 30%, whereas for disposals within the holding period up to 4 and 5 years, the rates are increased to 20% and 15%, respectively. For disposals made in the sixth and subsequent years, no RPGT is imposed on citizens, where as companies are taxed at 5%.

It is not as stiff as how we proposed it about a year ago. Never the less, RPGT would definitely curb a lot of the property punters who worked on getting rid of their prize the moment the certificate of practical completion is obtained.

Another important point announced in this budget is the Federal Government subsidy of low and middle cost range of  properties developed by private developers. A special Private Affordable Ownership Housing Scheme ‘MyHome’ is introduced. A maximum subsidy of RM30,000 per unit would be given in a mechanism that would be defined later.

The quality of homes has also been increased. The entry level of housing has been defined at 800 sq. ft consisting of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The “Rumah Mesra Rakyat” would be introduced where it would be priced between RM45,000-65,000 each.

The middle range homes would be same configuration, but a built up area of 1,000 sq. ft. and priced in the neighbourhood of RM 175,000.

Projects under this MyHome scheme would have the condition of 20% low cost and 20% medium cost homes in the development composition. Mandatory facilities include ample parking, surau, multi purpose hall and children playground.

Under the MyHome scheme, the monthly income qualification for first time buyers for the low cost home is RM3,000 where as the medium cost home is RM 6,000.

In this budget Prime Minister Najib also announced the special funding of RM 100 million under 1Malaysia Maintenance Fund for maintenance and upkeep of homes for the low income Malaysians. Those homes classified as Projek Perumahan Rakyat would get make overs and upgrade in maintenance services.

The sixth point is the Facilitation Funding. RM 4 billion has been provided for the Housing Facilitation Fund (Dana Mudah Cara) to promote public-private sector. RM 1 billion of that would be specifically for qualified entities which include private companies need to apply and the fund would be managed and dished out via the Unit Kerjasama Awam-Swasta (UKAS).

The seventh point is that Prime Minister Najib announced a special grant for private developers building homes for ownership of civil servants. Placed under PR1MA, 10% of the project development cost could be obtained from the Facilitation Fund and under the 1Malaysia Civil Servants Housing Project.

The rehabilitation of abandoned housing projects would get special fund of RM82 million, to rescue 20 identified abandoned housing projects and realise 8,197 families to get their homes.

The eighth point which Prime Minister Najib announced is the inception of National Housing Council. It would look into issues which include land price mechanism and rationalisation of home prices.

It is definitely a very good budget, for the home makers, home owners, aspirant families owning their first home and even those who want to upgrade to a better quality of life.

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A bunch of habitual liars

Riong Kali’s pro-Opposition news portal inadvertently nothing but a bunch of habitual liars and/or news item manipulators. This is despite the had a new editorial team migrated from NST recently. Yesterday, they issued a second apology, within a span of a week for deception or false reporting.

News portal TMI tenders second apology in a week

OCTOBER 25, 2013

A screenshot taken from The Malaysian Insider website. A screenshot taken from The Malaysian Insider website.KUALA LUMPUR,

Oct 25 — The Malaysian Insider (TMI) yesterday issued an apology to the Securities Commission (SC) and a retraction over a related news article, making it the second time the news portal has done so in under a week.

In a piece published in its “Side Views” section yesterday, the note by the news portal described its report “SC to order Sime general offer for E&O, say sources” published in August 2012 to be “untrue”.

“The statement in the said article that was attributed to the SC was untrue and was published without verification with the SC. The report has now been withdrawn as it is untrue and false.

“We apologise to the Securities Commission for the said untrue report,” said the unsigned statement.

The offending article alleged that the regulator was ordering Sime Darby to conduct a general offer for the remaining shares in E&O that it did not already own, following the former’s acquisition of a 30 per cent stake in the latter firm.

This did not materialise and resulted in the news portal being investigated by the SC last year.

Last week, the news portal was also forced to apologise to Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir over two articles alleging the Kedah mentri besar of engaging in “money politics” in his unsuccessful bid for an Umno vice presidency on Saturday.

“The Malaysian Insider apologises to Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir over its report titled ‘Mukhriz raises the stakes in VP race with 1.2 million SMS blast plus ‘windfall’ for party branches — sources’, and its Bahasa Malaysia version, ‘Jentera kempen Mukhriz agresif, ‘hujan emas’ dijangka turun bermula lewat malam’,” the news portal wrote after being threatened with a laswuit over the reports.

Yesterday, state sovereign fund Khazanah Nasional also took aim at the news portal for what it described as “irresponsible reporting”, alleging that two articles published on the site portrayed the government-linked firm as uncooperative with national auditors.

It demanded both an apology and retraction for two articles, “Parliament’s bipartisan oversight panel probes Khazanah’s costly ventures” and “PAC siasat perbelanjaan melampau Khazanah”, saying it will consider legal action if this was not forthcoming.

– See more at:


Last Saturday on the morning where 146,500 UMNO delegates from 20,800 branches in 191 divisions had their AGM and casted their votes to elect divisional committee leaders, 25 Supreme Council members and 3 Vice Presidents, TMI issued an apology to MB Kedah Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir for their false report of him sending out 1.2 million SMSes.

Apology to MB Kedah Mukhriz for false reporting with a sinister agenda

Apology to MB Kedah Mukhriz for false reporting with a sinister agenda

This has now becomes a pattern for TMI. This time two years ago, they had to take advertisements in NST, The Star and Berita Harian for perpetuating a lie about former Malaysia Airlines Chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli who was alleged to have aggregated a loss of RM8.1 billion when he was heading the national carrier. TMI had to apologise or risk a suit of RM200 million clamped against them because they have no shred of evidence to substantiate the perpetual lie Opposition leaders attempted to smear Tajudin’s name in mud  in their sordid politics of demonise the Federal Government.

Former Malaysia Airlines Chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli looking at Malaysian Insider's ad in NST and Berita Harian today

Former Malaysia Airlines Chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli looking at Malaysian Insider’s ad in NST and Berita Harian today

The personalities and key people within the Riong Kali news portal themselves have eroded the integrity and credibility of The Malaysian Insider with their deemed acts of malice through deception, false reporting, manipulation from the facts and truth and speculation with sinister agenda.

The Malaysian Insider's apology to Tajudin Ramli, NST 7 Oct 2011

The Malaysian Insider’s apology to Tajudin Ramli, NST 7 Oct 2011

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Clowning on GST

The ‘communicating’ clown

A lot of people especially economic and political analysts are expecting Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to announce the introduction of the GST system as an avenue for revenue to the Federal Government’s coffer in his Bajet 2014 speech on Friday. The time table of the implementation would also be announced.

It is designed to make up in the effort of reducing dependence of revenue from income tax, reduction of budget deficit and the long term solution for the Federal Government to reduce national debt.

Federal Government is taking the necessary steps to reduce across the board subsidies and work on a mechanism for a targeted subsidy, designed for the groups within the society which deserve the continuation of subsidies so that their lives are maintained at a certain level. This is amidst world wide escalation in cost of production and distribution, which has elastic effect on cost of living.

However, contradicting statements by Deputy Minister of Finance Dato’ Hj. Ahmad Maslan is really confusing many mainstream media readers.

Ahmad Maslan: GST may not be implemented under Budget 2014

OCTOBER 18, 2013

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Ahmad Maslan said the government has agreed in principle to implement the tax but it has not decided when to enforce the tax and its percentage in the initial stage.– Picture by Siow Saw Feng Ahmad Maslan said the government has agreed in principle to implement the tax but it has not decided when to enforce the tax and its percentage in the initial stage.– Picture by Siow Saw Feng

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — Deputy Minister of Finance Datuk Ahmad Maslan hinted today that the much talked-about goods and services tax many not be implemented under Budget 2014 to be tabled in Parliament next Friday..

He said the government has agreed in principle to implement the tax but it has not decided when to enforce the tax and its percentage in the initial stage.

“When to implement it, what percentage, we don’t know yet, though we’ve stated in official statements (to implement the tax),” he told reporters after a pre-launch to collect funds to build the Integrasi Islam Malaysia madrasah. — Bernama

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Then he went to say this frightening statement:

GST rate may be less than 16%: Ahmad Maslan

Posted on 20 October 2013 – 08:52pm
Last updated on 20 October 2013 – 09:49pm

MELAKA (Oct 20, 2013): The tax to be levied under the goods and service tax (GST) may be less than 16%, that is, the amount under the existing sales and services tax (SST) system, says Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan.

He also did not see the new tax being a burden to the people.

“If we look at other countries that have implemented the GST, it is less than 16%,” he told reporters here today.

He had earlier officiated the High Performance Organisational Leadership Seminar at the Royal Malaysian Customs Academy at Bukit Baru, with the participation of 100 customs officers from throughout the country.

Also present was the Customs Department Deputy Director General Datuk Zainul Abidin Taib.

According to Ahmad, the government began looking at the GST in 2005 and planned for its implementation two years later, but had to postpone this due to a number of reasons, including objections from certain quarters.

He said the rate and date of implementation of the GST may be announced by Prime Minister and Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak when he tables the Budget 2014 on Oct 25.

Two days ago, Ahmad had hinted at the possibility of the much talked-about GST not being implemented under the Budget 2014.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Finance Minister said the Customs Department had collected RM25.8 billion as of last Thursday for 2013.

He expressed confidence that RM34.4 billion would be collected by the department by year-end. –Bernama


What is Ahmad Maslan trying to do?

He is not helping to make Malaysians across the society understand better. In fact, he is creating a bout of confusion. Especially when his response to the quantum of the GST if and when it is introduced.

Bernama report a few hours ago

Bernama report a few hours ago

Compared to economists and professionals in the capital market who have contacted by media, they are providing a more ‘cushioned’ response to help ‘pad the news’.  This is to make more Malaysians especially the middle income segment of society absorb the thought of having to pay consumption tax.

Alliance Bank Chief Economist Manokaran Mottain expects the GST to be introduced at the rate of 4-5%.

The fact is that Federal Government especially Treasury did not do enough to educate the Malaysian public about GST as a consumption tax to be introduced, how it relates to revenue and the complete works of the subsidy system and the projection of the nation cash position and commitments.

Some of the available materials for public consumption are far too technical for the common person on the street to comprehend, let alone support.

The Minister in-charge of PEMANDU, who was said to be a ‘people person and communicator’ when he was in Shell, did not do a good job on unlocking the confusion ball. In fact, he made it worse.

Idris Jala pushes for GST, says ‘much income’ unreported


Jala explained that a value-added tax like the GST, where a tax is paid on each step of the process, is a Jala explained that a value-added tax like the GST, where a tax is paid on each step of the process, is aKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 21 — Malaysia needs to introduce the controversial goods and services tax (GST) – which is likely to start in 2015 if announced in Budget 2014 this Friday – because much income goes unreported, Datuk Seri Idris Jala said today.

He added that it is not sustainable for the country to depend on fewer than two million tax payers in a country of nearly 30 million people,

“Out of some 29 million in people in Malaysia, only less than two million people pay income tax,” the minister in the PM’s department wrote on his blog today.

“In fact, if we don’t widen the tax base, there is absolutely no room to cut income taxes further. For various reasons, including the fact that much income goes unreported, we need to broaden the tax base,” he said.

Jala explained that a value-added tax like the GST, where a tax is paid on each step of the process, is a “consumption tax” that taxes people with spending power.

Putrajaya is seeking to introduce the goods and services tax (GST), possibly in the upcoming Budget 2014 that will be tabled on Friday, in a bid to broaden the tax base and to narrow the fiscal deficit.

The federal government has stated that it aims to reduce the fiscal deficit from 4.5 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) last year to 4 per cent this year, and gradually to 3 per cent by 2015.

Jala stressed that the GST would be implemented only in 2015 if it were to be announced in Budget 2014, as 12 to 18 months is needed for preparation.

He also allayed fears on the impact of the GST on the lower-income group, pointing out that the tax rate for essential goods like food, public transport and education will likely be set at zero.

“Also there is currently the sales tax as well as the service tax now of 6 to 10 per cent which will be repealed once the GST is introduced. In the first few years at least, we expect that the GST will be revenue neutral for the government because gains will be offset due to the termination of the sales and service taxes,” said Jala.

The minister explained that the GST would make tax evasion harder, as complete records are necessary at each stage of the taxation process for businesses.

He gave the example of a drink manufacturer, who would have to add a tax, representing the GST, to their product sold to customers, after suppliers similarly include the GST in their sales of sugar, flavour and bottles to the manufacturer.

“But you are entitled to claim a rebate on the tax to the value that you did not add, in other words the tax your suppliers added on. To do that you have to keep proper and complete records,” said Jala, referring to the manufacturer.

“For instance, studies have shown that Malaysia has large capital outflows which can’t be reconciled in the national accounts. As much as 80 per cent of this is said to be from transfer pricing where firms transfer costs to various centres around the world to minimise the tax. Once a GST is implemented, it makes it very much more difficult to do so because complete records are kept at every stage of the value-adding process,” he added.

Jala stressed that the GST is a “broad-based tax” that taxes based on consumption.

“Because it is the more well-to-do and the wealthy who will consume more, the GST automatically taxes them most, not the lower income group,” he said.

Due to public pressure, the implementation of the GST has been postponed several times since the tax was first announced during Budget 2005.

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We doubt that Ahmad Maslan even in his position as the Deputy Minister of Finance could explain all of it and rationalise why it is necessary for consumption tax to be introduced, to ensure that the burden of subsidy has not been ‘wasted’ and draining the nation’s coffer indiscriminately.

Neither are we confident that the BN elected representatives could do it too, when they meet their constituents.

Even the recent retail petrol and diesel price hike has not managed to convince the majority of Malaysians. More over, when the decision to reduce subsidy as an excuse to lessen the burden  on the Federal Government does not commensurate with the across the board impression and perception about inefficiencies, wastage and worst of all, practice of abuse and corruption.

A lot of Malaysians also question efficiency of the collection and revenue system for the nation such as Inland Revenue Board and Royal Customs and Excise.

The demand of a modern Malaysian society is that they want to be informed and in the know. Many of the younger and educated ones are progressively growing to be more critical and willing to challenge the decisions that the Federal Government take and embark.

Inability to respond, engage and rationalise would simply compound to the distrust that the Federal Government under Prime Minister Najib is doing the right thing and heading the right direction.

Prime Minister Najib should the very least consider having the right spokesman if not the right assistant as deputy minister level in the most important ministry of the Malaysian Government. He simply cannot afford to make anymore perception slip-shots.

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Pronus crabrones nidum

Screenshot of BFM website promoting the interview with Reza Aslan

Screenshot of BFM website promoting the interview with Reza Aslan

The Riong Kali’s pro-Opposition news portal and Business FM 89.9 radio station are doing their bit to systematically provoke the Muslims and antagonise the Court of Appeal decision last week pertaining to the ‘kalimah Allah’ issue and the Home Minister’s authority to ban the sacred word by being abuse for the purpose of prosetylisation of Muslims.

Award-winning American Muslim scholar on Allah ruling: “We are laughing at you”

OCTOBER 22, 2013

Reza Aslan says Christians using the word Allah do not pose a threat to Islam. - Pic courtesy Wikimedia Commons / Roanoke College, October 22, 2013.Reza Aslan says Christians using the word Allah do not pose a threat to Islam. – Pic courtesy Wikimedia Commons / Roanoke College,

October 22, 2013.A well-known American Muslim theologian has joined a long list of critics over the recent Court of Appeal ruling on the use of the word Allah, saying it was a “political decision more than anything else”.

“This notion that Malaysian Muslims need to be protected by the court because you can’t think for yourself, you can’t make decisions on your own. We are laughing at you,” said Reza Aslan, speaking on BFM Radio’s Evening Edition programme yesterday.

“That you can control people’s ideas, their behaviour, their faith and their minds simply by trying to control the words that they use, is absurd. It is an embarassment to a modern, constitutional, democratic and deeply Muslim state like Malaysia,” he added.

Aslan insisted that Christians using the word Allah – which means God in Arabic – were not a threat to Islam.

“A Taliban put a bomb in the Quran and took it to a mosque in Pakistan, where Muslims were slaughtered on one of the holiest days in the Muslim calendar. You want to talk about threats to Islam? That’s a threat to Islam,” he said, in dismissing the argument that allowing Christians to use the word in their worship was a threat to Malaysian Muslims.

He was referring to an incident during the Aidiladha holidays, in which Afghan governor Arsala Jamal was killed while scores were injured after a bomb placed in a copy of the Quran went off in a mosque during the Eid sermon.

Aslan, who wrote the international bestseller No God But God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam, said he was mystified by the court ruling on October 14, stressing that the word Allah was merely an Arabic term for God, “any God”.

“Allah is constuction of the the word al-Ilah. That’s what the word is,” he explained.

“Al-Ilah means ‘The God’. Allah is not the name of God. Frankly, anyone who thinks that Allah is the name of God, is not just incorrect, but is going against the Quran itself. It is almost a blasphemous thought to think that Allah has a name.

“And this is not an interpretation. It is a historical fact,” Reza added.

In its judgment, the Court of Appeal’s three-man panel ruled that the word Allah “was not an integral part of the Christian faith and practice and that such usage if allowed, will inevitably cause confusion within the community”.

The decision sparked a debate among local clerics and scholars, while several editorials in Muslim countries expressed their surprise over the issue.

Pakistan’s Daily Times questioned the ruling, asking why Malaysia would deny people of other faiths to “own God in all His attributes”. The United Arab Emirates’s The National called the court ruling “wrong”, and said the word Allah was never exclusive to Islam but used by both Christians and Jews to refer to God even before the advent of Islam.

Aslan poured scorn on the court verdict, asking, “How can you read that and not laugh?”

Soon after the court ruling last week, he had taken to Twitter and remarked, “How stupid has Malaysia just become? In honor of Malaysia banning the word Allah by non-Muslims I suggest US ban the word ‘twerking’ by anyone over age of 17,” he said, referring to a type of sexually provocative dance.

Much of Aslan’s interview yesterday was made available on Podcast.

In it, he slammed those who argue that the faith of Malaysian Muslims can be undermined if Christians use the word Allah.

“This idea that not only should Christians not be able to use this word, but that using the word is somehow a threat to Islam… that Malaysian (Muslims) are so stupid if they hear a Christian use the word Allah, they will accidentally become Christians. I mean, the idiocy of that statement speaks for itself,” he said.

Echoing many other Muslim scholars and writers, Aslan said Christians and Jews in the Arabian peninsula since before the time of the Prophet Muhammad had been referring to God as Allah.

“Why? Because they spoke Arabic… that’s why. Not because Allah meant a specific God but because that it is nothing more than the Arabic word for God. It is not an opinion. It is a fact,” he pointed out.

“Any Imam that tells you God has a name, is blasphemous. It is as simple as that. Allah is not God’s name. Muslims do not own the word itself,” said the 41-year-old Iranian-American, who is Visiting Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Iowa. – October 22, 2013.


Aslan is totally out of context and his interpretation of Islam is very dubious. He sounds as if he is not a Muslim and never had been one. Even legally, he should have referred to the complete judgement of the three Court of Appeal Judges.

He also did not consider the Federal Constitution, laws of this land, norms and values of this country, will of HRH Malay Rulers nor take into consideration what HRH Sultan Selangor’s reminder titah on the matter, dated 9 January 2013.

Probably it is alright for Aslan to do that because he is not a Malaysian citizen nor a resident of this country. However, it is inexcusable for BFM and TMI to spin and manipulate the issue further in this manner.

BFM 89.9 as a radio station licensed by Malaysian Communication and  Multimedia and Commission, the owners, producers and editors should understand their limitations which have been spelt out clearly in the license condition. One of the items prohibited for them to air are materials obnoxious against race and religion.

Probably the producers of BFM 89.9 thought they could go scott free by airing the phone interview with Aslan since it is conducted in English.

Amongst the points Aslan raised on top of what reported in the TMI story are:

“Islam says ‘X’ or Islam says ‘Y’. I know this will make them feel good but it is nonsense”


“Allah is not a name of God. Allah means God. Allah means every God. Allah is nothing more than the Arabic word for God”.

He also went on to say,

“Using the word is a threat to Islam. Malaysians are so stupid when they hear a Christian use the word ‘Allah’, they accidentally becomes Christian. The idiocy for the statement speaks for itself”.

A lot of what Aslan explicitly expressed in the interview is not acceptable for the consumption of Malaysians because it would definitely cause a lot of anger amongst Malay-Muslim, especially when the points that were put forth are manipulated further.

The fact that the two BFM 89.9 presenters Ezra Zaid and Umapagan  in the show were laughing at some part of the interview demonstrates their distasteful and disrespect to what the Court of Appeal decision.

Aslan also went to insult further “I get there are political machinations taking place here. This court is not exactly independent of the executive branch. This is more of a political decisions than anything else. Muslims in Malaysia got to be protected by the court because you cant think for yourselves, you cant make decisions on your own. One of the judges even make a remark to the effect that ‘This is a threat to Islam'”.

It is also a sinister agenda of TMI to expand the story further and carry the anti-Malay/Islam sentiments by reproducing it in a news report, both in English and Malay. These are very serious matters that MCMC should investigate from the various perspective of the law including Sedition Act and Communication and Multimedia Act.

This is also an indirect insult against the Court of Appeal unanimous decision Monday last week.

The title in English means “Poking hornet’s nest”

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Stand up, human rights fighters

Kingdom of Brunei Darul Salam, which is an absolute monarch, decides on stiffer shariah penal laws.

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22 October 2013| last updated at 01:33PM

Brunei introduces tough Islamic punishments

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BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN : The Sultan of Brunei announced the phased introduction of tough Islamic punishments including death by stoning for crimes such as adultery, in the monarchy’s latest step towards conservatism.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah — one of the world’s wealthiest men — said in a  speech that a new Sharia Penal Code which has been in the works for years had  been gazetted Tuesday and would “come into force six months hereafter and in  phases”.

Based on the details of particular cases, punishments can include stoning  to death for adulterers, severing of limbs for theft and flogging for  violations ranging from abortion to consumption of alcohol, according to a copy  of the code.

“By the grace of Allah, with the coming into effect of this legislation,  our duty to Allah is therefore being fulfilled,” said the sultan, now 67 years  old.

An all-powerful figure whose family has ruled the languid, oil-rich country  of 400,000 for six centuries, the sultan first called in 1996 for the  introduction of sharia criminal punishments.

Brunei already practices a conservative brand of Islam relative to its  Muslim neighbours in Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The sale and public consumption of alcohol are banned and authorities  closely restrict the activities of other religions.

It was not immediately clear how aggressively the new criminal code, which  applies only to Muslims, would be implemented.

Brunei already has a dual-track system combining civil courts based on  British law — the sultanate was a British protectorate until 1984 — and  Sharia courts that are currently limited to personal and family issues such as  marriage disputes.

Two years ago, a top official in the Attorney-General’s office said Brunei  would apply an extremely high burden of proof for sharia criminal infractions  under the code, and that judges would have wide discretion in applying the  Islamic punishments.

The comments were aimed at easing fears expressed by some Bruneians of a  lurch toward draconian punishments.

Nearly 70 percent of Brunei’s people are Muslim ethnic Malays, while about  15 percent are non-Muslim ethnic Chinese, followed by indigenous peoples and  other groups.

Funded by oil and gas wealth mainly in offshore fields in the South China  Sea, Brunei has one of Asia’s highest standards of living.

The government provides citizens with free medical care and education  through the university level.

But the sultan has leaned increasingly towards Islamic orthodoxy in recent  years, including the introduction of mandatory religious education for all  Muslim children and ordering all businesses in the country closed for two hours  during Friday prayers.–AFP

Read more: Brunei introduces tough Islamic punishments – Latest – New Straits Times


This must be against a lot of fundamental and universal principles of human rights.

The question now, what are the stance and where are the human rights fighters on this ruling?

Especially to allies of Brunei and friends of His Majesty Sultan Sir Hassal Bolkiah like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore and those liberals and activists within these countries and not forgetting Malaysians in Malaysia.

Do they dare to be heard on the subject matter?

This is not withstanding that the fact Brunei is a kingdom of absolute autocracy without any form of democracy. All those so-called human rights fighters were very strong and bold against Myanmar. Even when they are abroad.

However, they were completely silent about Brunei not being undemocratic. And these new laws they should deem loudly as ‘draconian’. Considering these harsh laws have been pronounced without the public comprehension to its condition of implementation and protocol of execution, it is interesting to watch if ever they will say anything negative about it.

And what is more interesting if they will say anything about His Majesty Sultan of Brunei for this bold decision.

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