Not wanting to let go

Some people simply refuse to let go, even when their time is up. It is not about their ability to  contribute. It is more about serving their personal interest, which include political cloud.

This is reflective in sopo blogger Apanama’s report on Yayasan Kebajikan Negara. The charter of the NGO specify that the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development should be the Chairman. Yet, the current Chairman of YKN is the former Minister who was there, two ministers ago.

Is the current Minister of Women and Family Development incompetent that the previous two minister still held on to the post?

Even if she is incompetent to be the YKN Chairman, whose decision it is to make the judgment call that the Minister is not qualified and do justice to the NGO?

This ‘Empress Catherine’ (the female version of Little Napolean) attitude and behaviour is the reason why so many civil servants and event party members are against the ruling party and government. Not to mention the public at large.

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