Diabolus apparatus operantes

Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya

Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya

Bureaucracy and restriction are probably elements that could prove to be counter productive, especially for many who are motivated to circumvent the system and get to their objective.

Many UMNO leadership aspirants in the upcoming party election are complaining that the current ‘Candidate Introduction’ practice is very inhibitive and restrictive. More over in their limited opportunity due to the short period of campaign and geography. Instead, many of these candidates wanted to meet delegates at Division or Branch levels on their own time and space.

The practice that UMNO democratization is supposed to do away with the practice of ‘money politics’, where over 146,000 delegates at Branch level are casting their votes instead of the slightly over 2,400 delegates. However, the current system of ‘electoral college’ based on the 191 UMNO Divisions nationwide provide a new opportunity of corrupting the democratic process.

The current system and limited and inhibitive campaign system enabled new methods to circumvent  and started to crawl its ways to ensure some politicians’ survival  are followed through.

Unconfirmed reports rumoured about one or two amongst the six Vice President aspirants have appointed ‘agents’, to campaign on their behalf. These agents are said to have been dishing out ‘duit minyak’ (petrol allowance), to some of the Branch level delegates that they meet.

So far, no official reports have been filed to the UMNO Disciplinary Board or Election Committee.

In the past, party elections campaign period are much longer. Like the last party election held on March 2009, the campaign started since six months earlier. The lengthy campaign period provided a lot of opportunities for ‘money politics’.

For the record, two of the current candidates for Vice Presidents were reprimanded by UMNO Disciplinary Board. During the 2009 party election then Deputy President aspirant Dato’ Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam was reprimaded by the Disciplinary Board  and had to drop out of  the race.

Tan Sri Isa Samad won first place as UMNO Vice President in the September 2004 party election. However, a few months later UMNO Disciplinary Board found him guilty in seven accounts of ‘money politics’ and was stripped off his Vice Presidency post and suspended for six years. Later, the suspension was reduced to three years only. When he was pitted as BN candidate for DUN Bagan Pinang by-election in September 2009, the decision was questioned by so many.

Two other aspirants of top posts in UMNO are deemed to be or were once tainted. The incumbent Wanita UMNO Chief Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and UMNO Youth Head Khairy Jamaluddin have had issues about their integrity.

Probably these rumours would not turn out to be officially true. However, UMNO must be kept out of tainted leaders to ensure the relevance in the age of transparency, demand for integrity, accountability and credibility matters, to represent the Malays in the years to come.

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  1. […] The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles…. […]

  2. It’s called “Not Rocking the Boat”. Trying to get the same kind of fellows in the usual places. So, the new ones will face a tough time being known, let alone win.

    Najib said everybody can try for a post. Yet Tengku Adnan laughed at some poor fellas who have nothing to their name wanting to submit nomination forms, whatever.

    Of course Tengku Adnan wants status quo. For Najib and for him. If not, they may lose their jobs. A Minister’s post is highly cherished by anybody. Especially for Tengku Adnan who had never tasted it before, had he?

    Simple, crude, old tactics. They already got Najib uncontested. Sent the UMNO Executive Secretary to tell the MBs/ Ketua Perhubungan UMNO in all the states telling them to ensure no one at Division or Branch level tries to rock the boat.

    So, anything else that is in line with maintaining the status quo as much as possible. You’d want the kind who’d smoke the same pipe, beb. Arab style or whatever style. Money politics whatever. Must avoid the “kacau daun” type. Long live UMNO. Long live Melayu.

  3. Aiseh, BD, don’t know what that Latinum words mean. Sound nice though.

    But I get the drift of your blog post. I agree on the “circumvent the system and get to their objective.”

    DAP even “sent” letters to 750 members about the December 2012 CEC Election – the kind that did not reach the members. Challenged on it, they said they have 500 copies of them. Challenged to produce them, the not-valid CEC kept quiet.

    PKR circumvented the Deputy President post election to suit Azmin Ali’s interest in holding that post. Zaid Ibrahim was fuming mad and bolted out of the party, formed another one and the KITA members pushed him out then. Poor man, now reduced to talking sour grapes like Tengku Razaleigh. Old man Tengku Razaleigh was hoping to be nominated but nobody did.

    What to do with the present UMNO tactics of circumventing etc? Cannot circumcise those responsible coz they already done that when small. We just shout for fair play and that sort of thing lah.

  4. Big Dog.
    Let do away with election.We pick and choose the leader.
    We chose on the clean and qualify.
    Let follow PAP singapore.

    Their syatem was proven right for the last 50 years.

    Singapore can never allow a car reposser or a bouncer to become a chairman of a GLC company with $60 billions assets.

    • We have to find a Lee Kuan Yew. Do Machiavellian politics even. Do subtle subversion via slogans like Malaysian Malaysia. Shout out equal rights without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Anger the Malays. Pave the way for race riots like in 1969.

      Then rule by the iron hand. When criminal laws cannot be applied on the enemies, use civil laws – sue them to bankruptcy. Until at one time there were only two Opposition MPs in Singapore Parliament.

      Impose a system of “Big Bother on the Wall”, listening and watching what the citizens do even in the bedroom – spies all over the place. Have laws that Tun Dr Mahathir said in CheDet blog that allow the Singapore Police to accost just 3 persons walking in the park – illegal assembly. Hardly any freedom to talk. even to walk about in Singapore. Try to talk Singapore politics to any one in Singapore – see if any one will respond.

      Nope, no LKY, thank you. Not his style, not his ways, not his scheming and machinations.

      But let’s have the lesser of two or more evils in this country.

  5. Whether the Vinod fellow and FMT are driving a wedge among UMNO leaders, I like some of what what he says. Whatever that’ll get rid of Najib and his so-called liberal (which in reality is only pseudo-liberal) thinking – not putting the UMNO/Malay interest on top of his agenda:

    “A win by Mukhriz (as VP) would trigger former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to push forward his following agenda; making Mukhriz the next deputy prime minister.

    “So after Mukhriz’s win, the ex-premier may throw his weight behind Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to take on Najib in the next Umno election, due in 2016.” (But I doubt the timing – it’s too close to PRU14. It might be earlier.)

    “And Mahathir’s condition to Muhyiddin would be simple; on being the prime minister, appoint Mukhriz as his deputy.

    “Once Muhyiddin ascends to power, he may have to call for snap general election. An early election will pave way for Mukhriz to contest and clinch a parliamentary seat in order to tread back into the Cabinet.

    “Thereafter, Muhyiddin would appoint Mukhriz as his new deputy, which can further facilitate the Muhyiddin-Mahathir combo in ensuring Mukhriz getting a smooth ride to win the Umno deputy presidency.

    “While Muhyiddin and Mukhriz stand to benefit from the deal, Najib is set to become a major sacrificial pawn in Mahathir’s power play.

    “With so much brewing, will Najib intervene and ensure that Mukhriz does not rattle the power structure in Umno? The likelihood is low!
    While Najib is aware that his position may come under threat, he would not risk incurring Mahathir’s wrath by sabotaging Mukhriz.

    “Being a Mahathir loyalist himself, Najib knows very well what would happen if he steps on Mahathir’s toes. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a living testimony to that.”

  6. Bigdog,

    Apasal beralas ni?

    Bagi tau ja la Lanun & Pendek dah mula tabur duit keliling.

    Bagi hint hint lak….

  7. On a lighter side, perwakilan dan calon-calon dipersilakan buat tafsiran dan andaian sewajarnya.

    Bahagian yang saya suka:

    “Kalau musim deghoyan
    Ramey berani nampor
    Ape deme nak heran
    Saman boleh bayor

    Oh kome, dengoyan udah luroh
    (udah luroh)
    Lebih baik cepat pegi suloh
    (pegi suloh)
    Lambat sikit kome dapat habuk
    (dapat habuk)
    Kalau tido jawabnye tinggey pokok
    (padan muke)

    Duit deghoyan, yang tue nak ke mekoh
    (nak ke mekoh)
    Yang mude gatey nak menikoh
    (nak menikoh)
    Musim deghoyan banyok sedare mare
    Bila nebas, seko tak nampak muke
    (memang gitu)”

  8. Well,Big Dog.
    At least Sigapore become the riches country in the world without anty natural resources.
    They have capable leaders and clean.They dont waste money and resources.

    Nevermind about freedom of speech .I think that how you should treat opposition or your enemies.

    We have too much freedom.The country become like rojak mamak.

  9. Singapore become the riches country in the world ? Really?

  10. Cant help but laugh at the way najib is talking at apec about wanting a stability in change?

    He really loves sound of his own voice. See his facial expression. Thinks he talks with swagger and conviction.

    Who the hell respect his views anyway? Talking about change when he’s the one wanting to maintain status quo for the VPs.

    Get lost jibby. Youre not wanted. You are a farce. You are a fake.

  11. too much freedom in the country?

    Anwar and Ambiga will squirm hearing you say that.

  12. Now for the shocker. Kak ros also has to get a slot. Wow jibby. U da man

  13. Tuan BD, lets out with it laaa…the current round of umno elections is as corrupt as ever, if not more so. the 3 million umno members know it. money, millions of ringgit, is changing hands day and night. operators for vicepresidential hopefuls, incumbents included, to supreme council, wanita, pemuda & pu3 aspirants are dishing money. delegates are as guilty as candidates, some more so. at the rate things are going, an ordinary delegate from the branch to the divisional meeting can expect to collectat least a few thousand ringgit. more senior leaders perhaps in tens of thousands while divisional heads being the higest power broker in the division can expect much, much more, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands. the wealthier supreme council contestants have budgets exceeding a few million ringgit. guess how big the war chests of the VP contenders?

    • Saya pun rasa ada politik wang dalam UMNO. Tapi tak lah gitu banyak macam awak bayangkan. Nampak benar awak nuduh melulu. Ada bukti ke? Kalau takda, awak cakap begitu teruk, siapa nak caya.

      Jangan lupa, DAP pun ada politik wang. Ronnie Liu ada cakap di pilihan pemimpin party DAP Selangor dulu. Akhbar akhbar ada laporkan apa dia cakap.

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