Corporate racism

Dr Lim Mah Hui

Senior Fellow of Socio-economic and Environment Research Instute Lim Mah Hui  is at brink of bring labelled as being defined as a racist, bigot or liar. He should explain on his statement debunking Minister in-charge of Economic Planning in Prime Minister’s Department Dato’ Seri Abdul Wahid Omar’s stance for lack of opportunity is the culprit for lesser Malays in corporate sector instead of “Poor quality of workforce”.

There are evidently clear discriminatory practices against Malay graduates, job market candidates with experience, professionals or even top management aspirants. The Mole Chief Editor  Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal’s analysis on the New Sunday Times:


October 6, 2013

By : Shamsul Akmar |

Discrimination in the private sector

CONTENTIOUS ARGUMENT: It’s highly presumptuous to claim the private sector’s refusal to employ Bumiputeras is because of their lack of quality

THERE are several ways for  Malays/Bumiputeras to react to reports quoting economist Dr Lim Mah Hui as saying that the private sector had not been keen to employ them because they are not able and lacking in quality.

Lim, a member of the DAP-led Penang government think tank, reportedly said this when debunking Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar, who had contended that the private sector had not given much opportunity to Bumiputeras.

First, Bumiputeras can get all riled up, demand Lim to apologise and if he refuses, ostracise and label him with unsavoury tags. Or they can counter what he had said by pointing out that his statement is racist, condescending, stereotypical, a generalisation, unfounded and without basis, and unfitting to have been uttered by someone with academic credentials.

A report in an English daily on Sept 18 titled “Discrimination when hiring is rife, say job seekers” could shed light on the issue and provide points to ponder as to why Lim was so quick to conclude the issue with a condescending attitude towards Bumiputeras.

The report, among others, highlighted a study conducted by Universiti Malaya senior lecturer in development studies department Lee Hwok Aun and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia research fellow Muhammed Abdul Khalid, which showed that racial discrimination, at least, is very much prevalent in the private sector.

The report stated they were only able to conduct the study in the private sector with Lee saying the results showing Chinese applicants had an upper hand, was expected.

“I wanted to step back and examine the issue empirically and credibly,” the report quoted Lee.

The study involved the distribution of resumes of fictitious Malay and Chinese candidates to real job advertisers and comparing the number of callbacks candidates of each race got.

In his analysis, Lee was quoted as saying: “The result of the experiment showed that in the private sector, race mattered. Chinese applicants are much more likely than Malay applicants to be called for an interview. Quality also matters, but much less so.”

There are a lot of other details in the report. Suffice to say Lee, in the report, pointedly said, “Quality also matters, but much less so.”

The academic, however, had a caveat: “We cannot confidently evaluate these arguments without further study. Emphatically, we must not be hasty to blame the discrimination we detect on malevolent motives and racial stereotyping, prejudice or bigotry.”

Based on the research Lee had done, it would have been highly presumptuous on the part of Lim to make such a sweeping conclusion that the refusal of the private sector to employ Bumiputeras is because of the community’s lack of quality.

Then what may have prompted Lim to say thus? Is it because he had done a study on the subject and the study is conclusive?

Lim may want to come out and prove that his remarks were not spawned from some deep-seated anti-Malay/Bumiputera sentiment but rather from his own findings that may help enlighten the lack in quality among the Bumiputeras, including the policy makers.

While he is at it, one thing seems to be conclusive, as all three — Lim, Wahid and Universiti Malaya’s Lee — agree there is a lack of Bumiputera participation in the private sector and it is not from the lack of want on the part of the community but rather the refusal of the private sector to take them.

In short, if, all this while, it is merely suspicions or conjectures when raising issues about the lack of Bumiputera participation in the private sector, especially when such opinions may have come from the Bumiputeras themselves, now that it had come from the likes of Lim, such views can be deemed as fact.

If that is a fact, the debate now is why (there is lack of Bumiputera participation) and how (to increase their participation). If Lim’s reason is the lack of quality, then the discrimination is not discrimination as merit is of essence. But the advocates of the New Economic Policy and affirmative action will argue that quality will be achieved with opportunities.

The argument put forth by Lim about quality is contentious, especially when he pointed his fingers at the civil servants, the majority being Bumiputeras, as examples of the lack in quality and incapability in producing results. Lest he forgets, the country enjoyed a double digit growth for almost a decade until the financial crisis of 1997/98.

In other words, the affirmative action was in full measure and the civil service shaped the nation’s economic policies. The majority of the civil servants then were still Bumiputeras. For that, there is no necessity for the Bumiputeras to be apologetic for the affirmative action to the likes of Lim and others.

Then again, there will be the Malay/Bumiputera apologists who will argue that they are not against the affirmative action but rather the implementation. Their arguments are ambiguous and at best apologetic, not wanting to put forth what they actually want. The easiest way out is to say that the affirmative action had benefited only the Umnoputras.

Without doubt Umno members, as other Bumiputeras, had benefitted from it. But so did the Malay/Bumiputera apologists.

In fact, if observed closely, these Malay/Bumiputera apologists are actually highly successful.

Their opinions and views are very much sought after by those anti-affirmative action non-Bumiputeras to lead in politics, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and the media.

Or maybe, they are the ones Lim is referring to as lacking in quality. And wisdom is one quality stooges will never have.


Lim skewed analysis should be seen as nothing but sinister. Never mind the fact that the think-tank he represent is backed by Chinese Chauvinist Penang DAP State Government.

The fact is that, none of the Chinese owned banks and top PLCs hired professional Malays as their CEO. The consideration is never about relevant experience, exposure, qualification or proven track record with industry recognition as the testimony. Even if when they the choice of international head hunters.

Obviously, personalities in the likes of Dato’ Seri Wahid himself have shown their mettle to lead and proven to deliver profitability and brought added value to the shareholders.

Screenshot of brief biodata of Tan Sri Megat Zaharuddin in Bloomberg Business

Screenshot of brief biodata of Tan Sri Megat Zaharuddin in Bloomberg Business

Malay professionals have proven themselves to serve MNCs abroad and brought pride not only to the race, but Malaysia at large. This include a proof that the New Economic System (NEP) worked given the ample and right chance, which emphasized on providing quality education as a strategic tool to uplift the socio-economic standing of the down trodden, especially the Malays.

Probably Lim never heard of successful corporate names such as Tan Sri Megat Zaharuddin Mohd. Nor, Tan Sri Hassan Merican and Dato’ Seri Zainal Abdul Jalil.

There is even this advocate and solicitor Hardani Azmi, who is a product of the NEP via Maktab Rendah Sains Mara system, joined an international legal firm Fasken Martineau as a partner to beef up their energy core team in London.

All of these men have proven to earn their mark, when they were given equal opportunities.

The icon of Malaysia corporate personality: Tan Sri Hassan Merican

The icon of Malay corporate personality: Tan Sri Hassan Merican

Petronas is one of the ‘new seven sisters’ which is profitable and provided more than 15% of the Federal Government revenue annually, had been professionally managed by a team of Malay management since its inception in 1974. The growth and profitability is the proof that given the opportunity, Malay professionals not only could manage but plan for better future results.

Probably caveman-economist like Lim would like to argue that managing a state-owned petroleum company is no brainer. Then again, a comparison against corporations like Pertamina would be a good yardstick.

This is something seriously lacking, from Chinese owned business entities, be it individually owned entreprise, SME/Is or PLCs. The discriminatory practices are found across the board. This is something which a study of  3,200 applications to 800 jobs (four applications to each jobs) were made by fictitious Malay and Chinese applicants, jointly conducted by two innovative economic researchers Dr. Lee Hwok Aun and Dr. Muhammed Abdul Khalid.


Despite the assurances, a study conducted by University Malaya senior lecturer in development studies department Lee Hwok Aun and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia research fellow Muhammed Abdul Khalid showed that racial discrimination, at least, is very much prevalent in the private sector.

Stating that they were only able to conduct the study in the private sector, Lee said that the results that showed that Chinese applicants had an upper hand, was expected.

Lee said that the experiment was done as there were many opinions made from anecdotal evidence, personal experience or hearsay.

“I wanted to step back and examine the issue empirically and credibly,” he said.

The study involved the distribution of resumes of fictitious Malay and Chinese candidates to real job advertisers and comparing the number of callbacks candidates of each race gets.

“We ensured that the Malay and Chinese applicants in our pool were similarly qualified. We controlled for quality, in the way that experiments isolate the effect of the determinant in focus by controlling for – in other words, taking away – the effects of other determinants, “ Lee said.

When questioned on why only two races were chosen for the experiment, Lee said that the predominant images of labour market discrimination that form in our minds pit Chinese-owned private sector businesses against Malay graduates and a Malay dominated public sector against the non-Malay workforce.

He added that they faced practical difficulties as the duo considered including other groups such as preparing larger number of resumes, which in turn will require more manpower to process.

The result of the experiment showed that in private sectors, race mattered.

“Chinese applicants are much more likely than Malay applicants to be called for interview. Quality also matters, but much less so,” Lee said.

He added that some skills such as proficiency in Chinese dialects increased the chances of Malay applicants but not by much.

“This research just examines discrimination in selection for interview, not the job offer stage, let alone employment and promotion, which impact further on our economy and society.

“Investigating discrimination at those levels is controversial and difficult, if not impossible, since it will involve research assistants posing in person as job candidates,” he said.

Lee said that although the experiment did not answer the burning question of why such discrimination occurs, it was a starting point.

“Perhaps some employers expect Malay applicants to not socially fit into the company and hence do not bother calling them for interview, or perhaps they feel a need and justification for private sector to counterweight the pro-Malay policies in the public sector.

“We cannot confidently evaluate these arguments without further study. Emphatically, we must not be hasty to blame the discrimination we detect on malevolent motives and racial stereotyping, prejudice or bigotry,” he said.

Lee added that this was an issue we need to dwell on seriously as a nation.


Discriminatory unwritten policies and practices restricted Malay graduates to be given the opportunity, even when they have the necessary qualifications. When they are in, more discriminatory practices inhibits them from progressing.

This include not allowing them to be exposed to ‘prized projects’.

Another clear example is academic. If the argument that Malay graduates earn lesser quality qualification from public universities and colleges compared to the Non Malays. consider the fact on the opportunity available for qualified Malay academicians in private universities and colleges.

The only Malay private university Vice Chancellor Prof. Dato’ Dr. Hassan Mohamad

The fact that there are over 480 private universities and colleges in the nation as compared to 20 odd public universities.

However, there is only one prominent university college which employed a Malay academician as the Vice Chancellor, despite that there are thousands of professors and professionals with relevant academic experience amongst the Malays available.

As such, the fate of the Malays having their tertiary education via private colleges are numbered even from the angle of the discriminatory practice of allowing the Malays to lead.

Unless Lim could come with empirical evidence to support his claim that “The Malays are poor quality workforce”, then it is almost certain that he is a racist, bigot and liar or any combination between the three.

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  2. Another urban myth is being disseminated by a ‘research institute’ with questionable motives. Perhaps Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Tunku Abidin of IDEAS and other so-called Malay liberals can comment on this further? Those Malays who are so obsessed about a level-playing field and market-driven competition based on merit? It is an open secret that there is a systematic and institutional discriminatory practices against Malay professionals/businesses in the private sector.

    • I agree with those who say that no Malay is liberal if he doesn’t see the need for levelling the playing field and that the NEP must stay as long as the citizenship right of the non-Malays stay – i.e permanently. Those who think otherwise and imagine they are liberal are only liberal olok olok.

      The Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak is not negotiable at all. If otherwise, then the citizenship right of the non-Malays is also negotiable.

      I also agree that the NEP is drawn from the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras. Therefore, it’s quid pro quo is the citizenship right of the non-Malays. Don’t touch NEP and we won’t touch the citizenship right. That must be the basis for our existence in this country..

  3. I must say it’s a bloody good post. Well done, BD.

    It re-affirms my belief beyond any doubt that we now have sufficient Malays with qualifications, knowledge and experience to hit back at those fellows who, since a long time ago, have been deriding the Malays in the mass media, and in recent years, in the new media.

    Where before many of the derogatory comments against the Malays were left not replied to, the NEP has produced so many educated Malays with confidence that they don’t allow such comments to go unchallenged, even stupid Red Bean comments get whacked back in similar fashion and content.

    And now your post whacks back the racist Lim of the DAP so-called think-tank by producing solid and valid counter arguments, quoting other research done by academics, and pointing out the many well qualified and experienced Malays in various fields of the private sector. This post hits the nail on the head of the DAP Lim Mah Hui research bloke.

    We need more like this. Each time the chauvinist and racist DAP blokes comes out. The Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Tony Pua kind of statements that often are caustic and reflect a lack of respect for the History of this country, nay, even of the Constitution of the country. And a disregard for the Social Contract whereby the Malays, having agreed to the non-Malays being given citizenship right, get enshrined in the Constitution the Ketuanan Melayu as reflected in the Articles pertaining to the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, etc. And the Special Position of the Malays that was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia.

    Yes, we must continue whacking them back each and every time they come out with nasty, mischievous and racist comments against the Malays. They even tried to get the Sedition Act repealed and Najib, in the craze for PRU13 votes, even entertained them. Now that Home Minister Ahmad Zahid had got the new ISA-like laws passed by Parliament, let’s shout against any attempt by Najib to follow through his past statement about repealing the Sedition Act. We must say NO to repealing that Act in the strongest possible terms.

    • Repealing and bringing it back made Najib look ridiculous in the eyes of the world.

      Recently, so much news flashed world wide about the crime laws that Ahmad Zahid ensured got through Parliament. They always mentioned about Najib bringing back so soon the laws that he repealed before the general elections.

      No, Najib MUST NOT repeal the Sedition Act. He’ll look like a fool doing so. The Malays will clamour deafeningly if the sensitive clauses of the Constitution are not protected by the Sedition Act. Karpal Singh will question the prerogative of the Sultan of Perak with impunity – he tried in 2008 and got charged in court, not resolved yet, innit.

  4. There is only one way to change this private sector discriminatory tide — lets publish the top management and middle management make-up of the public listed companies so the public willknow their racial composition. EPF, Tabung Haji, LTAT and other big fund managers need to be pressured to pull out from Companies that do not support equal opportunity at work.

    Government Department and GLCs must insist on prove of non-descriminatory in employment before any Company is given government contracts. You see Bank Negara insisted and monitored all bank employment practices in the 80’s and 90’s — that is why we have a fair Bumi participation in the finance industry.

  5. Sayangmalaysia, instead why not outlaw discrimination on the basis of race in all spheres of Malaysian life? Simple. Many other countries have done it. Why is it bad for business to be racist but OK for the govt? Many economic and social studies have found that discrimination costs money, decreases competitiveness and fractures societies. Racism is all bad, no matter where you find it.

    • Ikan, how can outlaw discrimination when the Malaysian Constitution says the Malays and the Bumiputeras got a Special Position and that Clause is protected under the Sedition Act? The Constitution was drafted by the British, man. Debated and approved by the Malaysian Parliament, you know.

      If you want to change that Special Position, then surrender your citizenship and live here as a Stateless person, like your ancestors did for 150 years including during the 80 years of British colonial rule.

      The Special Position was the consideration or quid pro quo for the Malays agreeing to your citizenship. You want that taken away, then the Malays and the Bumiputeras would want your citizenship taken away.

      Don’t like it? Don’t want to respect the Constitution and live by it? Then you should migrate. Been said so by many people, including well known personalities in this country.

      • Ikan need to learn more on history of Malaya.
        Don’t talk big when your knowledge is wanting. An empty barrel…..

    • Who said its ok for the public sector?

      Tell me where is this racism in the public sector? If anything the composition is only slightly skewed to the bumiputera….and why is this?

      Compare to the Malaysian composition, this is actually far worse in private sector!

      Its not the public sector to be blamed…the non bumiputra themselves are reluctant to joint the public sector…Duit tak banyak maa…

      Once the Perak government has to extend the period of application of a government post in the public sector due to the lack of interest shown by the non bumiputra…

      Ho many join police/army?

    Pl also ensure that all the “dogs” in DAP are well fed…

  7. […] The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles…. […]

  8. Is Tan Sri Hassan Marican is a succesful Malay proffesional,why Najib ask him to resign from Petronas and replace him with Tan Sri Shamsul who cannot even manage MISC when he was incharge.

    Please get you fact right.I think China Islam Omer Ong who run Petronas .Najib form talent corp to bring back all the best Malaysian proffesional to work in Malaysia.
    But can we offer them the same perk as what they earned oversea.
    In Singapore they employer the best brain in the world to work for them and paid top salary .In GLC we fine Korean,Japanese ,Dutch and Malay like Hassan Marican .

    In Malaysia,our minister salary only $30k excluding perk.
    When Tabong Haji paid his CEO $80k a month,they queation Jamil Khir in Parliment.

    I remember Pak Unku Aziz said in one of the forum at University Malaya.The Malay can never beat the Chinese in thinking because The Chinese DA much superio from Malay.I quote”
    The Chinese civilasation started 3000 yaers ago whereas the Malay still live in Jungle.”


    • What an idiot!

      PM Najib asked Hassan Merican to go not becoz he’s not good. Hassan Merican had to go becoz he’s so bloody good, he doesn’t want to take directives from anyone as he did so well doing things his way.

      As for Omar Ong, he tried so hard to disassociate himself from his own surname becoz out of choice, he prefers to be a ‘Melayu’.

      At least Ridhuan Tee and Hussein Yee use their own surname everyday.

      Probably we can argue about “Chinese 3,000 years civilisation” till pigs learn to fly or what ever age their ego wants others to think about their ‘maturity’.

      But the fact is that they were defeated in 1842 in their own front yard becoz of opium.

      And for a ‘5,000 years old civilsation’, in this country too many are too dependent on underworld vices such as smuggling, drugs, gambling, prostitution, loan shark and assasination as livelihood.

      Not to mention they tried to come to power by brutalising and committing atrocities, where more than 10,000 people were murdered.

      Only a system of Chinese loan shark would drive a gambling addict man to poison his family before he jumps off the 18th floor of the Bandaraya flat off Pudu.

      That’s real Chinese civilisation for you!

      Worse than the Neanderthals!

      • Don’t forget what they are doing to the Uighurs. Google it up.

    • What they wrote about

      The Myth of the Chinese Cultural Pre-eminence

      Ancient Chinese records aggrandized Chinese culture while at the same time denying the achievements of other cultures and races. But Chinese historical documents had often been re-written, making it difficult to ascertain the truths.

      The burning of the books occurred not just over 2,000 years ago during Emperor Chin Shih Huang Di, but also in the 1960s during the so-called Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong.

      Chinese history claimed China as the “Middle Kingdom”, others around them, and even far away, as “barbaric and uncivilized”.

      Those thinking theirs is a higher culture and others have a lower one must read what History Professor Wang Gung-Wu (formerly of Universiti Malaya, now in Singapore) said in his essay “Early Ming Relations with S.E.Asia” pg. 36:

      “ … All peoples who believed that they alone were civilized did so because they thought their neighbours less civilized than themselves. This view was often proved wrong by subsequent contact with other civilized peoples.”

      Another Professor, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,

      “For a long time, it (Chinese culture) was taken to be older, and possibly also richer in original features, than in fact it is”. (Pg 25).

      “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).

      According to Professor Wolfram Eberhard, in his book “A History of China”, 1977, writings about ancient China were inventions of a later period, what were said to have been done by the Chinese rulers and the dates they were said to have been done appeared to be even later still. All these indicated that historical writings in China were meant to serve certain politico-ethical objectives.

      These are the words Professor Eberhard himself wrote:

      “Furthermore, we can now state with certainty that the historical data which were given in written documents for times down to 1,000 BC are false. They are the result of astronomical-astrological calculations, made by specialists of later times who pursued their own special political aims by doing these calculations”. (Pg 1).

      • The Han Chinese of China as a people may have progressed by leaps and bounds over the last few decades. The country has modernised and grown very rich. But look at their character; rude, uncouth, materialistic, selfish, cruel, and the list goes on. Their economic success will ultimately become their undoing.

    • Alo Alo, a bloke by the name of Nora, knowing about Hassan Merican ex-Petronas, Tabung Haji CEO RM80 salary etc, but trying very hard to spell wrongly and purposely write with grammar mistakes to show you are an innocent Makcik from Ulu Puchong giving hard-hitting views against the Establishment and putting the Malays down.

      No, I don’t think you are Nora a Malay or even a Malaysian. You are a masquerader, likely a frustrated Malaysian Chinese absconded to Singapore and finding the grass is actually not greener over there, vent your frustration by making the Malays feel small, glorifying Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore. I can show you that I’m not small but I’ll not talk about that as it’d be lewd.

      “Chinese DA much superio from Malay”? Says who? Certainly not says Ungku Aziz. So, balls to you. (For readers who feel put off by that, pls regard my words as referring to the ATP Tennis matches currently being played in Beijing and Shanghai).

    • Dear Nora,

      Your points are invalid and your command of the English language is abysmal. If you are a Malay, then it is people like you who caused Pak Ungku to make that inference (if he actually did) of Malay intellectual prowess. Secondly, please do not use singapore as an example, we know exactly what’s going on across the causeway. If Malaysians are as kiasu, life would be severely unbearable for them.

  9. Well when Zahid Hamidi commented that non-Bumis lack patriotism (one quality), everyone got riled up. This guy said Malays lack quality (this is a generic, sweeping, racist statement which can equally generally be assumed that Malays lack quality in SEVERAL aspects), tak apa pulak?

  10. “The Chinese civilasation started 3000 yaers ago whereas the Malay still live in Jungle.”

    Are you commenting as a Malaysian citizen or China national? Makes a lot of difference.

  11. Nora,

    I’m not sure if you are a Malay or a non-Malay masquerading as a Malay and blogging under a Malay name.

    I’m saddened that you are shallow minded yet want to express views on racial superiority. Telling others like BD to “get (his) facts right” when your “facts” and opinions even sound cuckoo.

    I’m disappointed, even angry, that you belittle the Malays.

    Here’s what you need to do before you next try to express views about the Malays:

    1. Read the books that have often been recommended here and elsewhere: (a) The Malay Civilization (b) Tamadun Alam Melayu, both published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, available at Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL

    2. Ask knowledgeable friends, associates or contacts who can explain what you don’t understand from those books

    3. Try to have a broader circle of contacts, mix with and have friends who are broad-minded and have a good knowledge of current affairs on this country. I also dislike Omar Ong and Najib pushing the bloke into Petronas but you saying “China Islam Omer Ong who run Petronas” is way off reality.

    4. Get a proper perspective on Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore. Read more – a variety of materials, not just one-sided articles on them. I notice you glorifying them despite the counter comments made against them. You sound like a Singaporean masquerading as a Malaysian using the word “we” and “us”.

    5. Think before you say – I know Professor Ungku Aziz, and I don’t think he had ever said, “The Chinese civilasation started 3000 yaers ago whereas the Malay still live in Jungle.” What are you up to, woman?

    Participants to this blog have put out many comments based on books written by several History Professors across the world pointing out that the Chinese civilization and culture is not as great as they claimed to be, not really they as “the Middle Kingdom and all others barbarians” as they wrote in the records kept in the Imperial palaces. So, please, don’t mengarut or you might kena carut.


      • Nora may not even be a ‘ she’. Using a she sounding name to escape baptism of fire for posting weird comments. One example is Nora’s comments as to why Malaysia have relations with China if Malaysia rejects communism. Lol..can it get any more weird than that?

      • Now Nora asked if Hassan Merican was a successful Malay why Najib asked him to resign. I dont know what to make of such a childish question because it has been public knowledge that Hassan Merican’s contract was not renewed, not because he was incompetent, but more of Najib’s political irony i.e letting go of the best Malay CEO.

  12. Nora,

    Here’s some of what they have written about the books that you have been advised to read:

    The books “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia explain that the Malays originated in the Malay Archipelago or Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu, to which Semenanjong Tanah Melayu, Sabah and Sarawak belong, over 6,000 years ago.

    Currently continuing archaeological excavations in the Bujang Valley in Kedah, in the Lenggong Valley in Perak, Mansuli Valley in Sabah, Gua Niah etc in Sarawak, continue to unearth findings of ancient settlements in this country dating to thousands of years ago.

    The Malays have been in and out of the islands within the Archipelago, including the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo, Indonesia and the Philippines, and outwards to Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Indo-China, Taiwan, the Malayo Polynesian and Pacific Islands up to Hawai, earlier with their “perahu” fitted with outriggers, later in multi-tiered ships the size of the ancient Roman galleons.

    They had remarkable ship building and navigational skills which were noted by the Buddhist pilgrim I Xing who made a “monsoonal stop” in Palembang and Kedah on his journey to the birthplace of Buddha in India in the 7th Century. These are in the historical records of China right to this day.

    The Malays comprise a large family. The terms Proto-Malays (Orang Asli), Deutero Malays (the Constitutional Malays, Bumiputeras or natives of Sabah and Sarawak, Indonesians and others), Malayo-Polynesians and Austronesians refer to the same “Large Family of Malays” comprising some 350 million people. The classification was done scientifically by experts in the relevant fields, based on language, physical characteristics, blood types, DNA etc.

  13. Sama-sama kongsikan artikel ini:


    Sampai hari ini, sesetengah orang Cina masih menggunakan istilah menghina terhadap orang Melayu. Dalam dialek tertentu, orang Melayu dipanggil dengan nama yang bermakna ‘orang hutan’ atau ‘orang liar’. Maknanya, bangsa yang tidak bertamadun.

    Orang Cina yang memeluk Islam dikatakan ‘masuk Melayu’. Jarang ibu bapa Cina membenarkan anak mereka menjadi askar atau polis kerana anggap itu kerja kotor dan eksklusif kepada kaum Melayu.

    Premis prejudis ini ialah kepercayaan bahawa budaya dan tamadun Cina lebih tinggi berbanding budaya dan tamadun Melayu. Umumnya, orang Cina boleh menerima ‘ketuanan orang putih’ kerana menganggap tamadun dan budaya Barat lebih superior, tapi tidak terhadap orang Melayu-Bumiputera.

    Dipandang sinis:

    Kejayaan orang Melayu-Bumiputera turut dipandang sinis. Ia biasanya dikaitkan dengan bantuan kerajaan atau hak istimewa yang diberi kepada mereka. Kebanyakan Cina sukar menerima hakikat kejayaan usahawan atau syarikat Melayu-Bumiputera, walaupun ia tulen dan dicapai menerusi kerja keras. Sikap sebegini sebahagiannya berpunca daripada kesukaran menerima hakikat orang Melayu lebih pandai daripada mereka dan sebahagian lagi bertujuan menunjukkan pencapaian mereka sebagai lebih hebat.

    Ini pandangan Ye Lin-Sheng, ahli perniagaan tempatan yang mempunyai syarikat di Malaysia, Hong Kong dan Australia dan berpengalaman berniaga di China, Thailand, Singapura, Britain dan Amerika Syarikat. Ibu bapanya migran dari China pada 1931, manakala beliau berkelulusan jurutera dan pernah pelajar di sekolah mubaligh Kristian.

    Dalam bukunya The Chinese Dilemma (East West Publishing, Australia, 2003), Ye menulis: “Chinese find it easier to accept domination by white people as they recognised Western superior methods and technology, than by the Malay. Chinese may accept Malay political supremacy, but in their hearts they believe they are superior.
    “This arrogance resulted in some blind spots and the inability or unwillingness to give credit to the Malays. They underestimate Malay capability, would not concede that Malay leadership has been very skilled, competent in its political, economic and social management. Chinese seldom attribute Malaysia’s success to the Malays.”

    Pandang rendah pencapaian:

    Ye juga menegur sikap hipokrit sesetengah Cina yang memandang rendah pencapaian Melayu-Bumiputera padahal ramai dalam kalangan mereka mendapat lesen, kontrak perniagaan dan konsesi melalui naungan, kenalan, rasuah dan pelbagai kaedah tidak beretika.

    Katanya, daripada 40 bilionaire dan jutawan Cina terkaya Malaysia yang disenarai oleh majalah seperti Malaysian Business setiap tahun, mustahil semuanya melalui titik peluh sendiri. Pasti ada yang dibantu atau mendapat layanan istimewa, sama ada daripada swasta mahupun kerajaan.

    Dr Mahathir puji doktor Melayu:

    Satu contoh pandangan rendah orang Cina terhadap kejayaan dan pencapaian Melayu-Bumiputera ialah ketika Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad menjalani pembedahan pintasan jantung pada 1989. Lee Kuan Yew tidak yakin doktor Melayu di sini mampu menjalani pembedahan itu. Beliau menawarkan pakar bedah Cina Singapura yang kononnya lebih hebat dan berpengalaman.

    Kejayaan beberapa pakar bedah Melayu tempatan menjalani pembedahan itu mendapat pujian Tun Dr Mahathir sendiri. Itupun masih tersebar khabar angin bahawa yang menjalankan pembedahan itu ialah pakar bedah yang dibawa dari Amerika Syarikat.

    Ye berkata, antara sikap buruk orang Cina, seperti yang disebut Bo Yang, seorang penulis terkenal dari Taiwan dalam bukunya bertajuk The Ugly Chinaman ialah kasar, bising, bongkak, tidak mengenang budi, memandang rendah pencapaian orang lain dan suka merasuah. Mereka melihat ekonomi sebagai ‘zero-sum game’, justeru, tidak mudah berkongsi atau membuka ruang atau peluang kepada kaum lain. Banyak sektor ekonomi seperti pembinaan, pelombongan, peruncitan, pemborongan dan pembuatan, masih dikuasai peniaga Cina sehingga ke hari ini.

    Anggap usahawan Melayu tak tulen:

    Dasar Ekonomi Baru dan pelaksanaan pelbagai usaha kerajaan termasuk agenda pemerkasaan ekonomi Bumiputera yang diumumkan dua minggu lalu membantu meningkatkan penyertaan dan pencapaian Melayu-Bumiputera dalam ekonomi. Reaksi umum komuniti perniagaan Cina ialah dasar sebegini bersifat intrusif, tidak adil dan tetap menganggap peniaga dan usahawan Melayu-Bumiputera sebagai tidak tulen, tidak gigih, tidak berkemampuan dan akan menghabiskan apa yang mereka dapat.

    Orang Cina pada dasarnya tidak mempercayai kepemimpinan Melayu kerana bimbang akan menggunakan kuasa politik yang boleh mengancam dan menjejas kejayaan, pencapaian dan kewujudan mereka.

    Pandangan Ye mungkin menimbulkan kontroversi, terutama dalam kalangan orang Cina sendiri tetapi ia pemerhatian yang jujur dan jelas. Tokoh sejarah, Tan Sri Prof Dr Khoo Kay Kim mengakui hakikat ini serta mengiktiraf keikhlasan Ye dalam menganalisis hubungan Cina-Melayu dan kebenaran pandangannya.

    – Berita Harian.

    • Saya berpendapat cuma satu cara sahaja yang boleh membuat kaum cina khususnya golongan chauvinist di Malaysia untuk menjadi warganegara yang setia kepada negara ini. Mereka perlu diajar dengan “bahasa” yang mereka faham bahawa mereka harus bersikap patriotik, menghormati nilai-nilai teras Malaysia dan bersyukur sebagai golongan minoriti di bumi bertuah ini.

      “Bahasa” tersebut ialah bahasa ekonomi; dalam ertikata lain kerajaan mesti melipat gandakan usaha untuk memperkasakan kedudukan ekonomi orang Melayu dan pada masa yang sama biarkan kaum cina (yang chauvinist seperti di atas terutamanya) berusaha tanpa sokongan dari kerajaan.

      Harus diingat bahawa kaum cina umumnya telah membuat keputusan untuk tidak mahu bekerjasama dengan kerajaan BN/UMNO dalam PRU 13 bukan sebaliknya, jadi apalah salahnya kita berikan mereka apa yang mereka mahu.

      • Saya suka cadangan ini.


  14. bro, correction, there is another malay vice chancellor in private college, he is my friend Prof Emirtus Ismail Awang, previously from UPM.

  15. the malay graduates themselves are not doing themselves a favor.

    these lots are making a bad name out of the select few who are quality.

    in my time, out of the 4 classes which average 30 per class, there were only 3 who mastered english, me being one.

    see where im going?

    the malay graduates themselves are shooting themselves in the foot.

    i will go one step further and say that the level of lecturers in UITM are mostly bad.

    not punctual, cannot communicate, been teaching the wrong thing for years, bad english.

    how do we expect these lots to produce quality graduates?

    i dont deny the fact that the chinese discriminate on purpose. but how are we to prove this when those that enter the work populace are stupid?

    we know the truth but how are we to pinpoint when the level of graduates are this bad? and it will continue to go down the drain.

    they will just keep harping the same thing and we have no way to prove otherwise because the level of malay graduates are really bad.

  16. Bangsa Melayu asalnya tinggal dalam hutan.
    Bangsa Melayu yang pandai sidikit menjadi Lanun.
    Bangsa Melayu yang pandai jadi Raja.

    Sultan Melaka yang pertama ialah Paramiswara,saorang hindu yang masok Islam.
    Sultan Melayu dari dahulu bergantong kapada Orang Cina untok menjaga keselamatannya.Jadi mereka meminta bantuan Cheng Ho.
    Cheng Ho menghantar lima panglimanya untonk menjaga keselamatan mereka.Heng Tuan,Heng Jebet,Hang Lekir Heng Lekiu.

    Tungku Abdul Rahman kena tipu dengan Lee Kuan Yew dan menyerah Singapora kapada Cina.
    Najib pula kena tipu dengan anak Lee K Yew,menyerakkan tanah railway saluas 200 ekar kapada Singapora dan hanya di beri 5 acre tanah di Marina Bay .Tanah ini bukan free,kena shre dengan capital land dan kena bayar development premium sabanyak 1 billion sing.

    Menteri Melayu sekarang tak pandai bercakap bahasa Inggeris.
    Najib melantek Dato Azeez menjadi Chairman Tabong Haji.Kelulusan Dato Azez lulus LCE.menjaga tabonh Haji yang mempunyai deposit hampir $60 billions.
    Singapora mempunyai barisan Menteri dan pemimpin yang mempunyai kelulusan yang tinggi dan berseh dari Rasuah.

    Singapora sekarang merupakan negara yang terkaya di dunia.Reservenya hampir US$500 billion.

    Ini facta yang tidak dapat di nafikan.
    Kebanyakan pemimpin Melayu bodoh sombong.Dah bodoh berlagak pandai.
    Pemimpin UMNO yang bertanding VP saperti Zahid Hamidi.Hishamuddin,Shafie Afdal,Isa Samad,Ali Rustam semuanya mempunyai rekord yang kurang cerah.
    Ini semua bakal menjadi PM jika menang.

    Ini lah nasib bangsa Melayu macam Pak pandir .

    Saya setuju,ramai juga orang Melayu yang berjaya dalam kerjayanya.Tapi mereka ini kebanyakannya mempunyai darah camporan.Ada yang keluarganya Melayu campor Inggeris,Melayu campot Cina dan Melyu campor India.
    Original Melyu kebanyakannya menjadi petani,Driver dan Che gu.


    • Would love to see what happens when either we can buy petrol without the dollars, or other technologies replace petrol.

      All those reserve in dollars will mean nothing. Malaysia will also be screwed since petronas will be affected

      • The official website of the Monetary Authority of Singapore says the Total Official Foreign Reserves of Singapore as at September 2013 (the latest available figures) are S$268 billion –

        Yet that bitch (is she a bootch?) wildly says it’s US500 billion. She must be an anarchist. DAP thug and gangster Red Bean kind.

    • Very clear this Son of a Gun or Son of a Bitch is out to hijack discussion on the post content that shits the DAP. Highly possible that this SOG or SOB is a DAP Chinese.

      But enough shit has been heaped on the DAP in the post article that it’s ok for us to shit this SOG/SOB and what he says instead.

      He has been out to demean the Malays in various ways. I’ll just copy and paste the counter comments that have appeared in the past. Here’s one:

      “You people keep making fun of the Malays, mamaks, etc, what about you Chinese? What’s the equivalent to call you all also having mixed blood? Now, now, don’t say you people are pure Chinese.

      Here is what Professor C.P. Fitzgerald says in his book, “A Short Cultural History of China” (600+ pages) – he lived in China for 5 years to research and gather material for that book:

      The phrase “origin of the Chinese people” is in itself misleading.

      1. Chinese culture took root in the plains of Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II

      2. The northern provinces have always to some degree been mixed with “peoples from the Mongolian steppes”

      3. The southern and central provinces of China were, before the northerners moved southwards, “covered” by non-Chinese, the Miao, small in size and who the Chinese were contemptuous of.

      4. The south was occupied by “aboriginal tribes which once occupied the whole of south China”. The ancestors of most of the migrants to Malaya/ sia came from the south. The Professor said, “A large proportion of the population of the south calling itself ‘Chinese’ is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races” – page 6. “The southern people were then treated (by the northerners) as barbarous” – pg 32. Even in modern times, in Yunnan and Kueichou, tribesmen number half the population.

      The southerners comprise the following major groups:

      a. Fukienese (Hokkien), “a separate stock, mixed with immigrants from the north and the Yangtze Valley” and speaking “a peculiar dialect”.

      b. Cantonese, also speak a somewhat alien language, a form of old Chinese – the south was colonized by the northerners, colonization completed in the 7th Century – some 800 years after China was formed as a political entity by Chin Shih Huang Di.

      c. Hakkas, of Kuantung province, known as “guest families” – they speak a peculiar dialect, despised by the Cantonese and do not inter marry. These people were said to have come from the north, running away from frequent Mongol invasions that culminated in the conquest of China by Genghis Khan in the 13th Century.

      So, if any of you are referred to as descendants of the Miao (who are aborigines and non-Chinese), or other aborigines of south China, don’t blame me, I’m just a messenger of the news. You can’t also blame Professor Fitzgerald any more because he died some years ago.

      Another Professor, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,

      “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).”

    • Here’s another one:

      Why They Behave The Way They Do, Always Trying To Put Others Down –

      “Practically all Chinese in Malaysia are descended from southern China. Many are law-abiding and Constitution-respecting. But a sizable number does not respect the Constitution and have been anti-Establishment all along.

      This is perhaps traceable to the fact that their ancestors in southern China have always been the anti-Establishment kind. They resented being ruled by foreigners for hundreds of years – the Manchu Emperors were foreigners from Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II. They, like the Mongols in the 13th Century, invaded, conquered and ruled China from the 17th until the 20th Century. Hong Kong was returned to China by the British only in 1990.

      The Manchu invasion of China was helped by the treachery of one Chinese General. During the rebellion against the Ming Dynasty Emperor, a Chinese General, Li Tzu-cheng, had captured Peking and proclaimed himself Emperor in 1644. But Li took the concubine of another rebel General, Wu San-kuei, into his harem. Because of the girl, the embittered Wu refused to recognize the new Emperor Li, opened the gates of the Great Wall at Shan Hai Kuan and let the Manchu Army in, conquered it and the Manchus started ruling China – Professor C.P Fitzgerald, History of China, pg 542-3.

      In this context, watch out the guy with a Rainbow in Penang who has been glorifying Sun Yat Sen of China and trying to get other Chinese in this country to his politics. And note that the British first entered Perak due to the treachery of the Kapitan Cina in Larut who, together with 44 gangsters, signed a petition for the British in Penang to assist them recover tin mines lost to rival gangs that have been fighting incessantly under the Ghee Hin and the Hai San banners, and those led to the British sending troops under Capt Speedy etc, ending in the Pangkor Treaty of 1874 and the bloody British ruling Malaya as colonizers. How treacherous they were.

      Here‘s Professor Fitzgerald’s account of the Manchus’ attitude towards the Chinese (he stayed in China for 5 years to study the language and dig the records in the Chinese archives):

      “The north was loyal, and was trusted – up to a point. The south, embittered and rebellious, was … mistrusted, and oppressed … the ever hostile south. “ – pg 545.

      Disloyalty, rebellions, treachery, then foreign wars and more rebellions (Chinese secret societies, thugs and gangsters originated from south China), suffering and misery in the 19th Century, many absconded China and found their way to the shores of Semenanjung Tanah Melayu.

      Those who don’t respect and refuse to live by the Constitution of this country carry a hangover of the mental attitude of the southern Chinese. They need to be brought into mainstream Malaysiana, but those who persistently refuse to respect and live by the Constitution, including the sensitive Articles, need to be told to migrate elsewhere, like has been said even by well-known personalities in this country. “

    • Nola,

      Sebodoh-bodoh orang Melayu (based on your logic) bodoh lagi olang Cina. Why? Sampai hari ini Cina chauvinist tak dapat kuasa untuk perintah Malaysia.

      Cina komunis/chauvinist sudah cuba guna kekerasan, guna duit, guna black propaganda semua talak jalan dan DIGAGALKAN OLEH ORANG MELAYU. Mereka masih tak dapat apa yang mereka idam-idamkan, sampai hari ini…


      So how? who is the stupid one?


  18. Kalau jenis yang macam Isa cakap tu, mana tau dia mandi petang, atau besok, atau lusa?

    Macam omputih di musim sejuk mengokol, ada yang tak mandi sampai sebulan. Betul. Tak caya, tanya lah omputih biasa – jangan tanya yang hari hari pakai kot dan tali leher tu.

    Jadi, amacam nak ada national unity di negara ini? Ada jenis yang tak mandi? Pulak si Nora pelesit mengatakan depa 3000 tahun sejarah, nak merendahkan kaum Melayu. Kepala ….. dia.

  19. Saudara Zen.
    Maksud saya Reserve Kerajaan ialah asset Kerajaan Singapora.
    Saya setuju Reserve resminya ialah S$260 billion.
    Bagaimana pula dengan asset GIC,Temasek.Ia nya hampir S$500 billion.Pokoknya Singapora negeri yang kechil dapat mengompol asset yang banyak kerana pemimpinnya pandai dan tidak rasuah.Ini satu pencapaian yang mengkagumkan.

    Malaysia yang kaya dengan hasil bumi ,Minyak,Bijeh,Getah,Kelapa Sawit,maseh tidak dapat menguruskan ekonominya dengan baik.
    Ini kerana kebanyakan menterinya Melayu yang mempunyai daya fikiran yang tidak tinggi.Maaf ya.Ini fakta sejarah.
    Apa yang Dato Azaez beri sumbangan sabagai tabong Haji.
    Bila jumpa dia,dia bercakap “Bro ,Tabong Haji mempunyai wang $60 billion,apa yang kita boleh bantu Bro”

    Lee Kuan Yew,dari Selatan Cina dan ia nya Contonese.
    Abdullah Badawi dari Kwantung.
    Najib dari Bugis .
    Hishamuddin dari Turkey.
    Zaid Hamidi dari Jawa totok.
    Shafie Afdal dari Sulu.
    Mukriz dari Kerala India.
    Ali Rustam dari Pagar Ruyong,Sumatera.
    Isa Samad dari Padang Sumatera.

    • “..negeri yang kechil dapat mengompol asset yang banyak kerana pemimpinnya pandai dan tidak rasuah. Ini satu pencapaian yang mengkagumkan..”

      Keep telling that to yourself, I know better. Furthermore, we were also told that DAP is very democratic and transparent, until the Microsoft Excel problem. You see, not all Malays are idiots like those in PAS, PKR and IDEAS.

    • Kuora worak lu la Nora Ah Soh. Ejaan pun bertempiar pun nak cakap pasal foreign reserves. Kena tuding, cakap pulak pasal asset.

      Kau tak thu ke Temasik rugi berbilion tempoh hari? Tak guna cakap dengan orang macam kamu ni, tapi aku nak hiburkan hati aku sikit, seletkan kamu dengan yang bau busuk tu. Dah nyata kamu tak dapat membusukkan kaum kami Melayu. Sebab semua pembaca mengetawakan apa kamu kata.

      Kmu otak 20 gram sahaja mana nak tau asal usul Melayu. Suruh baca buku buku terbitan Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia, kamu tak ada kebolehan memahaminya. Menyong nyoyang le kamu di sini, di ludah pembaca tiap kali kamu keluar.

    • Aku nak kasi penerangan fasal istilah Melayu dalam Perlembagaan pun tak guna. Sebab si kupra worak Nora Ah Soh ni tak akan boleh faham punya.

      Jadi, baik aku bantai dia saja sehingga kupra worak dia lembik sikit. Memang dia dah mereng pun. Kalau tak, dia tak cakap fasal kaum pendatang di samakan dengan kaum yang berasal di Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dan di Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu ini sejak 6,000 tahun lalu.

      Dia bendaklah yang saperti melukut di tepi gantang, tak mendatangkan apa apa faedah ada nya dia di negara ini atau di Singapore. Tapi bila dia masuk sini, kita sebat. Kita jadikan dia sebagai “punching bag”. Bagi ngentam DAP dll.

  20. Kapada haba dan NEPster.
    Bukan tujuan saya untok memburokkan mana mana kaum dan menonjokkan mana kaum.Buak tujuan saya untok memuji Singapora.
    Semuanya kenyataan yang tidak dapat kita nafikan.

    Bagi saya selagi Pemimpin2 Melayu kita yang IQ nya rendah dan tidak berseh dari rasuah maka selagi itu lah orang orang Cina dapat menguasai ekonomi kita.

    Saya bagi dua contoh.

    Pada tahun 1994,YTL hampir bankrup.Hendak bayar hutang Public Bank $34 juta terpaksa meminta bantuan Mahathir untok bercakap dengan Teh Heng Piaw,Pemilik Public Bank untok tidak mengambil tindakan undang undang.

    Pada tahun 1995,Tun Mahathir memberi kapada YTL pengswataan IPP di Paka Terangganu.
    Dalam masa dua tahun ia menjadi billionair.Membeli LOT 10 dan Star Hill dari Dato Sulaiman.
    Kemudian baru baru ini TS Mahayuddin memberi kapada YTL projek IT Kementerian Pelajaran bernilai $5 billion.
    Kenapa tidak ada kah Melayu yang bewibawa untok di beri projek ini.Kontrektor Melayu terpaksa meminta sedekah dengan YTL untok menjadi sub contractor.

    Pada tahun 1992,Ananda Krishnan merupakan broker menjual minyak petronas.Datang kerja naik Teksi,tinggal di Flat di Brickfielf.

    Tun Mahathir ,memberikan kapada nya lesen Maxis,Lesen meesat, dan Lesen Astro.
    Ananda membeli tanah Selangor turf club dengan harga $110 juta.Duit tiada.Manathir meminta BBMB untok memberi pinjaman kapada Ananda $120 juta.Ananda mencadangkan kapada Mahathir untok mendirikan Twin tower dan KLCC.
    Apabila plan nya approve,Ananda menjual kapada Petronas 51% projek nya dengan harga $650 million.Ia untong $500 million dan mendapat sahamnya 49% free.
    Sabelum Mahathir berhenti dari PM pada tahun 2003,Ananda menjual sahamanya 49% kapada Petronas dengan harga $1.3 billion.
    Ini bermaksna projek membangunkan Selangor Turf Club ,Annada mendapat untong hampir $1.8 billion.Petronas the sucker.
    Kenapa projek ini tidak di berikan kapada UDA,PNB ,Tabong Haji.
    Siapa kah yang menjadikan Ananda orang yang terkaya di Malaysia.

    Jawabnya pemimpin Melayu yang rendah IQ nya yang rasuah.

    Apa kah haba dan NEPster dapat.asap.
    Ibrahim Ali,BTN boleh menjerit untok membela Melayu,Kita boleh mengumumkan banyak lagi programm untok menolong Melayu.
    Orang cina dan India mengaut kekayaan.
    Baru baru ini Tan Sri Kenneth,bouncer dari Sentul di beri projek cable TV yang boleh menyiarkan 500 channel.ABC Asia Brocasting corp.
    Melayu hanya mempunyai saham sabanyak 20%.
    kenneth akan menjadi billionair dalam masa dua or tiga tahun.

    Melayu makan asap.

    BTN sebok dengan lagunya Anak kechil bermain api.

    Bagaimana pula nasib ahli perniagaan Melayu yang berjaya saperti Tan Sri Halim Saad dan Tajuddin Ramli.

    Kedua keduannya mati katak di bunoh oleh Pemimpin Melayu.
    Harta Halim Saad di paksa dijual kapada Khazanah dan Harta Tajuddin ,Celcom di paksa di jual kapada Telecom.

    Kapada haba dan kawan blogger.jangan lah emotional sangat.
    Berbahas dengan sopan.

    • Kalau kamu keluar dengan cara tidak menyamar saperti ini, boleh lah pembaca tak emosional dan sopan. Kali ini bahasa kamu, ejaan kamu pun nampak hampir biasa. Tak nampak benor kamu cuba pesongkan nak nunjuk kamu MakCik Puchong Ulu.

      Siapa saja yang menyamar akan di hentam kuat kuat. Menyamar adalah perbuatan yang amat keji. Di medan perang kamu menyamar akan di tembak mati di situ juga bila jumpa. Tiada ma’af baginya.

      Sekian, buat sekarang. Aku akan ngentam lagi bila lapang.

    • Nora,

      Why don’t you tell us your racial origin and your purpose in writing here, apart from merely saying those are the facts.

      Try to convince us and we will react accordingly.

      It’s your right to do so or not. It’s our right to counter comment you in ways we think fit.

      For you to say “Berbahas dengan sopan” is a joke. After all what you said of the Malays in here.

      You can criticize in individual personalities but to attack on Malays as a racial group, tiada ma’af bagi mu.

      I’ll be back with more comments in due course.

    • Woi, Mamat bodoh Nora, Cina pun ada pepatah kekayaan hanya tahan 3 generasi, lah. Dan depa ada budaya berniaga, Melayu takda.

      Ko tak baca ke berapa ramai Cina yang bankrap, walau pun ada budaya niaga.

      Ko bodoh ke asyik nak ngata Melayu – Halim Saad, Tajudin Ramli ko ngata. Syed Mokhtar Bukhari ko tak sebut. Ooo, ko kata bukan Melayu tulin pulak. Cuba ko cakap asal usul ko, kita boleh tengok tulin ke tidak. Kalo dari selatan China, ko asal Cina Bukit, campur macam macam suku kaum.

      Camna nak bahas sopan dengan ko cakap camtu? Ko yang tak sopan. Pemikiran ko senget.

    • Thank you.

      This would be your last comment in this blog. You have lost your privilege to be a part of the discourse at BigDogDotCom. From now on, you can no longer share your thoughts or opinion in this blog.

      We tolerate dissenting views. However, it must be factual and the commenter must remain not to be obnoxious and ‘litter’ the discussion.

      You have proven to be disruptive if not a menace, especially with the information that you share, presented or based and built your arguments on.

      Please take your thoughts elsewhere.

      Good bye.

      • Bye nora


  22. Ironically, its the Chinese that continously complaining and blaming the goverment for the brain drain problems despite the fact that private sector is controlled by them. The sad part the goverment through their PEMANDU arm seems to agree with that. If there really a brain drain issues here, dont you think it is the private sector that needs to be reformed as the large part of the economic is controlled by the private sector.

    The truth is that, the Malays have long realized that there is unfairness system being practiced in private sector, for example the use of mandarin as the job requirement, the reluctance of some company to hire Malays on crucial and important job, Bank(do not want to mention any specific name) for instance prefer to hire Malay to do sales type of job and many more. But the Malays all this while dont complained much because we are aware that the goverment cant intefere in the private sector business as we operate a free-market economic system.

    But only recently, we could hear more and more Malays raise this matter up because its become apparent that while the GLC starts to open up, hiring more non malays into management and crucial job function, there are still many privately owned and public listed companies out there prefer to hire only one race, thus it make it much harder for the Malays to get a job in private sector. RHB bank is good example whom the CEO is Chinese. Can anyone name any Bank that the majority shareholders are Chinese hire any Malay CEO ?

    I think its about time for the Chinese to realise that they themselves also need to compromise, and not putting their interest alone, otherwise it will be hard for the nation to overcome this racial polarization problem.

    • Don’t for one minute think that Singapore companies will take in Malays no matter how qualified they are. Hassan Marican is just an aberration, he has insider’s knowledge which could be very valuable to them, that’s why they gave him a job. So much for meritocracy. Other Malaysian Malay professionals don’t even dream to be employed by Singapore companies.

      Now, quietly more and more Malays/Bumiputeras are making a living overseas (apart from Singapore), They are highly qualified and sought after by companies in those countries, They earn many times more than they would in Malaysia and their numbers are increasing every month. These are low key ones who don’t complain about brain drain or discrimination by employers. They know what they are worth and make the move overseas. They don’t rely on political patronage or free rides. They earn their keep through their own hard work and sacrifice.

      They can now afford the over inflated house prices in Malaysia and so you might already noticed that more and more properties that used to be exclusively bought by the Chinese, usually for speculation purposes, are now being snapped up by these overseas based Malays/Bumiputeras.

      So to those who like to look down on the capabilities and achievements of Malays/Bumiputeras don’t be surprised that soon they’d be your neighbours in your exclusive gated and guarded housing areas, drive cars as fancy as yours but much more importantly they have better values, moral fibre and character than you do.

      • Well, this is what liberal and progressive agenda means. UMNO leaders need to be leader for all races, don’t champion Malay agenda anymore, its regressive. It’s okay if there is discrimination in private sector as long as Malaysia GDP is okay. PEMANDU is doing a good job, justify their higher salaries.

        Afterall, the children of UMNO leaders will not suffer, they can afford to send their children study overseas and get a good job after that, who cares. Family member found corrupted also okay, can still be re-lected as leader, as long as you support the UMNO top leadership.

        If the Malays are angry, don’t worry, just organize a talk in UiTM before party election, say something good to please the Malays, surely they are okay after that.

        After the party election complete, introduce GST and reduce more subsidy. And right before the next general election, distribute a massive BRIM to the rakyat.

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