Wings clipping the vessel

Though expected, the dreaded outcome eventually prevailed and confirmed. UMNO Wanita and Pemuda delegates through the newly introduced ‘electoral college system’ voted the ‘tainted’ and ‘Neo Con Trojan Horse’ back in.

Published: Sunday October 13, 2013 MYT 12:46:00 AM
Updated: Sunday October 13, 2013 MYT 12:53:28 AM

Umno polls: Liberal, progressive agenda has prevailed, says Khairy


Khairy Jamaluddin with his wife Nori Abdullah and mother Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid.Khairy Jamaluddin with his wife Nori Abdullah and mother Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid.

KUALA LUMPUR: Re-elected Umno youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said his progressive and liberal agenda has been endorsed by the grassroots.

He said that if the grassroots did not accept the agenda tha he brought along, it would be reflected in the results, pointing out that his opponents used a regressive agenda.

“If I wanted to win comfortably, I could have used a right-wing formula. I wanted to show that you can be a progressive and win in Umno,” he said during a press conference at PWTC.
He added that the progressive agenda had to start with the youth who would one day bring the party forward.
“We have to start somewhere. We must be ahead of the curve,” he said.
He however stressed that the official results were not out and victory could not be taken for granted.
Unofficially Khairy has won a thumping simple majority in the contest, which pitted him against four other contenders.
When asked about the difference between this election and the previous one in 2009, he said each had its own challenges.
Four weeks ago, UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin vowed to change UMNO from being the nationalist party since 1946 into a centrist party.

Published: Sunday September 15, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Sunday September 15, 2013 MYT 11:44:22 AM

Khairy aims to make Umno Youth more centrist


PUTRAJAYA: Khairy Jamaluddin, who looks set to be returned unopposed as Umno Youth chief, will use his second term to cultivate a more centrist approach for the wing that has traditionally been a pressure group.

He said that being vocal in expressing right-wing sentiment in defending the interests of the party was no longer appropriate.

“I am trying to change the DNA of Umno Youth from being mostly right-wing and Malay-centric to a more centrist wing that focuses on issues and their solutions,” Khairy said in an interview.

With nominations due on Saturday, Khairy has yet to be challenged in the post that he won in the 2009 polls, beating Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir and former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo.

Khairy stressed that he would not compromise on the party’s core struggle to uphold the interests of Islam, the Malays and the country.

”We will still fight to empower the Malay community, protect the sanctity of Islam and defend this country, but the way we do this must be different,” he said.

One plan he has to re-orientate the wing is to set up a “finishing school” to groom potential young leaders who will be identified from the ranks of Umno Youth and Puteri Umno and from among new members still studying in universities.

The finishing school will expose the members to what Khairy calls “the new politics” and will train them on topics such as human rights, media relations and the social media.

“Whatever I can do to change the DNA of Umno Youth I will do in this last term and one way I want to do it is by rewriting our political education training module for use in the finishing school,” he said.

He added that both the Umno president and deputy president had agreed to the proposal to set up the finishing school which will be headed by supreme council member Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

The 37-year-old Khairy admitted that his approach to politics has not gone down well with conservatives in the party who accuse him of being too liberal in his outlook.

“I get called all sorts of names, but I think this is the way forward. If I get a second term I will be 41 years old at the end of it, which is just the right age for me to leave Umno Youth.”

“What I want to do is make sure the changes I am making remain in place after I am gone.”


As a ‘solutions-based’ political party, UMNO would lose its ideology. Instead, UMNO would then pander to popularism and the gallery, and accept issues such as apostasy, protelysation and LGBT practices amongst the Malay-Muslims.

Wanita UMNO gave Shahrizat Abdul Jalil a thumping support, despite her tainted image in the NFC-scandal involving her immediate family and the more recent the Yayasan Kebajikan Negara.

These Wings are UMNO’s major operation subsidiaries, where the tactical moves are being engineered and realised. These results would not be acceptable to the growing segment of the population  professional and educated ladies and they would isolate themselves away from the party. The workforce amongst women especially in the graduate and professional bands are growing compared to the men.

The win must form a content of rejoice for the majority of Wanita UMNO. They ramblessly trying to convince amongst themselves that they have made the right choice ‘protecting the unity of the Wanita UMNO’, to soldier on the same of Perjuangan and the continuity agenda. However, in reality they are just a bunch of inward looking infighting-achievers who might win a penny, but eventually lose the pound.

As Khairy is already boasting that “The Liberal agenda prevailed”, it is safe to assume his minions would eventually replace the current senior and top leadership in UMNO Divisions across the board. Most likely within the next two party elections.

By then, UMNO’s soul as a nationalist, conservative and right wing political party for the Malays would systematically fizzle out and dissipate in favour of the liberalist ideology and centrist approach.

It is safe to state that the ‘Thinning of the Wedge’ has begun. There is an apt Malay proverb for this, ‘Sokong membawa rebah‘.  All the support for the victors tonight are those who would be blamed when UMNO finally face the defeat in upcoming two GEs, at the most.

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  1. From the Pemuda & Wanita results, Mukhriz is losing the VP race.

    After the elections are over and the UMNO establishment are entrenched once more, the Najib-Badawi axis is going hunting down all those in Mahathir’s camp across the Divisions now.

    Sad to see that happens…

    ~ Anak Pasir Salak

    • Would you please explain who and how “the Najib-Badawi axis is going hunting down all those in Mahathir’s camp across the Divisions now”?

    • Pasir Salak was where Dato Maharaja Lela and his warriors speared to death the first British Resident JWW Birch, who came with his men putting up notices of wanting to start collecting taxes on the produce of the locals, after the Pangkor Treaty in 1874.

      I would expect Anak Pasir Salak to be fighting like Dato Maharaja Lela and his warriors, who you might even be descended from.

      Yes, sad that money politics is rampant and Khairy won again, this time wanting to change UMNO DNA and whatever else nonsensical. But let’s fight it, bro. No keris, no lembing, no tombak or tembak. But with our words and persuasion on those who have the voting right this 19th October.

      Let’s find out who among people we know, or among people we don’t know but can lead us to those who know, will be voting this coming Saturday. Let’s plan small groups here and there to meet them and persuade them to vote as VP and Supreme Council Members those who will really speak up and act to protect and promote the rights and the interests of the Malays, those who are conscious of the real possibility of UMNO/BN losing at PRU14. Those who will make Najib re think his policies and ensure that those are done.

      • The need to meet them in person is due to the fact that, as stated by several people, including one Ketua Bahagian Pemuda who voted last Saturday, that many of the grassroot UMNO members who have voting right are not IT savvy, may not have access to or the inclination to communicate on the Internet.

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  3. UMNO dah sama mc PKR. Anwar Ibrahim senyum besar laaa… Usaha dia berbaloi

    • Takpa. Dia dah kalah PRU13. Belom tentu dia menang PRU14. DAP pun nak berpecah belah. PAS Erdogan dan Ulama pun bergegar. PKR sendiri tak sampai ke mana.

  4. Sebenarnya, akar umbi x sempat nak kenal akhramsyah. Dan rahsia agenda kj ni x pun diketahui oleh akar umbi. Mereka x tau pun tentang regina lee, catwalk kj n etc. Masa ntara pncalonan & pengundian sgt singkat. Jd akhramsyah x sempat kenalkan diri. Tp klau masa nya panjang, pasti lebih banyak duit yg akan ditabur, mungkin akan kluar lg video raasuh, rasuah, rasuah tu. I know u can guest who is he. Ketua2 pemuda umno & g2 semua tau siapa kj. Then, pada PAU kali ni, org2 kj adalah ketua2 pemuda di kebanyakan bhgn & negeri. Maka sudah pasti mesej yg disampaikan pada perwakilan sudah pasti undi kj. Terus terang cakap, sebenarnnya akar umbi pemuda bukanlah internet savvy, so they don’t know what’s going on. Haish.


    • And for the MUSLIM COURSE as well.
      Hidup Melayu, hidup Islam..

  6. Yes, the dreaded outcome. But I read the complaints against money politics being written by those voting at the Division level yesterday themselves.

    Talking quite convincingly of his anti-Khairy voting stand and anxiety in his failed attempt to get others to vote against Khairy, one of them used the words ”It is money, money, money! Not ideas, Not Principles, but money that reigns supreme in UMNO politics..”

    He was quoting what were said by Robert C. Byrd, a former U.S. Senator ; ” It is money, money, money! Not ideas, Not principles, but money ..”

    I would like to hear more UMNO delegate-voters’ talking about their experience and perception at the voting. And we discuss what can be done to get new faces elected at the VP and Supreme Council elections next week.

  7. None of us knows what the The future Brings…So no point pretending to be the Oracle. What matters now is that these Two Leaders will be carrying on with their work according to their belief and ideas. Even if Mukhriz wins the VP contest it will mean nothing for he alone cannot bring change and he is too much in his comfort zone acting only with his lip. All in All the Party remains in Status Quo.

    • if Mukhriz wins the VP contest it will mean nothing? Even DAP now goncang with just the Johore Chief Dr Boo making noise.

      “he is too much in his comfort zone acting only with his lip”? You are not using your eyes and your ears to watch and listen to what he says about the future, are you? And you have a funny perception of “status quo”, maybe never heard of “the undercurrent” that may manifest itself in big events.

      Anyway, I should not respond to you any more than this and the comment I made earlier. As I also want to hear suggestions on what are to be done for the VP and Supreme Council posts.

      I agree with one advice to the voting members I read elsewhere – “Goncang the top posts”.

  8. With Khairy and Shahrizat returned as Pemuda and Wnita Chiefs, I think Najib will be emboldened to carry out his liberalization policies, rushing to developed nation status no matter what, even before the target date of 2020, even at the expense of the interests of the Malays and the NEP.

    His Bumiputera empowerment announcement made just before the party elections nominations would appear merely as ensuring no one contested him and he was returned unopposed. He’d be back to muting the NEP like he did in his New Economic Model, expecting the Malays to compete economically in the open.

    Mainly concerned about getting foreign investments, he’d not be bothered about the non-level playing field and the fact that the Malays, and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, do not have a culture of doing business, of risk and profit taking and wealth accumulation, like the Chinese have, and have been practicing it for thousands of years.

    One way to make him realize that what he is doing is not in the spirit, in the interest, hopes and aspirations of UMNO and the Malays since its formation 67 years ago, is to vote in new faces into the VP line up and the Supreme Council. I appeal to all readers and participants in this blog to speak up for those.

  9. Khairy says liberal agenda has worked. Not so. It’s politik wang that worked.

    I believe he wins because of politik wang. He is a crude don’t care what fellow. He was found guilty of politik wang last time. I hope they find him so again and declare his win null and void, ban him from contesting again.

    He himself said he was at one time even thinking of giving up but gave himself another try. Maybe because not given any post because of the politik wang stigma. But this time people say he uses politik wang again. if not for politik wang, he might not have won. The rakyat would abandon UMNO/BN if this is allowed to go on and on.

    • Munafiq mcm si nuar juga. Melayu yg sudah hidup senang perasan ikut cara liberal. Islamnya entah kemana.

  10. The making of the transformation to the neo UMNO, the United Malaysian Neo LIberal Organisation.

    Now we await the return of Anwar and his daughter back into UMNO.

    • I don’t think they’ll allow Anwar or daughter to return to UMNO.

      You mean Anwar or Najib will want to play second fiddle?

  11. It just goes to Prove that Najib’s Gua Tolong Lu…Lu Tolong Gua Philosophy Works.

    Keeping Shahrizat against all odds showed that he has a deep insight into the Malay Psyche. Look What Happened! Shahrizat won by a Landslide which means that Najib was Right in keeping her.

    Najib was merely keeping up with his Mantra of Rakyat diDahulukan. Doing otherwise would have been going against the wishes of Grassroot Wanita’s wishes.

    • You heard the expression a leader should lead, not be led?

      You know what the grassroot members’ wishes are? Have you heard people say they are usually indifferent, follow the crowd, and many take the money?

    MENYESAL DULU……………as the proverb goes………..

    • Would you please justify your statement that “THE CHINESE HAS ALSO INFILTRATED INTO UMNO”?


      • If you are referring to Ah Jib Gor in UMNO, I think you should say so. Why cast aspersion on others? It’ll be easier for every one to understand and react accordingly.

        But you use the words “The Chinese”, implying the plural. If you implied Ah Jib Gor, you should have used the word “That Chinese” or “The particular Chinese ..” So many other strong and sweeping words you use against UMNO. I don’t like what’s happened so far at the UMNO elections but I certainly disagree with many of the words you use.

        But it’s not my intention to have an English language lesson. We are already deviating from the subject of what to do with Khairy and Shahrizat being voted again into Pemuda and Wanita. I shall cease this dialogue now.





      • My 15:59 comment should have been here. Excuse me for repeating it here (below) as it’s important to have the sequence of thoughts and arguments correct:

        If you are referring to Ah Jib Gor in UMNO, I think you should say so. Why cast aspersion on others? It’ll be easier for every one to understand and react accordingly.

        But you use the words “The Chinese”, implying the plural. If you implied Ah Jib Gor, you should have used the word “That Chinese” or “The particular Chinese ..” So many other strong and sweeping words you use against UMNO. I don’t like what’s happened so far at the UMNO elections but I certainly disagree with many of the words you use.

        But it’s not my intention to have an English language lesson. We are already deviating from the subject of what to do with Khairy and Shahrizat being voted again into Pemuda and Wanita. I shall cease this dialogue now.

  13. I think this is a great result and shows that Dato Seri Najib’s agenda has been 100% ratified by the grassroots. Its been a shame that many have been ungrateful to Najib and the progressiveness and used the so-called silent support from the Malays to buttress their arguments.

    Today that story has been blown out of the water. KJ and Kak Jat did not just win – they cleaned house. It is a 100% resounding endorsement for all Najib’s policies. The impact of this should make right wing bloggers think twice. Who actually supports their struggle.

    Answer: No one.

    I rest my case.

    • Absolutely..
      The Proof is in the Pudding.

    • If I remember correctly when discussing Chin Peng, Shadow Banker has revealed that he is a Chinese from Sitiawan. If so, he may rest his case until kingdom come, his views on UMNO matters don’t count.

      He and Joe Black would of course want to lick Ah Jib Gor’s boots – Ah Jib Gor is their dearie ref financial grants to Chinese schools, scholarships to Chinese students despite donations by Chinese millionaires e.g RM30 million for scholarships etc to UTAR (which had so much money that they even rejected it) and RM100 by Robert Kuok to a Chinese university in Selangor announced a few days ago.

      We must not be distracted and should indeed discuss how to get the kind of Malays who would try and achieve the aims and objectives that UMNO has sworn to do over 60 years ago.

      • If I am Cina Apek..So are You.
        You must be Opposition Stooge to Condemn our PM to such a Degree.

      • We must support Dato Seri Najib because he is the future. He preaches progressiveness and meritocracy. Through him we have a lot of positive changes in the Govt. For example, Gamuda is now playing a major role in the MRT project, a tribute to the triumph of meritocracy over entrenched rights.

        How can you say my views on UMNO don’t matter? We just had a complete humiliation of a candidate that espoused Malay supremacy by a candidate that espoused centric-ism, liberalism and an end to even race based politics. So in the new UMNO which was born yesterday, race simply does not matter. This has been endorsed at the grassroots – so how can you say that my views on UMNO don’t matter.

        I forsee that under the able leadership of YB KJ, UMNO will soon stand for United Malaysian National Organisation. UMNO will belong to all races and all races can join UMNO.

        Breath easy…take a deep breath and breath easy…

      • Joe Black,

        I did not say you were Cina Apek – I was referring to Shadow Banker. I’m not a Chinese. But are you? You guilty conscious in saying “If I was Cina Apek …”?

        I’m not an Opposition supporter – I’m very pro-UMNO/ BN. But you admire Ah Jib Gor, don’t you? Because he has been pro-pendatang? I notice your past comments also had views unacceptable to me. But this is the rare occasion I feel voluble and need to say out as much as I feel necessary.

      • Shadow Banker,

        I always breathe easy. I don’t know about you, but if you don’t, it matters not to me.

        I don’t propose to enter in a dialogue that will distract from the post topic and now merely want to dismiss a few points of my concern in brief terms:

        – progressiveness and meritocracy is not acceptable where they go against the spirit, the intention, aims and objectives of UMNO, and of the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, and the NEP.

        – those who don’t like “entrenched rights” need to realize that the citizenship right given to the pendatang are also entrenched as the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras is. If they don’t want the Special Position, they must give up their citizenship right.

        – a united Malaysian nation or Bangsa Malaysia will only come about when there is single-stream schooling with BM as the medium of instruction and the same syllabus as the Sekolah Kebangsaan

        – money politics and the indifference of the grassroots who voted yesterday means that it was not liberalism that UMNO wanted yesterday.

        – your views still do matter and I refuse to discuss it as the focus is on what is to be done with Khairy and Shahrizat being voted again. I shall not respond further on your comments on these matters.

      • look at that guys – just only Khairy won, and the Chinaman already dares to say

        “UMNO will belong to all races and all races can join UMNO.”

        Who the hell does he think he is?

      • Joe Black,

        You said “If I am Cina Apek..”

        Are you and Shadow Banker one and the same person?

      • Helloooo…am I the only one here that sees things clearly?

        This was a clear cut referendum on the future of UMNO. Up until now, there has been ample talk about adopting a pro Malay exclusionary policy especially after the results of the GE 13.

        May I remind all what transpired during GE 13. There were BN candidates and there were Perkasa right wing candidates parachuted as BN friendly candidates. The result – Both Perkasa friendly candidates lost badly in Malay majority seats, but yet BN under the leadership of a progressive PM retained power.

        So in the aftermath there was much chest thumping. The drum beats of “Hidup Melayu” and “down with the pendatang” resounded loudly. The right wing movement stepped up their attacks, threatening to undermine PM Najib’s policy of accommodation and professional management .

        But this is all posturing. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

        The right wing said, “Oh..Perkasa lost because of the Nons.” So lets have a fight where only Malay votes count – and UMNO Malays for that matter. Isn’t this a fair fight? No Non’s allowed.

        On one corner, we had a guy saying he is championing an inclusive non-race based policy. On the other, we had a guy saying he is only championing the Malays. One guy is echoing Dato Seri Najib’s policy, another hearkening back to the days of Tun Dr Mahathir.

        And the results- the “Hidup Melayu” candidate got ZERO votes. I repeat it was ZERO. TELUR . NA DA. NOTHING!

        So the conclusion is clear. The Youth have rejected a race based approach in favour of progressive liberalism. I’m not talking about 51-49, I am talking about 100-0. Yeah you heard right it was 100 to ZERO.

        Since the Youth are the future, the days of a pure race based dogma is OVER. You heard it right it is OVER. DEAD and BURIED.

        Call us pendatang for all you care. We don’t care because it is proven clearly that you and your lot have ZERO influence in UMNO and in Government.

        Why not be a man and go look for another party… Cos this party is over for you guys.

      • Did some one say this Shadow Banker bloke was from Sitiawan? He must be a communist or a subversive, out to subvert the integrity of the Malay party, UMNO. He certianly ought to be whacked and whacked hard.

        He should read SyedOutsidetheBox and be drummed into his head the many instances that the votes last Saturday did not necessarily reflect the total acceptance of Khairy’s liberal agenda.

        Doing an Anwar Al Juburi, Syed raised the matter of the electoral college system and the popular votes. Here are excerpts:

        Did Ijat & KJ Win Or Lose Popular Vote?

        The mainstream media is crowing KJ’s win as an absolute win, as though the challengers did not get a single vote. This is the furthest thing from the truth.

        The voting follows the electoral college system. No matter how many votes are cast, each division counts as just one vote. There are 191 UMNO divisions. If a candidate wins 97 divisions (just more than half of 191 divisions) he or she is declared the simple winner. So the largest “number of votes” any candidate can win is 191 (representing 191 divisions).

        But what are the number of popular votes cast? This is what we want to know. Dont forget there are about 80,000 voters for the Ketua Pemuda post and another 80,000 voters for the Ketua Wanita post. Spread over 191 divisions, this averages out to about 400+ voters per division only.

        So where is the popular vote count? Or is UMNO going to cover it up?

        Say there are 500 votes in a division and KJ wins 200 votes, Akhram wins 180 votes and the three other Pemuda contenders win 40 votes each – the final tally is still 1 for KJ and zero for the others. In reality, KJ would have lost the popular vote.

        So what is the popular vote? Did KJ and Shahrizat win or lose the popular vote?

        Pemuda UMNO website this morning quoted him:

        “Jika saya mahu menang dengan selesa, saya boleh menggunakan formula sayap kanan…”

        Why did Khairy say “Jika saya mahu menang dengan selesa” ? Meaning it was not a “kemenangan yang selesa”. So what is the popular vote count?

        This is where the huge cover up will begin – I think. They are NOT going to make the popular votes known. The same argument applies for Shahrizat.

        Tainted candidates who have no talent other than polishing and storm trooping have carried the day.

        the following sms about the results in one Bahagian election in Perak :

        “Saya dengar Hamidah Osman kalah Ketua Bahagian Wanita Gopeng pada k***a p****i …..duit berlambak. Pemberi orang kuat H*******din bernama T**h. Akhirnya pemimpin yang sendiri main politik wang. Cara Umno ingati jasa penyelamat Perak.”

        Here is another complaint from Kedah .. more serious :

        “Salam Guys. There is a scandal brewing in Merbok which may expose the extent of manipulation in the polls. In Merbok, the booklet with candidate names, photos and associated candidate number WAS NOT GIVEN OUT TO THE DELEGATES. Instead, what was given was a list or Chai which is effectively KJ’s dream team. The Chai even had UMNO’s logo seemingly making it an official document! The Star has begun with a story today, but more has to be revealed… Questions need to be asked..”

        The Star has more news about these ‘teething problems’ that have cropped up. Here is The Star today :

        .. similar ballot papers for national and divisional posts led to many spoilt votes and “unintended” choice of candidates for Umno’s three wings. problems surfaced when 220,000 members from Youth, Wanita & Puteri cast votes. complaints include “missing names” in booklet, shortage of ballot papers & delay
        delegates unable to differentiate ballot papers because colours and designs were almost the same as the national ones.
        “many delegates find the simultaneous national and divisional contests confusing,”

        voting process in Langkawi had to be stopped half-way when the election committee members realised that many delegates were “utterly confused” and marked the candidates’ numbers on the wrong ballot papers.

        “additional briefing session before voting was resumed”
        Siti Balkish(‘s) name “disappeared” from the candidates’ booklet
        Some divisions in Malacca faced a shortage of ballot papers
        Bukit Katil Umno Wanita division had to make photocopies of the ballot papers
        415 delegates but only received 400 ballot papers from the headquarters
        Pokok Sena ..ballot papers contained extra slots for candidates
        15 candidates, but it received ballot papers for 20 candidates.

        They could be teething problems, they could be manipulation.

      • I’m sorry but after reading and re-reading your article, I could only surmise the following beautiful saying – Kebenaran memang pahit untuk ditelan.

        I won’t dignify your assertions that gerrymandering was responsible for the resounding triumph of a progressive KJ against a Malay rights championing opposition. All I can say – believe what ever makes you sleep well, cause the facts just don’t lie.

        Allow me instead to share why this victory is so important. In the aftermath of the GE 13, there has been a genuine concern that the right wing faction would attempt a coup-de-tat against Dato Seri Najib. It would be too easy to try and regress back to the the dark days of Dr Mahathir, who favoured an extremely racist and biased policy.

        But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. After all, if UMNO which is the backbone of the Government wanted a regressive policy, then poor Dato Seri Najib would have to accede, or even worse, be forced out.

        But UMNO effectively gave Dato Seri Najib’s team carte blanche. Look here, you can forget that almost everything you hold dear will be championed by UMNO. Najib is going to use this election result and the upcoming result this weekend as absolute and irrefutable proof that the party backs him, and not Dr Mahathir.

        The tide of liberalism will continue. I think TPPA will be signed, and a lot more progressive policies will be adopted. You upset with what happened in Petronas? You pissed that Omar Ong has directed that contracts be awarded on the basis of capability? You think this is a one-off?

        Bro – You aint seen nothin yet.

      • And by the way, Syed Outside the Box says Malays have been spoon fed for too long. You agree with that?

        I dunno…cause you mentioned him. Not me. There is a big article in Malaysia Insider today about it. You can read it

        But to me it is embarrassing that you have to seek support from a guy who is openly against your race based policies. It just shows how far low you have to dig just to support your silly conspiracy theories.

      • Shadow Banker,

        For the record –

        1. Syed Outside the Box may have said about the Malays being spoon fed but only to incite the Malays to improve. He has been defending the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, NEP etc. You incite the Malays as a race, you are seditious, malicious and subversive, and should be arrested, charged and imprisoned.

        2. It is idiotic to use the words “resounding triumph of a progressive KJ against a Malay rights championing opposition”. The electoral college system and the popular votes system have been explained above. He won but the number of votes obtained have yet to be proven as “resounding”.

        3. It is also idiotic to say “you can forget that almost everything you hold dear will be championed by UMNO.” The very fact that Najib’s Crimes Prevention Act has detention without trial shows you blokes have been hoodwinked. Many have said that after tsunami Chinese, anything goes. The call for those who don’t like this country should migrate, made by Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim for the errant blokes at Dataran Merdeka on the Merdeka eve 2012, was echoed by the Home Minister, who said those who don’t like the system that is enshrined in the Constitution should migrate to countries whose system they like.

        4. Many members of the public have said those who don’t respect and abide by the Constitution should scram. You and the DAP Chinese who don’t respect the Secial Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah should vamoose. Or surrender your citizenship, because the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras was enshrined in the Constitution in consideration for the citizenship right given to the pendatang.

        5. It is also idiotic not to recognize that Najib has announced the Bumiputera Empowerment policies only a few weeks ago. It is shit talking “The tide of liberalism will continue.” And who said that Omar Ong has “directed” that contracts be awarded on the basis of capability? What executive powers has he? The CEO himself said so recently but with respect to contracts meant for Bumiputeras, wanting competition AMONG Bumiputera companies.

        6. It’s also idiotic not to acknowledge that TPPA is part of the US Containment of China plan. I support that but I thought that you, from Sitiawan where Chin Peng was born, having Chin Peng kind of thinking, will not support any containment of China. But idiocy is universal and applies to those who come from Sitiawan as well.

        I have said enough already to you and now bid you farewell to imprisonment for sedition or migration from this country.

      • Parting shot for Shadow Banker, who I’m sure peeks into this already superseded post to see responses to his comment –

        You are lucky in not receiving the kind of replies in here as you would have if you dare go into Example:

        The new ways post GE13 is “We, UMNO, Government/ Malays are going to punish you DAP/ Chinese for your derhaka and kurang ajar”.

        And, generally his comments show very good command of the English language, excellent comment content, quoting Latin and French phrases, and even William Shakespeare. Those tell that the writer above is well educated, been living abroad and he said he now runs his own company in Malaysia.

        I dare you to comment in there to see what kind of response you’ll get. But I bet you won’t dare.

        You’ll comment only in blogs where you think you can get away with sedition, subversion and even murder. Well, even here we won’t allow you to say anything you like without being challenged. And challenge we did to the best of our ability. I’m satisfied that you have been given voluminous mouthfuls.

  14. The dichotomy between liberalism and nationalism in relation to an ideology based on the notion that people who have a sense of homogeneity rooted in a conception of a shared history and a common ethnicity, cultural heritage, language, or religion should be united in a single nation-state is at stake.

    Khairy comes with ‘the new politics’ is an ‘alien’ political concept within the reality of economic, or cultural influence or domination of this country. I think, It is a tendency to promote change by rightly constitutional means. It is in against the set up of Umno’s upholding inherited values as stipulated in Article 3 of Umno constitution and the Malay privileges in the Federal constitution. 

    In the nut shell what he is trying to say is to instill in customization of liberalism into the Umno youth, ‘to change the DNA’. But again he had said it before when he first elected as the Umno youth chief that he be the bridge between the young Malay graduates and Umno. In the breath he ignored the 80% of young urban Malays drop-outs whom now on the opposition side. Which means the probability is 80% that he perceives have no rational values and will.

    What he should say about the new politics is more on the new politics of education, economics and well being of the Malay youth in relation to the Malay economic agenda and the education blue print. This is the practical way to ‘be ahead of the curve’

    • “Which means the probability is 80% that he perceives (the 80% of young urban Malays drop-outs) have no rational values and will.”

      Hope that message sinks into the head of the fellow calling himself a Shadow Banker, who has been only in the shadows as far as I can remember.

      But he needs not be drawn into a dialogue as he will claim success in distracting us from the line of discussion of BD’s post

  15. Well done! Najib the Felinist is very proud of the democratization of UMNO.

    Yesterday also the first round of a two part sordid episode that majority of the ‘controlling factors’ in all these 191 UMNO divisions have demonstrated their undying ultimate loyalty to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

    The real plan of ‘Transformation’ for UMNO is to bring majority of the Malays who earnestly gave their mandate on 5 May 2013, to register their protest through the ballot papers come 2017.

    UMNO would be transformed into the position as the Opposition in the Dewan Rakyat and most of the State Assemblies.

    UMNO President then is the Opposition Leader in Dewan Rakyat and most State Liaison Chiefs can be the Opposition Leader in their respective State Assemblies.

    There on as DAP wrest their way as the Prime Minister, the nation’s history would be re-written. And Chin Peng would replace Tuanku Abdul Rahman in all legal tender bills issued by Bank Negara for circulation in the market.

    Of course, UMNO’s flag would be the national flag. Minus the yellow moon and green keris.

    • Sorry Biggie Doggie.


      United Malay National Organisation would be transformed to United Malay Neo-Liberal Organisation, post 2017 14GE.

      Like Brahim Pendek’s immortal phrase in ‘Ali Baba Bujang Lapok’, “Mari kita tengok siapa yg kena!”

      • Music to my ears…music to my ears.

        I heard PKR is running short on Malay support. Perhaps you can give them a try. If not, you can try the DAP as well.

  16. OMG it is OOC. Oh well, at least we can make one important inference about UMNO members based on the re-election of Ketua Wanita and Ketua Pemuda.

    UMNO members are generally ‘lembu-lembu NFC yang liberal dan progresif’.

    Just need to wait the outcome of this weekend’s vote, to see whether it will lead to a definitive conclusion on the inference made above. Come GE14, I think I will vote for BN again because there is no suitable alternatives. I guess this is what they call purgatory. Apalah nasibku ini.

    • I will follow you. Vote BN again at PRU14 as there is no suitable alternative.

      Purgatory is between heaven and hell, innit. Better that than hell under Fcukatan esplly DAP.

      • Thanks. Yes, it is better to be eternally in purgatory together.

        Otherwise, DAP will ‘meritocratically’ liwat all of us from every imaginable holes. When that happens, PKR will stand idle and say that this is consistent with internationally recognised standards and PAS will keep quiet for the sake of tahalus siyasi (or maybe, the best they could do, if they possess sufficient scrotal content, they would organise mass prayers in a stadium and berdoa ‘KO DAP, KO DAP, DAP KO!).

        Apalah nasibku ini.

  17. Ada orang trying very hard untuk dapatkan PM punya endorsement. UWEEKKK…Goli den.

    GUA MUSANG, Oct 14 (Bernama) — Umno vice-president aspirant Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad pledged to share the burden of President Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, if elected on Saturday.

    “As a person with vast experience in the party, I will be loyal to the Prime Minister and his deputy, to defend the Malays,” he said when speaking at a Felda Neighbourhood event at the South Kelantan Development Authority (Kesedar) Land Development Programme in Paloh 1, here,Monday.

    Also present was Paloh state assemblyman Datuk Nozula Mat Diah and Gua Musang Felda Regional general manager Che Noh Che Pa.

    Mohd Isa who is also Felda chairman said he was prepared to cooperate and empower the struggle of Umno with other vice-presidents, if elected by the party delegates.

    In this regard, he pledged to bring major changes to the Felda settlers nationwide, apart from Kesedar.


  18. Some politicians just don’t understand that progressive and liberal don’t necessarily tango. A party or a politician can be a conservative yet can be progressive. Being liberal can in fact hinder progression because liberals vacillate as they try to include the views of all but finally achieving nothing and discover they are back to square one.

    UMNO election results for wanita and pemuda were so boring and stuck in status quo just like the posts of President and Deputy President, so much so the brouhaha about new system of electing UMNO top posts turned out flat and lack lustre.

    Will the same ‘illness’ infect the elections of the 3 VP posts?

  19. How does it feel big dog?
    The two idiots still won.

    Keep up the good fight.
    One day people are just going to give up and dump umno.

    If umno aint changing, maybe we should change?

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