Who is she, again?

Rahmah Abdul Hamid

Rahmah Abdul Hamid

The upcoming race for Supreme Council seats in the current UMNO party election, media gave a lot of coverage for too many personalities to have their say in how and why the 146,500 delegates representing the 20,800 branches who would be voting for the 191 UMNO divisions this Saturday.

16 October 2013| last updated at 12:15AM

‘Choose competent leaders’

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EXPERIENCE COUNTS: They must heed needs of all races

Umno veterans say delegates who will be voting in the party election on Saturday should select vice-presidents and  leaders who are incorruptible and all-rounders.

They want the three vice-president posts to be given to candidates who have “climbed the ropes” and are well-versed with party affairs.

Umno Veterans Club secretary Datuk Mustapha Yaakub said the vice-presidents’ posts should be occupied by candidates who were prepared to work at any level.

“The delegates must choose leaders who are clean; free from corruption, have not misused funds, or been involved in any sex scandals.

“Reject candidates who are unscrupulous and are only out to seek a place in the supreme council for personal interests.”

This was what party president and prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak meant by a political transformation, he said.

Umno’s top leadership must be made up of those who understood the needs of the rakyat, he said, pointing out that come the next general election, the party would also have to gain support from non-Malay voters.

“If there is no such change, Umno will lose the support of the people. The party will cease to remain relevant,” he warned, reminding Umno members that the party’s fate was in their hands.

Outgoing Johor Umno liaison committee secretary Datuk Ahmad Zahri Jamil felt the top echelons in Umno should comprise personalities who had a thorough understanding of how to manage the country.

“Umno is a party that looks after Malay affairs, but as stated in the Constitution, the rest of the population must also be looked after.

“It is, therefore, imperative that the next leadership, especially the vice-presidents and the supreme council members, hold good qualifications and are able to represent the people.”

Ahmad Zahri, 64, advised voters to look at the backgrounds of the contenders vying for the relevant posts in the election before casting their ballots.

“This year’s party election serves as a true test of the democratisation process for Umno,” he said, stressing that delegates must make full use of their vote to ensure that the candidates they selected had proven leadership qualities.

Veteran Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid, 81, has found “experience” an important factor to consider when choosing the right candidate.

“Anybody looking to be elected into office should have served the party, starting out at the lower ranks,” she said, while voicing her disappointment at the entrance of Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir into the vice-presidency race.

“While I have nothing against him, I feel that Mukhriz has been pushed far too quickly up the ranks. He has not even served as division leader yet.

“Umno works religiously from ground to the top and if you have not spent time building the party or being a coolie, then you will not understand the sentiments of party members.”

She said Mukhriz should instead spend his time focusing on Kedah and get accepted by the people there first.

She pointed out that, in contrast, incumbent vice-president (Datuk Seri) Hishammuddin Hussein had his foot on the ground and knew the party’s ins and outs.

“He has been the Umno youth chief before, and he has moved up the ladder in a proper way, being groomed by the party.”

She also gave credit to vice-presidential candidates Tan Sri Isa Samad and Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, saying both had their share of experience.

Read more: ‘Choose competent leaders’ – General – New Straits Timeshttp://www.nst.com.my/nation/general/choose-competent-leaders-1.376936#ixzz2hrwxOhuG


Some of the personalities quoted here earned their stripes having served at least Ketua Bahagian UMNO post. Like Dato’ Ahmad Zahri Jamil, who was also Johor Government civil servant JCS officer turned State Exco and a right hand man when Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman was the Meneteri Besar Johor.

But who the hell is this Rahmah Abdul Hamid?

What qualification does she has and/or earned, to voice her “Dissapointment against Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir”?

The fact is that Mukhriz was Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s choice to learn the onslaught to recapture Kedah just before 13GE and delivered Kedah back into BN’s fold very successfully. Prime Minister Najib also named Mukhriz as the next MB Kedah during the 13GE campaign if and when BN returns to power in a state where two previous UMNO Presidents and Prime Ministers hailed from.

Probably Rahmah is too old or oblivion to analyse simple facts but Mukhriz provided the necessary qualification for ‘BN’s election battle experience’. Out of the increase of 9 UMNO’s seat in Dewan Rakyat of the current 13th Parliament, UMNO Kedah under Mukhriz’s watch and battle command contributed six.

Probably Rahmah should look at her own son Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar first before shooting her mouth. Not only Khairy never schooled in this country, he never had any relevant working experience before he was appointed Special Officer to the Home Minister in 1999. Yet by 2004, he was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office.

The fact is that Khairy Jamaluddin only worked under the concept of gainfully paid employment for a mere 69 months at the most. It is almost impossible for anyone to worked that little, could have a saving to buy a decent car, let alone a property in Damansara Heights.

Let’s not go to where someone who has very little and minimal relevant work experience, was able to subscribe almost thirteen million ECM Libra shares by Mid 2006 and appointed Executive Director to the stockbroker which then just earned the universal stockbroking license from SC to be an investment bank. That scandal is still a mystery till present day.

Rahmah’s track record in UMNO is unclear. The fact that her name does not catch on even after a while is the perfect illustration she is someone who is not known to be linked to the party. Her capability to analyze politics is also doubtful.

Who the hell is she again, to say something like that to the press?

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  1. […] The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles…. […]

  2. Competent at what? bribery and money politics?

    Puan Rahmah ooiii, tak kenyang-kenyang lagi ke?

  3. No shame…. aa KJ??

    What a yellow bellied coward!

    Cant even fight his own battle. Got to get mummy to do his dirty job for him.

    What a pussy!

  4. Pn Rahmah, i cn ensure u that ur son will be wiped out in the malaysian political scene in 3 years. dont be so cocky, ait.


    • This made me laugh out loud. You umno dudes sure have a sense of humor.

  6. This nenek kebayan is already nyanyuk, tak tau apa dia cakap. Kesian
    pabila dah tua kena kutuk dik anak yang mak dia cakap tak serupa bikin. Tu la ,this family starts with the wrong footing in malaysia. Pulak besan kepada ex pm yang tak berfungsi lansung. Sour grapes flock together gether lah kut.? Kalau nak tolong anak cakap lah saperti bini ex diplomat, bukan meroyan macam kureng sekolah. Kesian betul, dik kerana anak si pompuan tua ni kena kutuk. Salah sapa, bukan salah ibu yang mengandungkan anak tu, salah anak.

  7. UMNO kena sekolahkan KJ ni. Bukan KJ yg sekolahkan UMNO.

  8. My observations (with the hope that none of them will be viewed seditious)

    Mukhriz as a candidate is a fresh face compared to the others. He has tried to do some new things in Kedah. Datuk Rahmah is speaking from the anger she feels at the attacks levelled against her son by Tun Dr Mahathir’s faction. I think it is understandable.

    However, the total domination of KJ over the UMNO Youth elections has shown that KJ has legitimate power. Some people are trying to call into question the popular vote. I mean, how hypocritical can you be? Firstly, KJ won the popular vote hands down. This is mathematically provable. Secondly, the rules are for an electoral college. If you want to talk about popular vote, then pls annoint Anwar Ibrahim as PM first because PR won the popular vote. Thats why I say its hypocritical.

    Now, like it or not, last week’s elections will have a bearing going into this weekend’s contest. The ground is firmly in favour for status quo. After all, even Jerlun voted for KJ. This should call into question how strong actually is Mukhriz’s base.

    I suspect Mukhriz may lose this contest. I think he is making the same mistake as he made in 2009. He is going on a very narrow campaign based on fighting for race based policies. This sort of propaganda may work for the non UMNO members, but UMNO members are already part of the system. They know the facts and how for all the posturing, people sell out and cut deals with the nons to suit them. After all, Mukhriz’s business partner in Opcom is a Chinese. Kencana was, and still is a Chinese company. These are facts – not some nonsense. And UMNO members know this as well.

    Unfortunately, and I hope I do not get banned for saying this – Mukhriz’s greatest asset and greatest liability are the right wing bloggers. They are an asset because they play up his name. They are liability because they define Mukhriz in a very narrow space. Personally, if Mukhriz was willing to spend a bit more time to define himself, he could emerge as a sensible and well supported leader. However, by rushing into this VP contest, he is gambling big time.

    And if he loses, then who should be blamed?

    • And if he loses, then who should be blamed?
      MONEY POLITICS for sure!

      • Talk is cai-dan is being promoted. Not good for the challengers

    • People are NOT trying to question the popular vote. They only question your statements such as

      – Who actually supports their struggle. Answer: No one.

      – And the results- the “Hidup Melayu” candidate got ZERO votes. I repeat it was ZERO. TELUR . NA DA. NOTHING!

      – The Youth have rejected a race based approach in favour of progressive liberalism. I’m not talking about 51-49, I am talking about 100-0. Yeah you heard right it was 100 to ZERO.

      – it is proven clearly that you and your lot have ZERO influence in UMNO and in Government.

      We here in this blog are not hypocritical. But you are stupid. Plain stupid. Not recognizing that people recognize Khairy won but merely question your stupid assertions. You don’t even read the admission made by one of the commenters on the electoral colege system used.

      You should know that we have discussed time and again Anwar’s stupid stand not recognizing that you people lost PRU13 yet wanted to do the street demos. Many of us commenters here are regulars – if you don’t even see that even in the few posts you participated recently, you are damn stupid.

      How about that? Accusing us of hypocrisy gets you branded with stupidity.

    • Saying, “I hope I do not get banned for saying this” – you guilty conscious, aren’t you?

      Maybe you are a bit better than your hometown communist terrorist Chin Peng who has not repented, never apologetic, not remorseful and not renouncing communism until he turned into ashes.

      So, until you regret or cease those communist terrorist way of talking, you will be regarded as “a commie sympathiser from Sitiawan” (quoting your own words), and seditious

    • You are writing out of line SB.
      The issue here is not whether KJ being hentam(ed) by Mat Din, Kasim or Usop or he having won hands down. The question is,
      what crediblity has mummy got to speak ill of some other VP aspirant while the buttock of her OWN SON was still being wiped with the pampers without any usage of water?

      • The fler always in the shadows will not bother being out of line.

        Agree that he is a commie sympathiser and at times seditious.

  9. Regina Lee might have a hand in this machik opening her mouth, to NST? What is the job of Political Secretary, ball polishing? Quote as UMNO veteran, too? Never heard of her, though.

  10. I will give another reason why Mukhriz will probably lose on Saturday and like Ray mentioned it will be because of money.

    Who are the incumbents – Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Defence, Minister of Transport, Minister of Rural Development and Minister of Youth and Sports. Think between those 5 ministries how many billions do they have to spend in Govt contracts. Answer – a heck of a lot.

    So if you are a delegate in UMNO Temerloh. If you vote MM, what can he do for you? Answer – Not much. Even worse, no way can you ask for help from any of the incumbents if you have seen to have gone against the approved list.

    UMNO is a business man’s,party. The racial posturing is rhetoric. People are in it for the contracts. The political calculus is based on economic reality. And the reality is that the Kedah economy is simply not big enough to justify the risk of voting MM.

    And btw, I had warnd Life Of Annie blogger precisely the risk that MM may lose. I’m not a commie sympathiser from Sitiawan. just a professional game player whose been inside the PM’s dept on multiple occasions.

    • You are “a commie sympathiser from Sitiawan” and seditious because you wrote in your comments to a previous post such things as

      – Malay supremacy

      – UMNO will belong to all races

      – a pro Malay exclusionary policy

      – drum beats of “Hidup Melayu” and “down with the pendatang” resounded loudly

      – So lets have a fight where only Malay votes count – and UMNO Malays for that matter. Isn’t this a fair fight? No Non’s allowed.

      – the “Hidup Melayu” candidate

      – this party is over for you guys

      in the usual “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations”.

      When quoting others on controversial issues or statements, you did not state who reported it, when, where, under what circumstances, etc, the statements were purported to have been said. In the circumstances, they appear as you putting words into the mouth of others.

      If you do such things again, we will try to shoo you out again.

      • Your a liar.
        I have never even used the word “Malay supremacy” let alone question it.

        That contravenes article 3(f) of the Sedition Act.

        Stop lying and if you want to make a fuss, lodge a police report..

      • Shadow Banker,

        Please stop monopolising these comments with your obnoxious remarks or responses.

        You are a privileged guest. Like the rest.

        Though we value and allow for dissenting views and sharing of thoughts, it must be with reasonableness and we do not tolerate obnoxious behaviour. Especially, when intended to irritate fellow guests of this blog.

        Otherwise, your privileges to share your thoughts and views in this blog would be summarily withdrawn and you shall be treated as a persona non grata.

        Please consider this as a last warning!

        Thank you

      • You dare say you “have never even used the word “Malay supremacy”? And accuse others of being a liar for saying that you did? You must be mad.

        Here are exactly what you said –

        On October 13, 2013 at 15:52 Shadow Banker said:

        “We just had a complete humiliation of a candidate that espoused Malay supremacy ..”

        Then you dared people to make a Police report. Without giving your personal particulars. You must be the Chinese communist that people here accuse you of. Anarchistic, no principles, say anything you like so long as you think you can win a point. No you don’t. You get a hell of a whacking instead.

        As shown above, and proven beyond any doubt, you very glaringly, blatantly and deliberately lied. In China, you might get shot by the firing squad.

        You better thank your lucky stars that you are in Malaysia. But watch out your words – as has been repeated many times here and there, when you say things that show you are not respecting and abiding by the Constitution of this country, you’d get shooed out of this country.

    • Shadow Banker (whatever that name means),

      You claim to be “a professional game player whose been inside the PM’s dept on multiple occasions”?

      What game you playing, man? Game of wanting so-called liberal leaders who will put aside NEP and the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak?

      That’s DAP game, don’t you know? Wanting so-called Malaysian Malaysia that they have muted for so long now. At one time wanted to change that slogan to Middle Malaysia but but the rakyat showed them the Middle Finger.

      Didn’t you read that DAP is “anti-Malay and anti-Islam, caused the race riots of 1969”? You want to be a part of that crowd? That’s not a professional game, man. That’s a damn racist game.

      Don’t like History? Didn’t read the White paper on the 13 May 1969 race riots? Don’t agree that the latent cause was the wealth and educational “inequality” among the races that the NEP tried to address?

      And “been inside the PM’s dept on multiple occasions” make you an expert on Malay and UMNO politics? Such that you put out unsolicited wild views and comments with abandon? And just because you “been inside the PM’s dept on multiple occasions”?

      My God, if you are pally with an UMNO Minister – or any Minister at all – you’d claim 3/4 of the country is yours, eh? Heard of you and the likes of you being called ultra kiasu? Not enough with being called a commie sympathiser and seditious? Chhhisssh.

      • The shadow banking system is a pejorative term for the collection of non-bank financial intermediaries that provide services similar to traditional commercial banks. It is sometimes said to include entities such as hedge funds, money market funds, structured investment vehicles (SIV), “credit investment funds, exchange-traded funds, credit hedge funds, private equity funds, securities broker dealers, credit insurance providers, securitization and finance companies.
        ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_banking_system

        Please do not accuse me of wanting anything. I, like the millions of UMNO members support the Boss of the Party and his agenda. If his agenda is for conservatism, then I support. If his agenda is for liberalism, then I support.

        I, like millions of UMNO members, are the type that do not like to rock the boat. Everything is ok and acceptable as long as the Boss is happy.

        I won’t bother to respond to your DAP jibes. Najib is the PM of the country and he is the unopposed President of UMNO. How dare you accuse him of trying to morph UMNO into DAP!

        I say to you – just support the leader. Maintain status quo.

        Or like Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said, if your not happy,then please leave.

      • Shadow Banker,

        “The shadow banking system is a pejorative term for the collection of non-bank financial intermediaries ..” – pejorative defined in the dictionary as “Depreciatory .. make worse”. And you are proud to call yourself that? That’s idiotic, isn’t it? (See that, I don’t accuse, I ask.)

        And you are just a financial intermediary? Claiming to have gone to PM’s Department as an intermediary? Hoping for commissions? Yet implying you rub shoulders with the Officers there that tell you about the liberalism of Khairy and Najib being the saviours of the world?

        And you rely on Wikipedia? No wonder you get misguided opinions, warped thinking and demented conclusions. Look, man, any Ahmad, Chong and Muthu can write in Wikipedia. Don’t you see the many annotations placed by the Editors asking for authoritative sources etc on the information provided there?

        You are a sad specimen of a bogus bombastic commenter relying on Wikipedia for your information, man. The Wikipedia may only be a guide, man, never for strengthening your arguments. But any statements that quote established books written by Professors etc may be produced. In that instance, quote the book or the Professor, not Wikipedia.

        I don’t expect a thank you for teaching you this. Your kind are ungrateful ingrates (a double whammy there), any way.

      • “support the Boss of the Party and his agenda. If his agenda is for conservatism, then I support. If his agenda is for liberalism, then I support … I do not like to rock the boat. Everything is ok and acceptable as long as the Boss is happy.”

        This is the biggest joke of all. Coming from a DAP sounding Chinese who has a history of opposing anything at all – wanting Mandarin in Malaysia yet demonstrating against Beijing’s directive on the use of Mandarin in south China, as an example.

        Next you’d claim of having voted UMNO at PRU13. And damning DAP and the tsunami Chinese during all the campaigning period and after, in this blog and elsewhere.

        With the kind of writing you have been doing, you think people will believe you? You a disciple of Anwar? Who they say might even sell his mother if guaranteed the PMship?

    • Shadow Banker,

      This is precisely the reason why most of us here are supporting MM. We aspire for a better UMNO, a better representations of Malay interest. We do not see any other viable alternatives under the present circumstances.

      As a realist myself, I am aware of how remote MM chances of winning are due mainly to the reason Ray and you mentioned. What I disagree though, is when you said that the right wing blogger is a liability to MM for defining him in a very narrow space. MM believe in the sanctity of this cause and that’s what UMNO supposed to be – the champion of Malays interest. Yes we support that, but that’s not the end of it.

      The unfortunate part is, we are also aware that most UMNO members still vote based on “what’s in it for me?’ Kalau dah berbai’ah dengan SPB YDP Agong yang pertama, susah la bro. And this what we are speaking out against and fighting for – the scourge that will ultimately bring about the undoing of UMNO, hence the Malays political supremacy.

      Bro, this about clean UMNO versus corrupt UMNO. The reason why it appear as if it is about nationalist versus liberals is because we know all too well who are the people on either side. Besides nobody wants to publicly admits that UMNO is still plague by such cancer.

      As far as ” spending a bit more time to define himself” is concern, well by then it may well be too little too late, we believe those hell bent on turning UMNO into liberal party cum their own little kitty will be to powerful to contain.

      What then, will become of us, the Muslim Malays in Malaysia?

      • One time I disagree with you, bro – calling this Chinaman from Sitiawan bro. A commie Chin Peng sympathiser will never be my bro. Ever.

        Why he is a commie sympathizer? A lot been said above and in earlier post comments. And when he doesn’t explain many of his opinions, why should I? In any case, the words “a commie sympathizer” were coined by him himself.

        I also disagree that “those hell bent on turning UMNO into liberal party cum their own little kitty will be to(o) powerful to contain.” It’s only Najib, Khairy and a few others. The rest who supported them are merely the angkat tangan kind, “don’t want to rock the boat” (not necessarily whole-heartedly/ genuinely supporting them), some are the makan duit kind.

        I believe Malays will continue to flourish in Malaysia, albeit ada yang kentot sini kentot sana. The term “Muslim Malays” is also a misnomer – only the Chinese Malay like Zairil Khir Johari and a few of the so-called liberal kind may have steak and wine on Friday mosque time or just “kuis” the pork bacon instead of refusing to touch his breakfast plate.

        But if by that term you are also referring to the Bumpiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, I agree with it.

      • Haba,

        Cina komunis ke dia ni?

        Ptuih ptuih ptuih… alamak batal air sembahyang aku..

        In that case there’s no point to even try and reason with this bugger.

        By the way when I said “they will be too powerful to contain” is in reference to his suggestion that MM should not offer himself to the VP post now. If MM did not offer himself now this group (the evil forces in UMNO) will by then in my view, entrenched themselves and become even harder to weed out. Once they have a stranglehold on UMNO leadership and unrestrained access to resources, most of those yang angkat tangan only today will angkat kaki and whatever else they can angkat for these people. Too bad but that’s the sad reality within UMNO today (money for influence/support) as pointed out by Tun M.

        Remember it is very likely that those who win this election are the ones who are going to lead UMNO/BN into next GE. If UMNO do not cleanse itself now, then be prepared to sit on the opposition bench by the end of next GE. With that goes the instrument of Malay political supremacy. That’s what we are trying to prevent by supporting a clean candidates who in this case happens to be MM.

    • Some people are so narrow minded that they suddenly labelled me as a Chinese communist. I won’t bother to disabuse them of that notion. It makes them sleep well, then so be it.

      But to those who claim I have made seditious remarks, then pls lodge a police report. We have a law and I have no problem being subject to the law.

      The words have just stated the plain truth. Nothing but the truth in the most factual and unbiased manner.

      Is it seditious for labelling the now forgotten opponent of KJ as the candidate who espoused a racial line from start to finish? Isn’t he the “Hidup Melayu” candidate? Didn’t he get zero votes.

      Didn’t he contest in a party which in Article 3 of its constitution states the philosophy of its struggle? Isn’t this exactly what this now forgotten opponent of KJ was saying? Did’nt KJ say and do the exact opposite.

      Wasn’t KJ found to be with Kalimullah (is that a seditious name?) and a Khazanah operator in an upscale place last weekend? Isn’t he the supreme ruler of UMNO Youth.

      And what happens if on Saturday, as expected MM were to lose? Wouldn’t this mean a total end to Dr Mahathir’s influence and the ascendancy of the Liberal Agenda. Isn’t Najib simply the most liberal and enlightened PM, who has been very very generous to certain sections of the country? Didn’t he not win unopposed.

      Doesn’t this imply that liberalism has won and the conservative faction in UMNO simply cannot claim any power and influence in UMNO. Shouldn’t then all right minded conservatives wail and cry out because their struggle is now officially over.

      I certainly love this new UMNO. Can’t wait to register for their Supporters Wing.

      • I’d like a parting shot or two on this bloke calling himself Shadow Banker. He hasn’t replied my parting shots in a previous post and maybe won’t do so to this one, too.

        When he is given a dose of his medicine, accused as a Chinese communist without concrete proof like he usually does, he takes the easy way out. Instead of defending himself, he simply said “so be it.” Maybe he is a Chinese communist of the fellow Sitiawan-ist Chin Peng variety. Never repentant, remorseful, reforming his behaviour, etc.

        Then he resorts to the standard DAP line – when accused (next, of sedition), he asked that he be reported to the Police. Yes, United World College below is right – he may have the down syndrome. So stupid as challenging people to report him but not giving his personal particulars. And he was serious about asking us to report him. Such an idiot.

        Why don’t you answer the many other points in Isa’s two comments above? No answer? Cannot answer?

        Your comments in a previous post

        – “UMNO will belong to all races”
        – “this party is over for you guys”

        are definitely seditious. Check the definition of sedition. Those comments certainly anger many Malays. 3.4 million Members of UMNO and many more millions non card-carrying supporters.

        Let’s see you apologize now. If you don’t, I support BD’s intention of withdrawing your privileges to participate in this blog the next time you comment without decorum and decency.

  11. must be friends with the whiskey man this old woman.

    someone please lock this old bag up. this old fart who is not competent in anything should realize that her time is around the corner.

    bad mouthing anyone will get you nowhere you old fart. you’re taking up valuable oxygen

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  14. BD,

    I don’t want to be personal but seriously very curious; if this Rahmah old hag is 81 and the gloriously mighty KJ is 37, does it mean she had him at 44? And in Kuwait, during the 70s?

    Considering the odds, wouldn’t KJ be a down syndrime child?

    Is there a possibility that she might not even be his natural mother?

    • Thats quite a personal remark and reflects on your upbringing.

      • I’m sorry if I insulted you with the Q to BD.

        I didn’t know your mother also neared her menopause when she had you. Thot by the way you engaged everyone here, your mother was in her mid teens when she gave birth to you.

        It’s okay if your father is someone closely related to your mother, like her half sibling or something closer. It’s not their fault they cannot afford contraceptives then.

        Anyway, probably you’d like to answer on behalf of the chap once referred as ‘Beruk Hitam’ by so many, it’s google’s top choice of searches.


  15. At least there is one good news. MACC has reported that no one has reported to them about any incident of Money Politics in the current UMNO Elections. That alone is a big plus fro UMNO. Hidup Satu UMNO.

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  17. […] whole days have passed by; so many still quiz amongst themselves “Who the hell is she?”. Despite her baseless scathing ambush towards Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir which was […]

  18. […] whole days have passed by; so many still quiz amongst themselves “Who the hell is she?”. Despite her baseless scathing ambush towards Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir which was published […]

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