Tak kenal, maka tak cinta

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  1. Next thing we know you’ll say He Looks Like Bratt Pitt! He is the one that Isa Samad Referred to as Durian yang Belum Masak!

    • What about the “Durian Busuk”? Found guilty of money politics and banned by the Disciplinary Committee from contesting for many years.

      And one son-in-law was also found guilty but escaped the punishment – because his paw-in-law was in power then, wasn’t it.

    • Doesnt matter we still luv him. Jgn jealous.

  2. For Isa, durian is ripe when he can rake in durian runtuh belonging to settlers.

    Heard FGV wants to buy-up all the 10 acre Felda settlers land. THat is what Isa mean by durian dah masak…. heartless enough to steal from the poor.

    • If FGV wants to BUY those 10-acre lands, how is that stealing ? Bukan ambik free.

      • Manner of speaking lah, Kanchan, manner of speaking. Buy at agricultural value, then develop the land into housing or industrial project, huge value FGV get, not the settlers.

        You should hear the wild accusations and claims of the fler calling himself Shadow Banker who has been whacked kaw kaw. Read the comments to the post on Khairy’s mother etc, for example.

  3. According to The Star online, Selayang Barisan Nasional information chief Hasnal Rezua Merican said the most favoured candidate with the potential to unseat Hishammuddin “is none other than the youngest candidate in the race”, Mukhriz Mahathir.

    “Mukhriz is seen as someone who is able to bring changes within Umno and he is capable in rejuvenating the party,” he said.

    The son of former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad “suits the delegates’ mood .. Mukhriz is considered an ideal candidate among the youth because he is at the beginning of his political career unlike the rest,” said Hasnal.

    Anuar Basiran from Sepang Umno division shares that sentiment.

    I hope many have the same sentiment and Mukhriz will win. He can fight for the Malays better than the so-called liberal leaders.

  4. […] already proven himself to be a strategic leader and achieved way above average results. His stance, strategic plan and role in Prime Minister Najib’s ‘Transformation Agenda’ is also very […]

  5. 2 wrongs dont make 1 right.

    Lembu betina and si hitam liberal won. So mukhriz in my opinion will win.

    He will be allowed to win to keep the rumblings at manageable level.

  6. Another encouraging sign as far as I’m concerned –

    While many have voiced their support for a Zahid-Mukhriz-Shafie team, others spoke for a Zahid-Mukhriz-Ali Rastam team. It’s a win-win as far as Zahid and Mukhriz go.

    New-elected Puteri exco member Noor Aieza Hassan of the Bayan Baru division also cited Hishammuddin’s “weakness” in countering attacks made by the opposition. “He doesn’t seem to be very firm with the opposition. Zahid, on the other hand, is more vocal than him,” she said in a news report.

  7. […] already proven himself to be a strategic leader and achieved way above average results. His stance, strategic plan and role in Prime Minister Najib’s ‘Transformation Agenda’ is also very […]

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