Here comes the dirty trick

The heat of the race for UMNO Vice Presidency went into over drive when rumours with malice intent got its way to be reported in pro-Opposition news portal. Riong Kali’s news portal erroneously reported this story laced with definite malice to smear MB Kedah Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir’s good name and clean image in this contest.

Mukhriz raises the stakes in VP race with 1.2m SMS blast plus “windfall” for party branches – sources

OCTOBER 18, 2013

Mukhriz is putting in some aggressive measures in the final day of campaigning for the VP race in the Umno polls tomorrow. The Malaysian Insider pic, October 18, 2013.

Mukhriz is putting in some aggressive measures in the final day of campaigning for the VP race in the Umno polls tomorrow. The Malaysian Insider pic,

October 18,  2013.Umno vice-president hopeful Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has revved up his campaign by sending out an estimated 1.2 million SMS appealing to Umno delegates to vote for him and, if his critics are to be believed, is handing out the cash too.

Party insiders and his supporters said the Kedah Menteri Besar still has a good chance to win despite ground reports and his father, influential former Umno president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggesting he may not stand a chance as he was not among those endorsed by the leadership.

“His machinery is going around the country wooing younger Umno supporters,” said a grassroots leader familiar with Mukhriz’s campaign officials.

The leader also told The Malaysian Insider money or “hujan emas” (windfall) will hit the divisions and branch members.

“From the information we received, since this morning, Mukhriz’s machinery had gone all over the country,” he said but refused to reveal the amount distributed to delegates.

Some 146,000 delegates will be voting for new office-bearers tomorrow in an “electoral college” system following amendments to the party’s constitution in 2009.

However, the grassroots leader cautioned that the new voting system will not guarantee a win to any candidate.

“For one, we have a bigger group of delegates voting. They might openly agree with their division chiefs on who to vote but we don’t know who they’ll subsequently vote for at the end of the day,” he said.

A Johor division leader confirmed Mukhriz’s supporters were campaigning more aggressively since this morning.

“They are actively wooing delegates, especially the young,” he said.

Besides Mukhriz, the other contenders for the three vice-president spots are Felda chairman Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad and former Malacca chief minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

They will be facing off incumbents Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal and Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Although it is hard to predict Mukhriz’s chances, party sources said about 80,000 of the delegates comprised youths and Mukhriz will have a good chance of winning if he manages to get 50% of the support from this group. – October 18, 2013.


Mukhriz vehemently denied that his campaign machinery issued such SMS.

“I categorically deny what was reported both in English and Malay and demand The Malaysian Insider retract the story. I suspect The Malaysian Insider have ill intent by publishing the story and has somewhat tarnished my image as someone who uphold integrity in all that I do”, said when contacted.

“If The Malaysian Insider does not publish an open apology and retract the story by 1000am by tomorrow, then I will not hesitate to take legal action against them”.

This dirty trick is expected since Mukhriz’s popularity amongst the UMNO grassroots increase by the day, across the board. It has been demonstrated from the reception that he receives in all ‘Meet The Candidates’ sessions all over the country in the past two weeks.


A senior political analyst of an English daily remarked that findings from sources Mukhriz ran a clean campaign and at the moment is ranked one of the favourites for one of the three Vice President posts.

Sources amongst grassroot delegates in Johor and Sabah who would be voting tomorrow, two of states with the most UMNO Divisions and members, favoured Mukhriz as one of the three Vice Presidents even though he did not have the opportunity to meet with them in his whirlwind campaign.

It is in the direct interest of some UMNO leaders to see that Mukhriz does not succeed as  one of the three UMNO Vice Presidents. It is not a surprise if they resort to deploying dirty tactics like falsifying information such as in this TMI story and work with pro-Opposition news portal to achieve their goal.

Screenshot of TMI's false report about Mukhriz Mahathir's the night before D-Day

Screenshot of TMI’s false report about Mukhriz Mahathir’s the night before D-Day

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  1. […] The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles…. […]

  2. Undoubtedly this is the handiwork of Kalimullah’s minions. Kali is doing KJ a favour and KJ is doing one for Hisham.

    Stopping Mukhriz is equally as important to KJ as retaining the Umno Youth Head post.

    Imagine if Mukhriz wins tomorrow. A definite upper against KJ. A bonafide Umno Vice Presidency instead by default. This is on to of Mukhriz already Umno Liaisons Chief for Kedah and a Menteri Besar, which is a Yang Amat Berhormat stature.

    Mukhriz is following the foot steps of Najib and Muhyiddin where as KJ progression is just like how Anwar was. Soon, Umno people would realise that.

    Kali and KJ have another motive to stop Mukhriz tomorrow; Dr Mahathir. The Old Man’s honour must be humiliated.

    • They may try to humiliate but far from successful. The old man has stature, Mukhriz has a good standing as MB, appearing honest and serious about doing good for UMNO and the country.

      Khairy has been tainted for ever – politik wang. Found guilty by UMNO Disciplinary Board in 2009 but allowed to stand for the Ketua Pemuda post then coz of his pa-in-law. That guilt and bad behaviour is on record for eternity.

  3. “Anwar: Mukhriz has the best campaign manager – his dad!
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎7 hours ago‎”

    If true, I like it. I know Tun Dr Mahathir has had a huge amount of experience during so many campaigns when he was active in UMNO/BN. BN had always had 2/3 majority in Parliament and the UMNO line up had contributed to that.

    But of course, the Opposition so-called news portal tell twisted stories. Mukhriz even has told them to withdraw the article concerned.

    Nevertheless, the fact that they appear all out trying to put down those speaking strongly for the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of the Malays like Mukhriz and Ali Rustam (one Chinese bloke even made a Police report against Ali Rustam) shows these two guys have clearly spoken for the Malays in the spirit and in the fulfillment of the objectives for which UMNO was formed 67 years ago.

    I hope at least Mukhriz will win the Vice Presidency. There is a need to have someone in the UMNO higher up who will help ensure that Najib, in his being so-called liberal, will ensure all Malaysians respect the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, and implement the NEP at all times.

    I hope that when voting, the UMNO delegates remember that they are representing the interests of the Malays and their sentiments should not be tinged by the need to accomodate others who are looked after by other political parties.

  4. This only prove the point that in the challenge of Umno Vs Umno is more vilified and voracious as compared to Umno Vs Opposition.

    Even resorting to very dirty tactics that would only bring Umno into being demonised further and much deeper.

    I agree that KJ’s dirty hands are in this. Not even the might of Zahid or Hisham could get MI to do something like this.

    I hope Mukhriz will prevail, despite really low blow stunts like this. And he sues the pants out of Jahabar Sadiq and MI!

    • Can sue the Riong Kali Kalimullah fellow as well? He is the prime mover of Malaysian Insider, innit? He was seen having lunch with Khairy some days ago, maybe colluding, hehe.

      Yes, sue Jahabar Sadiq (what kind of name is that, Taliban?) like ex-MAS boss Tajuddin Ramli did before, until he apologized profusely and repeatedly in his blog (so-called news portal?), and forked out money to do the same via big advertisements in the mainstream newspapers.

      But for now I’m sure Mukhriz is busy taking last minute actions to get more votes later in the day. Best wishes to him and let’s pray he’ll win. Maybe with one other new face in the VP line up.


    • Datuk Mukhriz today issued an ultimatum to a news portal to apologise and retract a report alleging him of practicising money politics in his campaign or face a legal suit.

      He told the portal to remove the article by 10am today or face a legal suit.

      He also said, the report was an attempt to smear his image as the 146,500 Umno delegates begin casting their votes this morning.

      “I categorically deny the allegation and the portal is absolutely targeting a wrong person as I had always been consistent against the money politic practice.


  6. Biarlah mereka lakukan apa sahaja. Manusia merancang Allah swt juga yang menetukan. Allah kata Jadi, maka Jadilah!

    • Tak boleh biarkan, Sdri. Kita mesti merancang apa nak buat dan bangkang kuat kuat supaya mereka tak lakukan begitu.

      Benar, Allah swt menentukan, tapi kita kena usaha juga. Kalau tak, musnah UMNO, merepes bangsa dan jahanam negara.

      Musuh banyak. Kaum pendatang ramai yang tak sukakan Ketuanan Melayu, Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu, walau pun dah gunakan hak kerakyatan yang Melayu setujukan, hingga ke anak cucu selama 56 tahun.

  7. In a statement yesterday, the Umno Disciplinary Board Chairman said the Board has received several complaints against candidates who took part in the election of the party’s three wings last Saturday.

    The Chairman, Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen, said the complaints which were lodged by members and delegates would be investigated.

    “The reports received include violation by candidates contesting central and divisional posts on Oct 12.” But no details on the violation.

    He also warned that stern action would be taken against candidates or delegates who violated the party’s code of ethics in today’s supreme council and divisional elections.

    But he said the investigations would be carried out “within six months of the supreme council and divisional elections.” So, any effect on the voting trend and the results of the elections to day? More importantly, would those tending to “violate” to-day or since long ago for to day’s voting desist? Looks like UMNO needs to do more. And why “within 6 months”?

    • Here are some of the DB’s actions regarding last general elections:

      – 28 members suspended for sabotaging the party at PRU13 (51 were summoned to appear before the DB)

      – 5 members recommended to be sacked from the party. (This is a meaningful action, even so, not known whether they’ll actually be sacked)

      – 12 others given warning

      Teh DB Chairman said that the action taken was based on reports lodged by Umno members.

  8. a check with TMI a minute ago revealed that they have withdrawn the article… so tak dak telor punya editor.. If your journalist have got the facts right from confirmed sources… why must withdraw the article when threatened with legal action..


      • If it is true MALAYSIAN INSIDER should make public apologies on all front page of national dailies to DATO MUKHRIZ.
        What a shame, what a disgrace.
        If you are a true Muslim, then you should know what FITNAH and it’s repercussions are. You won’t live with peace of mind.
        God willing DATO MUKHRIZ will win…INSYALLAH …kun payakuun.

    • That’s the communist tactic of old, now become the Taliban tactic. It’s called hit-and-run. Damn them. Should be pursued ke lubang cacing and di-kencing.

      But now that they have withdrawn the article, let’s wait for the apology.

      Meanwhile, I think Mukhriz would have got some sympathy votes from their Talibanism.

      Voters still queuing to vote will remember that Mukhriz was “di annyayakan” dengan cara yang paling tak patut.

      Btw, is the Taliban-sounding name Jahabar bloke from the Taliban country? He was proudly wearing the Taliban cap in a photo I saw sometime back.

      • Too late, damage done.

        Tulah bagi chan lagi!

      • I agree with the opinion that what was grossly unfairly done to Datuk Mukhriz would even have brought sympathy votes to him.

    • Astro Awani reported at 11:08 am that the Malaysian Insider apologised to Datuk Mukhriz.

      “It has been brought to our attention that the report is inaccurate. The offending articles have been removed. Any inconvenience caused is regretted,” The Malaysian Insider wrote in its apology over the article titled “Mukhriz raises the stakes in VP race with 1.2 million SMS blast plus ‘windfall’ for party branches – sources”.

      They got weak knees and probably peed in their pants a bit after Mukhriz gave the ultimatum.

      What he said before giving the ultimatum must be placed on record – “This is a malicious act aimed at tarnishing my reputation. I never practiced money politics in my political career. Instead, I am strongly against such practice. I strongly deny the allegations by The Malaysian Insider,”

    • Damage is done. But we know mukhriz is not like that. Kj yg dulunya 2009 main politik wang dah tu tjk jari kpd mukhriz pulak. Setan gondol.

  9. […] People can read that heavily defamatory article here. […]

  10. Mana tak ramai orang suka Datuk Mukhriz ni, orang hentam dia pun, tarik balik rencana tu dan minta ma’af, dia terima saja. Satengah orang masam muka lama lama, ada yang dendam kesuma.

    NST kata, “Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has accepted the Malaysian Insider’s apologies for its damaging report linking him with money politics … also decided not to proceed with a legal action against the news portal after it retracted the reports earlier today.”

    Itu lah tanda pemimpin yang matang. Dia terangkan lagi bahawa dia terpaksa “issue the ultimatum against the news portal to retract the unfounded reports by 10am today to protect his credibility .. While I support the freedom of the Press, I am strongly against any baseless news reports which are bound to damage a person’s reputation and credibility.”

    Saya do’akan supaya Datuk menang, Insya Allah.

  11. It is so obvious these days that whatever as said by the Opposition to be bad, must be good.

  12. It is not uncommon during the heat of campaigning that accusations are made by opposing parties towards each other. The current UMNO elections appears to be particularly vicious in nature perhaps due to one party feeling that they are being victimised. What is important is whether their candidate will be effective as part of the Main Team even if he wins. If not he will simply be left alone in the corner by himself.



    “PETALING JAYA: As the Umno supreme council election looms closer, the political future of incumbent vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein looks to be in doubt as he is no longer seen as a grassroots favourite.

    Although the voting trend in last Saturday’s polls of the three wings indicated the incumbents having a higher chance in staying in power, this Saturday’s scenario could be different with indications of the grassroots throwing their weight behind a newcomer…..”


    “…Will there be a game change in the Umno vice-presidents’ contest now that Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin has thrown his new-found clout behind Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein?

    Hishammuddin used to be Khairy’s boss in the party’s Youth wing but Khairy has become some sort of superstar after his spectacular win and the former boss is now turning to the former deputy for help. The Youth and Sports Minister had turned up at the event billed as Rangkaian Sahabat (network of friends) to lend a boost to Hishammuddin’s campaign for a second term as Umno vice-president…….”


    “…..Wasn’t KJ found to be with Kalimullah (is that a seditious name?) and a Khazanah operator in an upscale place last weekend? Isn’t he the supreme ruler of UMNO Youth…..”

    – Penyokong KJ 2 hari lepas.


    “October 18, 2013.Umno vice-president hopeful Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has revved up his campaign by sending out an estimated 1.2 million SMS appealing to Umno delegates to vote for him and, if his critics are to be believed, is handing out the cash too…..”

    – Malaysian Insider

    Anak Omak semakin risau?

    • The last one tu, dio dah kono ultimatum, togigil lutut dio, dah tarik balik laporan tu, minta ma’af kat Mukhriz.

      Bodobah punyo kojo.

      • Mintak maaf cam sial!

        Terceruk secara bersahaja dlm ruangan ‘Side Views’. Cam Datuk Rocky kata, ditaburi dgn pelbagai iklan.

        Mintak maaf ni tak aci. Patutnya Mukhriz bukan dgn mudah menerimanya:

        Email Print 19 October 2013| last updated at 12:29PM

        UMNO ELECTION 2013: Apologies accepted, Mukhriz tells MI

        By Adie Suri Zulkefli |

        0 0 Google +0 0 0 comments

        JERLUN: Umno vice president contender Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has accepted the Malaysian Insider’s apologies for its damaging report linking him with money politics.
        The Kedah Menteri Besar has also decided not to proceed with a legal action against the news portal after it retracted the reports earlier today, as he respected the freedom of the Press.

        However, the Jerlun Umno division chief stressed he was forced to issue the ultimatum against the news portal to retract the unfounded reports by 10am today to protect his credibility.

        “While I support the freedom of the Press, I am strongly against any baseless news reports which are bound to damage a person’s reputation and credibility.”

        “I had a good campaign run for two weeks but all of a sudden the news portal published that damaging reports on me and I had to react swiftly to protect my credibility especially when we are facing the party polls today,” he said after casting his votes at the Jerlun division delegates conference in SM Sains Kubang Pasu here.

        Mukhriz was commenting on the Malaysian Insider’s apologies to him over its reports that he was involved in money politics.

        The reports had accused Mukhriz’s machinery of dishing out cash to Umno branches nationwide, an allegation he had categorically denied.

        This had prompted Mukhriz to issue an ultimatum to the news portal to retract the reports and apologised by 10am today or face legal action.

        The news portal, in its statement at 10am had also apologised to Mukhriz.

        Mukhriz is facing a six-cornered fights for the three Umno vice president slots.

        Read more: UMNO ELECTION 2013: Apologies accepted, Mukhriz tells MI – Latest – New Straits Times

  14. The party elections this time my be the dirtiest of them all – see how far they go to put down opponents:

    A statement was posted on a bogus Facebook page in the name of Tan Sri Muhyiddin at 8.30 am this morning saying that Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has been disqualified by the disciplinary board from contesting the vice-president post.

    Muhyiddin has denied it, saying the Facebook account did not belong to him and has asked the MCMC to investigate. MCMC must drag the bugger who did it to the court, not leave it to UMNO Disciplinary Committee. This is a very serious offence.

    The statement read” “With regret it is informed that Datuk Mukhriz bin Tun Mahathir has been disqualified from the Umno vice-president contest. The disciplinary committee has decided the candidate has breached the party’s ethics and directly involved in distribution of money during a special programmes organised by him.”

    As at 1.30 pm, the post has received attentions from many, with 32 likes and 45 comments. The extent they go to get votes for their masters. These are criminals, nothing less.

    Mukhriz must ask UMNO HQ what action they took – they cannot deny knowledge – at least when Muhyiddin came to know it. May even be worth asking for re-election if he loses as a result of it – the delegates at the Divisions can testify if the Facebook statement influenced the voters. Perhaps get the input of RoS. After all, RoS also weighed in on MCA’s latest fracas.

  15. Is it possible that Mukhriz lost because he did not sue Insider?

    It is possible that if he had acted Tough like Zahid Hamidi did he would have been Voted Tops by UMNO Members.

    • Thank you.

      Highly unlikely and bordering impossible.

      This because it is not reported anywhere about Mukhriz accepted TMI’s apology and will not pursuit the legal action no sooner than 1230hrs.

      By then, almost all divisions started or even almost concluded their voting. The news would provided so few amongst those who voted or waiting to cast their votes, very small window to think about it let alone influence their choice of the three VPs.

  16. […] The eve before 146,500 UMNO delegates voted for the post of Vice Presidents and Supreme Council, they reported that Mukhriz sent out 1.2 million SMSes as a last hour campaign. It was intended to make Mukhriz look […]

  17. […] The eve before 146,500 UMNO delegates voted for the post of Vice Presidents and Supreme Council, they reported that Mukhriz sent out 1.2 million SMSes as a last hour campaign. It was intended to make Mukhriz look […]

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