The ‘Mini Melayu Tsunami’

PM Najib and DPM Muhyiddin at the press conference about the UMNO VP and MT results, in Putrajaya

PM Najib and DPM Muhyiddin at the press conference about the UMNO VP and MT results, in Putrajaya

Prime Minister Dato’ Srì Mohd. Najib Tun Razak lauded MB Kedah Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir’s attempt to earn a place as UMNO Vice President during nationwide party election yesterday, as “Encouraging performance”.

The Star story:

Published: Sunday October 20, 2013 MYT 9:52:00 PM
Updated: Sunday October 20, 2013 MYT 9:54:16 PM

Umno polls: Encouraging performance from Mukhriz, says Najib

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir showed encouraging performance in Saturday’s contest for a vice-president post, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“Although he is new and announced rather late his intention to contest the post, he has shown that he has good support in the party,” said the Umno president.

Najib said the stiff contest between Mukhriz and incumbent Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, who is also Defence Minister, was expected this time as the contest was open.

“When it was left to the grassroots members to choose, surely some popular leaders would be their choice, hence the stiff contest,” he told a news conference at the Palm Garden Golf Club, here.

He regarded the contest as healthy in Umno, a familial party.

A total of 146,500 delegates from 191 Umno divisions cast their votes under the electoral college system to pick the three vice-presidents.

Each candidate among the top three in terms of the number of votes garnered, received one vote from a division.

The official results for the vice-presidential contest announced early today, showed Hishammuddin getting a stiff fight from Mukhriz when they Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said Mukhriz’s attempt at wresting one of the three Umno vice-president posts showed his mettle as a young leader.

“Mukhriz has garnered convincing support from the grassroots members. He is one of the credible young leaders.

“His achievement in the contest is very noticeable and good as a young leader in his first attempt for the high post in Umno,” she told Bernama.

Puteri Umno chief Mas Ermieyati Samsudin hoped that no one would dispute the election results as the grassroots delegates had made their choice. – Bernama


It is clear that Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is proud which is illustrated him focusing on how UMNO is being transformed into a more democratised party with broader based number of members who are eligible to decide their leaders. And the process is done simultaneous across the country in 191 Parliamentary constituencies.

However, the seventh UMNO President was probably obtuse and missed the most important point that this result demonstrates; UMNO grassroot wanted a change and not status quo.

The fact is that Mukhriz obtained more popular votes than incumbent Vice President Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein.

Considering that the latter has the advantage of being an incumbent, a Cabinet Minister in two Ministries and in the final round of campaigning struck ‘strategic alliances’ with Wanita and Pemuda, barely won the third placing in the race for UMNO Vice Presidency.

In some ways, UMNO failed this phase of the ‘Transformation Plan’.

Prime Minister Najib must be mindful of this very strong message.  It is part of the ‘writings on the wall’, as a precursor to 14GE. Failure to this would spell disaster for UMNO and eventually its demise as a mainstream champion for the Malays.

Even Fourth Prime Minister and a strong champion for the ‘Malay Agenda’ Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad strongly send the message that UMNO should listen to the aspiration and soundbites of the Malays and not just amongst themselves.

Mukhriz’s support of 54,315 grassroot votes in over 20,800 UMNO branches translated firmly through 91 divisions should be seen as a ‘Mini Malay Tsunami’.

*Updated Monday 21Oct2013 0700hrs

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  1. […] The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles…. […]

  2. “, All the President’s Men” got in at the Vice President level. Including the Ketua Pemuda and Ketua Wanita who are also automatically VPs in those capacities.

    Najib will get emboldened in carrying out his liberal and liberalizing policies. To achieve developed nation status, says he. But rushing it, wanting to get it even before the previously declared target date of 2020, at the expense of the interests of the Malays and the Bumiputeras who gave him 88 seats at PRU13 – what the heck for?

    Sure, he wants a legacy of being the Father of Developed Nation Status – like Tengku A Rahman was said to be the Father of Independence, his own father Tun A Razak being the Father of National and Rural Development, Tun Dr Mahathir being the Father of Industrialization, Tun Dol … ah, don’t talk about him lah.

    But the Malays, whose rights and interests UMNO was formed and sworn to protect and promote 67 years ago, might curse him in his grave if he does not ensure them getting on a level playing field in all aspects of the economy. Now only 20% corporate wealth, the Malays want more, not necessarily just at 30% but more reflecting the population ratio, and in ALL ASPECTS OF THE ECONOMY, TOO.

    • Najib sees this UMNO polls as his right to bulldoze everything Malay. So my Malay brethren please prepare ourselves for a bleak outlook, now affirmed with the election of leaders with questionable reputation.

      And it also seems that UMNO loves lembik type of leaders save for DS Zahid…and this shows that UMNO members lack the nationalistic spirit once burning brightly thru Dato Onn, Tun Razak and the rest.

      The present leaders (of UMNO esp) are reaping the benefits of efforts they hardly contribute…

      And Najib in haste to “develop” Malaysia will give more to the Chinese just as he did before GE13. After all now, there is no dissenting voice. Just also look at the number of Ministers and ex ministers who are in the Supreme council. Nowadays, the MT is like a rubber stamp for UMNO. No well-argued cases can be put forward as none in the MT have that capacity to think well except for a handful.

      Look, if you are a tainted politician, cleanse yourself by offering yourself as a candidate and once you are in you are purified. Islam agamaku, Melayu bangsaku, Malaysia negaraku and I still have hopes. Time for Muslims, and Malays to unite and fight for our rights under the constitution but maybe not thru UMNO.

      Dato Razali Ibrahim is already making gestures towards the Chinese.. What the hell for? It is the Malays, the poor and under priviledge Malays and PAS memebers. The Chinese did not give their votes to you Razali. Why bother. We should also be KIASU and build up this nation in our own mould. Pls refer to what John Howard ex PM of Australia remarked recently..

      So Razali, and UMNO esp Najib, forget about China Malaysia OK…Help the Melayu dahulu and don’t bother about them. Take a cue from Dato Mulriz….kalau ada berbaki baru kita kasi…


    • 60 per cent in all aspects of the economy?

      That’s a mighty tall order, isn’t it?

      And with the plethora of free trade agreements that Malaysia is contemplating (including, but not limited to, the TPP, RCEP, Asean Common Market and EU-Malaysia), this is pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking.

      Hubristic, even, seeing as how investors have many choices where to put their money – in “real” assets, equities, bonds, real estate – well, you get my drift.

      It’s almost amusing how the ultranationalists among us seem to think that Malaysia is God’s gift to investors and then some.

      One only hopes that such hubris does not meet a rude comeuppance.

      But like the Tea Partiers in the US, these Malaysian ultranationalists are not concerned about the real effects that their policies and views will have on the Malaysian economy.

      • And you ultrakiasus are not concerned about the real effects that your views have on the ordinary Malaysians?

        It is in fact amusing to see how you jump up like you know what at the slightest mention of Malay demands. When you ultrakiasus kept demanding all sorts in the past and continue to do so now.

        And interpret “more reflecting the population ratio” as 60%. Why not 70%? The Special Position Article of the Constitution covers the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, and together with the Malays, they form nearly 70% of the population.

        Hubris this and hubris that, you think Malaysia is God’s gift to the ultra kiasus? No siree. Those ultra kiasus who don’t respect and abide by the Constitution are being told to migrate to countries whose constitution they respect. Even well known personalities have said so.

        When investors are no longer required to joint venture with Bumiputeras on specific equity ratios, you are just scare mongering the investors. Subversive, are you? Like Lim Guan Eng claiming to be on an investment promotion trip in Hong Kong but said nasty things about Malaysia?

      • goob

        Your present intellectual level needs an upgrade. Do read The Chinese Dilemma (East West Publishing, Australia, 2003) written by Ye Lin-Sheng.

  3. Najib has to puji Mukhriz so that Kedah UMNO members do not sabotage the coming byelection in Kedah because of their Boss’s loss in the VP Contest.

    • Nahh … he just realised that slumberjack and his merry men led by tainted oxford unemployed fler are gunning for his seat.

  4. I like the opinion saying Zahid is the fighting type and may be a contender to Najib in time to come. He even had the PCA amendments made, to include detention without trial for 2 years renewable another 2 years, when Najib was the one who repealed the ISA.

    Too soon to see any signs of Zahid, the No.3 man in UMNO, projecting himself as a contender for the No.1 post.

    I don’t mind it at all, even welcome any move to unseat pro-Chinese Najib.

  5. Bernama says Umno has set up a special committee to look into all possible complaints and protests on the party’s 2013 election process.

    Umno Election Committee chairman Tan Sri Tajol Rosli Ghazali said the committee set up by the Supreme Council would be chaired by Umno executive secretary Datuk Ab Rauf Yusoh.

    How much can be expected from that?

    • Smoke screen, hog wash…..even disciplinary committee can’t do anything when KJ was found guilty in the previous UMNO election especially when headed by this rauf guy….UMNO is all talk and no action..all talk is hush hush not unlike DAP where is bark bark bark. It would be a sheer waste of time BUT good for publicity only lahhhh…lagi pun Melayu memang suka cakap cakap kan pas tu makan kat hotel besar bill ribu ribu sedangkan mereka dengan rela hati lupa kepada perjuangan asas UMNO..menjadi pembela kepada ISLAM dan MELAYU…..

  6. What are you talking about lah Big Dog, saing that the Umno grassroots want a change. Collectively, they don’t want to change as they voted for the same bunch of people to be their leaders. They got vested interests to care for, ok. The one who wanted change were the non-Umno Malays who sincerely want Umno to stick to its original ideals. Those who voted for Mukhriz on Saturday did so not because they were Umno grassroots members but because they know the status quo will mean, the people, especially Melayu keseluruhannya akan semakin meluat dengan parti sendirian berhad Umno, and they will vote it out in GE14.

    • Mukhriz, who represents the desired change in UMNO, got more votes than Hishamuddin, who represents status quo, although he lost on the basis of the electoral vote system.

      Didn’t you see that, didn’t you read that? Call you stupid, can or not? Don’t say I’m rude – I ask you permission.

      You Oppo hippo or tsunami Chinese issit? If so, understandable lah you want PR to win PRU14. But remember, even with tsunami Chinese, UMNO won 88 seats, more than at PRU12 even .

      Now, many may be unhappy with results of the party elections. But remember again, there is no better alternative to UMNO – nil, nein, zilcht, nyet, tara.

      • Are you damn sure???? Please don’t be so cocky…..pride goes before a fall….anything can happen. The script is not in your nor anybody’s hand…

        You think Johor and Pahang is so damn strong that it would not fall like Perak or Kedah???? Think again.

        The many angry members may just play their cards come GE14 and UMNO ordinary members who may not be able to vote in UMNO elections and just vote for anybody BUT UMNO…and I know far too many to dismiss it as just a fad… this is one way to show displeasure….

        Already PM Najib is thinking of adding more deadwood to his MT. Already voted in as MT are some individuals with tainted records and yet Najib wants to add more yes men?????

      • You are a damn for damning quite easily, aren’t you? And without checking, too.

        Didn’t read the Star report saying Hishamuddin got 99 electoral college votes and Mukhriz got 90? Yes, modifying their earlier report which gave the figures as 100 and 91 respectively.

        In that later report they gave the individual votes – Mukhriz over 50,000, Hishamuddin below 50,000.

        Been stated in a comment to the earlier post in here, too, man.

        And you accusing people being cocky also? I think I know you. You have also been putting comments elsewhere with the same line of arguments that you use above, supporting Najib who you see as liberal and want to give away more things to the Chinese. Now you are using a Malay name, aren’t you? If you are, desist, man – in military battles, they shoot on the spot those who masquerade.

        But I like your last paragraph. That’s the mitigating factor for you. Have some decorum and decency, ok? Don’t start damning and cockying people before you do some checking.

      • As for “there is no better alternative to UMNO”, of course I’m damn sure. Even with tsunami Chinese, UMNO got 88 votes – more than at PRU12.

        Perak and Kedah, BN got them back. And the anger out of the party elections will simmer down.

        Now you tell me why Fcukatan Rakyat is a better alternative. Give credible arguments, not Lim Guan Eng kind of bull.

      • So, in this case, winning the popular vote is ok?

        Strange – wasn’t that the line adopted by the Pakatan Rakyat coalition in GE13, when they won the “popular vote”, only to be stymied by the “first past the post” system?

        Double standards?

        Or different strokes for different folks?

      • Star report at noon 20 October 2013:

        Hishammuddin received 99 votes and Mukhriz 90.

        However, Mukhriz won more of the popular votes, garnering 54,020 votes, compared to Hishammuddin’s 53,529.

      • “different strokes for different folks?”

        No, different strokes only when Anwar is riding you. You should know that for the many strokes you’ve had.

        You are just out to exploit and condemn every little thing you can find in Malaysia, aren’t you?

        Missed that part where people have said that no one disputed the fact that Mukhriz lost the election? Where people only want to point out that Mukhriz didn’t do badly as a first timer on the VP race?

        When people say the glass is half full, you’d say it’s half empty, eh? You must look at it from the negative view point, eh? You like being called ultra kiasu? Tak mau kalah, said Lee Kuan Yew?

        Oooops, I mentioned the name and next you’ll be glamorizing LKY and Singapore, and belittling Malaysia and Malaysian leaders. Well, we’ll shit you when you do. Like when you did in the past, too.

    There must be hidden hands that dictate TMI.
    Who are the UMNO MEMBERS closed to TMI.
    Otherwise UMNO can be considered a dirty party, very dirty.

  8. LOL. BIGDOG sounds like Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat after GE13…..time to join BERSIH 4.0

    • I’ve also seen you commenting elsewhere.

      If you are ” ObeseToThe Max”, you can’t even walk with Bersih. What are you talking about?

      • Good one, Haba.

  9. Bro. Of coz UMNO is a familial party. Look at exco pemuda,Ada anak Isa, ada anak Hassan Omar. Najib has his cousin as the minister, KJ is menantu abah Pak Dol. What else can you say. There’s no more anak Hj Leman Kg Ulu or anak kak Senah jual karipap. UMNO is just too saturated with all connections which of course, at some point, will be fully utilised for the benefit of potential project mongers.

    • Senah, heard about Bush Senior and Bush Junior? George W Bush as President and Jeb Bush as Florida Governor? Bill Clinton as President and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?

      I don’t like it too but that’s how the cookie crumbles, as the Aussies say, sayang. Even the Americans are lazy and like to just raise their hands to names they are familiar with, like the Malays.

      Wish my great great grandfather was PM of this country in the 19th Century. Then perhaps no pendatang problem in the country now and UMNO elections don’t become so critical each time. Hehe.

  10. The Ah jib gor status quo dreaming team is bent on being inclusive i.e pacifying those who have already rejected BN and UMNO. Pacification maybe the way forward for the ‘ dreaming team’ till it reaches the precipice of no return comes GE14. Because those who rejected BN and UMNO in GE13 will certainly not support BN regardless of what goodies and inclusiveness Ah jib plans to give them, and those who gave the votes to UMNO in GE13 esp.among the Malay non UMNO members are likely so disappointed with the agenda of the dreaming team that they would not cast their votes for UMNO no more. In fact there is really something dodo about how and where this fella is leading the nation, it is raising consternation and utter disbelief.

  11. The tongkat culture is alive and kicking. The first beneficiary was none other than Najib himself followed by Muhyiddin, both returned unopposed.

    Then the baggage carriers, tired ketua wanita and money-politics-fler remained ketua pemuda. The VPs practised setia kawan (cronyism).

    Transformation has just turned into rejuvenation of cancer cells.

  12. In the disbelief of many, it is no longer a myth that Najib as UMNO President did not interfere in the contests of several posts, namely Wanita Chief and VPs.

    I’m one of those without any doubt Najib issued ‘instructions to maintain status quo’. That explains why Mukhriz lost badly in Johor and Pahang to Hishamuddin.

    It is common knowledge Johor and Pahang have been giving strong vibes of support to Mukhriz in the run up to the actual polling.

    Probably Najib can fool himself and within the upper echelon of UMNO that maintaining is the best. Then again time and time Dr Mahathir been proven right.

    Maintaining ‘status quo’ is UMNO not listening hard enough to aspirations of the Malays.

  13. I am quite convinced that DS Najib has been grateful to Tun Dr Mahathir for giving him the chance – so early in his life – to get well placed in politics, giving the Pahang MB post, making him a Minister, which led to him becoming PM. Though Mahathir might have done that in gratitude for the chance Tun A Razak gave him in politics during his time.

    And Najib tidak lupa, had returned the good gesture by giving Mukhriz the Kedah MB post and wanting to pave the way for Mukhriz to be VP, EXCEPT that he must protect his personal interest first. Right now that interest is ensuring his position is entrenched for the next 10 years at least.

    And entrenching that position by having the status quo – quietly helping people proven to have helped him in getting his post as President uncontested. Khairy and Shahrizat surely have done that. The money politics fellow would have offered his life for Najib, after getting a Minister’s post, having waited 4 long years as Ketua Pemuda getting nothing and saying that at one point he even thought of giving up politics. Shahrizat, of course, being best friend with Rosmah since TKC days.

    Najib even allowed Ahmad Zahid a lot of leeway to the extent he looked stupid – imagine Zahid introduced amendments to the Prevention of Crime Act allowing detention without trial for 2 years extendable for another 2 years, almost bringing back ISA that Najib repealed. If I remember correctly – Zahid was the first to propose that the UMNO Presidency be not contested and kept saying that until it became reality.

    I don’t mind Zahid at all for his firm and no-nonsense actions as Minister of Home Affairs but detest the other VPs and the money politics blokes voted to the Supreme Council. So, those of us frustrated with the so-called liberal policies that are formulated at the expense of the rights and the interests of the Malays that UMNO was sworn to do 67 years ago, will have to face more of the same for a long time yet.

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