‘Transformation Plan’, how?

Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya

Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya

The Chairman of UMNO 2013 Party Election Tan Sri Tajol Rosli Ghazali just announced the results of the top position after the contest.

President:                 Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak (not contested), 59 years old

Deputy President: Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin (not contested), 66 years old

Vice Presidents:

Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (185 divisions), 60 years old

Dato’ Seri Ahmad Shafie Afdal (174 divisions), 56 years old

Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein (100 divisions), 52 years old

Vice President posts (by default)

Wanita Head:           Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abd. Jalil, 60 years old

Youth Head:             Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar, 37 years old

Puteri Head:             Mas Ermieyati Samsuddin, 37 years old

Only one out of the eight posts had a change. Even that happened because the previous Puteri UMNO Head had to vacate the post due to statutory obligation as part of the party constitution that there is an age limit.

Everything else remained status quo.

The “Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit” question now is; What and how is the ‘Transformation Agenda’ for UMNO when there is hardly any top leadership change where as the Malay based Opposition parties are giving more room and opportunity for regeneration of its top leadership?

The addendum to that; What is UMNO ‘succession plan’? How is the nationalist party able to remain relevant to continue the struggle of the Malay Agenda of “Aliff Baa Taa”, without a proper strategy for future top leadership?

A party of 3.4 million members cannot tweak their way through time and worry about the river when they reach at the bridge. Probably it that worked well the past 67 years but soon, for UMNO to remain relevance simply cannot be left to chance.

The fact is that by 14 GE or there abouts, the President would be 63 years old, Deputy President 70 years old and all the Vice Presidents would be 64, 60 and 56 years old respectively.

Conservatism that UMNO stand for is not about the fact that the nationalist party is a ‘Grand Old Party’ by and for old people. That is the fundamental of the struggle that lead to the birth of the nation and her spirit and soul, which reflected in the Constitutional Monarchy system, Federal Constitution and value system and practice of the Malaysian society.

Yes, now that the contest is done all of us should close in the ranks and work together as a party. After all, in a few days time BN got to face PAS in the Sungai Limau by-election with the recent passing of former PAS MB of Kedah Tan Sri Azizan Abdul Razak.

However, the baton of leadership should be passed after a proper planning and grooming. This is to ensure the party struggle is affirmed of its continuity. It is an assurance that the ‘Transformation’ is being carried through in the right direction, for the right reasons.

How, now?

* Updated 1700hrs

UMNO President Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak responded to the ‘Transformation Agenda of UMNO’ question.

Transformation of Umno and Malaysia still on track, Najib insists

OCTOBER 20, 2013

Najib gestures to the media during a press conference in Putrajaya, today. He expressed confidence that the newly-elected Umno leaders can work as a team to transform Umno and Malaysia. - The Malaysian Insider pic by Nazir Sufari, October 20, 2013.Najib gestures to the media during a press conference in Putrajaya, today. He expressed confidence that the newly-elected Umno leaders can work as a team to transform Umno and Malaysia. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Nazir Sufari, October 20, 2013.Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak today insisted that the party’s transformation was on track although the same leaders retained the party’s top five positions after yesterday’s polls.

“It is not a necessity for the present batch of Umno leaders to be replaced in order to transform the party. The current Umno team has the calibre and talent to bring about transformation,” he said.

Najib acknowledged that the party’s leadership, including newly elected vice-presidents Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal and Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, have a lot to live up to.

“We carry the hopes and expectations of the party members who cast their votes for us. We have a national and party agenda which we are expected to deliver upon,” he said.

Najib was confident that the leaders who had won would be able to work as a team to transform Umno and Malaysia.

He said at a press conference at the IOI Golf Resort in Putrajaya that the election had been conducted smoothly.

“Now that we have settled the issue of party elections, it is time to continue with transforming the party and the country. There is a lot of work to be done,” the Prime Minister said.

He rubbished rumours that the 150,000 Umno members nationwide had been instructed to maintain the status quo of the party’s leadership, saying,  “It is a quite impossible feat even for me to influence the 150,000 members nationwide and get them to vote for what I want instead of letting them choose on their own.”

On the tussle between Hishammuddin and Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, Najib said the fierce fight was expected.

“These are two popular individuals and politicians, obviously the support garnered by both men was nothing less than expected.

“In any election, there will never be a result which will satisfy all parties. There will always be winners and losers in any election.”

However, he praised Umno members for their maturity in making their choices. He also cautioned those who had won not to be arrogant or complacent.

Najib said he would be discussing the issue of making special appointments to the Umno supreme council with party deputy president and Deputy Premier Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

“It is within my discretion as party president to make special appointments and there are a few talented professionals whom I will be evaluating,” he said, declining to elaborate. – October 20, 2013.


Prime Minister Najib said “It is not a necessity. The current Umno team has the calibre and talent to bring about transformation”.

However, he completely missed the most important point.  Probably Prime Minister Najib has been obtuse and been looking inwards on each of the top leadership that will be closest to him for the party. Naturally, these leaders would ‘circle their wagon’ around him.

It is not about calibre and talent but perception. It is actually a matter of faith, integrity and credibility. A few of the current Vice Presidents voted in are of doubtful integrity and credibility and majority of the rakyat see them as nothing but ‘Tainted’ and even ‘Corrupt’.

A serious problem of perception also plagued Vice President Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

19 October 2013| last updated at 06:37PM

UMNO ELECTION 2013: Hishammuddin regrets being labelled a ‘weak leader’

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KLUANG — Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, who is defending his vice-president’s post in Umno today, has expressed regret at being labelled a weak leader by certain quarters.

The Defence Minister who is also Acting Transport Minister, said the presumption was baseless and ill-intentioned.

“I am far from being weak. If I am, the country would already be in chaos. I would not have been able to initiate the amendment to the party’s constitution.

“I would not have sustained for five years in the Home Ministry or be part of the 13th general election or the party election today,” he said at the Sembrong Umno division delegates’ meeting at Sekolah Menengah Sains Sembrong, here.

Hishammuddin said it was easy for others to point fingers at him, thus it was necessary for him to provide a justification for the delegates to appreciate his contributions.

He said, as someone who was on the right track, he was confident of thedelegates’ absolute support for him.

He said, as someone who was on the right track he was confident of the delegates’ absolute support for him.

“When the intrusion in Lahad Datu, Sabah happened, I temporarily relocated there with my family for three weeks to ensure that the security there remained intact,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, Hishammuddin’s eldest daughter Nasya Alyssa, 24, despite being seven months’ pregnant came to the centre to express support for her father.

She arrived with her husband Muhd Anas Zawawi Khalid, 26, mother Datin SeriTengku Marsilla Tengku Abdullah and younger brother Faris Hussein.

Hishammuddin in a light moment shared with the 481 delegates that he could not wait to become a grandfather. — BERNAMA

Read more: UMNO ELECTION 2013: Hishammuddin regrets being labelled a ‘weak leader’ – Latest – New Straits Timeshttp://www.nst.com.my/latest/font-color-red-umno-election-2013-font-hishammuddin-regrets-being-labelled-a-weak-leader-1.379993#ixzz2iFq0Yw3l


It is disturbing when the UMNO President and Prime Minister completely missed the plot, for his own preferential personalities in the party top echelon. UMNO has also been seen as no longer focused to champion the Malay issues and agenda.

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  1. What are you talking about lah Big Dog. They already have a succession plan. Line up for 2018 – President Najib, Deputy president Hishammuddin, top VP Khairy Jamaluddin. That’s their succession plans.

    Sungai Limau? Forget it lah. BN will lose at the Pas stronghold and they will blame it on Mukhriz.

    Well, you are an Umno member. I’m not. So, good luck to you and Umno.


    • You sarcastic against Najib et al, arr, Annie? If so, I wanna echo your sarcasm.

      I donna think that line up will materialize. Aiseh, 2nd timer Hishamuddin got only 100 votes against 1st timer Mukhriz 91 votes lar. Despite so many dirty tricks against Mukhriz. Hishamuddin’s usual wide smiles also disappeared when Zahid held his and Shafie’s hands for the cameras after the wins were announced.

      Mukhriz will sure contest again in 2018. For VP post at least. And at the 2009 UMNO Youth contest he got votes not much less than the publicly declared money-politics Khairy who became known as the “minority Ketua Pemuda” after that.

      And Khairy has announced this term is his last as Ketua Pemuda. So, he’ll contest in 2018 without the Pemuda name behind him.

      • What went wrong are it’s leadership who had been terrorize UMNO since 2008 , Malays who believe in it perjuangan must find ways to get rid all this leaders before they totally destroy UMNO. As what we see today there no alternative to perjuangan UMNO ,like it or not UMNO have to be save but the the transformation leaders of presents who are not transforming must go . Malay have no choice ,they cannot allowed the the present’s UMNO line up destroy UMNO.

        Melayu who believe in perjuangan UMNO ,jangan patah semangat ,it’s the leadership that stink’s ,not UMNO.

  2. I stand corrected.

    Now all hell is going to break loose. What now for umno?

    Umno is irrelevant. Struggle of the malays? More of struggle for personal gain.

    So whats the deal?

    Were those who voted equally stupid or was this a sham and rigged?

    If hishamuddin won fair and square, what are the implications?

    • Agreed agreed agreed.
      The conspiracy has work successfully.
      UMNO am sure is getting weaker.
      FITNAH is the order of the day.
      It is getting dirty from day to day.
      Difficult to belief, the crockett are elected as leaders.

      • That UMNO logo at the top of this post actually has the words “‘Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya”?

        If so, no longer true, isn’t it?

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  4. The electoral college system used to elect top posts in UMNO may have resulted in status quo as it is not about direct election by the 145,000 voters but through their divisions. Hishamuddin had won but it’d be interesting to see if he garnered more votes then MM.

    The transformation call was just hogwash and the status quo will just perpetuate the same old players at the UMNO top echelon. So, indeed there is nothing rejuvenating and fresh about the outcome of UMNO elections. Stale old bread being served.

    • UMNO has admitted to money politics long ago. Two of the VP candidates were found guilty and banned from holding party office for many years. But one got away – the UMNO Youth Head was also found guilty before the party elections in 2009 but, allegedly through money politics, got elected then. Many have alleged the same money politics had got him re-elected the previous Saturday.

      The electoral college system is perhaps easier for those wanting to use money politics. Just deal with the Ketua Bahagian. 191 of them, not necessarily 146,500 of them voters. If money politics continues, many Ketua Bahagians will be rich and powerful, although some already are since before. Warlord-ism will become entrenched in UMNO politics.

      As things are now, the average UMNO member has very poor chances to rise. The top posts, even at Supreme Council level, will favour the millionaires.

      Wonder what the Disciplinary Board headed by Tengku Ahmad Rithauddin will do.


  6. Third rank VP is PM cousin mahhh! Two is company!!!

  7. Sccession plan ffor this blogger means if Mukhriz Mahathir won the battel of the mind of UMNO people. Mukhriz failed in his first attempt to wrestle the Ketua Pemuda and yet again he failed in his attempt to get through the VP post. So he must b a borne loser. Otherwise it seems UMNO is left yet to become a GOP party. So this blogger must be an ardent admirer of one of the nation’s longest PM who left and returned to the UMNO fold as he so wished.

    • How honest are you, Abe? How much reading and knowledge of UMNO politics and politics in general do you have? Or are you an Oppo hippo?

      Didn’t read about money politics? And the hideous sabotaging tactics used at the UMNO elections this time? Including a fake Facebook account in the name of TS Muhyiddin stating at 8.30 am on voting day yesterday that Mukhriz was disqualified as a candidate by UMNO Disciplinary Board?

      What the ….

    • Hishammuddin received 99 votes and Mukhriz 90.

      However, Mukhriz won more of the popular votes, garnering 54,020 votes, compared to Hishammuddin’s 53,529.

      The Star at noon 20.10.13.

  8. BigDog,

    Mukhriz should hold his head up. Although he was playing a game of cricket against tacticians of a few major NFL teams, he almost made it in a contest of unequals against a well entreched incumbents.

    He fought his battle alone, unlike Hishamuddin who did ‘strategic alliances’ with Shahrizat and KJ. This on top the event with Tuanku Pahang.

    And please dont tell us that you dont believe that there is no ‘instructions’ (wahyu) from Numero Uno to “Maintain status quo”. Its evidently clear by the conduct of Ku Nan and Rauf.

    They wont be acting on their own initiatives for not ‘expressed wishes’ of their Boss.

    Your trepidation is shared by so many like minded observers. I’m sure by party hardliners too. Coupled with the greed for people like KJ for power, Umno would see being turned away even by traditional conservatives.

    Most of the voters that gave Umno the 88 seat mandate six months ago are the sort of conservatives that have the Alif Baa Taa close to their hearts and even closer since this recent Court of Appeal ruling.

    Its an interesting game to watch as it unravels. Especially by bulldozing tacticians who have very little understanding of the pulse of the average Malay on the ground. Blue bloods usually don’t. They just want to give handouts, as their way of appreciating the commoners.

  9. apa yang kau merapu ni zakhir!

    orang dah buat pilihan, hormatilah. memanglah kau nak mukhriz naik tapi dia boleh tunggu 3 tahun lagi. kau yang tak boleh tunggu. umno perlu ada gabungan tua dan muda, kalau semua orang muda mcm kau pimpin umno, parti ni boleh tumbang sebab sifat rakus dan tamak kuasa dalam diri korang!

    • Ada ke blog ini mempersoalkan pengiraan dan penjumlahan undi?

      Persoal masa depan dan kedudukan strategik parti maknanya ‘Tak hormat keputusan pemilihan’?

      Kalau tak faham artikel ni, bagi tau saja lah. Nanti kita usahakan dialih bahasa dan dipermudahkan penyampaian. Jangan mudah tuduh ‘Tak hormat keputusan pemilihan’. Sungguh tak intelektual!

    • Hahaha, melayupandai?

      Tamak kuasa dalam kumpulan Big Dog? Merepek le kau. Tuding jari tu ke muka korang sendiri le. Korang yang sanjung tinggi si Khairy. Tak kisah dia politik wang punya orang.

      Bukan saja tamak kuasa. Juga tamak umur. Nak jadi PM sabelom umur 40. Sekang dah tak dapat. Sebab dah umur 38. Kata orang, dah tukar matlamat – dari 40 ke 50 pulak! Betul ke?

      Yang UMNO boleh tumbang tu sebab politik wang macam dia le.

  10. Today i no longer have confidence in umno!! BN is likely to lose in PRU14.
    They undermine the power of those non umno malays who voted for them.

    • Remember that there is no other viable alternative out there, Mister.

      The Opposition parties, either collectively or individually, will cause havoc to this country, cause another race riot like DAP did in 1969, sell the country to the Neocons, Jews and Zionists like Anwar has been doing, make the country stagnant like PAS been doing to Kelantan.

      • And how confident are we that umno is not doing the same?

        The boat that we thought had some ilk of hope is hijacked. Done.

        So what now?

      • Reasonably confident. 56 years of rule have not doomed it.

        Fine, if we can get a better UMNO. For me, I’ll take the better of 2 evils. Or the best of 10-12 evils if based on individual parties, not coalitions.

        What now is to keep whacking the wrongs and praise the good. Hobson’s choice maybe. But Hobson doesn’t give any other choice. Lousy fellow.

      • well as they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        umno is at the second stage.

        who is going to challenge najib? his yes guys are all over the place.

        umno is united to serve his silly purpose(s).

        at least if it was PKR and co., sad as i may be, there will be struggle(s).

        the outcome of this is not any good for anyone. everyone is in the same boat as najib. so who is going to open his eyes and question his silly plans?

        at this rate, it might suit the needs of the oppo. to just lay down and stay silent. why waste ammo when your enemy is killing themselves?

        the oppo. is needed to provide check and balance. but would anyone blame them if they just stayed quiet and rolled along?

        SAD DAY

  11. Umno top leaders are for themselves first. Then only the party even though they have posts.

    The fact is very clear. With the exception of Mukhriz, none of the VP incumbents and asiprants bothered at all about Sg Limau. Even though the battle readiness should be up since three weeks ago.

    They only look forward when their interests are served and they get what they want, first. No buts!

    Self centrism prevail over perjuangan. This is not ‘Melayu Mudah Lupa’. This is ‘Melayu Tamak Haloba’.

  12. Now is a very good time for PAS to seriously consider to get out of Pakatan Rakyat. Many grassroot Malays are disappointed with the outcome of the recent UMNO election where the likes of Sahrizat, KJ and Hishammudin are retained. These disappointed Malays will join PAS in droves and PAS will be in Putrajaya this PRU14. Belief me.

    • You mean they won’t join PAS so long as PAS is still in PR?

      Maybe they are already thinking so. Let’s see their Muktamar this November. The Ulama faction people are fighting the so-called Erdogan faction that’s very pro-PR. Nik Aziz doesn’t want Mat Sabu already.

      • Yeap……
        BYE UMNO.

      • Leave Pakatan first lah.

        Then see how many will join.

  13. Sad, because at the moment only Mukhriz alone can be seen outspoken in championing the Malay agenda.

    It seems that KJ is eventually right though, liberal and progressive agenda has prevailed. Not sure if UMNO will continue to fight for the struggle of the Malays as it is deemed as regressive agenda to them.

    It certainly seems that UMNO top leadership care more about retaining their position. I guess that they believe the Malays will continue to vote for UMNO no matter what, and its the vote of non-Malays that they require in order to retain their position in the next general election.

  14. Di luar di ajak ber transformasi…
    Di dalam di arah kan jaga status quo…
    Mukriz kalah bergaya…
    Hisham menang ber gulana

    Tanpa arahan kj dan kak jat..
    Najib dan hisham terkapai kapai…

  15. If what I heard and understand are correct, then it is a sad day for the Malays.

    Apparently support and influence can still be bought at a price.

    Those hell bent on staying in power are willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how dirty it is, even at the expanse of UMNO future/survival. They seem oblivious to the aspiration of the voters who are watching this election closely and will decide their fate in the “real” election/GE.

    We all know that politics is about perception. How does voting a widely perceived “weak” minister at the expanse of a popular candidates among the youngsters (who will make up a big portion of voters in GE 14) back into power help UMNO? How could key leaders who are perceived to throw their support behind such character inspire confidence among the rest of the populations? And please do not assumed that the rakyat are not aware of all this gerrymandering and will not make their own conclusion.

    I have this funny feeling that the Malays especially the younger voters will not see much hope in UMNO anymore. I just spoke to some of them and that sentiments is strong. Today the only reason that keep UMNO in power is the offensive view the Malays have against the chauvinistic, seditious and subversive Chinese. Unless those Min Yuen keep shooting themselves in their foot, the Malays will not see any reason to support UMNO and will punish the party in the next election.

    UMNO/BN kalah >> PR menang >> Anwar/DAP dapat kuasa >> ada pemimpin UMNO yang akan kena dakwa >> masuk penjara.

    Look at what happened to Sarkozy, Berlusconi and others.

    But then again by the look of things, may be they deserve it. Its their own doing anyway.

  16. Najib’s “Transformasi” Call has met the same fate as the 1Malaysia Call. What Nexts? We’ll have to wait and see what Najib’s Con Sultans will come up with.

  17. Anwar is the happiest person now for his final battle.Good lucks

  18. actually the real credible candidate for umno vp is tok pa , idris jusoh and rahman dahlan, they show the potentials but the system did not allows it , zahid, hisham and shafie just could not meet the criteria of a leader of the future. so umno need to do something to remedy the selection process so that their best could be at the right slot……………

  19. may be hard to believe now, but this actually can be a good thing for MM.

    these are just battle scars that will carry him through for the long run.

    when you think about it, many of the incumbents all had quite easy passages in their political lives; either riding the coat tails of their predecessors & sponsors or they were all swept upwards during the ‘golden age’ where umno was once a popular defacto party for the malays.

    those were the days….some of the incumbents were even anointed, a formula that strangely works in the malay mind.

    so by losing the vp race, MM gains the title of an underdog and a clean fighter.

    and everyone loves the underdog. his time will come.

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  21. My only hope is for PERKASA non-UMNO member to contest in Malay majority areas or even where Malays form 50% of the total eligible voters and give Najib/Hishamudin/KJ’s UMNO a run for their money. Even if it leads to chaos, who cares????? UMNO members could care less after all they chose a tainted KP and a VP who cannot stand on his own two feet and still got his VP by just a whisker

    • I know you are angry, my friend. But don’t say who cares if it leads to chaos lah.

      We just keep on whacking them, bro. Batu pun di titik air lama lama lekok juga.

  22. “A few of the current Vice Presidents voted in are of doubtful integrity and credibility and majority of the rakyat see them as nothing but ‘Tainted’ and even ‘Corrupt’. –

    Yes. The Youth and Wanita Chiefs. And they were “The President’s Men”. Suddenly appointed as Minister after 4 years of being ignored and as Women’s Adviser after resigning her cabinet post – just before the party elections.

    Rosak UMNO, rosak. Teruk le Melayu di buat depa.

  23. “UMNO has also been seen as no longer focused to champion the Malay issues and agenda.” –

    Not only “not focused”, they are even seen as deviating from the original aims and objectives of those who formed UMNO 67 years ago – to protect and promote the rights and the interests of the Malays.

    It cannot be so when the agenda is rushing to an advanced status for Malaysia irrespective of the economic position of the Malays, without regard for their ability to compete in the open field and not aggressively implementing the NEP to achieve satisfactory levels of ownership in the corporate sector and all other sectors of the economy.

    Expecting the Malays to fend for themselves in the fierce competition when the Malays have no culture of doing business, have a huge handicap behind the Chinese who have thousands of years of doing business – the Malays had only a culture of barter trading (berdagang), exchange of goods, no timbang menimbang, no fixing of prices and ambil untung, a practice still adopted right to even the end of the 19th Century. This has been said so often but the UMNO leaders don’t seem to care. .

  24. This fella still doesn’t want to accept the fact that he was a weak and incompetent.The fact that he lasted 5 years which he saw fit to brag about was because people tolerated him and because he was there at the behest of his cousin. So, please mull over the criticisms by the people instead of defending an indefensible folly. He was lucky to win because electoral college system helped him. This status quo team can bring change? What change and for whose benefits? If they could bring change, they could have done it already. But this is the same status quo team that needed ‘ talian hayat’ from Malay voters to deliver 88 parlimen seats to them. So, don’t talk as if they know more than the Malays who had supported them. This status quo team can start off by implementing in full force all that has been promised by Majlis Ekonomi Bumiputera.

    • Thank you.

      We were the first to criticize PM Najib’s Bumiputera Economic Agenda.

      It is something seen as a good set of dishes being served to the Malays. However, there are serious fundamental issues why these dishes cannot be consumed and realised.

      So what’s the point of doing good and goodness eventually doesn’t reach the much needed target group?

  25. Kadir Jasin and Tun Daim was absolutely correct in their GE 13 prediction. I hate to say this, but I agree with him – again!

    Umno is unable to bring change and just like the dodo bird, will soon become extinct, wrote the former group chief editor of Umno-controlled New Straits Times.

    He wrote that whether there were 2,000 or 140,000 delegates who took part in the just-concluded Umno polls, it was obvious that the party could not make the leap forward as it could not elect a fresh line-up of future leaders.

    For Kadir, the only consolation in the Umno vice-presidential race is that those who were accused of being involved in money politics previously have been rejected.

    According to Kadir, while the status quo for the VP line-up was a good sign for Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the same could not be said for the party. This is because it could not vote in a new generation of leaders except for a few who made it to the supreme council.

    Re-elected vice-president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s big win also puts him as the third in line to succession in Umno, after Najib and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, said Kadir.

    As such, Kadir would discount the possibility that Ahmad Zahid, who is the Home Minister, could turn from being a trusted ally to challenger for the top post.

    He noted that Ahmad Zahid’s stern stance on crime and national security differed from Najib’s liberal image.

    Ahmad Zahid’s approach steered clear from Najib’s liberalism, something which Malays and Umno members shun, Kadir added.

    Kadir, a loyalist of former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, then took a swipe at Najib for abolishing preventive laws such as the Internal Security Act and Emergency Ordinance, which he said resulted in a spike in crime.

    He said there was the possibility of a new alliance between Ahmad Zahid and re-elected Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin to further the former’s political ambitions.

    Khairy, explained Kadir, can ensure Ahmad Zahid receives more support being the Youth chief, adding that votes from the Youth wing would come in handy in the future.

    The alliance would also be relevant given the duo’s very different backgrounds and approaches. Ahmad Zahid could be the champion of the Malays and a local hero, while Khairy could be the savvy spokesman in the international arena.

    Kadir said the fact that so many ministers and deputy ministers were now elected to the supreme council line-up meant that they would not be able to speak out on behalf of the Malays.

    He added that only a handful in the line-up did not have high posts. And if these individuals could be sweet-talked, it would mean a total absence of independent voices for the Malays in the supreme council.

    Kadir warned that there will now be only those who act as “yes men and women” to the party president.

    He lamented the lack of young blood in the party line-up, and reminded about the negative perception of the new generation towards Umno.

    This, he wrote, clearly distinguished Umno from PKR, PAS and DAP which have many young leaders as well as a second echelon who are well-grounded in research and debate. – October 20, 2013.

  26. Big Dog
    We must move on n get ready for the next battle. Let’s regroup and persevere to UBAH from inside n outside.
    May the force be with MM !

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