Consorting with the enemy

DAP ADUN for Pandungan Wong Kin Wei

DAP ADUN for Pandungan Wong Kin Wei

Our favourite PEMANDU girl is back into the cybersphere limelight or more aptly, in the line of fire. This time, it has been said that she is expected to attend an excursion program to expose selected young Malaysians, shortlisted by the US Department of State via  the nomination from the US Embassy here in Jalan Tun Razak.

It is believed amongst those who are selected by the US Government to attend this program is DAPSY Vice Chairman for Sarawak and ADUN for Pandungan Wong Kin Wei.

They are a select few who would are expected to be attending this International Visitor Leadership Program by US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in Washington D.C.. sometime in November. They would be exposed to several US Government agencies of the philosophy and in the methods of doing things.

Farah Intan posted her 'very personal' photos in social media network and accessible for public consumption

Farah Intan posted her ‘very personal’ photos in social media network and accessible for public consumption

Farah Intan Burhanuddin, an analyst for the NKRA with PEMANDU would be in all the discourses with the Americans and YB Wong in this program, to discuss amongst other things methods employed by the public sector to prevent corruption, encourage ethical leadership and transparency, responsibility and accountability.

She was in the cybersphere spotlight about seven weeks ago about her lifestyle and inadequate qualification and competency to be where she is. However, PEMANDU clarified against the reports. However, Bloggers demanded for more clarification in many other issues.

However, the blog report about PEMANDU officers sabotaging BN has not been addressed.

Now, Farah as an analyst with PEMANDU is attending a course organised by the US Government with a DAPSY leader and ADUN. She and her employers must be mindful of the events and activities that he is attending and committed herself to even though the department did not officially dispatch her for this program in Washington D.C.

CEO for PEMANDU Dato’ Ser Idris Jalan, who is a Cabinet member

PEMANDU leadership and officers must be mindful that they are civil servants and the department is a very strategic unit under the Prime Minister’s Department. What they do, who they meet and what they talk or even perceived to be talking about is very important to the confidence of majority of the rakyat towards the Malaysian Government.

More over, PEMANDU is a department created by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak for his ‘Transformation Plan’.

Confidence and eventually trust are very valuable political currencies for any leadership to continue of getting support and most importantly, votes from the rakyat. If people with very strategic duties and responsibilities in strategic organisation within the Federal Government and worse still in Prime Minister’s Department are not observant of sensitivities and perception even in involvements of non official arrangements, then they must be ready to be blamed when their chips are down.

Consorting with the enemy is a definite ‘No, No!”. Regardless how the explanation, justification and rationalisation that comes later.

*Updated Sunday 27 October 0200hrs

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