Consorting with the enemy

DAP ADUN for Pandungan Wong Kin Wei

DAP ADUN for Pandungan Wong Kin Wei

Our favourite PEMANDU girl is back into the cybersphere limelight or more aptly, in the line of fire. This time, it has been said that she is expected to attend an excursion program to expose selected young Malaysians, shortlisted by the US Department of State via  the nomination from the US Embassy here in Jalan Tun Razak.

It is believed amongst those who are selected by the US Government to attend this program is DAPSY Vice Chairman for Sarawak and ADUN for Pandungan Wong Kin Wei.

They are a select few who would are expected to be attending this International Visitor Leadership Program by US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in Washington D.C.. sometime in November. They would be exposed to several US Government agencies of the philosophy and in the methods of doing things.

Farah Intan posted her 'very personal' photos in social media network and accessible for public consumption

Farah Intan posted her ‘very personal’ photos in social media network and accessible for public consumption

Farah Intan Burhanuddin, an analyst for the NKRA with PEMANDU would be in all the discourses with the Americans and YB Wong in this program, to discuss amongst other things methods employed by the public sector to prevent corruption, encourage ethical leadership and transparency, responsibility and accountability.

She was in the cybersphere spotlight about seven weeks ago about her lifestyle and inadequate qualification and competency to be where she is. However, PEMANDU clarified against the reports. However, Bloggers demanded for more clarification in many other issues.

However, the blog report about PEMANDU officers sabotaging BN has not been addressed.

Now, Farah as an analyst with PEMANDU is attending a course organised by the US Government with a DAPSY leader and ADUN. She and her employers must be mindful of the events and activities that he is attending and committed herself to even though the department did not officially dispatch her for this program in Washington D.C.

CEO for PEMANDU Dato’ Ser Idris Jalan, who is a Cabinet member

PEMANDU leadership and officers must be mindful that they are civil servants and the department is a very strategic unit under the Prime Minister’s Department. What they do, who they meet and what they talk or even perceived to be talking about is very important to the confidence of majority of the rakyat towards the Malaysian Government.

More over, PEMANDU is a department created by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak for his ‘Transformation Plan’.

Confidence and eventually trust are very valuable political currencies for any leadership to continue of getting support and most importantly, votes from the rakyat. If people with very strategic duties and responsibilities in strategic organisation within the Federal Government and worse still in Prime Minister’s Department are not observant of sensitivities and perception even in involvements of non official arrangements, then they must be ready to be blamed when their chips are down.

Consorting with the enemy is a definite ‘No, No!”. Regardless how the explanation, justification and rationalisation that comes later.

*Updated Sunday 27 October 0200hrs

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  1. Pemandu should be dissolved as it has not contributed much to the devt of the nation. The economy has gotten worse, subsidies being harassed for dismantling , rich have become richer and ordinary folks have been given a raw deal by the govt bad and mismatched policies. Pemandu officers are people who have not the slightest clue on the economic sociology and the sociology of the economy of Malaysia. They are over rated and their credentials are anyone’s guess. Who brought them into the nation’s management in the first place when there are highly qualified and experienced technocrat civil servants to assist the govt to think of and formulate appropriate and the correct policies. Of course stupid and naive young chicos in Pemandu can become favourite target of foreign elements. Frankly, I have lost faith in the ability of this PM to lead this country. If he is smart, he would have disbanded pemandu right after GE13.

    • So, let’s get this straight.

      You are supporting open-ended subsidies, regardless of their efficacy?

      I wonder what school of economics taught you that?

      Why don’t you ask the government why it didn’t significantly reduce corporate and personal income taxes and reduce the size of a bloated bureaucracy?

      And we haven’t started talking about competitiveness and the role of private sector investment, or how long Petronas can continue to be the golden calf supporting the economy.

      • What do you mean by subsidy efficacy? If there were loopholes, it should be up to the implementers to rectify it but it does not mean giving subsidies as a form of fair distribution of the wealth of the nation are to be blamed and vilified. From what economic school do you come from? Neoliberalist type obviously. And please explain the term open ended subsidy that you saw fit to drag into your comments because in Malaysia subsidies have been mainly on essential items. Malaysians don’t get subsidies on cars, houses, eating
        in restaurants. So to describe the giving of subsidies to selected items as creating dependency mentality could only come from capitalists who have no conscience except to squeeze others to the max as long as they could make money without regard for the socio economic implications of the nation.

      • I agree with postgrad. Kaladin has not explained himself at all, merely makes accusatory comments like the usual Oppo hippos’ “wild,unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”,

        And he has not said what school of economics taught him to ask those questions and state such opinions. And he hasn’t stated much of an opinion anyway.

      • What’s wrong with this Kaladin? What inefficient ‘open-ended subsidies’ is he/she barking about? I think this person suffers from chronic Lehman-itis. Why would you want the government to reduce corporate and income taxes, then harping about Petronas’ role in supporting the Malaysian economy? Which oppo leader taught you to give such inane and contradictory statement in one swoop?

        If my memory serves me right, it wasn’t the government leaders that mooted the idea of FREE tertiary education and the abolishment of PTPTN. That sounds like a subsidy to me and can also reduce competitiveness spirit of future graduates. Oh my Gucci, penyakit apa Kaladin ni?

    • The pm is not smart. I think we should all have to learn and accept that part. Jib is bringing the house down. This guy is just plain baffling. I dont even think he reads. If i were pm every night before i hit the bed, i would go through all the comment sections on blogs and see what my value on the street is.

      Collect and treasure all you can because this ship is taking water pretty fast.

      • He did say publicly before PRU13 that even his wife was blaming him for checking comments from the public before sleeping.

        Unfortunately, he may be checking only the endearing Ah Jib Gor comments in Facebook and his 1Malaysia blog.

        And a few of the “Dear Ah Jib Gor” comments would already have lulled him to sleep.

        He is different from the “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” Tun Dol, isn’t he? He is the “Dear Ah Jib Gor and go to sleep” kind.

      • true that bro. true that. if only he takes a peek in here. this place has a lot of good-minded people who are very well versed.

        if he wanted to find out his true value, all he needs is to look in here as i feel that a significant number of those that are offline or are reading in silence actually feel the same way some of the commentators feel and write.

        sad that we have such a stupid pm. he should engage the right people and not the butt lickers that he likes so much.

      • He might be reading this blog – he would have known that BD started about the time when Tun Dr Mahathir took to blogging many years ago, BD now has over 5 million hits, doesn’t publish comments from products of Chinese schools with racist and childish talk, and puts out serious stuff in his posts.

        But I fear Najib not only engages the butt lickers but may himself be one. I agree that he likes so much the comments addressed to Ah Jib Gor that he entertained them not only in replies wherever possible but also in giving financial aids to Chinese schools, scholarships to Chinese students, despite the fact that the Chinese community has so many millionaire donors for scholarships etc that UTAR refused RM30 million donation 1-2 years ago and Robert Kuok just announced RM100 million donation to a Chinese University in Selangor last week or so.

        Najib may be after a legacy of being a liberal, a PM for all races, a man for all seasons, making Malaysia a developed nation even ahead of the targeted 2020, irrespective of the Bumiputera economic position in the country. In the process, the Malays are merely incidental. You announce the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment just before the party elections nominations, got uncontested, then you leave it to transformers, transformationers, PEMANDU whatever, never mind widening the beneficiaries among the Bumiputeras. Siapa cepat dia dapat, siapa dekat (to the decision makers) dia dapat.

        But I suspect a latent disagreement among the key movers of his transformation program – not all the PTD Officers are enthusiastic about policies aimed at speedy developed nation status no matter what – he had to select an Officer over the heads of several more senior others to the post of Chief Secretary to the Government, and in the process demoralized the Home and Foreign Service. And he had to create a new Department, PEMANDU, to move things faster.

        And I wonder if the PEMANDU analyst selected by the US Embassy is a PTD Officer – certainly lacking in maturity, decorum and decency from the photos she posted on her Facebook, unbecoming of PTD Officers. Well, Najib is the boss. And we can continue criticizing so long as he is in power.

      • could it be that he is being such a dick and too stupid most of the time towards the malays due to reading some of the hurtful comments that he finds in this blog (taking into account he actually comes here)?

        maybe its because he cant read chinese and see how the chinese are laughing their ass off at him (merely speculation on my part as i feel the chinese too are thinking that jib ah gor is so stupid).

        and i doubt he can actually achieve 2020 for all of us. i would argue that most chinese are already 2020. most malays and indians are not. what he is trying to do is just make the chinese 2040 while the malays and indians declining to the 1980s.

        i fear a day the malays will retreat to wearing bell bottoms if jib is still messing around town.

        pemandu is baffling in many aspects. just shows you what a dumb guy jib is. he had all the resources in human capital and instruments, yet this idiot comes out and tries to “outsource” everything. and still spa are hiring m41’s by the shitload. what for jib? you have pemandu right?

      • An Army cannot march without soldiers. Generals alone cannot do the job of winning battles.

        So with the “lethargy” of the Civil Service (mostly Malays) to “transform” policies that are not specific in the Malay agenda, Najib out-sourced? Consultants, PEMANDU, Etc?

        If so, kamon Lim Kit Siang, don’t complain about the RM212 million bill for out-sourcing. Najib been trying to please you people by not relying too much on the Civil Service which insists on the Malay agenda at the forefront, and out-sourced so that the Malay agenda is muted or side-lined and the Chinese can get what they want. Logical?

        You people should thank Najib and encourage him to do more of those.

      • One quite famous artiste (forgot the name) said artistes can live longer if they don’t read what movie/ stage critics write. I think the same for politicians although perhaps they are less emotional.

        Politics in developing countries are often of the gutter kind. Increasingly so even in developed countries – US even had to close down the government for periods of time! Imagine, theoretically the Government doesn’t function!

        So, Najib would have been dead from heart attacks if he had dwelled on the kind of shit thrown at him. I imagine he just runs through very quickly with his fingers the writings that attract his attention, then tell himself, Ah, it takes all sorts to make this world. I am one of those sorts but I have to win votes to day, to morrow, next day and so on.

        Even kena Chinese tsunami he doesn’t seem to care much. He got the “votes” clinched by making Khairy a Minister, “double e” the CEO of Tabung Haji, Shahrizat an Adviser with the rank of Minister. And they all in UMNO didn’t contest him. And he lives happily for another 3-6 years. And the Mad magazine character says, “What Me Worry?”

  2. I am curious – are you complaining about the US State Department program (see, I’ve even used American spelling) or the fact that State has selected an Opposition politician to attend the program or that a Pemandu staffer will be participating in the program alongside the said Opposition politician?

    It seems to me that you think that people are easily brainwashed. Malaysians especially.

    Wisma Putra could have told State that such programs are not welcome and that Malaysians are barred from participating therein.

    Why didn’t they?

    It seems to me that the PM has no hangups about the US.

    But, maybe, certain bloggers do!

    • What are you up to? Nitpicking ? Yo! It is not about brainwashing or not. It is about the ability of foreign elements to profile individuals as soft target, hence their attempts to court or cultivate rapport with soft targets for exploitation. It can be in any form – special invitations to courses, programmes, study tour , discussions. How do you know WP knew about the invitation? Does it?

      • No, everyone knows PM has no hangups about the US. So what? Who cares about what hang ups he has. This country doesn’t belong to PM alone.

      • I agree with postgrad. There is no proof that Wisma Putra is aware about the State Department invitation. Furthermore, why would State want to inform the WP if the programme is funded by American taxpayers? No obligation lah. Any Malaysian is free to join but if a civil servant wishes to accept such an invitation, he/she would have to apply for official leave/permission to join and of course to his/her superiors, not WP. Fikir lebih sikit lah, rasa macam nak ketuk je guna Louboutin ni!

    • Pointing out your American spelling shows you think Americans are right all the time? Seems to me that you are easily brainwashed – to the extent of using American spelling!

      You have a peculiar sense of what’s right or wrong, don’t you? Instead of explaining the good out of the program, you just say that because Wisma Putra doesn’t object, therefore it must be good?

      Then the uncalled for accusation again. Wonder what kind of people you mix with and if they can tolerate your repugnant behaviour – accusatory statements in each of your comments.

      You are good only for coffee shops and canteen chats, aren’t you? See, I don’t even accuse you, I merely ask you.

  3. Never minds lah ,it’s OK lah it does show how the US concern and take Malaysia within their arms.

    • US even bugged the mobile phone of German Chancellor , Angela Merkel. Maybe the US by your interpretation cares for Angela Merkel? Hmm..which other world leaders mobile phones are bugged by the US spying intelligence?

    • It’s naive to think that the US does not have any declared or undeclared foreign policy objectives in anything done by their Government departments or agencies, even their NGOs. Read about the American Peace Corps and how they were used to provide feedback on “situation on the ground” or “in the field” in countries of their interest, especially in “hostile countries”.

      Read also about their CIA operations – overt and covert activities, information getting, information disseminating (otherwise known as propaganda in its various forms, including brainwashing, getting such results as Kaladin using American spelling and perhaps thinking everything American is good – and without even explaining why so!).

      Now that China is on the ascendancy economically, politically and militarily, the containment of China is uppermost in the American foreign policy objective. This may even be manifested in bringing selected people from overseas to US, not just to attend seminars but to “live with” American hosts trained in the art of getting the likes of Kaladin to use American spelling! While I agree with that containment of China objective, it doesn’t mean that everything they do is right.

      But if they are trying to “brainwash” the China-leaning DAP blokes like the DAP ADUN (Lim Guan Eng officiated the opening of a building named Sun Yat Sen who had nothing to do with Malaysia except being harboured in Penang during the revolution that made China a Republic, and China is opening a Consulate there), I don’t mind it at all. But why invite the PEMANDU Officer? And “if the department did not officially dispatch her for this program in Washington D.C”, there must be some cock-eyed blokes in that department and in the usual approving authority – the Public Services Dept.

      • Najib sure to very proud that Pemandu is recognize by the US , what a great achievement for Najib.

      • Alo alo, creating a department in your government is an achievement?

        Then the Oppo hippos say bloating the civil service. What ta ….

      • I agree with Isa. When it comes to international relations and foreign policy, there is no such thing as free lunch. The same as there’s no such thing as a 50% discount on a Birkin. Hermes would rather lick sandpaper than use the word ‘discount’.

  4. “an analyst for the NKRA with PEMANDU .. and (DAP) Wong .. to discuss amongst other things methods employed by the public sector to prevent corruption, encourage ethical leadership and transparency, responsibility and accountability.”

    Possible scenario: DAP Wong accuses, the analyst confirms? Haba Haba.

    But seriously, what does the analyst do at PEMANDU? Is she of sufficient knowledge, experience, seniority and maturity to know all that’s going on in the public sector? No, judging by her Facebook postings, as BD conveyed above. Yes, agree it looks like sabotaging BN.

    Said to be selected by the US Embassy – Anwarul Al Juburi has a hand in this? Considering a former US Ambassador had a lot of praise for him and pretty strong condemnation against the BN government.

    “the blog report about PEMANDU officers sabotaging BN has not been addressed” – Is Idris Jala aware about this? Surely he does. Does he and Najib want this as an example of liberalism and transparency – US Embassy free to select and PEMANDU Officer free to tell about MACC and other attempts at preventing corruption etc?

    • The US will be disappointed by the answers they are going to get from these 2 Malaysian greenhorns who have not enough years to dig into a nation’s complex management and existence. The Pemandu staff will probably tell the forum – I can see Russia from my house window and China from my side door. An the Dapsy young chico will probably say – I don’t quite know exactly if corruption means giving or taking.

  5. So if the US likes Pemandu, people have to applaude Najib,eh? How very laughable. Like as if Najib has to be approved by US, is it? He should then run for politics in the US along side Sarah Pailin or Obama which ever camp he chooses. It is actually very amusing that there are some Malaysians who look at the US as the marker of Malaysia’s report card.

  6. What can we learn from US Obama’ s administration and “I have a dream” . Nothing great I guess.. struggling even to get his staff being paid and trillions in debt.

  7. There is only one word for this. ‘ SUBVERSION ‘.

  8. […] Ulasan mengenainya saya baca didalam sebuah blog  yang memaparkan bagaimana ianya berlaku dalam era transformasi yang dilancarkan oleh DS Najib. Seterusnya […]

  9. And it was shown on TV3 news how KSN puji melangit Pemandu and numero uno for Malaysia’s no.6 ranking in the world by World Bank in the category of best place to do business. Yeah right, but do these people ever asked if that ranking has benefitted ordinary Malaysians or if it only kowtow to foreign companies. Msia is ranked no.1 in terms of easy access to credit by foreign businesses. My question is if these foreign businesses need local credit to operate business here, they must be tight on money. So, what’s the big deal eh? Imagine the govt and BNM imposed a credit squeeze on households in Malaysia yet the govt jumped with joy at being no.1 in giving easy credit to foreign businesses. Another excessive act of liberal capitalism. So, if that’s what that matters to the current govt, it must be out of its rational thinking. If it cannot take care of the well
    being of the local people first it is not fit to be there. Much talk about transformation without addressing the real time and current socio economic needs of the people. Everything is planned in terms of future . That should be fine if it is connected substantially to here
    and now. But no…cut subsidy for the sake of the future, households can’t borrow for the sake of future. The sake of future is selective. No emphasis on curbing unsustainable devt that destroys environment for the sake of future. If all plans are for the future, why not freeze and suspend the present and see if it leads to the future. There is seriously wrong with the economic related policies of the current govt.

    • Correction : Pemudah, not pemandu. And the report on doing business covers also local firms.

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