A proud nationalist

Today we would like to talk about Khaled Hadji Ibrahim. He is an Algerian performer and might we add, a very proud one. He shot to international fame with his number ‘Didi’, exactly 20 years ago.

The number won international fame, especially all over Europe. For the past twenty years, Cheb Khaled has been performing that song amongst other of his popular numbers over and over again in events, concerts and clubs.

The highlight is when he performed the song at the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, representing the Arab speaking Africans.

As everyone can see, Cheb Khaled never fail to bring the most important symbol of his origin and proud nation, the Algerian flag.

It is grossly unfathomable why there are ingrate Malaysians who benefited so much from this land of plenty, try so hard to demean the country and to a point of insulting the Jalur Gemilang.

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  1. And yet the proposed amendments to the Penal Code that call for mandatory jail sentences for vandalising and insulting the national flag have been withdrawn.

    I am perplexed. On the policy and decision making of the Najib Government. Is this a sign of the times? Kelang kabut? Another flip flopping of the Tun Dol kind? Remove ISA, amend PCA to include detention without trial for 2 years, renewable for another 2 years? Remove Sedition Act, people start being seditious on the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers etc, then amend some other Act to patch things up?

    “Insult to the Jalur Gemilang is best covered under the proposed National Harmony Act. Vandalism in general can be covered under local by-laws, but we need to reword Clause 33 to reflect more serious crimes first,” said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (de facto Law Minister?) Nancy Shukri.

    The point is: why the hell put up the amendment under the PCA in the first place. What’s wrong leaving them there, what adverse legal implications there would be? Just wanting it “best covered” by some other laws? Was Nancy Shukri consulted on the proposed amendments regarding the Jalur Gemilang? Is she really the de facto Law Minister as the newspapers make her out to be? If so, how come a decision was made on the amendments, tabled to Parliament, a heated debate ensued, and now withdrawn? For goodness sake, show your mettle. Be bloody firm. This is a matter of getting the “ingrates” (BD’s well chosen word) to respect the national flag and so many other things dear to us.

    True, whatever is submitted to Parliament can be opposed by the Opposition – it’s their damn bloody job to oppose. This sort of things would never have happened during Tun Dr Mahathir’s time. Of course BN had 2/3 majority then. But BN has a comfortable majority now, isn’t it? Don’t want the hassle of ensuring a majority being there at voting time? Or lembik lutut the moment they get shouted at by the Oppo hippos? Still trying to please the ingrates after the Chinese tsunami? And won’t this sort of things emboldened them to shout more and more to get the BN Government withdraw motions before Parliament? Won’t the Opposition not try to get the BN pass motion of the other kind there as well?

    • Agree with you. Najib govt is so kelam kabut. As bad as during Tun Dollah’s time. Flip flop. Half past six. No wonder last time Najib refused to challenge Tun Dollah, they are two of a kind!

      Earlier on I have faith that Najib will do well. But after PRU13, I have serious doubts of his abilities. He seemed clueless and his Ministers and right hand men are mostly dummies. There are some good ones of course but most are hot air only.

      As a person who voted for BN in PRU13, I am very disappointed with Najib’s performance so far. One blunder after the other!

  2. I wish Tun Dr Mahathir would start a move to get Najib out. Like he did on Pak Lah.

    But the problem may be that doing so might antagonize Najib and hurt Mukhriz’s chances of becoming VP and going further up.

    But then Mukhriz got more votes than Hishamuddin. Should TDM campaign against Najib, would it take way a lot of votes from Mukhriz at the next battle royale in 2016?

    • Anybody read any reliable analysis on “All the President’s men” winning the VP slots, Supreme Council and Ketua Bahagian posts on 12 October – how much of money politics? And the implications of Mukhriz winning more votes than Hishamuddin?

      I haven’t come across any. Apart from the nonsense the Opposition wrote. Anyone knows, please provide links here, txs.

      Apart from Mukhriz’s good performance, the interesting part was that there were also many new faces in the Supreme Council and the Ketua Bahagian/ Warlords posts. Was there any indication of the weakening of Najib’s position as President?

      Are there many of the Afghanistan kind of Warlords? Allowed poppy planting for opium etc? Or make money in other ways? Then engage in money politics.

      I have good regard for Ahmad Zahid. Wish he rules this country. The ingrates would not try to exploit us with him at the helm.

  3. “there are ingrate Malaysians who benefited so much from this land of plenty, try so hard to demean the country ..” –

    Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy – Jacques Maritain

  4. I think, it all has to do with money. That PPSMI flip-flop too, is also about money where Malay school books authors could earn a living. Ingrates will always crop-up more when the Malays are weak and disunite.
    If it’s not about money ‘APA’ would not have, sort of, ‘change his skin‘. He use to be very pissed-off with Pak Lah, but came back from Janda Baik, supporting Khairy and Sharizat and Hishammudin, to my disbelieve..

    Me, I’m fed-up and lost hope with UMNO after Mukhriz not making it to VP. Contemplating to support PAS if their delegates decide to do away with those Anwarinas among them and get the hell out of PR, this November’s Party Election.

    • I don’t think supporting PAS will solve the problem. Likely to be more problems.

      You’ll get berserk if guys like Mat Sabu gets voted as Timbalan Presiden again. An entire constituency rejected him at PRU13.

    • Mukhriz haha.KJ haha. UMNO perlu input dari luar.
      Its the malay bloggers who are fighting untuk melayu.
      yang lain sebuk cari makan.
      Ahli poiitik melayu akan lahir dari bloggers…mah. dulu dari utusan dan nst.

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