Bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh (or kawin lain)?

Riong Kali’s pro-Opposition news portal reported that Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who said that the Federal Government is weak because the support of the rakyat is not solid and firm, and “Has the tendency to accede to the demands of extremists in the opposition”

Dr M says Putrajaya is weak due to low support, pandering to opposition

OCTOBER 28, 2013

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic) today attacked the Najib administration as weak, saying it was pandering to extremists in the opposition and getting lesser support from the people.

The former prime minister has not criticised Datuk Seri Najib Razak since he took power in April 2009 and had praised him as better than Tun Abdullah Badawi.

“The political situation now is unstable because the perception is that the government is weak and the lunatic fringe now hold sway over politics in the country,” he said in Putrajaya today.

“We have a government that is weak because of weak support from the people, and with a tendency to accede to the demands of extremists in the opposition.

“The worst part is that they make extreme demands to unseat the government who can’t get rid of whatever they don’t like. But if you think that they will then say ‘thanks, we will support you now’, you are mistaken,” he added.

Najib is currently in London to attend the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF).

Speaking today on the topic of “Current Political Trends and their Impact on the Economic and Social Direction of Malaysia”, Dr Mahathir appealed to the “moderate majority” to have courage to speak their minds and at the same time for the government to pay more attention to the silent majority.

Dr Mahathir said there was no need for the government to entertain the demands of extremist groups.

He said the government must understand the thinking of the moderates and convince them to work together to promote stability.

“This is a clear example of politics impacting on the economy because when the government is seen as weak and entertains the demands of extremists, the growth of the country is in danger.

“I hope that the moderates will prevail. They must be brave enough to make choices, not in their own interests but for the good of the nation, for good politics and the good of society,” he added. – October 28, 2013.


Tun Dr. Mahathir often reminded that if the Malays’ support of the Federal Government is solid, then there would be strong confidence of crafting up strategic socio-economic development plans and programs, make decisions and eventually roll out the implementation.

Then there would no no room for pockets within the minority groups to be bold enough and stand up to sound out their demands, in the insulting and threatening tones and connotations that they have been doing.

The Malays as the majority are not united and as solid as they were, when the movement to fail Malayan Union in 1946 was galvanised and eventually UMNO was formed, and there on UMNO carrying the struggle for Kemerdekaan. The fragmentation within the Malays led to BN having to pander pander into all sorts of demands by the minority groups, because they are unable to rely on the Malays for the support to maintain power.

Then UMNO Youth Chief Hishamuddin Hussein was made to apologise for the ‘Keris drawn’ as part of the UMNO Youth Ceremony

As such, during the days of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as the Fifth Prime Minister and Sixth UMNO President, UMNO are not allowed to be bold even in their soundbites, to uphold their struggle of championing the Malay cause and issues. This is despite UMNO leaders and even the Malays have been systematically challenged if not insulted by the minority groups and extremists.

The situation digressed further as UMNO has not been seen able to continue the ‘struggle for the Malay cause and agenda’ and say the right things. At least to the eyes of the Malays.

Simultaneously, bold soundbites and effective campaign have shown the Malays started to be taken in to the Opposition struggle and drama. As such, the ‘Political Tsunami’ of 8 March 2008 happened. BN lost 5 + 1 states and for the first time, unable to have 2/3 majority in Dewan Rakyat from the position of 90% control of Parliament the term earlier.

Even UMNO did not stand up to protest in the defense of Utusan Malaysia

The majority of the Malays were not happy and in utter disappointment started to look out for NGOs instead, to carry on their hopes of ‘Struggle for the Malat cause and agenda’. Hence, PERKASA was formed four months after the fateful 12GE.

Some of the journos who were from Riong Kali dot com reported Gerakan Chief’s manipulation the facts about Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s stance on pro-Malay NGOs.

Najib is actually against Perkasa, claims Gerakan


Biz Updates From PR Newswire

Chang called on the Najib administration to reject all forms of extremist politics and named Perkasa specifically as an enemy of multi-racial Malaysia.Chang called on the Najib administration to reject all forms of extremist politics and named Perkasa specifically as an enemy of multi-racial Malaysia.KUALA LUMPUR,

Oct 26 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has never agreed with Perkasa’s extremist politics although his administration never openly admonished the Malay rights group, Gerakan interim president Datuk Chang Ko Youn said today.

He said in all of the party’s “dealings” with Najib, the prime minister has repeatedly expressed his opposition to Perkasa’s communal agenda despite not making the stand public.

“I’m not sure about criticising but in all of our dealings with the PM, he definitely doesn’t share their (Perkasa) wills,” Chang told a press conference after opening Gerakan’s congress here when asked what he felt about the government’s muted response to some of Perkasa’s extreme actions.

Earlier today, Chang in his opening speech called on the Najib administration to reject all forms of extremist politics and named Perkasa, specifically, as an enemy of multi-racial Malaysia.

Present at the congress was Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak who, in his opening speech, echoed Chang’s view that Barisan Nasional (BN) should reject racist politics.

But critics have questioned Najib’s seriousness for reforms as his government was seen flip-flopping on several pledges including backtracking on his vow to open up the economy to more non-Malay participation and improve civil liberties.

Recently the prime minister announced the return of race-based affirmative action policy in the New Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda and also introduced laws that would restore the state’s preventive powers in a move seen as pandering to conservative demands.

Analysts said Najib’s sudden hardline stand was merely aimed at averting a potential challenge to his position at the party polls but this reflected weak leadership and indecisiveness on his part, especially when forced to confront issues concerning Malaysia’s growing polarisation.

Chong said BN has deviated from its original ideology of inclusiveness and that it must now fight towards restoring the “Spirit of Independence” in charting policies that would benefit not only one race, but for all.

He claimed this co-operative spirit was embodied in the politics of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Malaysian prime minister, who was also known to reject the politics of race.

“Tunku never backed down when facing extremism and communalism, because he felt that the only way for a country to move forward is for each rakyat to feel belonged.

“Everytime we disagree, it is unfortunate that extremist groups like Perkasa will challenge other non-bumiputera races and ask them to ‘return to their country of origin’ or migrate. This taunt is not only hurtful, but is detrimental to unity and social harmony,” he said.

Despite growing calls for action, including from his own non-Malay allies in BN, Najib

has never openly censured Perkasa or other similar groups despite some of its provocative actions.

And while Chong urged all parties to reject Perkasa’s extremism, the Gerakan leader appeared to have backed Najib when he said that it was important to engage the group in a dialogue in the spirit of freedom of speech.

“The PM has made it known that he is against extremism..we should condemn them (Perkasa) definitely, but we must also respect their freedom of speech. And that is why we believe we should instead dialogue with them,” he said.

Gerakan, and other non-Malay component parties in BN had previously blamed Najib’s party Umno for the minority vote swing. They claimed Umno’s Malay-centric politics have alienated non-Malay support for the coalition.

The party which once dominated the politics in Penang, Malaysia’s second most industrialised city, is now facing party elections amid growing calls for a firm leadership, claiming the present lineup pandered too much to Umno’s will.

Chong said today Gerakan will stay committed to BN as Najib has proved his mettle as a moderate and progressive leader.

– See more at:


The fact is that PERKASA is not and never about extremism. The NGO and like other Malay NGOs such as PPIM, JATI and others sprung out for nothing else but about upholding the ‘Struggle for Malay cause and agenda’ as per status quo and what have been provided in the Federal Constitution and State Constitutions.

It is very wrong to accuse that the notion and call to defend and protect all of the special provisions enshrined for the Malays in the Federal Constitution as ‘racism’ and ‘extremism’.

PM NaJib welcomes PERKASA High Council at the Prime Minister's Office

PM NaJib welcomes PERKASA High Council at the Prime Minister’s Office

The matter of fact, to detest, challenge and demonise all these special provisions enshrined for the Malays in the Federal Constitution such as role and position of HRH Rulers, Islam as the religion of Federation, Malay as the national language, Special Malay Rights under Article 153 and role and power of the Syariah court are the acts and intent deemed as ‘extremism’.

Another interesting fact seen in the recent Gerakan convention is that many of the leaders and members freely blame UMNO and Malay NGOs for the poor performance in the last two GEs. They do not even use their own political convention platform to attack DAP and any of the racism and extremism brought forth by the Chinese Chauvinist party.

That should be deemed as ‘back stabbing’ UMNO.

84% of the eligible voters in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council general election are the Malays, who were 'Subjects of HRH Rulers'.

84% of the eligible voters in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council general election are the Malays, who were ‘Subjects of HRH Rulers’.

The Malays for hundreds of generations have demonstrated their kindness and hospitality in their willingness to share and accommodate. Even politically. That is the basis of the Alliance Party to work together in the Federal Consultative Council general election in 1955, where out of 52 seats contested 15 were allocated for MCA and 2 for MIC. This is despite the fact that 84% of the eligible voters are the Malays and there is only 11% eligible voters amongst the Chinese.

In rising for the ashes of the 13 May 1969 racial riot tragedy, Second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein adopted in the accommodating and inclusivity approach where the participation of all ethnic groups are taken into consideration when strategic plans are formulated and crafted. Even Gerakan, which was one of the ‘radical and subversive elements’ in the 13 May tragedy were brought into the consultation conference.

Hence the birth of the New Economic Policy.

PM Najib and PERKASA President Ibrahim Ali

Barisan Nasional was born two years later, where the Alliance Party was disbanded and all the component parties in Sabah, Sarawak and Gerakan were accepted as members. The agenda was to move the nation forwards and no one should be left behind.

UMNO and BN have been giving Gerakan a consistently strong backing through thick and thin. Even economic development programs and spending. An example is UMNO led Federal Government invested in the mega project of the Penang Bridge in 1981, the largest infrastructure project this country has ever seen and the benefactor is not an UMNO stronghold such as Johor or Selangor.

Unfortunately, Gerakan has started to demonstrate its inability to endure extreme tests and stress. Instead of looking inwards and overcome their own shortcomings, they take the easy if not the coward way out and conveniently blame others, for failures which most of it should be attributable to their own fault. It is almost like pandering to the same tune and tone of the Chinese Chauvinist DAP.

Zulkifli Nordin receiving his tauliah from Selangor BN Chairman. PM Najib

It is wrong to accuse Prime Minister Najib is trying alienate PERKASA. In fact, Prime Minister Najib as BN Chairman allocated Shah Alam parliamentary seat for PERKASA Vice President Dato’ Zulkifli Nordin during 13GE.

If Gerakan has started to re-adopt its ‘radical and extremist’ traits, seen strongly 45 years ago, then probably it is for the betterment of Malaysia that UMNO and Gerakan part ways.

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  1. *Comment deleted

  2. Bigdog the defender of Perkasa. How come Perkasa bloggers slow at defending them? 🙂

    • Wat are you talk, Mista?

      Talk funny funny, arr?

  3. Yea. Gerakan should better leave BN. To us Malays, you’re what we described like, ‘Mendukung biawak hidup’. Some of you are a burden to us.

    They went to the polls relying on Malay votes, yet they dare to blame UMNO and PERKASA for their misfortunes. In-fact Perkasa does not even exist when they lose Penang to DAP in 2008 GE.

    If they say Perkasa is racist and a threat to unity. I think DAP & Dong Zong is the father of all racist + extremist and a threat to Malaysian Unity and they have been doing it for a long time, indeed.

    The fact is:-
    Dong Zong was established in 1955.
    Hindraf was established in 2006.
    With the increase demand of racist Malaysian and when the rights of the Malays seems not being taken care-of by UMNO, after GE 12, Perkasa was borne, April 2008.

    Who is the oldest racist and a threat to Unity, here?

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  5. Whats wrong with all the malays uniting under pakatan? Not aligned to your personal survival?

    • There is no way the Malays can unite in Pakatan. We just hate the hostile and racist politician in DAP. We use to have PAS, using religion to garner votes. Now the DAP is doing the same. This is sure sign of disaster.
      Many who support DAP are ingrates. Those who keeps wanting more and more for their own selfish greed, without caring for the wants of others. When they are rich, they look down on the poor. When they strike ‘gold’ in this land, they want to deny poor people from other neighboring countries, to join them.  They argue that almost all Malaysians are off-springs or descendants from former immigrants, albeit some from far-away foreign land. Yet they want to deny people from neighboring countries to become new citizens to this land. The last GE13, demonstrated this selfish creed.

      We don’t agree with PAS Islamic state, since Syariah laws only apply to Muslims. This is unfair. If DAP and PKR agrees with PAS, we have no objection and we will be anxious to see the day, it will be implemented.
      We do not want to talk about PKR because it’s Ketua Umum is a sodomite, sex craze and proven to have misuse powers as DPM. For all we care, he can burn in hell.
      All the triumvirate leaders in Pakatan practiced nepotism to the hilt and this is fertile breeding grounds for cronyism.

      NB-It takes a long time for me to write in English. Here are other ‘why’ the Malays cannot unite in Pakatan. In Malay, though.

      Masaalah sebenar Melayu bermula dari zaman Tunku Abdul Rahman. Beliau sangat bermurah hati, memberi kerakyatan kepada satu bangsa pendatang yang tamak, gemar memberi rasuah, kuat menabur fitnah, hanya mementingkan diri sendiri dan tidak mengenang budi. Mereka mahu guna dan belajar dalam bahasa sendiri, tanpa mementingkan bahasa yang di gunakan oleh kaum majority.

      Bila mereka sudah berjaya, mereka tidak mahu bangsa lain turut sama berjaya seperti mereka. Mereka akan marah kalau ada pendatang asing baru, kebanyakannya miskin, terutamanya dari negara-negara jiran terdekat, yang juga mahu menjadi warga Malaysia dan berkongsi hidup senang dalam aman damai.

      Untuk membolot semua kekayaan Negara untuk diri sendiri, mereka sanggup menyokong ahli-ahli politik yang mengamal nepotisma, dan kronisma. Malah yang sudah terbukti ketagih meliwat jantan muda pun mereka sanggup angkat sebagai Perdana Menteri.

      Untuk merampas kuasa politik pula, bangsa yang secular ini sanggup berpura-pura baik dengan kelompok kecil ‘orang agama’ yang satu masa dahulu pernah menjadi musuh ketat mereka yang mahu menegakkan negara Islam. Kelompok ‘orang agama’ inilah dahulu yang membangkang keras Tun Abdul Rahman memberi kerakyatan secara jus-soli itu. ‘Orang-orang agama’ ini kemudian keluar dari kerajaan ketika itu dan menubuhkan PAS dan bermusuhan dengan UMNO dan amat benci pada DAP yang extreme. Sikap bermusuhan dengan UMNO, menjadi lebih parah apabila PAS mengkafirkan UMNO kerana ‘berkawan’ dengan MCA dan MIC yang bersikap sederhana atau moderate, dalam BN.

      Walaupun DAP & PAS amat bertentangan sekali ideology politiknya, mereka tergamak mengabui mata Rakyat , membuat pakatan untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan yang di pilih secara sah. Jika mereka berjaya, malapetaka akan menimpa dan ‘Pakatan yang menggunakan nama Rakyat ini‘ (seolah-olah 100% rakyat menyokong mereka) akan berkelahi sesama sendiri, merebut-rebut jawatan yang membawa imbuhan yang lumayan dan akan sentiasa bersengketa sambil membuang masa tanpa sebarang ketentuan tentang sistem pemerintahan yang bakal dicorakkan dan tidak akan dapat memajukan Negara.

      Dengan ‘bapa segala Nepotism dan cronyism’ yang diamalkan, dalam ketiga-tiga party yang berpakat ini, sudah pasti mereka akan melakukan penyelewengan dan ketirisan, seribu kali lebih buruk dari BN.

      • Wowww true indeed. Am speechless.

  6. We should not refrain from about speaking out against those Chinese who question the social contract. Special position of Islam and the Malays/Bumiputera is part and parcel of the fabric of this country. After all our action is purely in response to this ingrates behavior, we did not start it.

    Why is it when we speak out and stand up for the right of the Malays/Bumiputera it is racist and when the chauvinist and the subversive questioned the same constitution its democracy? Why is it OK to have Dong Zhong and DAP but not PERKASA?

    One thing is clear and inevitable, the voice of the Chinese will be irrelevant by GE-15. It is estimated that Malays/Bumiputera will make up approximately 70% of eligible voters vis-a-vie the Chinese – who will be less than 20% by 2018. This figure is expected to diverge further by 2022/23 (by which time GE-15 is expected to take place). There is a reason why they are pressing hard and playing “all or nothing” today – because the window of opportunity is closing fast.

    So to those who think pandering to the Chinese extremist demand and unreasonable wish is the way forward, you are sorely mistaken!!

  7. I am delighted at news on what Tun Dr Mahathir said regarding the Najib administration. But I don’t think Najib will bother. He is bent on getting a developed nation status speedily, no matter what.

    He panders to opinions that liberalization will attract foreign and local investments. He forgot that Robert Kuok, who was given the tongkat in the form of the sugar monopoly that led him to become a billionaire, has for a long time been having his two feet in 3-4 different countries – his investments in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China. And when he announced the RM100 million donation to a Chinese University in Selangor, he mentioned about being “twin-rooted”, the other root being that of his father’s who came from China. So, liberalization and the attendant transformation is not the sole criterion for investments that’ll help Najib achieve developed nation status fast.

    Political stability is certainly one of the major considerations for business people to bring money to any foreign country. Hardly any will invest in the Congo or Somalia. And I agree with TDM that political stability is now questionable in this country Malaysia. Definitely, “when the government is seen as weak and entertains the demands of extremists, the growth of the country is in danger.” It seems to me that, to get a developed nation status, he must first change his stance, reign in the extremists and that in itself will negate the need for others to react in ways that’ll threaten stability further.

    Goodness, he did get unopposed, and with an extended UMNO Presidency term, he should indeed just concentrate on solidifying his base among the silent majority, ensure the 88 UMNO seats remain, if not increased, at PRU14, and at the same time be firm and act in a no- nonsense manner on the extremists, in ways that Ahmad Zahid has been doing. Continue those, he would have the silent majority solidly behind him, the extremists under good control, stability will emerge and prevail, investments will come in steadily. No need to rush to an advanced status, man, no need to beat the target of 2020.

  8. Islam menggariskan sebagai yg diamalkan Rasulullah.

    Ada dua jenis kafir. Kafir zimmi dan kafir harbi.

    Muslim boleh berkawan kafir. Tapi hanya dgn kafir zimmi. Mereka sedia bayar cukai dan tidak memerangi orang Muslim.

    Dan paling penting, menerima kepimpinan pemerintah.

    Kita mesti bagi tahu orang Bukan Islam terutama Cina mengenai ini.

    • Kita mesti beritahu? Tak perlu lah kita nak bersusah-payah,
      sebab saya rasa org2 dari Parti Isle yang sedia bertahalus siyasi
      dgn org2 kafir utk meng-KO-kan UMNO sure dah bawa org2 kafir itu
      semua ke perkarangan masjid utk tujuan tersebut sambil melakukan
      senam-robik secara berjamaah. Takkan lah Parti Isle nak
      membelakangkan perjuangan menegakkan Negara Islam yang Berkebajikan
      betul tak? So biarlah org Parti Isle yang buat kerja mendidik geng2
      kafir seangkatan dgn mereka. For sure jugak Nurul Izzah dah quote
      Quran juga utk menghalalkan apa yg patut.

  9. MCA encouraged The Star Newspaper to go against BN, Gerakan wimping about being the partner in BN. Why not these two BIAWAK ‘S HIDUP get out of BN and start fighting on their strength. Do not use UMNO as their punching bags. I say they should start from scratch. Anyway they are a bunch of rejects by their own race.. No use to BN now. Earn their keeps. If they want to harp on communal politics , lets try each others strength. Perkasa cannot, Dong zong can, Dap and those bunch of idiots in PKR can cause a ruckus , UMNO cannot. Where do you guys live anyway.? Talk about democracy and transparency, my foot.! Who practiced communal politics, try applying for a job being a bumiputera.? Jangan lah cakap tak serupa bikin lah apek apek, Najib, he’s been fooled once to many a times by pleasing , speak mandarin also no use mah, even most of your lots cant even speak proper BM, I’d say, even the former Aussie PM is pissed off with the chinese in the land of the kangaroos. Who’s the recalcitrant s now in the land of the boomerangs.?

  10. Wei temporary ahpek, Gerakan interim president Chang Ko Youn,

    You should be aiming your extremist remarks on DAP, lorr. They have been extremists since party formation 47 years ago, hogging the Maha Racist and Chauvinist Lee Kuan Yew’s so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan after he and Singapore were kicked out of Malaysia in 1965. Wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, which was the consideration or the quid pro quo for the Malays agreeing to citizenship right for the pendatang at Merdeka.

    They were in fact seditious and extremist when doing that way back in the 1960s. DAP has been known as anti-Malay and anti-Islam, and caused the race riots of 1969. Lim Kit Siang was detained under ISA in Kemunting, Lim Guan Eng was imprisoned for 2 years in Kajang. The caustic and often seditious statements and comments by DAP blokes, including the so-called Red Beans, have been well known.

    No wonder you lost, the Chinese ran away from you into the Chinese Tsunami at PRU13 – you can’t even hold your own members and supporters, what the fcuk…

    Action and reaction la, Mister. PERKASA came into being only after PRU12 but DAP has been extremist-ing for 47 years you dunno arr?

  11. My take on the issue is that the malays are too nice. Second issue is the malays are too stupid to stop being nice. Third is even if the malays get smart and stop being nice, they will only stop being nice towards each other. And btw, Jib is in london. Always running away from malaysia it he allergic to tanah melayu or what?

    • Is it fair to say that even somebody up there doesn’t like him? – see the news headline:

      Storm wrecks PM’s plan to attend iM4U event in London.


    • Setuju sangat! Umno is on a timebomb. Its already ticking.
      Umno leaders are so obtuse about the actual aspiration of the
      downtrodden Malays, so much so the Pas & PKR leaders are
      stepping up to fill their void. Look at the TPPA issue. Where were
      the Umno leaders when PKR was already discussing the matter in
      great details a year ago? More and more Umno leaders are getting
      more distant from their own constituents. Especially in Malay
      majority areas in the rural. And these voids are being filled by
      Pas fellas. What’s heart wrenching is that the recent Umno party
      election proven that the party is resistant to change. They just
      change the rule book, but the key players still remain

    • Bernama asked Tun Dr Mahathir if the party election results would complicate the transformation of Umno. Dr Mahathir said the results showed that the change that was expected did not happen.

      “I do not know. Some people want to change. Some people want to remain. Physically, it was not successful (transformation). Maybe the thinking of those elected will undergo rejuvenation,” he said.

  13. Nasib kita Ada Perkasa. Nak harap Pemuda UMNO ? Issh langsung tak bersuara, mungkin terlalu sibuk kejar projek ! Yang pasti Pemuda dah jadi Pondan !

    • Aku bukan pro-Perkasa. Tapi perjuangan Perkasa ialah
      mengisi lompang yg Umno buat, sebab sudah tersimpang dari niat
      & janji asal. Pemimpin Umno sekarang ni bukan boleh percaya
      sangat. Terutama gang Pemuda. Bacul! Terlalu menjaga kepentingan!
      Kerjanya sedikit, tapi perasan sumbangan besor. Lepas tu jaja satu
      Malaya, “Dah penat buat kerja”. Padahal sebenarnya lebih berlonggok
      sesama sendiri, cerita samada hal projek, betina, motorkar atau “Ko
      bawak sapa pemilihan ni?”. Kalau aku terpaksa memilih antara KJ dan
      Brahim Ali, aku pilih Brahim sepuluh kali!

      • Cuba tanya KJ, kalu dia pindah singapore, apa dia dpt? Try
        lah, nak sangat tengok dapat apa. Sebelum tu, bila masa nak
        bertanding GE14, pi lah lawan kat kawasan Parlimen yang lebih
        liberal dan progresif, macam Lembah Pantai ke. Ataupun, pi lawan
        Rafizi kat Pandan, dulu kan geng debat, sure masa kempen nanti
        hebat siot. Kalau setakat nak tanding kat Rembau lagi, tak payah
        lah nak banyak cakap sangat and kept on abusing buzzwords

  14. “The worst part is that they make extreme demands to unseat the government who can’t get rid of whatever they don’t like.” – TDM

    This definitely refers to the DAP which has often been said – and needs to be repeated again and again – to be extremist, anti-Malay and anti-Islam, even causing the race riots of 1969.

    Asking for so called Malaysian Malaysia – equality for everybody – is certainly not possible because there is the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153 of the Constitution, which is protected under the Sedition Act. TDM has said that there is no equality so long as the Special Position exists. Article 153 of the Constitution was not placed there for he fun of it. Attempts to question that Special Position will lead to the citizenship right of the pendatang being questioned in return.

    But Najib said before PRU13 that he would repeal the Sedition Act. The pendatang extremists became happy, excited, thought highly of the DAP perhaps because of that, joined them in the Chinese tsunami. Dumbfoundedly, Najib repeated his commitment after PRU13. But he has not taken action to repeal that. Perhaps he has seen the voluminous whackings against him repealing the ISA, EO, RRA that led to marked increases in crime. And the UMNO party elections recently where, although he was returned unopposed and his 3 VPs remain in their places, Hishamuddin got less of the popular votes from the delegates than Mukhriz and quite a number of new faces came into the Supreme Council and as Ketua Bahagian.

    I urge all the Malays and the Bumiputeras – in fact, all concerned citizens – to rise up voicing their feelings against repealing the Sedition Act. There’ll be havoc when the DAP and like-minded others start to openly and blatantly question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, make snide remarks or even openly condemn the Ketuanan Melayu as reflected in the positions of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, the position of Islam, etc.

    We must avoid another 13 May 1969 and I think repealing the Sedition Act will lead to a recurrence of that.

  15. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is absolutely correct.
    1. The BN Government panders to the Opposition on issues against its own interests. The repeal of the ISA and OE amongst many others.
    2. By doing (1) and not supporting its own supporters, we have a hara-kiri situation in politics. The infamous TPPA is a case in point.
    3. More taxes and higher expenditures is now way to make voter love the BN Government.

    However, as long as the BN Government observes the rule of the laws, implements policies which are fair and transparent, maintains a functioning and normal bureaucracy and eschews making money through the GLCs but only to rule over us, there is nothing much the Opposition can do until the 14th General Elections except to make noise.

  16. Riong Kali’s so-called news portal Malaysian Insider also wrote an article which shows the DAP extremists cannot get what they want and there’s kelam kabut in Najib’s own cabinet over the kalimah Allah issue.

    It said said that apart from the Prime Minister, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Joseph Kurup had said Christians in the peninsula could use the kalimah Allah in their worship.

    Yet Tourism Minister and foot-in-the-mouth Nazri Aziz insisted that Christians from Sabah and Sarawak could not use the word Allah in the peninsula.

    And yesterday Home Minister Ahmad Zaid said the publisher of Herald could not use the word “Allah” even in Sabah and Sarawak.

    Idris Jala, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, confused the issue even further when in Kuching yesterday, he questioned why the latest edition of the Herald was stopped from being distributed in Sabah over the weekend.

    But, bloody hell, many constitutional lawyers have said the Appeal Court ruling is clear, the kalimah Allah is for Muslims only. The Court of Appeal decision which states that the word Allah is exclusive to Muslims overrides the Cabinet’s 10-point solution made in 2011 which allowed that bibles in all languages can be imported into the country, including those in Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia.

    They say that statements by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Datuk Seri Idris Jala and others assuring Sabahan and Sarawakian Christians that they can still use the word Allah in the Al-Kitab were not valid. The Court of Appeal ruling is supreme – it’s authority supersedes that of the Cabinet.

    Examples of such constitutional lawyers, say the Malaysian Insider: Fahri Azzat, R. Kengadharan, Edmund Bon of the bar Council.

    How come Ah Jib Gor, you want to please the other side so much even after the Chinese tsunami that your cabinet also kelam kabut. What, man, like this.


    • I sorry. I disagree with you that Perkasa should become political. It will only divide the Malays further.
      The best is, we rally for PAS to discard those Anwarinas and Syiah amongst them, this November Party Conference, then prepare to exit PR, before GE 14. Just support PAS. They seems a bit secular, now.

  18. Asia Sentinal (Opposition blog? local/ international?) to day says Tun Dr Mahathir appears to have fired the first volley of a “widely anticipated attack” on Najib, saying the Najib’s allies in the recent party polls preserved their positions in the UMNO hierarchy by buying votes. Money politics.

    “We are told that they’ve eliminated corruption during the recent UMNO election, I am not convinced,” TDM said in Putra Jaya. Although he didn’t mention Najib by name, he said: “I think there was a lot of money involved, going into the millions, and loads of people who should not be getting votes were getting votes because of the money they spent.”

    The Sentinel says another showdown could occur when UMNO holds its annual general assembly on Dec. 2-7 although a source in the Mahathir wing of the party said: “It could be, but there isn’t going to be a big bang. Gradual fireworks.”

    A recent poll named Mahathir the most popular figure in UMNO, with a 75 percent approval rating.

  19. The Asia Sentinel says that Najib emerged from the May 5 national elections appearing badly weakened after the Barisan Nasional lost the popular vote for the first time since 1969. Mahathir and Daim Zainuddin, the former finance minister, blamed Najib for reaching out too much to the country’s Chinese and Indian minorities at the cost of votes from UMNO’s ethnic Malay base.

    After the election, Mahathir damned Najib with faint praise in a speech in Tokyo, saying the prime minister would stay in office because there wasn’t anybody at the time to replace him. Bloggers aligned with Mahathir have been staging attacks on the prime minister since the May polls, with one describing him as a “bug on the windshield.”

    The blog speaks about accusations that Najib’s forces had poured substantial amounts of money into the races. The vote-buying was termed a “golden storm” by party insiders, with votes going for as much as RM300 (US$95).

    It quotes TDM saying “The first few general elections were not so much affected by corruption. But the country has come to a stage where corruption is accepted as part of our way of life and culture. Selling votes became a culture, and it is no longer about the country’s progress. When it gets to that stage, corruption is general and rampant.”

  20. Aah ! Everything is demolished. Now PM Najib is happy in legoland ! Temporary and colorful buildings are good for us ! So enjoy the stay ! PM Najib already learned the lessons.

    Parting away MCA, GERAKAN ? LET IT BE. Whoever STARTED THE JOKE… Perkasa, Jati, Isma and other Malay Extremists Groups (that what they say), must STAY ALIVE. KJ is just a politician for now. We are watching…

    • Let’s not just watch – whack him, too. His acts and omissions can be damaging to the rights and interests of the Malays which Pemuda UMNO has traditionally been fighting for, which it has not been doing under that often funny saying and behaving fler.

    • Looks like you need a whacking, too, if you refer to Perkasa, Jati, Isma as a joke, without justifying.

      Don’t just ape what they say when you say something unpleasant to say.

  21. Tun M is correct when he say the govt is weak. The weakness of the govt can be attributed to one man, i .e the numero uno. He lacks the most fundamental attribute of a leader i.e ‘ political will’. He is devoid of political will to step in and say no to the bunch of the economic capitalists advisers who surrounds him. He is more concerned with what foreign ratings agency say about Malaysia’s debts and deficits rather than evaluate the merit of certain economic conditions that match the needs of a developing country like Malaysia. He doesnt have the political will to step in and tell Bank Negara not to impose credit squeeze on ordinary people till they are choked and have to run to shadow banking ( like what’s happening now) , he has no political will to look at Malaysia as still a developing country with developing country’s woes that cannot be rectified through strictly economic capitalism that benefit corporates and foreign investors who benefit from excessive tax holidays and tax exemptions. Yet no one ask, if foreign investors provide jobs to locals or to imported foreign workers.

    The numero uno is the problem as he is disconnected from the needs of the people of a developing country. He is too busy extrapolating Malaysia being transformed in an express fashion from low income nation to a supposedly high income nation with no social safety net in between. That is suicidal and painful for the majority of the population.

    • Many Malays are very disappointed with UMNO leadership that has taken Malays for granted and kowtowing to Malaysians who have rejected them. Therefore we are now beginning to hear of suggestions for the establishment of a new party founded on Perkasa, or if they are not mulling over a new Malay based party, they are beginning to look
      at PKR or PAS as alternatives. Malays are at a cross road. Betrayed by UMNO, it is left searching for an absolution. A liberal UMNO as it is now, will continue to pander to the oppositions till GE14, where it will fall like a house of cards because by then even its non members supporters are no longer there to carry it.

      • Setting up another Malay party will only divide us further.

        The best is, we rally for PAS to discard those Anwarinas and Syiah amongst them, this November Party Conference, then prepare to exit PR, before GE 14. Just support PAS. They seems a bit secular, now.

        Lets boycott the Sg.Limau by-election and give a big win to PAS as a token of friendship.

      • Please allow me to c&p the suggestions I read elsewhere, below:

        What UMNO has done or need to do further

        1. Put Zahid Hamidi, an uncompromising and a tough Malay as Minister of Home Affair.
        2. If Anwar or the Chinese step out of line, arrest and charge with the new law that replaced the ISA
        3. Allocate and push business to Bumiputera and Indian and zero for the Chinese
        4. Keep MCA and Gerakan out of the cabinet. Increase MIC ministers.
        5. Lavishly give business and economic growth to the Bumiputera in Sabah and Sarawak
        6. Bring lot of Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputera into the federal government and agencies
        7. Really really court the Kelantanese and PAS.
        8. After the last 2008 election, the government has focus on enticing the Indian. That has worked. Now go for PAS members.
        9. Isolate the Chinese and PKR. Isolate Penang and Selangor in term of federal led projects. Show them UMNO mean business this time.
        10. UMNO has tried the soft approach with the Chinese, that has back fired; now it is time to go with the hard and tough approach. If not the Chinese will think that the Malays and UMNO is weak.
        11. The Chinese has challenged the Malays before particularly in 1969. We have reverted with a forceful approach and that has brought us the NEP and all the gain that we have made over the last 44 years.
        12. Keep PERKASA, Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin low key for now. Let them work with the silat groups etc. Keeping out Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin will make PAS guys happy.
        13. Revisit or study how the Malays responded to the challenge by the Chinese in 1969 and see what worked and what didn’t. Let the Chinese know that we are doing so.
        14. The Chinese and PR can make lot of noise with the above but foreign business and investment is unlikely to be affected. If it is affected, so be it.
        15. Tak Akan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia

      • RD,

        Dividing us further may be remediable if done now, almost 5 years to PRU14. But I see no need to form a new party. Just remove Najib.

        I’m glad Tun Dr Mahathir has fired the first salvo since after the party elections recently, like what he said as given in BD blog post above.

        I’m really hoping for another anti-Tun Dol attack to oust Najib. I’m rolling up my sleeves to join in. I think BD also did a lot when TDM started whacking Tun Dol previously.

        I can’t stand Najib any more. Money politics etc, he got staus quo at UMNO and becomes emboldened to continue the path he has charted – rushing to developed nation status, no matter what, irrespective of the economic situation of the Malays and the Bumiputeras who he simply lets them compete openly on a non-level playing field and against others who have a culture of doing business for thousands of years.

    • Here are what’s been said of him:

      1. wanting to be liberal yet gets called neo or pseudo liberal – liberal olok olok. He cares not.

      2. genuinely wanting to achieve a developed nation status ASAP, no matter what, even earlier than target date 2020, wants that as his legacy to this country. To the chagrin of the Malays who, to him, are not progressive in thinking and outook.

      3. not much concerned about being a Malay (at one time rumoured as having a Chinese wife and a son by her), takes up the matter of protecting and promoting Malay rights and interests only when convenient, when wanting Malay votes, at party or general elections. Prone to entertaining and rewarding the endearing calls of “Dear Ah Jib Gor”.

      4. strongly believes in eliminating or sidelining anything that may become hindrances for Malaysia to become a developed nation, including the NEP. Hence, his New Economic Model hardly mentioned the NEP in the first draft and, despite the lambasting by Malay NGOs etc, still muted the NEP in the final draft.

      5. Right now he thinks his political future is assured at least 3-6 years by Khairy Jamaluddin and his boys like “double e” of Tabung Haji, and Shahrizat – the 2016 party elections may not see any changes as they’d be too close to PRU14 in 2018.

      If the above are true, why the hell should he bother about stopping money politics, or anything that may upset the status quo.

      • What the bloody hell is happening to this country? Najib abandoning the NEP? UMNO condoning it? Damn.

        Bernama quoted Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim saying since 2008 between 40 and 45 per cent of scholarships were awarded to non-Malay students.

        Yet he himself said the Malays accounted for 67.9 per cent of Malaysia’s population of 29 million, Chinese (24 per cent), Indians (7.2 per cent) and others (0.9 per cent).

        Malays 68% yet getting 55% of the scholarships? Damn.

  22. At last this blogger supports Dato Seri Najib. I can only applaud his stance and hope others do like wise

  23. “probably it is for the betterment of Malaysia that UMNO and Gerakan part ways.” –

    In fact, there are those who even say it’s better that even MCA leave BN. Worst case scenario is the whole of 23% of the Chinese population going oppo.

    They say give more posts and businesses to the Indians and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. 77% of the population there. Minus some gone to Pakatan, BN can still retain majority.

    The Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak gave many seats to BN at PRU13. Reward them.


  25. Dear Wan.

    BN’s wining the Sg. Limau by-Election will make Najib more embolden to pursue the path he has charted.

    A huge lost is Sg. Limau could make him shiver and come to his senses. Of-course some would blame Mukhriz, but he had lost the VP race too, Maybe that might make, Kedahans angry.

    As I said, I am contemplating supporting for PAS, if they get the hell out of PR and evict those Anwarinas and Syiahs among them.
    Lets see in November.

  26. Datuk Chang Ko Youn.  Why do you think like that?

    The new kid on the block, Chang is trapped in his unconscious prejudice, subtly bias and fantasizing for a communal equality. He calls on for Najib/Barisan National should reject racist politics and he named Perkasa. By that, he falls for the politics of Perkasa is an extremism.

    Multiracialism is a concept or ideology that promotes a society composed of various races. The society should accept and respect different cultural backgrounds. It is a society that consists of a diverse mix of people, whether it be relative to their ethnicity, language, culture, religion, or traditions. Today in Malaysia, Multiracialism is an utopian ideology. Make no mistake, in reality Multiracialism is not with befitting sense to Malaysia. Multiracialism is only word which has no meaning in Malaysian context anymore. The fact is, deep polarization has endured among the ethnic groups as prevail and as marked then shown during the last the general election.

    The new kid on the block is a political dreamer who umbrages Perkasa’s cause. Perkasa is a reality of Malay consciousness and its existence is not merely a dream but a reality which has evolved from the prejudices and dissents by chauvinism of the non Malay. Its emergence does not come from nothing. It comes to exist after its rights been challenged and despicable.

    The emergence of Perkasa has its fundamental causes supported by unanimous philosophy, firmed ideology, rooted norms and history. Perkasa is beefing up its movement for the ‘New Malays’ in representing the crossroad of the 21st centuries. Bear in mind, Perkasa represents the right thinkings with spiritual Islamic contents and Malay consciousness minds in stipulating its rights. Its motive is to move  forward for change base on the sovereignty and spirit of the Federal constitution where Bumiputra is the son of the soils.

    Absolutely, the existence of Perkasa is justified. Perkasa is no near to being racist. It action has been guarded by Islamic values, tolerance, acceptance in the spirit of the constitution. In turn, Perkasa demands the other ethnics to do the same for those who wish for the guaranteed peace and harmony as stipulated. 

    It be a mistake to those who think Perkasa is week. Perkasa is one of the Malay NGOs who fight for a CAUSE and the bone of contention is here to stay. It is advised for Chang not to be trapped in between ideology and reality. He is a lost gambit in his own intrigued ecosystem. It is because his ideology has failed to explain the reality of the Malay presence. I bet you, his forth coming political views will be, almost always, reflect a bias and serve the interests of his particular kind.

    If he thinks  Perkasa is an hinderance for Malaysian communities to integrate and progress, he is deadly wrong.

    Wow! he equates Perkasa is an extremist body. Coming from the new Chief of Gerakan is really something! A mellow statement but mischievously  with the spray  of unconsciously prejudice. Perhaps, he meant to belittle the majority Malay Muslim and cost him dearly for not aware of his intentions.

    Like many other leaders of his kind, we could not expect words of wisdom and articulation. He will be making  rather swift judgement of Perkasa and indirectly toward Islam in near future. I think, he do not know that influences have manipulated him. From his unconscious prejudice and bias have outgrowth misunderstanding among the 400,000 Perkasa members. To hear his inference, we are also not aware that we have being manipulated too; nevertheless, it makes us more suspicious of him as the new leader.

    As someone says, the earthly mind is chauvinistically polluted and Chang is not spare either. I bet you if you ask him, “how have you come out with all those swift judgement about Perkasa?” He will tell you that it hinders for a just-utopian social fabric of Malaysia where progress and integration to prevail. He will never tell you about his unconscious prejudice and bias that has led him  to answer. It is because he did not want to acknowledge that the voice of Perkasa is well heard among the majority Malays.

    I have no doubt that he would be a good-husbandry leader of Gerakan  but certainly a paranoia one. Datuk Chang Ko Youn, “Why make me think like that of you?” By your lyrics, you be better off be with DAP.

  27. Maaf tumpang promosi lagu “AIRMATA SEORANG MAHATHIR”… Kalau ada masa tolonglah bagi undi kat Youtube sebab lagu ni dapat pencalonan ke “Youtube Awards 2013 – Sponsored by KIA”… Terima kasih.

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