How to kill a mocking bird

Rogue BFM 89.9 DJ and experimental short film maker Ezra Zaid is back in the bad light again. It seems that he is continuously mocking the ‘kalimah Allah’ issue, even after the highly controversial interview with Reza Aslan on BFM 89.9 which should be seen as insulting.

Perak Perkasa wants action over YouTube clip mocking court ruling on Allah – Bernama

OCTOBER 30, 2013

A screenshot from the YouTube clip which allegedly mocks the Court of Appeal's ruling on the Allah issue. - October 30, 2013.A screenshot from the YouTube clip which allegedly mocks the Court of Appeal’s ruling on the Allah issue. – October 30, 2013.The Perak chapter of Malay right wing movement Perkasa today lodged a police report over a YouTube clip, which it claimed mocked the Court of Appeal decision on the use of the word Allah.

Its head Mohd Hafez Mubin Mohd Salleh together with 10 other Perkasa members lodged the report at the Ipoh police headquarters in Ipoh, at 1.44pm.

He told reporters the clip titled The Effing Show #95: Allah, Apa Lagi? lasting six minutes and 30 seconds did not respect the sensitivities of Muslims in the country.

On October 14, the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya had ruled that Herald, a weekly published by the Catholic church in the country, could not use the word Allah in its Bahasa Malaysia section, as a reference to God. – Bernama, October 30, 2013.


In no way this should not be seen as mocking the Judiciary, provisions in the Federal Constitution particularly Article 3(1) and Article 11(4), HRH Sultan Selangor’s titah on the subject matter and the investigation currently being carried out by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission o BFM 89.9,  DJs Ezra Zaid and Umapagan for their interview.

It is a deliberate Kurang Ajar!

Ezra Zaid should be investigated under Sedition Act because of deliberating using the social media and internet to continuously mock the ‘kalimah Allah’ issue, where the Courts of Appeal unanimously decided on 14 October 2013 for the Home Minister’s decision to ban the Catholic Herald.

Screenshot of the Popteevee

Screenshot of the Popteevee

Coincidentally, this Youtube recording was aired by Popteevee the day after Ezra Zaid was called in to be interviewed and his statement recorded by MCMC officers. Popteevee is associated with BFM 89.9 and Ezra Zaid and Umapagan Ampikaikapan are not only regulars on The Effing Show, they are also key persons behind it.

This is not the first time Ezra Zaid, who is the son of Former Cabinet Minister turned failed PKR politician Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim, is in hot soup. He was charged for by Syariah Court for publishing the controversial book by Irshad Manji.

07 March 2013| last updated at 04:34PM

Director charged for publishing controversial book

By Jennifer gomez
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PETALING JAYA: A director of a publishing company was charged at the Lower Syariah Court here with publishing the controversial book titled ‘Allah, Kebebasan dan Cinta’ (Allah, Liberty and Love) by author Irshad Manji last May.

Mohd Ezra Mohd Zaid, 30, was also charged with an alternative charge of distributing the book to Silverfish Books Sdn Bhd and to an individual named Faisal Mustaffa.

In the second alternative charge, Mohd Ezra was said to have been in possession of 180 copies of the book.
He was charged under Section 16 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Selangor) Enactment, in his capacity as director and major shareholder of ZI Publications Sdn Bhd.

He was alleged to have committed the offences at his office in Merchant Square, Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1 near here, in May last year.

Mohd Ezra, who was dressed in a dark suit yesterday, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Selangor syariah head of prosecution Abdul Shukor Abdul Hamid urged the court to compel the accused to explain why he did not turn up in court to face the charges on Nov 29, which resulted in an arrest warrant being issued on him.

Mohd Ezra’s lawyer Zulkifli Che Yong explained that his client did not know the exact date he had to appear in court, and asked the court for forgiveness.

Syarie judge Saharuddin Selamat then advised Mohd Ezra to meet court obligations in the future.

The judge allowed bail of RM1,000 with one surety and fixed May 9 for mention.
Mohd Ezra faces a fine of up to RM3,000 or a jail term up to two years, or both, if found guilty.

Read more: Director charged for publishing controversial book – Latest – New Straits Times


MCMC, please do what the law required you to do. Since a Police report already been made, please get the CCID do a thorough investigation on the subject matter. The will and emotions of the majority, principles and value system of the Federal Constitution and society are being subjected to be mocked and insulted by this man, on the ‘kalimah Allah’ again.

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  1. My friend,
    This is what every Muslim I mean real Muslim in M’sia , are afraid of…
    The values that they are trying to share through this kind of “showing” is very much “different” from the kind of which most of the Muslim in the country are born with and being socialize since their early childhood. Sociologically speaking, values will change accordance to changes in society… But the Islamic Values…will never change simply because of its universality characteristic that can be accepted by anybody, anytime, anywhere in the world… It has been proven that Islamic Values can be used to settle most of our problems…most of the human problems….even in the non-human kingdom….

  2. These lame ducks missed essential points and oversimplified things. You want to put words like cinta, raja on the same wavelength as allah? Come on guys thats just stupid. Just because i know a slut, and she happens to be a woman, i cant say your mom is a slut too just because she has a beaver and its hairy. Totally missing out on context and fails miserably by wanting to act all smart to the point it fails to make coherent points like my example.

    The true idiots who try to mask it with intelligence will always be found out one way or the other. Thats the problem with bfm. The guys in there are getting big headed. Thinking that they are ground breakers and wiser than the general population.

    Personal attacks on ibrahim ali was a pot shot. Ezra, you look like an effing retard with your flat face. If i didnt know any better, i would have thought you had mild down syndrome. You also dont have that curve inside behind your head above your neck which would reinforce my arguments that you might have some form of down syndrome. You are a midget btw and i have a feeling that you try to make up for length by telling yourself that you are smart, ground shaker, frontier traveller and so on.

    But what you are is just a midget with a semi retard face who might have mild down syndrome. It hurts when you go subjective. So lay off it bro. You know you cant change that retard flat face of yours right so what ipright do i have to insult you on those grounds. None.


  4. anak melayu yg dibesarkan dalam rumah yg ada wine cellar camtuh laa perangai dia….

  5. Dah kaya memang begitu, lupa AKHIRAT.
    Cuba lah BAYANGKAN kalau mereka ditimpa malapetaka, ALLAH juga DI pohon pertolongan. Baru ingat SOLAT, PUASA etc.

  6. Tasteless barbs which only highlights the inability of these jerks to use their minds if they have one , to differentiate between their ignorance and uneducated rambling on the verdict of the Appeals Court on the use of kalimah Allah , and the judgement of the learned judges. So these jerks went on a merapu spree to make themselves feel good about their bozo selves. If they have any ounce left of decency in them, they should just keep their self styled liberal jibberish on Islam within the confines of their unenlightened brains.

  7. Why do people think they’re being smart when they make fun of things they have little knowledge of? He should know “he would look a little bit smarter when his stupidity lessened a lot”. That’s from the book Master of Stupidity. Someone should give that to him.

    Ini yang Melayu kata cerdik tak boleh diikut, bodoh tak boleh di ajar.

    • Boleh di ajar. The relevant authorities sahaja yang boleh ajar dia. Sebatkan dengan maximum penalty. 2 years jail term. Tak payah fine apa pun. Napak dia banyak duit RM3,000 fine is peanuts.

      That’s why I sokong sepenuhnya BD urging MCMC to take action. MCMC has done that working together with the Police on the Alvivi buka puasa with bak kut teh blokes. Sure MCMC and the Police can do that this time.

      I look forward on news regarding action taken by them on these wayward tak berajor sons of failed politicians and the well to do in this country.

  8. Fahmi Fadzil, (Nurul Izzah’s political secretary) was part of the Effing Show /Popteevee FYI

    • Action should also be taken on the boss who said Muslims in this country can choose religion. Or things to that effect.

  9. x payah kesian kat mak bapak dia..mak bapak dia yg ajar dia mcm nie…tu yg die pun same..


    • Mak bapak dia tak ajor dia. Tu pasal perangai macam setan. Dah 30 tahun tua kerabut, dia mesti tanggung jawab sendiri. Bagus, dia di heret ke Mahkamah.

      Kita gesakan Mahkamh kenakan dia denda yang berat – penjarakan dia. Custodial sentence tentu akan membikin dia fikir panjang dari sehari ke sehari kebodohan dia dan menyedarkan dia supaya tidak akan berleluasa.

      Tonggak arak dsbnya satu hal. Memperkecilkan Islam berbagai cara lain tu dah melampau. Tiada ma’af baginya.

      Kita gesa dia juga di tangkap mengikut undang undang sivil sebab contempt of Court of Appeal ruling. Heret dia ke lokap Jinjang, so’al-selidik beberapa hari, kemudian di sondol ke Mahkamah, di dakwa atas tuduhan contempt of court. Tak hormatkan keputusan Mahkamh Rayuan yang terdiri dari tiga orang Hakim.

      Tak boleh di biorkan orang macam ni. Nanti melanda landa, naik kepala. Kepala bapak dia satu hal. Kepala rakyat jelata, mana boleh.

  10. Bapa borek anak rintik… jangan terpedaya sudah lah. Kita di beri kehidupan bukan untuk melacur…

    Melayu Islam, perilaku nya molek, amanah nya kuat, iman nya tidak tembus ganggu gugat, solat nya bersambungan… Ingatan nya (zikir) hanya kepada Allah SWT.

    Gema azan Subuh, masih lena terlelap,
    Gema azan Zohor, masih bekerja dan sibuk bekerja,
    Gema azan Asar terus tidur kepenatan,
    Gema azan Magrib, tidak tahu di mana…

    (Betapa dakwah nya lirik lagu yang di cipta insan berakal )

    Buka hendak promosi – ‘ Pantas kah Syurga untuk Ku- Tegar ‘ (se bahagian sarikata di atas saya olah sikit untuk di sini )

    Maka Hakikat Allah itu bukan mainan !

  11. What ever it worths, please read it with an open mind, especially Ezra Zaid.

    The word Allah though not exclusive to Islam, carries the attributes of God the greatest, Allah. Allah is  the God of all mankind and the universe.  Allah is neither a matter nor energy! There are 99 attributes of Allah in the Islamic faith. Anything that you are able to imagine, perceive, see, touch, smell, taste or hear by our six senses is not God, definitely not Allah. Allah is the Alpha and the Omega. Allah is the Uncreated. The Uncreated cannot create another Uncreated!  I refer to the  Holy Quran, Surah Al-Ikhlas ….”Say Allah is One. Allah is the Master of the universe. Neither does Allah beget nor Allah begotten. There is none other like Allah for Allah is One and Only”  (Please note that I don’t use gender to refer to Allah).  So if we pass this test we can use the word Allah.  No problem!

    Judaism is more consistent with Islam. Like the Jews  we pray to the same God Allah and Allah’s perfection. And there is no controversy whatsoever if the Jews want to use the term Allah. But Muslims like the Jews can’t accept the  Christianity’s Triune God..the concept of Trinity. Three in one….God, Jesus  and the Holy Spirit. The Uncreated created the God-man Jesus. God Almighty and Jesus the man are one.  God is not begotten but made. In Islam this is kufar…blasphemy. Totally unacceptable because the Uncreated cannot create the Uncreated!. 

    The monotheistic religions (divinely revealed as compared to man-made religions) are more than just Islam, Judaism and Christianity. All of them have the same roots and revealed by Allah through the messengers of Allah. They have the same traditions. They had existed since the messengers of Allah and prophets Adam AS, Noah AS, Idris AS, Solomon AS, Abraham AS, to name a few, and Muhammad SAW  was the seal of the  messengers (Rasulullah ) and he perfected it. These were messengers (Rasulullah) of Allah (there were 25 of them) and divine revelation  was passed through them. Both the Rasullah and the Prophets (Nabi) (there were by the thousands) were specifically sent by Allah for their own respective communities and the reach was not  universal. Moses was sent for the Jews and so was Jesus. But Muhammad SAW was sent  for the whole of humankind.. 

    The issue now is within the realm of theology and politics. I have touched on the theological part as I have already explained above. If the Christians can embrace the concept of Allah as what the Muslims and Jews believe in, that is, God is one without the infusion of Trinity, then we are on the same side, and the use of the word Allah is most welcome. But if the fundamental belief of Christianity is still God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit or the Holy Trinity, then for the Muslims it is fundamentally blasphemous and unacceptable. To stretch our discussion further,  the Hindus are of the view that Hinduism too believes in one God, Krishna and other gods are manifestations of the one God, Krishna. And for the Muslims this is definitely kufar that is polytheism at its worst which negates the concept of unity and perfection of Allah.

    I do agree with many that the issue is highly politicised in Malaysia which we shouldn’t. And what we should do is  let the theological explanation takes the forefront. But unfortunately for us the mainstream Malay party and NGOs have taken not a so intelligent stand which further confuse the issue.  But I am also curious why the Catholic Church is all out to use the term Allah when the term Allah isn’t an integral part of the Christian faith  and the concept of Trinity is in conflict with the attributes of Allah. The Church argument is that the term Allah has been used for centuries in Sabah and Sarawak and translated from the word God, in the Alkitab..the Malay Bibles. And the term Allah is being used in Indonesia and the Middle East. If I may express my opinion it is a mistake that the Christian missionaries in those countries and centuries translate the term God as Allah and it should be corrected. A mistake being practiced for centuries is still a mistake even though it has been so entrenched. 

  12. inilah yang dinamakan ‘orang putih punggung hitam’…..kayu
    arang,aranglah juga takkan jadi kayu jati…..

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