Winds of change brewing

There is an apparent trouble brewing for PKR Sabah. This time, it looks like it would hit Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim hard in the face, after ADUN for Kedamaian Jeremy Malazad jumped out of the party to be an Independent.

Published: Tuesday November 5, 2013 MYT 2:36:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday November 5, 2013 MYT 2:39:21 PM

More will ditch PKR, Musa Aman predicts


KOTA KINABALU: More Sabah PKR leaders and members are expected to ditch the party due to a lack of confidence in its leadership, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said.

He said the move by PKR’s Kadamaian state assemblyman Jeremy Malajad, who quit the party on Monday, was widely anticipated to be followed by more of its elected representatives.

“There is a realisation among the PKR leaders that only by cooperating with Barisan Nasional can they help their constituents,” he said after the Maal Hijrah gathering here Tuesday.

Musa, the Sabah Umno chief, said Jeremy’s departure from PKR further showed that the Opposition’s elected representatives were not able to improve the lives of their electorate.

Jeremy had cited the failure of the Opposition party to ensure that his contituents fully benefitted from the development programmes of the Barisan-led government as the reason for his departure.

He said Barisan’s victory in more than two thirds of the 60 state constituencies clearly demonstrated the people’s confidence in the ruling coalition.

Jeremy said as a newly-elected representative, he fully realised the aspirations of his constituents who wanted to see improvements and positive changes, including the provision of basic amenities such as roads, water supply and rural clinics.

Some 50 Kadamaian PKR members also quit the party with him.

Jeremy and PKR’s Matunggong assemblyman Jelani Hamdan had been widely expected to quit PKR after their absence from a meeting with party chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim here last weekend.

Jelani said he had not reached the point of quitting PKR but did not rule out the move due to dissatisfaction over the party’s state leadership.


Sabah Chief Minister and BN Chairman Dato’ Seri Musa Aman is right. PKR Sabah has been riding the waves in continuous storm for quite a bit now.

This Hijrah for ADUN Kedamaian Malazad out of PKR has affected PKR Sabah a lot. Unconfirmed stories from Sabah told about the PKR Convention today was summarily cancelled. It has been said that probably the leading members would like to do a referrendum for the question whether or not they should leave PKR en bloc.

PKR Sabah is on the path towards disintegration. Considering that Sabah DAP members have openly demonstrated their displeasure for the Chinese Chauvinist autocratic leadership, it seems that Sabah is without credible Opposition.

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  2. BN should try persuading as many PR leaders as possible before PRU14. Do it well before PRU14, ensure they stay with BN intact until the next elections. Especially the ones who work hard, well regarded and supported by their constituents.

    Many PR supporters must have been disenchanted with Anwar Al Juburi already. Unkept promises not only to party leaders but also the grassroot supporters. For so long already making promises but they all came to nought. Special airplane for flight to Sabah, special air-cond bus for campaign to Melaka etc, all the comforts for himself, with money from Neo-Cons, Jews and Zionists.

    They can’t even put up a shadow cabinet yet want to talk about shadow budget and all kinds of nonsense. They can’t even agree among themselves, how can they ever reach Putrajaya.

    True Anwar started the katak lompat business in the past. But I hope BN avoids that and tackle by the horn money politics within the party and outside. It’s an evil that can lead to destruction.

  3. […] is a Malay proverb often used to depict that the situation is getting worse, day by day. The implosion within PKR Sabah is the clear indication of the party created to furnish Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s […]

  4. […] is a Malay proverb often used to depict that the situation is getting worse, day by day. The implosion within PKR Sabah is the clear indication of the party created to furnish and embellish Opposition Leader Anwar […]

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