Defending the Constitution

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak defended decision of Court of Appeal recently against the earlier Kuala Lumpur High Court on the position of ‘kalimah Allah’ for the Catholic Church’s weekly Herald.

Najib vows to defend use of Allah as exclusive to Muslims

NOVEMBER 05, 2013

In his message marking the Islamic new year, Najib vowed to defend Islam based on the concept of moderation, or Wasatiiyah. - The Malaysian Insider pic, November 5, 2013.

In his message marking the Islamic new year, Najib vowed to defend Islam based on the concept of moderation, or Wasatiiyah. – The Malaysian Insider pic,

November 5, 2013.Putrajaya has pledged to defend the use of the word Allah as the exclusive right of Muslims, even as the debate continued following the October 14 Court of Appeal ruling banning the use of the word in a Catholic weekly.

In his message marking the Islamic new year or Maal Hijrah today, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said while Malaysia upholds the Federal Constitution and the position of Islam, it also subscribed to the concept of moderation, or Wasatiyyah, saying it is the foundation of the country’s harmony.

“To appreciate the wider meaning of migration, we still uphold our religion and defend the name of Allah for religion, race and our beloved country.

“Malaysia which upholds the Constitution and Islam as the official religion of the country, will remain steadfast in defending the position of Islam in the country in line with Maqasid Syariah and the concept of Wasatiyyah,” Najib said in his message posted on his 1Malaysia blog today.

Several Muslim groups have insisted that the word Allah belonged exclusively to Muslim, although Christians and other faiths have argued otherwise.

This followed the recent Court of Appeal decision not to allow Catholic weekly Herald to use the word Allah in its Bahasa Malaysia section, after a long legal battle over the usage of the word.

The decision overturned an earlier ruling by the High Court in  2009, which said that Allah, the Arabic word for God, was not the exclusive right of Muslims, and allowed the Herald to use it.

The ruling was challenged by the Home Ministry in its appeal in January 2010.

The Court of Appeal noted the Home Ministry’s prohibition on the Herald from using the word was justified, arguing that Allah was not integral to the Christian faith.

The church has 30 days to file the leave application to appeal against the Court of Appeal decision.

The decision sparked a debate on whether Christians in Sabah and Sarawak, who mostly use Bahasa Malaysia in their worship, were also bound by the ruling.

This led Najib assuring Christians in East Malaysia that they can continue using the word, as stated in Putrajaya’s so-called 10-point solution announced in 2011.

The Allah ruling also got worldwide attention, including strong comments from American Muslim theologian Reza Aslan who said the decision made a mockery of Malaysia.

The debate on the matter continues, with the Bar Council reportedly considering to back the Catholic weekly in the appeal process. This raised the ire of Muslim Lawyers Association, who strongly opposed the move. – November 5, 2013.


This statement by Prime Minister Najib affirm the commitment of the Federal Government of upholding the position and will of HRH Rulers on “Allah is a word exclusively for the Muslims and Non Muslims are prohibited from using it”.

He also stated that it is unreasonable for the 54 combined NGOs COMANGO to demand for the right of apostasy and deny the power of the Syariah Courts to decide on the position of faith for Muslims since it is against specific provisions enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

COMANGO also is fighting for the rights of LGBT practitioners and act of committing adultery and fornication between two consenting adults.

In his visit to London last week attending the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), Prime Minister Najib spoke to anchorwoman Christiane Amanpour on her program aired by CNN and stated “My priority is to ensure peace and harmony in Malaysia. When the court decide on certain things, I have to respect the courts decision. To me, it is not about winning a legal argument. It goes beyond that”.

He explained his arguments for the position of Wasatiyah, in ‘walking the line of moderation against the hardliners’.

“It is about having a long term vision of the country. We are committed to this long term vision. To move towards this long term vision, there would be growing pains a long the way. If you want long term stability, you must make sure the majority are not marginalized”.

He also told Amanpour that the policy of the Malaysian Government is inclusive and cater for the needs of the minority.

The various Malay NGOs at arms on the ‘kalimah Allah’ issue outside Palace of Justice early last month

That simply summed up all the initiatives, demands and provocations made by the various groups of minority in Malaysia and being intensified of late, to antagonize against the majority. Whenever the majority turn around to defend their position even for what have been specifically provided in the Federal Constitution, then the minority would use it as an example of them being oppressed and their rights denied.

The fact that all the provocations is actually part of the political strategy by the Opposition to weaken the Malays, which the power-base of the ruling party.

This statement should dispel if not pacify the growing uneasiness of the majority of Malay-Muslim via the various Malay NGOs and the grass-root of UMNO that the Federal Government is not stern and loud enough on issues such as the role and position of Islam, HRH Rulers and Special Malay Rights. In fact, Prime Minister Najib has been plagued with the perception of being a populist and pandering to whims and fancies of the minority, even the extreme and chauvinist ones.

MPs raised about COMANGO in Dewan Rakyat

MPs raised about COMANGO in Dewan Rakyat

Prime Minister Najib’s position to defend what were the fundamentals when this nation was born is in the right direction of his ‘Wasatiyah’, to move Malaysians together in the same direction and having everyone inclusive in this agenda.

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  1. Obviously and definitely the Constitution must be defended. No two-way about it. And must be interpreted correctly. And the Government in power must interpret it in favour of the wishes and preferences of the majority of the population. Where disputed by the Opposition, let the Courts decide. That’s by the rule of law. Which this country subscribes to. Nothing less.

    But why didn’t Najib make the statement supporting the use of kalimah Allah only by Muslims in this country just before PRK Sg Limau? Bad for UMNO politics because many voters there support DAP who started politicizing the kalimah Allah issue? I don’t think so. The UMNO candidate lost only by 1,084 votes. Many of the 12,000 or so who voted the PAS candidate must support the stand that kalimah Allah is only for Muslims. After all, even in PAS, there is the faction that supports the stand that in Malaysia, kalimah Allah is only for Muslims.

    Bad for Najib’s politics to do so? He and his “status quo” VPs didn’t help Mukhriz’s campaign in Sg Limau, did they? Didn’t want Mukhriz to get the kudos and gain popularity too much and too soon? Especially considering he won more votes than old-timer (2nd time contender) Hishamuddin at the UMNO VP race recently? Najib wants to be in power for another 20 years? No, not by the way he treats Malay issues like NEP, the economic well being of the Malays, etc.

    • Funny that he should Imply the Complete Opposite when interviewed by Amanpour in CNN Recently?

      • He lost composure when with Amanpour. His body language was all over the place telling so.

        Maybe he didn’t sleep well or jet leg. Maybe so keen to impress on the large, well educated international audience that Amanpour usually has that he went gaga even without Ambiga.

        But I agree with what he said there.

    • Fornicating is fun ma… all religion forbid it because sex was controlled by the priests or ulama.
      but now we know its becuase the ulamas want the sex and women only for themselves like Mat Sabu and Tok Pa. Anwar Ibarhim…so go coman go hehe.. have fun before u die..

  2. Yes, Najib defended the use of the word Allah as the exclusive right of Muslims in his message marking the Islamic new year or Maal Hijrah. He did it because he was obliged to do so? The message was drafted by others and he had to sign it?

    And he quickly pointed out that, while Malaysia upholds the Federal Constitution and the position of Islam, it also subscribed to the concept of moderation, saying it is the foundation of the country’s harmony. But he should be analyzing fully the reasons for the lack of harmony in the country. Chinese schools, where one sector of the population isolates themselves, wanting what the Dong Zong President said “multi-nations within a nation” nonsense, mixing only among their own kind, unable to converse in the National Language 56 years after adoption of the country’s Constitution, of which Article 152 states the position of Bahasa Malaysia. Making endless noises over the so-called archaic laws and Najib entertaining that, repealing the ISA, EO, RRA such that thousands were released from prisons causing havoc in the country.

    I would prefer to talk about the meaning of migration in the context of what many have been doing after the Chinese tsunami – those who don’t like this country, “berhiirah lah,” said Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim, when referring to those who misbehaved at the Dataran Merdeka on Merdeka Eve 2012. And “Migrate,” said Home Minister Ahmad Zahid when referring to Anwar Ibrahim’s endless street demos, not accepting the results of PRU13, not liking the system in this country where elections are decided by the number of seats won, not by the popular votes.

    I would like to repeat those words – those who don’t like this country, “Berhijrah lah”. Those who don’t like the system as reflected in the Constitution of this country, “Go Migrate”. We will have harmony if they do so.

  3. How to hijrah when TalentCorp offer more than what the mat Salleh offered these ingratitude lots!

    • Those not respecting and abiding by the Constitution of the country are still welcome to Hijrah. I read one comment proposing a Hijrah Fund be set up by the Government for those non-Constitution respecting blokes. I support that.

      I’d even propose that they be given interest-free loans for their Hijrah and costs of settling down in the new country. Then Malaysia signs up agreements with those countries concerned for recovery of such loans should they default in repayment, hehe.

    • hehe Talent Coprse is a perfect example of badut Najib. Bringing DAP voters back home with 80 million govt money is just one of his stupidity. Najib is being blackmail by Indias like Mahahtir and Deepak. That is why he is crating all kind of bodies who will be headed by Singh, Kaur, Pradeeep, etc keling…Talent Copr is run by that Indian Meerican and the brain child of that Indian Nor Mohd YAckub! The Indian Mahahtir pciked up in front of Sogo after losing 90 billion BNM money! That is who running our govt now.

  4. Harap PM Najib berdiri teguh pertahan dan perkasakan Perlembagaan Malaysia. Apa yang terkandung ada lah roh Malaysia. Tiada roh maka berakhir lah jasad yang selama bernafaskan Melayu.

    Banyak lagi isu yang mesti di berikan perhatian penuh. Satu persatu mesti di matikan SUIS nya merujuk artikel ini.

    Lain-lain nya SUIS bahaya yang masih hidup :-
    1. Isu perkauman yang kini bersemarak secara nyata di depan mata dan di paparan media cetak dan siber. Perkara ini akan sentiasa di hidupkan oleh pihak yang suka main api. Jika di biarkan api kecil akan menjadi besar tidak mustahil pertembungan akan berlaku.

    2. Isu yang di mainkan pihak pembangkang mesti di kawal kerana sentiasa mencari isu-isu yang boleh memecah-belah rakyat dan kerajaan. Nyata nya akta kawalan provokasi mesti di perkasakan.

    3. Isu GLC dan halatuju mereka yang mengendalikan. Petronas semakin dominan dalam pelapuran amalan songsang dari pihak-pihak yang terkena dan mengetahui. Meritokrasi satu alasan untuk yang bijak memulas telinga dan melemahkan kemampuan satu pihak lain, konon nya lemah. Semua ada kelemahan. Malah beberapa pihak suka mengambil kesempatan dari kelemahan. Jika ada kelemahan, itu yang mesti di bantu menambah baik.

    4. Isu kakitangan kerajaan yang di pinggirkan kerana Penguasaan Elit dalam sektor awam yang mendapat perlantikan istimewa dan ganjaran berganda. Satu praktisan feudal. Manusia itu tidak bijak bila berseorangan. Semua mesti berjemaah dalam satu muzakarah menyempurnakan dasar-dasar kerajaan yang kemudian nya di terima majoriti rakyat.

    5. Pertubuhan ngo-ngo / persatuan yang tidak beraspirasi di mana bumi di pijak, di situ langit di junjung.

    6. Membenteras sepenuh nya urusan dagang haram. Mengembalikan semula sepenuh nya kewibawaan kakitangan awam berunifom pada tahap nya semula. Semua nya telah di perkosa di atas nama politik terlampau kedegilan manusia.

    Harap SUIS litar pintas ini di padamkan. Jika tidak, kerajaan tidak akan ada masa untuk menjengah pembangunan Malaysia, asyik melayan kerenah tanpa manfaat. Demi PRU 14.
    ( maaf, panjang sikit bro..)

    • No problem panjang, kawan. Tak payah ma’af, kita Melayu dah accomodating dan merendah diri sesangat sejak dalam sejarah.

      Ada yang cadang Melayu mula ultra kiasu. Saya sokong sekurang kurangnya Melayu kiasu – mesti mahu menang sentiasa. UMNO tak dapat kerusi PRK di Kedah pun sabenarnya Melayu menang juga – dapat mengurangkan majoriti undi PAS sehinggga 2/3, dari majoriti hampir 3,000 ke majoriti 1,084 sahaja.

      Tapi kalau nak jaga SUIS, minta Najib jangan leburkan Akta Hasutan. Depa sudah melanda landa. Nanti naik kepala kita. Reaksi pelampau kapada keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan itu suatu dari contohnya.

      Benar, kalau bubarkan Akta Hasutan, boleh di masukkan semula sebagai pindaan dalam mana mana Akta lain. Macam unsur unsur ISA di masuk ke dalam pindaan Prevention of Crimes Act. Tapi buat gitu di ketawakan dek orang. Najib perlu berkeras, jangan layan kehendak depa hapuskan undang undang kuno, kononnya. Biarkan jika keadaan tegang sekali pun. Polis dan Tentera boleh kawal.

      Bila ada Akta Hasutan, orang macam Tian Chua boleh di tangkap, di heret ke Lokap Jinjang, di so’al siasat beberapa hari – sekarang boleh di tahan tanpa bicara hingga 2 tahun, kemudian di sambung lagi 2 tahun. Dah dapat semua maklumat yang di perlukan/ dah nampak memar depa, bahru di heret ke Mahkamah dan di dakwa.

      • Contoh pelampau yang masih lagi melanda landa, walau pun pasangan pemuda Cina Alvivi telah di tangkap dan dikenakan Akta Hasutan banyak bulan lalu –

        According to Bernama, an organisation called Pertubuhan Martabat Jalinan Muhibbah Malaysia (MJMM) today lodged a police report against a Facebook account owner for displaying a picture of a grilled pig with the word “Allah” and “Muhammad”, as well as the Jakim’s halal logo on it on his/her posting dated last Sept 3.

        Jangan hapuskan Akta Hasutan. Bendaklah itu menghasut, menyakitkan hati orang orang Islam. Ada yang dah kena tangkap, yang ini pulak buat lagi. Kalau takda Akta Hasutan, lebih teruk lagi.

  5. Carpe diem! Najib the Felinist may say the right things now. But its not without consideration nor circumstance.

    He is without doubt an incorigible populist. And he thrives on these ‘Jom Heboh’ styled ‘I ❤ PM’ fanfares. Not to mention the true pomp and pageantry even tho occasionally he wants to be seen having a cuppa at the local grocer market’s favourite watering hole.

    Thus the Courts of Appeal 3-0 decision augurs very well with almost all Malay NGOs. Not to mention Umno grass root.

    In a month time when Umno delegates meet in Dewan Merdeka for annual assembly, there won’t be ‘broken record’ to instigate grassroot to revolt against leadership becoz they hv somewhat become “Centrist and liberal”.

    Umno members could remain half convinced the ‘Perjuangan Alif Baa Taa’ is probably still very much the agenda of the true nationalist-party-turned-centre-right.

    • Some may remain “half-convinced” but many would stick to the original UMNO values – protecting and promoting the rights and interests of the Malays as sworn by those who formed the party 67 years ago.

      Only question is whether they would be muted by the results of the recent party elections where the status quo was practically retained by means that even Tun Dr Mahathir has started voicing out.

      The holding of the party elections well ahead of the party convention was quite a convenient strategy. Still, let’s see if they’ll send out the UMNO Executive Secretary to all the Pegawai Perhubungan Negeri asking them to ensure not to “rock the boat” again, like they did some time before the last party elections.

  6. […] The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles…. […]

  7. Unfortunately I have little faith left in him. It seems that he have no qualm to sing a different tune to a different crowd. I am not sure he value those who put him in power nearly as much as those who wants him/UMNO out.

    Weak leader with little or no credibility is hardly the kind that we need especially now.

    • Agree. He vacillates according to who the audience is. In Sabah, he said the kalimah Allah cannot be used by the Herald but could be used by Christians in Sabah and Sarawak. In the text of his Maal Hijrah speech he talked about defending the use of kalimah Allah as exclusive to Muslims. His inconsistence tendency is his greatest weakness. Almost spineless and chemeleon-like depending on the seasons. Hence, it is difficult to trust this man. So , will the real Najib Razak please stand up.

  8. […] Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak also vowed that the Malaysian Government would continue to defend the sanctity… as the religion of the Federation of […]

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