Crack awaiting the crumble

It is a Malay proverb often used to depict that the situation is getting worse, day by day. The implosion within PKR Sabah is the clear indication of the party created to furnish and embellish Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim As-Sodomy’s struggle for his  personal issues is actually crumbling down, if not the State Opposition too, is very apparent.

Published: Thursday November 7, 2013 MYT 1:32:00 PM
Updated: Thursday November 7, 2013 MYT 1:56:40 PM

Rebellious PKR rep says “Anwar is not god”


KOTA KINABALU: A defiant Matunggong assemblyman Datuk Jelani Hamdan appears to be burning his bridges with the leadership of PKR, strengthening expectations of his imminent departure from the party.

In his Facebook postings over the past several days, Jelani accused PKR leaders of ”practicing laws of the jungle” over their intention to issue him a show cause letter following his public grouses about them.

In the Feb 5 posting titled “Over reacted and prejudged” he said PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was “not God” and he should be prepared to face criticisms.

“Anwar has called me garang (fierce). When I voice my opinions, I am also branded a traitor. Since when are we banned from criticising Anwar. He is not God,” he added.

And on Sabah PKR chief Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin, who ditched Umno for PKR before the May 5 general election, Jelani said sarcastically: ”Mr Perfect and Clean. Cannot be criticised. My foot,” closing the sentence with a smiley emoticon.

He said his main grouses with the PKR leadership were the appointment of Lajim as the Sabah assembly opposition leader and as Sabah PKR chief.

He also said there was a “lack” of Kadazandusun Murut and Rungus representation in the party’s state liaison committee.

Jelani said he had brought up these issues to the PKR leadership before but “a decision is different from the implementation.”

On PKR vice president Tian Chua’s statement that the party would be issuing a show cause letter to him for his criticisms against the party leadership, he said: “What the hell are they doing? They are practicing jungle law or are they jungle people!!!”

In a reply to a Facebook friend on his posting, Jelani said it appeared that the PKR leadership was trying to get him to resign from the party or face a sacking by issuing him the show cause letter.

”They are trying to give a me choice. Madu di tangan kanan mu, racun di tangan kiri mu (honey is your right hand and poison in your left hand),” he said.

Anticipation of Jelani quitting the party had been growing since his Kadamaian counterpart Jeremy Malajad’s departure from PKR on Monday.

Jeremy along with PKR state assemblyman Jelani Hamdan of Matunggong had been widely expected to quit the party after their absence from a meeting with party chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim here last weekend.

When contacted, Jelani told The Star: ‘’I have not reached that point as yet. However I am not ruling out the possibility of leaving the party.”

He said he did not attend the Sabah PKR liaison meeting with Anwar on Saturday as he and Jeremy saw no point in attending it.

‘’We cannot work with Lajim anymore,” he said.

He said Anwar and Lajim had ignored their repeated calls for better representation of the Kadazandusun-Rungus communities in the state PKR liaison line-up.

Sabah’s elected opposition ranks in the State Assembly began cracking on September 27 after DAP’s Hiew King Cheu of Luyang quit the party and declared himself an independent.


This statement by ADUN Matunggong is an apparent ‘uprising’ and believed to be the beginning of PKR Sabah under going massive ‘negative transformation’ when the implosion is nucleus of massive exodus from the party. More and more PKR Sabah leaders and members are getting very restless with the party.

This migration out of PKR Sabah was started sometime back as the moment former Vice President and Sabah political strategist Dr. Jeffrey Kitinggan had problems with Anwar Ibrahim and quit the party almost three years ago.

The announcement of a disgruntled former UMNO Supreme Council member and a Cabinet Minister aspirant Dato’ Panglima Lajim Hj. Ukin as PKR Sabah Chief recently did not augur well with party loyalists.

It is a situation of ‘Retak menunggu belah’. No amount of money could stop when the walls start to crumble, in an avalanche.

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  1. Alah Anuwar oii?

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  3. Wonder when Al-Juburi will be calling for PKR’s Party Election. It’s long due, anyway. The last one that they had was full of manipulation, brawls and mischief. No wonder the Rear Admiral has not say anything about UMNO’s recent election. He is afraid people would ask him about his own party election, instead. He had better hold it now, before more people quit, especially in Sabah. You cannot just hoist people to hold position in your party, like defector Lajim, without existing division members’ approval.

    I hope PKR hold its Party election as soon as possible. Get that ‘Ketua Umum’ post in contention too, or is it self-proclaim.

    Please change PKR to ‘Party Kelam-kabut & Ribut’. Stop using the Rakyat’s name. I’m the Rakyat and not all Malysian support a sodomite like you.

    Democracy will die if Pakatan gets to rule.
    So help us God.

  4. Sad that the oppo. is headed by anwar. The guy is weak and stupid. a strong oppo. Leader would have benefitted malaysia most and would have been able to keep check and balance.

    The stupidity of anwar and the gap in good opposing party to the current establishment is whats ruining this country. Umno is on a highway to hell and is dragging tanah melayu with it.

    Lets hope anwar eventually goes to hell and a new guy will step in and provide good check and balance to the soon to be defunct umno

  5. Clear proof that Sabahans don’t want PKR. Now pointing out to Anwar specifically. Let them die out.

    Anwar is shivering now. Sodomy II Appeal bing heard in December. Resorting to all sorts of tricks to get the public support or sympathize him. All sorts of accusations and even suits against AG, bad talk in Malaysian Insider, etc.

    I think Anwar will go to prison again this time. That’s my hopeful thinking at least. In any case, he hasn’t got much time now to try and mend the faults of PKR in Sabah. PKR is on the down slide. .

  6. Hah, this is interesting –

    PKR rep Datuk Jelani Hamdan said, “How can I resign when I don’t know if I am really a member.”

    He said he never received an official reply from the PKR about his membership application nor was he ever given a membership number.

    Looks like he has burnt his bridges with PKR. He resigned the post of Sabah liaison committee vice chief.

  7. Anyone thinking about sympathizing with Anwarul Al Juburi, please don’t. He’s not worth it, he doesn’t deserve it.

    That ungrateful ingrate. Like the ultra kiasu DAP Chinese. Picked up from the gutter by Tun Dr Mahathir, given a place in UMNO, nursed and guided until he became Deputy UMNO President and Deputy Prime Minister. And he bit the hand that had helped him. Nak lawan tokeh. Landed in prison for years instead.

    Imagine, he would have been Prime Minister for 10 years already if he had waited his turn. This is what they call “the unrealized potential”. He’ll remain so until kingdom come. Even with the Chinese tsunami Pakatan Rakyat lost PRU13. Now 66 years old and PKR is tottering. He is confronted with all sorts of problems. The biggest of which is his Sodomy II Appeal Court hearing in December. If the Prosecution wins, he’ll land in prison again.

    A 10-year sentence would seal his fate. No lecturing in France with all the freedom he could have got if he had stuck to what he told the rakyat he would do if Pakatan Rakyat loses PRU13. He will be the Sungai Buluh Prison Librarian again. Then the Malays and Malaysia can hope to achieve unity. Let’s pray for happen.

  8. Why worry on PKR? PKR is wasted potential, failed to contribute positively to grow and clean up the country constructively. Malaysia badly needs a smart and responsible Opposition.

    The current Cabinet must fulfill all the election promises, but the rest In UMNO should start to mentally prepare to be an effective and responsible Opposition after 2018.

    Never before would I even think of saying it…. but I am now convinced Malaysia and Melayu will not be better off to have UMNO to be the lead in Government beyond 2018. UMNO just do not have it anymore.

    • I disagree with you.

      Just get rid of the populist leaders (note that the word “populist” doesn’t necessarily mean “popular”), get those who have been very aware of the stakes at PRU14, always concerned and not accepting the prospect of losing, and doing whatever necessary to get BN win it.

      How to get those people replace the existing leaders? Talk to Tun Dr Mahathir. He got Tun Dol out in 2009. With 22 years experience as UMNO President and PM, he sure knows what’s best to be done.

      He started the first salvo already by hitting at money politics during the recent UMNO party elections.

    • I agree. Patah tumbuh hilang berganti. We are all melodically still in love with Tun M. I think if a 20 something or 30 something Tun M saw umno today, he would say fuck u and set up a different shop or maybe join up with perkasa or whatever. One thing im sure is, no way would he be in cahoots with these current batch of dickheads

  9. Currently, in all honesty I must say Malaysia lacks competent and brave politicians who are not afraid to exercise the political will for the sake of the people. They just canvassed for votes and then detach themselves from the reality on the ground. Malaysia’s economy has not benefitted the ordinary people and workers since the current numerous uno took over. His economic policies are insipid, lack practical solutions for current problems, overly focussed on the future without proper planning for existing human capital and labour market situations and too dependent on future scenarios which may not materialise. The oppositions have nothing significant to offer because they are also on the side of capitalist economy and their pakatan is a loose pakatan that would easily come undone on issues where they have fundamental differences. Malaysians are the most unfortunate people in the world because
    their leaders are so full of themselves.

  10. Hello….Hello…. yes Malaysia lacks brave leaders in the current UMNO and BN, but I am very sure there are many out there who has the courage and the intelligence to rise to this challenge. We will not be competitive and win in the world if the Cabinet and Parliament are made up of only ‘yes-men’ and ‘nothing-is-right’ Oppositions. We will waste so much precious time that Indonesia and Myanmar will soon laugh at us.

    Really it has become WAJIB for one of you out there to come forward and start a new party. From conversations and chatrooms of late, I am confident many non-partisan concerned Malaysians out there will support a new party. Many of the silent majority are ready to be counted, to come forward and be involved. They do not like the direction the current Government is going and they are not comfortable with the options offered by DAP and PAS. And they are convinced UMNO just does not care about the public opinion.

    UMNO members have elected their leaders. So the silent majority should do so too. NOW.

    • Aiseh, kawan, not easy to just form a political party and get it off the ground lah.

      Remember Mister Zaid Ibrahim? Resigned from Cabinet with a bang, joined Anwar Al Juburi’s party, could not get to be Deputy President, cabut, formed his own party called KITA, ended up with his own party not accepting him, cabut again, now reduced to being a newspaper columnist!

      And he was a millionaire from UMNO and gomen legal fees etc, had wide contacts on top of that. The average fellow would have to grapple with finding money to feed his family, let alone pay for meeting room/ hall rental, travelling expenses etc.

      It’s easier just to gt rid of the unwanted leaders in UMNO, put in reliable new ones. Get some financing lah, coz those “status quo” fellas will main kasar money politic-wise. I agree with the suggestion that Tun Dr Mahathir be approached for advice and pointers on who to go to for logistics support etc. Some of the rich Malays would listen to him. A few of them may privately also not like the way the leaders run UMNO and the country now.

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