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In her attempt to stay relevant as an upcoming Opposition politician and second liner, issue-bankrupt politician PKR Vice President Nurul Izzah Anwar uttered another lie hoping to start another controversy by questioning the Police for stationing 30 Special Branch officers in London.

Pro-Opposition news portal Riong Kali dot com’s story:

IGP denies 30 SB officers in London, says it is just Nurul Izzah’s imagination

NOVEMBER 16, 2013

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar (pic) has dismissed claims by Nurul Izzah Anwar that 30 Special Branch officers are stationed in London, saying it was a figment of her imagination.

“What she said is not true. The number is too big. Some people just have a bit of imagination,” said Khalid in Bukit Aman this morning.

Without revealing details, Khalid admitted that there are SB officers in London, but added that the number is much lesser than what Nurul Izzah had stated.

Khalid also said police have no plans to take any action against the PKR Lembah Pantai MP for her claim.

“No need to. Let’s not waste our time to investigate things which are not true,” he said.

Yesterday, an Umno leader accused Nurul Izzah of threatening national security for her expose on the number of SB officers stationed in London.

Cheras Umno division chief Datuk Seri Syed Ali Alhabshee said stern action must be taken on any political leader who reveal secrets or confidential information crucial to national security.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim also slammed Nurul Izzah’s remarks and urged the authorities to investigate her.

“No need to. Let’s not waste our time to investigate things which are not true,” said Khalid.

The IGP also urged the various parties who have been criticising police on the safety and security matters, to let police do their job.

Without naming names, Khalid said these people should focus on their job scope instead of meddling in police duties.

“Leave it to me to decide on the deployment of policemen. Let me and the police deal with this,” said Khalid.

In a recent Pakatan Rakyat forum on goods and services tax (GST) in Bangsar, Nurul Izzah had questioned the need for Putrajaya to station 30 SB officers in London.

The SB team in London, she added, was revealed in various government documents such as the 10th Malaysia Plan and the annual budget, and from the Home Ministry’s replies in the Dewan Rakyat.

She said that stationing 30 officers in London was yet another example of how the Home Ministry did not properly allocate police resources to combat crime.

Nurul Izzah also cited the increasing number of policemen assigned to SB duties as further proof that the ministry and the Barisan Nasional administration are misguided in their priorities when it came to law enforcement.

“The SB is used primarily to spy on politicians,” she said.

Nurul Izzah added that last year, SB churned out 830,000 surveillance reports mostly on Pakatan politicians. In contrast, the CID solved 60,000 criminal cases.

“Could not these SB officers be redeployed to the CID so that we could boost our crime solving rate?” she asked. – November 16, 2013.


It is evidently clear Nurul Izzah lie, in her sordid attempt to capture the imagination of many pro-Opposition sympathizers especially amongst the educated and professional lot and younger Malaysians. The lie would be perpetuated so that it would turn into a controversy, to demonise the ruling government for abusing public funds and blatant wastage.

Exactly like how she previously lied about the KLIA2 radar project and before that the failure for RMN’s Perdana Class Scorpene submarines to dive.

IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar admitted the Police do station some Police officers abroad. Mostly to facilitate the Royal Malaysian Police work, especially involving police and security services of the assigned country. However the number is much less that what Nurul Izzah claimed to be.

The multiple facade of South East Asia most wanted man Mas Selamat Kastari

What Nurul Izzah would not admit is how this nation so far is free from bombings by extremist and terrorists groups. It is not by chance that the bombings in Indonesia, the Phillipines and Thailand does not happen here.

The fact is that the ‘bombing free’ situation could only be achieved by effective Police intelligence and working relationship with Police and security service agencies from neighbouring and friendly countries.

The arrest of South East Asia most wanted man Mas Selamat Kastari in Johor, after escapism from Singapore Internal Security detention centre is an example how good Police intelligence is. It was the Special Branch officers and agents who managed to bring down communist rebellion and insurgency and the attempt to do public spot bombing at the turn of the millennium was foiled.

Pipe bomb discovered at Telawi 3, Bukit Bandaraya on the eve on 31 Dec 1999

Pipe bomb discovered at Telawi 3, Bukit Bandaraya on the eve on 31 Dec 1999

Extremists and militant religious deviants recruits students for their horrific crimes against humanity.

Police intelligence also is an integral component of war against crime such as organised crime and the underworld related activities such as drug trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering.

Since PKR struggle is dependent on how well this country is turned upside down by anarchists, politicians like Nurul Izzah, Mat Sabu and Tony Pua would continue to lie and perpetuated lies. Even at the expense of national security.

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  1. […] The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles…. […]

  2. No not 30. Only 1 in London.

  3. Were PDRM and the SB aware of the “surveillance” activities being carried out from the US Embassy in KL?

    There are no wishy-washy answers. It’s either a straight “yes” or a straight “no”.

    If there is comprehensive surveillance of domestic affairs by these agencies, then did the US “surveillance” program slip under their guard or go undetected by their “radar”?

    It would be amusing, if not for the fact it would be downright alarming if Malaysia ‘s negotiating position on the TPP FTA, for instance, was known beforehand to other interested parties. I

  4. Lordtobry

    What do you hope from that answer?

    SB not good enough?

    If so, why is Nurul asking to close SB? Give more money so that SB can do more surveillance abroad.

    Quite sure it does not relate to the unsubstantiated 30 SB in London. They don’t need 30 to monitor raja Petra.

    Sttuuuuupppiiiddddd!!!! Security is not for amusement laaaa…..

    • Well, are you answering on behalf of PDRM and the SB?

      I asked a simple question – were they aware of the “surveillance activities” carrried out from the US Embassy in KL?

      Because, according to Wisma Putra, it came as a surprise (though not unexpected?) to the government.

      And, as you wrote, (national) security is not for amusement(sic).. “

  5. She did say the number of Sb officers were sourced from official documents. if so, who’s the liar? Nurul Izzah or the government and the IGP. If publicly available official documents say that there 30 SB officers, how can revealing this info (by Nurul Izzah) be deemed a security threat?

    • Just because an incorrigible liar like Nurul Izzah says “Sourced from official documents”, doesn’t it mean she’s accurate and truthful in her statement?

      Substantiatelah! That is if she’s got the incriminating evidence.

      She’s got a real nasty habit of manipulation and blatant deception. Nothing that comes from her mouth is genuine.

      I’m utterly convinced if she’s already got all her damming evidence sorted out, she’d call all the foreign tv channels and make herself as an international spy buster.


  6. […] is clear Nurul Izzah’s damning fallacy about Special Branch assigning 30 officers to London and this morning’s attempt to debate and bring the espionage issue into open […]

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