Rumblings about Rosmah II

In the recent visit of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor Qatar International Forum on Women Entrepreneurism IV in Doha, Qatar 11-12 November 2013, we must admit that the Opposition is right.

Event though Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Dato’ Seri Shahidan Kassim reported in Dewan Rakyat that the Cabinet authorised for the use of Malaysian Government executive jet 9M-NAA to take Rosmah and her entourage to the event and back, it is against principle because she is not one of those entitled for the facility.

Unless, they can prove otherwise.

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  1. I think the Cabinet has the power and the prerogative to decide practically anything they want. After all, they are the Government in power. Short of saying day is night, even dark grey that can say is black. Without being colour blind, too.

    The only thing is whether what they decide is mengarut or not. Even if the forum was organized by the Qatar government and the invitation is sent officially, via the Foreign Ministry and such, since Rosmah has no official capacity, she may not be entitled to the use of the Executive jet.

    Being a PM’s wife is not an official capacity in this regard. She is an appendage. May travel on the said jet only when accompanying the PM.

    Unless the jet is for the personal use of the PM. No such thing. The General Orders (rules for Government Officers which should also apply to politicians holding official positions) say that even official cars cannot be used for the personal purposes of the Government Officers, not for shopping and the like.

    But Rosmah has become so unpopular that even when she smiles, many people think she is pouting. Irrespective of the number of plastic surgeries she may have undergone.

    Who says anyone can have everything? Can have the cake and eat it too? Can have all the luxuries and comforts of life and no problems? Can be up all the time and no downs? She might even bring Najib down. God is great. Every God-respecting soul must believe that.

    • The Rush to Pay Homage to Rosmah is On…

      They Know She is Keeping Score.

      At the Moment Shahidan and Azalina are leading! By the way those who accompanied her need not enter.

      Its the Season for Lapdogs….

  2. When the wife misbehaved, do not blame the wife but blame the husband. He must be blamed for not being able to stop the wife’s transgressions.

    He is just a weak husband with no backbones……

  3. Shahidan Kassim has to do his job. Pity him. Run out of cogent reasoning and acceptable arguments.

    Rosmah herself needs to be conscious of her status – as a wife, not as an Assistant PM or whatever.

    But then a SOG like her won’t care, even if she is conscious of the fact that she is not holding any official position.

    What official position can there be for her? Even the title of First Lady, the rakyat shouted against it, last time, remember.

    Sad. Very sad, this woman.

    • We should Acclaim her enthusiasm for Prominence. To avoid future complications, Najib should appoint her as Full Minister. Preferably Deputy Prime Minister. She is obviously better known Internationally than the Current DPM. And she is already taking over education for the young which is part of DPMs Education Portfolio.

      She can then use the government Jet, bring her entourage wherever needed and bring fame to Najib and Malaysia. Opposition eat your heart out!

  4. I just wonder why she didnt used Syed Mokhtar or Ananda Global Express Jet.

    • Corruption, mah.

  5. I don’t blame her! Only about 4 years left to enjoy it! I would do the same thing!

    • You would do much more than that. Even sell the country.

      People talking about misuse of the executive jet. You talking about giving up the whole government. Fani haaa.

  6. You may imagine in your mind that the Prime Minister to relying on the counsel of his wife but the PM do not admit it so. However, since much of the communication between Najib and his wife is private and personal, it is reckless yet impossible to assess the role of his wife is interfering in the decision making of the Government. It be that of abusing her position as wife of the prime Minister.

    Which left you to wonder, wife of the prime Minister is not addressed in the Constitution and not an elected member seems to have the uncalled privileges. But the role of the Prime Ministers’ wives have shifted and formalized over the years from housewife, serve as  hostess and to public services. The role of the Prime Minister wife has grown. She is not merely housewife anymore. She is also representing the country. 

    I think this issue is petty to be argued in the house of Parliament. You know why?  

    If you eat peanuts for breakfast you might be behaving like monkeys the whole day. But nuts are highly nutritious with high protein content which give you energy but not to nourish your brain. Rice water is the nutrient that feed the brain organ. Research shows rice water builds up your brain capacity and perhaps make you more sober and rational. But too much rice water it might lead you into a ditch in your three piece suits just after midnight.

    The  selection of electorate candidates be that of the government or the opposition may be the result of what the selectors eat for breakfast. If he eats peanuts he will get monkey brain of his choice in selecting for candidates. If he consumes rice water for breakfast he might get brainers in his selection. That also goes to the electorates, also depends what they eat for breakfast. That is why we get too many monkeys who have been eating too much peanuts regularly for breakfast. We found many of them among the 222 members in our house of Parliament.

    It is a profound paradox of Parliamentary democracy in Malaysia. The perception being that the Office of the Prime Minister as though he is the holder of the seat of democracy. But the office of the Prime Minister is barely mentioned in the written Constitution. But it seems to be the other way around. Because there are too many monkeys running around who are as no more than an irritant in pursuing their political and legislative commitment.

    The present situation seems to regard the House of Parliament as not only an irritant, but also dispensable as evident by the unnecessary commotions among the undemocratic representatives in just within one year. This virtually representation comes from the following ignorant, arrogant and uneducated of the representatives who have the monkeys’ minds  of the highest order or are in the wrong hands of their can’t leaders. This could be a completely dysfunctional Parliament as claimed is the present situation under the monkey’s brain at large.

    Hope these monkeys have some sense of self-behavioral reformation that might restore confidence and trust in how our institutions ought to be governed. At least they can do is to make sure after we exercised our vote at the ballot box they could give us some sense of actually able to participate in the governance of this country. At the very least that democracy must mean in the true, brave and free.

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