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Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak acknowledged his wife Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor’s  unsurpassed capability in international diplomacy, befitting a role of an informal special envoy in his closing speech at the 64th UMNO General Assembly in PWTC this evening.

NST’s story:

07 December 2013| last updated at 09:40PM

Rosmah also plays significant roles in helping people, says Najib

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KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today revealed the secret about the deeds and contributions made by his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, in helping the people.

He said many were unaware that Rosmah had played significant roles in two incidents concerning the operation to bring home Malaysian students from Egypt, dubbed Operasi Piramid,

during the Egypt’s uprising a couple of years ago.

In the first incident, he said Rosmah had played a major role in the release of a Malaysian student who was arrested and jailed by the Egyptian authority after being accused of being a spy.

“I asked my wife to call the wife of (former) President Hosni Mubarak, Suzanne Mubarak, and request for our student to be released. Within two hours, the student was released,” said Najib, who is Umno president, in his adjournment speech at the 2013 Umno General Assembly here today.

Commenting further, Najib said during the operation, there was insufficient number of flights to bring the Malaysian students home, hence the need to use special flights via Jeddah.

“At that time, we had to ask the Saudi Arabian government to allow the Charlie aircraft carrying our students to land in Jeddah before leaving to Kuala Lumpur without visas.

“That was a big request, but through her networking with the royal family, the Saudi Arabian government gave its consent,” he said.

In fact, the prime minister said the Saudi Arabian government also prepared two Boeing 747 flights to bring the Malaysian students home.

“These were among my wife’s contributions to the people of Malaysia,” he said.

Najib also said that Rosmah had also become a target of criticisms, especially among those who wanted to criticise him.

In her capacity as the prime minister’s wife, Rosmah had also played a major role in improving early education for children through the Permata programme, he added.  — BERNAMA

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor (right) reacts when her husband and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak paid a tribute to her contributions to the country during the winding up speech at Umno General Assembly. second right is the wife of deputy Umno president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Puan Sri Noorainee Abdul Rahman: BERNAMA

Read more: Rosmah also plays significant roles in helping people, says Najib – Latest – New Straits Times


It was in explained in his the Seventh UMNO President’s closing speech, in front of over 2,500 delegates in Dewan Merdeka. The event was also televised lived over RTM1, TV3 and Bernama TV.

We were told that Foreign Minister Dato’ Seri Anifah Aman did share his thoughts privately to friends of hectic-ness of his job and probably to retire at some point of time from the Cabinet. It was made to understand that the job is very high strung and demanding. Not to mention the requirement to travel, ever so often.

It is not a mystery since Anifah has been known amongst the civil servants and career diplomats within Wisma Putra for his dedication and intense working schedule.

If Anifah eventually retire before this Parliamentary term ends by 14GE, expected somewhere within the next four years, a replacement candidate is sought and propped.  Probably Prime Minister Najib would seriously consider appointing Rosmah as a Senator and present to His Majesty Seri Paduka Yang DiPertuan Agong that she is made the Foreign Minister.

Her talent and international high level network is definitely an asset.

After all, Anifah as the Foreign Minister managed to prop up Malaysia’s position and role in the international politics and diplomacy scene and translate Prime Minister Najib’s aspiration very well and effectively. Rosmah would be a befitting personality to carry on where Anifah left of.

*Updated Sunday 8 December 2013

Supremo Bloggo-Journo Dato’ Kadir Jasin’s take on “Antara Cinta dan Jasa” is a ravishing read.

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  1. It is good and befitting that you decide to pay tribute to Datin Seri Rosmah

    • Like Karpal Singh said of Hukum Hudud, “Over my dead body.”

      You think I’m gonna be dead? Note that your hometown idol maybe, Chin Peng, is dead, never tasting a Malaya under his rule and under the suzerainty of communist China.

      How, got logic or not my argument? Who cares about logic. Communist buggers never did.

  2. Shahidan said Rosmah brought in investment into Malaysia. She should be sent as negotiator of TPPA.

  3. Rosmah is God sent to PM Najib, the felinist. She could be the Super Minister that PM Najib’s administration is waiting for.

    BigDog already nominated her as foreign minister.

    She should be the minister for women and family development since she’s very interested in that portfolio.

    She should also be the minister of education. Her work with early child development is phenomenal.

    Of course, at the same time she should also be the MITI minister. This is because she facilitated investment from Qatar.

    So said Shahidan Kassim, the minister in PM’s Dept in Parliament.

    Probably if she’s these four ministers in one go, it would warrant her to use the Malaysian government jet ever so often.

    Another point if BigDog could answer; why wasn’t Tun Dr Mahathir present today? It’s not like him to miss the closing speeches.

    • I think he had a feeling of what was going to happen and decided he needed a breather. Lame jokes, just a bunch of yes man and imbeciles sucking each others dick. I think tun m stayed home and watched seinfeld on dvd

      • Your thoughts and opinion are welcomed in this blog. Please don’t go overboard in expressing yourself.

        A little of emotion is acceptable.

        However, not highly inappropriate words which are not acceptable to many. Please stop using vulgarity and obscene language in your comments.

        Thank you.

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  5. More like it bigdog.

    Give it to them doggie style. What a stupid pm we have. You glorify that obese witch you sleep. Its like you want to be ridiculed.

  6. be present? Buang masa‼

  7. The most stupid move Najib has ever made!

    Standing on Umno platform, explaining live on national TV pertaining to how special Dear Wife is. Totally inappropriate and not to mention, not necessary.

    Probably he added one or two pathetic brownie point on the attempt to quash the debate whether or not it was alright for Rosmah to use the government jet on her recent trip to Qatar.

    However, precariously he set a dangerous precedence that he’s willing to answer for his wife.

    2-3 months down the road, she gets entwined again into another chronic rumour. That would be almost natural for her, to be seen doing something stupid again or making really incredibly faux pas statements. The media would hound Najib for an answer, again!

    How many times he wants to do this??

    What a bloody obtuse blue-blood, who’d lived a protected life all his good life. He has already proven that he’s so unfit to be the Malaysian PM!

    • It is a very apt word to describe PM Najib.

      He and the entire media community supporting the government and BN would spend so much resources in the defense of Rosmah from now on. It is becoz PM Najib made it a point to respond live on national TV.

      Since April 2012, he went around the nation twice in various ‘Jelajah Janji DiTepat’ and launching RTCs in meet-the-rakyat sessions.

      Despite all the rigorous and intense campaign (Not to mention most costly) BN under PM Najib faired worst compared to five other PMs before him.

      Yet its already been seven months since PM Najib got his own mandate, he has yet to go around the nation to meet and thank the voters.

      If that’s not obtuse, then I dunno what is.

      • He did well in ensuring he was returned unopposed, not challenged at the UMNO party elections. Never mind the 13th General Elections, he must have thought.

        He’ll dumb foundedly continue to appease the Chinese to hear the endearing cries of Ah Jib Gor almost to orgasm. He genuinely believes in what he is doing. The cries of Ah Jib Gor ringing in his ears. Never mind the Chinese tsunami, he insists.

        He’s an economist, he’d say. Has a degree in economy. Never mind what Industrial economics is. Transform he would and transform he will. Doesn’t matter to him how many in the Civil Service, particularly the PTD, who are not quite happy with transformation. Until he had to get an Officer 4-5 levels below in seniority to be the Chief Secretary to the Government. Until he had to get Idris Jala to head an organization that’ll transform the reluctant transformation attitude.

        And the Con-sultants will continue to heap praise and egg him on the path the IMF etc want in the name of getting a developed nation status. But if he’d sideline the NEP and Malay interests again, it’d be good bye to BN rule at PRU14.

      • He should have become a neo con economist instead of pretending that he can lead a developing nation like Malaysia. Malaysia is unfortunate to have him as PM because he has no vision, no guts, prefer to keep silent on key problems and move around the world as if all is well in Malaysia. The worst PM Malaysia has ever had.

  8. Hahaha Bigdog
    Banyak tajam you punya sindir.
    She want to be like H Clinton.

  9. If there is any need for a Replacement..It should be a Replacement Slogan.

    We should now Chant the New Mantra “ROSMAH DIDAHULUKAN”

  10. To the Presiden of UMNO, she is what Anwar is to the Presiden of PKR. Anugerah Tuhan!

  11. You must be joking, BD. I know, sacrcastic. Rosmah as a Minister? Hahaha, hohoho, hihihi.

    Yeah, I know, Najib is the boss in the country. Anything he says goes. Whatever he wants, he gets. And the PAU was just a joking session for him – he was already entrenched as UMNO President, with the help of crony Shahrizat (Rosmah’s buddy) and non-crony but politically expedient Khairy.

    But there is a limit to the Malays tolerance. The likes of Tun Dr Mahathir already pointing out about money politics/ influence pedalling at the last UMNO party elections.

    The Malay proverb pandai panai tupai melompat … is not far-fetched. Some have been closely watching his lompat. Others even already doing the necessary, perhaps even making the coconut fronds slippery. We’ll wait and see.

  12. Biggie,

    You should tell Anifah if he’s tired and wants to go, then he should. After all Obama did not come, CHOGM’s over, ASEAN is done.

    He can go now.

    Rosmah can take over. PM Najib already told the world the two feats that Rosmah accomplised even the Mighty Anifah Aman as Foreign Minister cant do.

    Nothing else matter

  13. Najib still doesnt get it. His policies esp the economic ones are causing hardship among Malaysians. The worse has yet to come and 2014 could be the wintery year of our discontent and hardship. What is wrong with this guy? Why is his focus as leader of the nation and President of UMNO is way off target, preferring to articulate on empty rhetoric. He and his snooty economic advisers are following the IMF adjustment measures to resolve national debts created by this govt. It is belt tightening, tax and rates hikes, cuts in public sector expenditures, subsidy reductions and removals which are strangling the people. This is a rich men’s club formula that doesnt identify with the sentiments of the lower and middle income groups. A club that is cold, heartless and inhuman. Ask the peoples of Europe and Latin America who have experienced such IMF formula imposed on them. Ask the Thais and the Indonesians. This is what Najib and his capitalist and liberal advisers are doing. Tun M and even Tun Dol didnt choose the IMF way to correct whatever ills in the economy and the people had a far better economic lifes before. This IMF method of solving debt problems will mark the end of BN rule come 2018. No one regardless of their political leanings will ever forgive and forget what the current govt is doing to them now. And he talks about Rosmah’s contributions? Totally not focussing on far more important things affecting the country and its people like horrible cost of living, low wages, horrible state of race relations and the overall hardship faced by Malaysians.

  14. […] Minister Najib also indirectly telling the world that his wife is a more efficient ‘Foreign Minister‘, instead the one who had sworn in as a Cabinet member to His Majesty Seri Paduka Yang […]

  15. […] Minister Najib also indirectly telling the world that his wife is a more efficient ‘Foreign Minister‘, instead the one who had sworn in as a Cabinet member to His Majesty Seri Paduka Yang […]

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