Strengthening the basics


UMNO Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin in his closure speech at the 64th UMNO General Assembly focused on issues pertaining to education and Islam, as a take away for this year’s meet.

1. All education bureau at division level is to participate in National Education Blueprint. Their role is to get the local community in understanding and roll out of the policy
2. “Lifelong Learning for Islam” introduced in the opening speech of the Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri UMNO general assembly on Tuesday is to use existing community colleges as the platform and special programs instituted
3. Learning of Al Quran in all schools would be intensified and ensure all school leavers khatam the Holy Book by the time they leave school
4. More schemes to convert PTPTN as scholarship would be introduced, based on merit

5. The roll out for school-based evaluation system instead of examination-based evaluation system for the education system

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak in his closure speech announced that Maybank would temporarily suspend all commitments affected by home and property owners affected by the flood. A special RM500.00 relief fund would be issued to all affected families.

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  1. UMNO should learn from PBB how to get all Bumiputera together. With Bumiputera votes, BN surely can survive post GE-13.

    There’s nothing wrong to learn from party within BN. After all PBB contributed significant number of seats and most importantly, loyalty.

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  3. UMNO should learn from PBB how to get Bumiputra together.PBB have unlimited amount of money to be spend during election.
    The number of bumiputra in Serawak less than 1 m whereas in West Malaysia we have around 18milion bumiputra.

    You cant learn anything from PBB experience.

    • The problem is UMNO itself is only for Malays… The name, the people. How UMNO can efficiently represent Bumiputera?

  4. The Government and specifically Muhyideen should take notice of the latest UN Global Survey which indicated that the Malaysian Education System is well below the Global Average.

    Find out what needs fixing and focus on improving the System. Glossing and nitpicking over less important mattersi will not improve the System.

  5. English, English, English…

    How many times does this mantra have to be repeated?

    You want a world class work force?

    It doesn’t happen by posturing and sloganeering, but through commonsense, good policies and a willingness to learn from others.

    And don’t quote the examples of the Japanese, South Koreans, German and Swiss.

    The first two are making tremendous efforts to catch up in English. Their best students go to the best universities in the US. The Germans are bilingual and the Swiss are trilingual.

    Even China, for all it’s emphasis on Mandarin, is placing a renewed emphasis on English.

    (the British PM wants UK schools to make Mandarin a compulsory foreign language subject, but that’s another issue).

    So, Muhyiddin can wax eloquent about the National Education System, but he can’t bamboozle the foreign investors who consider the education system and work force quality amongst the criteria they use to decide where to invest in.

    And if the TPP does come into force? Well, as the saying goes, you may be to run, but you can’t hide.

  6. Najib’s ball is shrinking. He thinks that by shouting and huffing and puffing about islam, support will pour in from the malays?

    You moron. Next week you’re going to turn and give the chinese schools, millions. Umno going to the dogs. Najib still doesnt know why he won the last g.e.

    Is umno trying to give a blowjob to pas? This is a shamble. The umno assembly was a circus. Cracking dumb jokes, drawing applause. All of them are in a dream. Stupid and worthless. If anwar would just get lost, the opposition will win hands down. The only thing keeping the opposition at bay is anwar himself.

    Serious effort needs to be done to get rid of this pm of ours. He hasnt done shit, bribery is rampant, corruption is everywhere, his ministers are baffling, his pals are untouchable ie, shahrizat and barang always naik.

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