A Dangerous Precedent

“Saya mintak isteri saya menelefon (pada masa itu) isteri Presiden Mubarak (Mesir), Suzanne Mubarak. Dalam masa dua jam sahaja dia dilepaskan”.

“Masa Ops Pyramid, nak bawak pelajar kita balik. Kita tak cukup penerbangan. Kita minta pelajar pelajar kita naik pesawat Charlie (TUDM C-130H) turun di Jeddah dan dari Jeddah  ke Kuala Lumpur, tanpa visa. Satu permintaan amat sukar bagi Kerajaan Saudi. Kerana networking dengan keluarga DiRaja Saudi yang diusahakan isteri saya, Kerajaan Saudi membenarkan rakyat kita masuk tanpa visa”.

As the 7th UMNO President, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak explained these “Two points about his wife Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor’s contribution to Malaysia”, on top of the Permata Early Child Development Program, at his closing speech to the 64th UMNO General Assembly yesterday in PWTC.

The event was aired live on national TV, via RTM1, TV3 and Bernama TV.

In this explanation, Prime Minister Najib inadvertently revealed several ‘secrets’. One, he actually uses his wife to by-pass the usual G-to-G official relationship and diplomatic protocol.

It means that what ever have been worked between officials of the two countries, could be circumvented unofficially by persons who do not have official standing in the government of the two sovereign states.

Prime Minister Najib also indirectly telling the world that his wife is a more efficient ‘Foreign Minister‘, instead the one who had sworn in as a Cabinet member to His Majesty Seri Paduka Yang DiPertuan Agong.

The third point is that, the door swing both ways. Theoretically, whenever any foreigner is arrested in this country by law enforcement or security agencies, he or she could be released with a call from the wife of the Head of Government or State of that nation to Rosmah.

Hypothetically, whenever an American student or activist is picked up by the Special Branch for suspected activities involving espionage or terrorism then a phone call from Michelle Obama to Rosmah shall do the trick to have the student or activist released summarily.

This is not withstanding the point that Prime Minister Najib has set the precedence that he would publicly address any controversies and rumours about his wife.

Prime Minister Najib is actually ‘Penny wise, Pound foolish’. Probably he got the showmanship-ness of telling the world about how wife ‘contributed’. However, he actually has opened a Pandora’s Box with this revelation. This would invite further complications whenever the word ‘Rosmah’ is mentioned in the context of ‘Getting things done and circumventing the system’.

A coherently related controversy is Rosmah someone who is actively involved and participative in dishing out instructions and decision making of Prime Minister’s Office. Particularly, when it comes to contracts and concessions. A more common Malay colloquial slang for that in today’s term is  ‘Wahyu‘ (Commandment).

What is apparent at the moment in the media. RTM1, TV3, NST and Utusan Malaysia seemed to have Rosmah as a story somewhere within the paper, almost everyday. Many believed that has now organically metemorphed into something very ugly where so many loathe the sight of the ‘First Lady’.

Its closer to a matter that should be taken with  the attitude towards realism.

*Updated 0300hrs

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  1. A true leader will never give credit to himself and to his wife, in public. Shameless act. That was totally unnecessary – masuk bakul angkat sendiri. The world has become complex and issues plaguing it require leaders and statesman who are problem solvers and thinkers, not who beg for people’s support yet forget that he owes every minute of his waking hour to make lifes better for the people, not move around as if people are indebted to him.

    • AGREE !!!!

  2. Hmm.. I don’t get it. In the last posting the blogger was praising Datin Seri Rosmah and in this posting, the blogger has used the phrase “A dangerous precedent”?

    It maybe a precedent – using Datin Seri Rosmah to negotiate difficult political situations, but why should it be considered dangerous? After all, the cooperation was rendered speedily which helped some young Malays out of a predicament that could have been deadly.

    Both the situations mentioned by His Excellency Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak could have turned out very badly if not for the intervention of the Her Excellency Datin Seri Rosmah.

    There is no use in joining forces with those who are upset and to criticise Datin Seri Rosmah. She is not one to forget easily those who are disloyal to her. I thus, urge you to continue to support Dato Seri Najib, Datin Seri Rosmah and the rest of the leadership, less some people get the wrong impression.

    Thank You

    • Are you dumb or something? Lama sangat belajar di ENgland ke sampai tak faham bahasa sindir? Sah dah lama diperhambakan aktivis Maoist,

    • “His Excellency Dato Seri Najib”? Tak pakai BM ke? “Yang Amat berhormat” lah, walau talking in English pun. You are not addressing Ambassadors here.

      Tak sokong BM, tak mau BM ke? Kamu DAP ke? Dong Zong ke?

      Just because Rosmah “is not one to forget easily those who are disloyal to her,” therefore “There is no use in joining forces with those who are upset and to criticise her.”? Got no principle ka?

      Ultra kiasu type, just do anything so long as you are safe or get what you want? Itu macam ka?

    • Aiyyo, this Shadow Banker bloke doesn’t understand the sarcasm in BD’s posts.

      That’s why lah people like him causing a lot of misunderstanding in the country.

      Some due to poor understanding of issues and opinions expressed by people, but mostly because of being outright ultra kiasu, even pretending not understanding.

      Damn cheapskate kind of thinking and personality.

  3. I think we UMNO should be proud too,as we have Rosmah as our ‘Anugerah Tuhan’ just like Pakatan having Anwar as Wan Azizah labeling him as one too.

    • Wan Azizah lain, kawan. She is the President of PKR. Under the thumb of husband Nuor. So she’s loyal o “Anugerah Tuhan” le.

      This one is a case of Rosmah has no party position. Yet husband President of UMNO “Anugerah Tuhan”kan dia. Najib under the thumb ke?

  4. dumb and dumber

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  6. When you have to angkat bakul your wife, it’s so pathetic. I don’t think there’s any other leader like that in the world.

    When Tony Blair was fending off criticisms against his wife Cheryl lambasting Gordon Brown for being impatient in waiting for his turn to take over leadership from Blair, Blair said, “At least I don’t have to worry about my wife running off with the bloke!”

    About the prospect of previously divorced Rosmah running off with anybody, maybe BD would not like it discussed here. But suffice to say that Najib goes to a long extent – and a long speech to justify her misdemeanour (using Government executive jet etc) – to please her.

    It’s hell of a hold Rosmah has on him. The woman who always gets what she wants. The woman who hell hath no fury like a Rosmah scorned.

  7. Apa ke dia tu “networking dengan keluarga DiRaja Saudi yang diusahakan isteri saya”?

    Kalau Najib gunakan Rosmah untuk melakukan kerja kerja dia, ada dia bayar fat gaji or fat allowances kpd Rosmah ke?

    Cerita Rosmmah mahukan suatu fat office untuk “First lady” itu pun ditunaikan ke? Hah, “ditunikan” – sedap juga Bahasa Melayu nih.

    Tugas PM nih ada job specs ke? Tak ikut international norms ke? Main ikut suka saja ke?

    • Bukan Begitu Kawan..

      DS Najib has just Announced that his “Lu Tolong Gua, Gua Tolong Lu Personal to Rosmah ” as the Official Malaysian Diplomatic Stance.

      Big Dog’s Concern is that this type of Diplomacy When Announced As the Malaysian Way is Open to Abuse by the Other Side.

  8. I beg to differ this unfair criticism on PM’s statement about the undisclosed mission and success story of his wife, DS Rosmah whom I believe to be the most intelligent and innovative wife of all our past Malaysian PMs. I do not think that the compliments by UMNO President was part of his script but truly off the cuff. On the contrary, the nation should be proud of the good deeds done by Rosmah for our national interest, as even wives or spouses of Presidents or Prime Ministers are supposed to complement the heavy duties of her husband or his wife for the national interest of the country. Please give credits when it’s due and do not criticise without constructive reasons. As a senior citizen of 70 years, I have a lot of respects for both the wives of our PM and DPM who are very creative in their thinking and proven to be very effective in the eyes of the world. My gratitude also goes to Puan Sri Norainee, wife of DPM who had started the continuation of uninterrupted studies while our children are under medical or surgical treatment in hospitals. Syabas Puan Sri Norainee, a job well done in ensuring the continuity of studies for our unfortunate kids in distress.

    • What you said is expected of you, Mustapha Ong. Your and your son Omar Ong’s well being appears to be dependent so much on the goodwill of Najib.

      You are free to say what you want. We are free to do so, too. It goes without saying that I disagree with you. I think every time you come in. Because of our different premises. I have no love lost for Najib or Rosmah. I want decorum, orderliness, normal code of conduct of the PM spouses. All ok in the past, not so with this one. Whether done on request of the husband or not.

      You said, “proud of the good deeds done by Rosmah for our national interest”? What is the limit, man? And creating a precedent such that the next time it’s using the Government jet to go marketing or shopping?

      “not criticise without constructive reasons”? You can’t even read the reasons given by BD? Like creating a precedent that can be dangerous in the future. Written right in the post title, man. Ain’t that constructive? And I don’t see your supporting Rosmah and Najib’s actions as constructive.

      And who says, “wives or spouses of Presidents or Prime Ministers are supposed to complement the heavy duties of her husband”? On important matters like negotiating with the head of government of a foreign country? What happens if to-morrow the wife of the Saudi King or PM asks for the release of a relative involved with Al Qaeda activities in Malaysia or the like? The husband may find it ackward to ask the Malaysian PM but his wife may not. A very huge favour – and Najib has acknowledged that Rosmah got a huge favour from her Saudi counterpart.

    • Because it was ‘off the cuff ‘ that so much damage has been done. It reflects the kind of thoughts that play inside his head , unable to differentiate between official capacity and a personal intervention. In international relations it is best to observe decorum and go through the proper channel. No matter how tedious and tough the process could be, it is more defensible in the eye of the public and more eschewed in international diplomacy, compared to a PM who sends spouse as special emissary to do an intercession.

      • Because Malaysia must observe rules and decorum in international relations. And also because this is not his private Kingdom.

  9. Me also 70 year old senior citizen but me don’t think Rosmah is ” the most intelligent and innovative wife of all our past Malaysian PMs”. Everyone has a right to his or her opinions but maybe we shouldn’t all go overboard with our praises.

    While I myself don’t like or dislike Rosmah, I feel that she will be the cause of Najib’s downfall if she doen’t stop trying to hog the limelight too much. However modern Malaysians think they are, there is a major segment of the population that is still conservative and most believe Rosmah is overdoing things a bit. Even people in UMNO speak disparagingly of her.

    Rosmah, time for you to cool off ya. And Najib, loosen the apron strings ya, please.

    • Well done, AYAH. Good to know that at 70 you are still going strong. In your thinking, at least.

      I like people who speak up. The more the merrier. And certainly there’s a solid vote in any Warga Emas. As solid and as valuable as the not-so-emas. voters.

      I hope you are also strong Constitutionally. Both in terms of your personal physical constitution as well as in your attitude towards the Constitution of the country.

      I dislike those not respecting and living by the Constitution. They deserve to be shooed out, told to migrate. Been said so even by well known personalities in this country.

  10. Another Imelda in the making,’a Malaysian Imelda’

  11. PM Najib treats Dtn Rosmah as an individual who has helped him in some difficult situations. So ,praising another individual ada dosa atau salah ka ? ( is it a sin or a crime ? )….come,come fellow Malaysians ,jangan lah nak mengata atau mengutuk saja !

    • Kamu ada faham kah urusan resmi dan tak resmi? Tugas PM dan tugas bini? Kalau Najib lantik dia Menteri, lain le. Apa dia buat jadi urusan resmi.

      Oooops, silap pulak cakap gitu, nanti dia lantik Rosmah jadi Menteri Antarabangsa, lebih tinggi dari Anifah, dah kita hilang satu jet di bolot dia pakai.

  12. Ini amalan kronilah. sebab kenal semua boleh jalan bukan atas dasar merit.maksudnya najib redha dengan tindak tanduk rosmah atau tindak tanduk rosmah adalah atas keizinannya. tetapi rosmah bukan penjawat awam atau wail yang dipilih rakyat. kalau najib mahu rosmah berperanan sedemikian rosmah harus memasuki politik dan jadi menteri…usaha mempertahankan rosmah bukan langsung tidak masuk akal dan orang-orang yang menyokongnya ada sama kepala sajalah…..adakah ini bentuk pimpinan yang umno bawa sebagai politik baru mereka?

  13. That’s it!

    Anyone who wants to get approvals, contracts, concessions, permits (which incl AP) and even investment banking license, pls form a line at Rosmah Mansor’s office.

    All menteri besars and chief ministers who want extra peruntukan also pls go and see her.

    By the way, her office is in Perdana Putra complex Of Parcel A, Precinct 1 Putrajaya.

  14. BTW, Najib the Felinist should make Rosmah a senator and appoint her as Foreign Minister I (for Special Strategic Networking). Anifah Aman could be retained for Foreign Minister II, who actually does the tactical and operations Of Wisma Putra.

    • Rosak negara ni dibuat dek Najib, rosak. Dah macam bapak dia punya negara, dia buat ikut suka dia saja nampaknya.

      Kita boleh menjerit disini sana saja ke? Kalo demo amacam? Kita jadi Pakatoon ke? Saya tak minat kalo demo, Pakatoon dapat nama.

      • President Goodluck Johnson (that’s his real name) of Nigeria (?) has just been quoted on Al Jazeera TV commenting on Nelson Mandela’s legacy and saying Mandela never regarded himself as “owning” South Africa. That’s his greatest legacy, he said.

        I certainly agree with that Goodluck guy. And I wonder if he who regards himself as owning Malaysia would have the kind words of Goodluck Johnson. Maybe he would have bad luck at PRU14.

  15. My say here, Najib , you wil never be your father, not even close. So does hishamuddin. Please retire when you’ve done all the damages to the MELAYU’s, not when your brother, your cousin hishamuddin has garnered enough hatred already. Satellite, Razak, building razak, buku razak, memorial razak, so whatelse is razak, memyampah dah melayu ngan razak ni . Cuma kelurga si razak ni aje dan sepupunya nye aje buat dek aje. Ye tak gitu.?

  16. Razak is ok – the deserving Razak. Tun A Razak is deserving. No hatred against him.

    The rest are not deserving.

    • PM Najib only listens to 2 people:- his wifey, Rosmah Mansor and his punahsihat, Omar Ong. If he doesn’t step down soon, Malaysia will be in a dire state. His cousin, the balless and softie Hisapmuddin should retire from politics altogether.

  17. For all the “gong” drummings during the mengampu done by the pm , yet najib is being backstabbed by the chinks. Ada dia belajar tak pun. During the revelations by the bloggers of his ‘consetans or conmansultans” did he learns, no. Did he learns of the rejects of the melayus for the umno’s aduns or parliamentarians, no. Yet he reinstates them. Even those who did not wish to be the majlis tertinggi by their defaults, yet he still installs thems. Does he learn.? Does he learn that JJ the meraba punggung incident,?. The GLC’s heads are still the same, yet he says he will monitor all of them in GLCs ye ke.? The same persons who is ridiculed for money , yet reinstated in GLC, get the drift. ? Melayu sekarang dah pandai IT. Melayu sekarang dah pandai beza kaki cakap rhetoric atau pun “cakap tak serupa bikin.” UMNO is for the malays and the malays belongs to umno, period. If UMNO cannot protect the malays then who else will.? Even the status of the rajas and the sultans is eroded due to the incompetencies by leaders of the ruling melayus. I am a kapal layar die hard fan since i was a very young kid. Now I am 50’s already lah bro. I see the difference.

  18. Alahai…. Baru bagi ucapan yang umumnya boleh dianggap memberi harapan kepada umat Melayu dan Islam di negara ini. Seharusnya “context and content” ucapan itulah yang menjadi bahan debat kita di laman ini.

    Sayangnya dia mesti menggatal nak merosakkan ucapan tersebut dengan menyebut sesuatu yang ternyata menaikkan amarah serta benci kebanyakkan rakyat Malaysia – termasuklah yang menyokong UMNO/BN.

    Jangan salah tafsir, sokongan mantap dari cheerleaders dalam parti dan disekeliling pinggang anda tidak bermaksud bermaksud anda mendapat sokongan yang sama kuatnya dari rakyat. Anda sendiri sebut parti kuat tetapi tidak bermakna parti kebal.

    Keep doing this, remind us of Imelda – I mean Rosmah “deeds” (or as many sees it – abuses), in 4 years you might not just be out of power, but very well be inside a prison!

  19. Most people can dress up well and read scripted speeches. The real test as to whether Rosmah is truly capable, lies in her responses to a live interview, a non-scripted interrogation on current issues.

    If she can THINK on her feet and answer CONVINCINGLY, well then she deserves an official role. Otherwise sign her up for 10 years of gym sessions.

    P.S. Let’s see whether she would still be WILLING to “contribute” to her nation, if she is NOT mentioned daily in the news.

  20. […] Prime Minister Najib cannot go on like this, on the same track and approach and hoping to retain support from the people in four years time. Especially the Malays. More over when he has been seen as not having his own sensors on the nation’s pulse. […]

  21. […] of being obtuse. When Prime Minister Najib is his rebuttal speech of the 64th UMNO General Assembly praising his wife Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor live on national TV.  This is gainst the controversy created because she used the Malaysian Government VIP jet to her […]

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