Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor

It is a common description used in many urbanite circles, especially in Klang Valley when a single world is asked from them whenever the name ‘Rosmah Mansor’ pops in a conversation.

They cannot be faulted.

Rosmah makes little effort to be out of the radar screen. In fact, it is very obviously she loves the attention to the news item or at least he picture is part of a news item, be it on national TV or the widest read dailies.

It is reflective of her obtuse state of mind. Also her husband Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’ and all the different layers of ‘President’s Men’ (and women) on how people feel about her and what and how they talk about her, widespread daily everywhere.

It can be argued that she has done a lot on her own initiatives with early child development programs which is now evolved as PERMATA. Well and fine.

However, she appears in the limelight of media attention whenever it is not about her driven projects. In events where her husband is the VIP, the exclusive clip and image of her planting trees, releasing fishes into the pond and replicating exactly what the Prime Minister does is almost a must in the same news item.

A few times a week, she have had her own slot in national tv prime time news.

It could be argued as petty. However to portray Rosmah’s news be slotted in prime time tv news is at the serious expense of some other news which is more relevant to nation building. The simplest example is Cabinet Ministers’ doing their work, officiating and meeting their target group and domain.

That is more important. These Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers are elected representatives and their work as the Government must reach the people. It is about policy announcements, engagements, tactical observations and participations and most of all providing confidence.

More over in the recent times where the Federal Government is systematically restructuring all the subsidies.

The people must feel that top most members of Federal Government like Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers and even Chief Secretaries have their ears on the ground and feeling the pulse of the nation. This is necessary since the deficiency of this public relation would provide ample opportunity for the Opposition to manipulate the situation.

Many critics of whenever a complain about Rosmah is raised see it as ‘petty’. However, in the essence in the real pulse of the nation the people are really tired of seeing her face in irrelevant news and media platforms. She should actually ‘disappear’ from the media scope.

It is the talk of town how she is disrespectful of her husband because she turn up late every now and then in events where her husband is the guest of honour. Even amongst the media circle, she once turn up during Prime Minister Najib half way through delivering his keynote address. Another quite common scene is Prime Minister Najib had to wait for her at the main door, before leaving the event.

Now, probably its just about taking jibes and making fun of the name or vision of ‘Rosmah’. Soon, people would start to loathe the sight of her. It is ashamed that she is one of the factor people push Prime Minister Najib’s leadership  aside. And it is not entirely impossible.

The fact is that the middle class and the younger educated Malaysians especially the urbanites are becoming more critical aloud and their grouses about the increasing cost of living are getting bolder. The have a serious perception that the leaders especially Prime Minister Najib and Rosmah are living a life of luxury, filled with trips abroad and the endless talks about her notorious shopping habits.

This doesn’t augur well when the majority of the fixed and low income people got change their lifestyle, just to make ends meet.

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  1. Get lost Rosmah! The sight of you makes everyone sick. We did not elect you, nor appoint you, as a minister or government officer. You will be the downfall of this government.

    • Is that really Rosmah in the top photo up there?

      So vastly different from the other photos and from how she looks these days.

      Dulu brown skin, now kulit putih, ya tak?

      Maybe air-conditioning 24/7 has done that to her. Nasib dia lah dapat jadi putih melepak.

      Pssst, don’t talk about the Opposition complaints of high electricity bills incurred at the PM’s Residence. They say DAP will even complaint about the sun rising in the East every day.

  2. Perhaps I am wrong but I don’t remember Hillary Clinton who , when she was the First Lady ( and a proper one) at the time, being lampooned by the American press.

    That also applies to Michelle Obama.

    Rosalyn Carter and her husband were widely described as a political team. Nevertheless, I don’t think her ‘involvements in politics’ were taken in negative light.

    They all have things in common, highly educated, smart, independent and supportive of their husbands’ works.

    All our former PMs’ wives are hold in high regards by the press and the people, then and now.

    Sadly the same can’t be said about RM.

    When Thatcher was running for the leadership of her party, she was coached on proper PR and she had to work on winning the hearts of the people. She had to appear not to be ‘distant’ from the common people while being strong, independent and firm at the same time. RM should do the same, at least.

    Those in RM’s circle should really pull her aside and ask her to work on her image. Anyone willing to take the risk of telling her things like ….pssst Datuk, you are viewed as typical Mak Datin yang syok sendiri like in the Malay Drama, kaki membazir, beli Berkin mahal-mahal mana dapat duit,,,, ,?

    Too bad as I don’t she cares much about her image any way!

  3. The question is why aren’t the government machinery, agencies and the Cabinet not put their foot down and get Rosmah to get in line and know her station in life. She should play the role of the wife of a PM , not self enrol herself to an executive role. Each day of silence by the govt machinery and the Cabinet on the antics of Rosmah, will only embolden her to push her luck further. Why must the cabinet treat PM as if he is the President of Malaysia i.e too scared to tell him off , instead they support blindly in matters of the state and Rosmah? UMNO and BN are not that popular among Malaysians and the antics of Rosmah and the very weak leadership of Najib, will only ensure that the BN will be walloped and sent to the cold storage in the next GE. Sadly Najib appears blur about such prospect. He thinks he has time? Sorry lah time is no longer on his side.

  4. Transformation has certainly worked in one respect – Rosmah’s looks in the top photo compared to the lower photos. Well, let’s not go into the amount of Botox, skin whitening products and the number of plastic surgeries that have gone into her.

    That really is her personal matter, though some people say that, as the wife of the national Chief Executive, not much is personal any more, and Harakah has been exploiting even her way of greeting the opposite sex – Western style.

    I agree with the opinion that she doesn’t really care what effect her acts and omissions has on Najib’s and UMNO/BN’s politics. She is a headstrong woman, whatever she wants, she gets. Even Najib, for whom she parted from her Petronas high-level Executive husband, wasn’t it?

    And when she is the wife of a Prime Minister, she tried the First lady thingy, didn’t she? An office to herself with supporting staff and such, travelling by the Executve jet. The problem is the Civil Service top brass has gone meek with Najib’s sidelining 4-5 of the most senior PTD Officers and appointing the present Chief Secretary to the Government. The former Director General of the Economic Planning Unit who, unlike the more senior conservative NEP-supporting PTD top brass, must have proven full support to Najib’s New Economic model which, in the first draft, muted the NEP.

    (Btw, I think many in the PTD became lethargic to the NEM such that Najib had to create PEMANDU to boost his liberalization programme, with varying degree of success.)

    And Rosmah has so many around her who are arse polishers. Including Shahrizat, her TKC buddy buddy who herself needs Rosmah/ Najib’s support in view of her sagging popularity with the onslaught of propaganda against her husband Lembu-Condo affair. All told, I think Rosmah is not going to change one bit – not even if Najib is overthrown in UMNO and loses the PM’s post.

    • I knew that the NEP had to come into this somewhere.

      Even in a thread about Kak Rosmah.

      Incidentally, I wonder just what those “senior conservative NEP-supporting PTD top brass” achieved?

      Did they, for instance, prevail on MNCs to implement “hiring quotas” in their Malaysian operations?


  5. “It is a shame (sic) that she is one of the factor people push Prime Minister Najib’s leadership aside. And it is not entirely impossible.” –

    I don’t mind it at all. I hope UMNO does push him aside. I have been advocating it since before the UMNO party elections. But there are many arse polishers among the so-called “the President’s men” in UMNO. They are all looking after their interests. Not sure where they’ll be if, say, Muhyiddin comes into power.

    No doubt Tun Dr Mahathir is now old but he is still strong (in South Africa paying respects to Nelson Mandela), sharp thinking and able to influence UMNO politics quite a bit. He has spoken against money politics and unfairness at the recent UMNO party elections. I sincerely wish he’d do what he did to get Tun Dol out as PM after PRU12.

    Don’t have to wait until PRU14, if possible. Because Najib and UMNO/BN might be ousted at PRU14. .

  6. It is better to be with your women in the dark rather than be with your wife in a pool of water.

    Siapa kata, kita takut bini? masalahnya bukan kita takut bini tetapi bini tak takut kita. Kenapa? Kerana bini tak percaya lagi, banyak membohong dan menipu tak habis habis kepada bini….. kantoi Beb!

    To relieve his persisting feelings of guilt or seduction, he dips himself in a home build-in Jacuzzi with his family members, echoing the family feud of repulsion and fervor.

    In the spacious Jacuzzi, they were not allow to be naked. The family rules outlined so. The session is a family thing, their feeling of being together and communicating among them about current issues. Politics has been their common theme slips into plenty of jokes with new inspiration. It is their usually of family happy moment. But today, the dialogue in the Jacuzzi has taken a little turning.

    The father began to tell the story about his trip back from Germany.

    “You know Zah, I had the opportunity to be at the cockpit with the pilot, you know while we were flying over the Himalayas, I could see the open sky. It was a very clear day and I could see the top of the Mount Everest far down below. It was just beautiful up there, you know at that very moment,  I was really thinking of you Zah.”

    “Really!  Betul ke ni Bang! You must be kidding, are you really sure Bang? the wife replied with her pursy face.

    “Of course lah Sayang, I swear and sincerely swear, I meant what I said,” the husband
    solemnly  answered. 

    “If you can swear then, and why can’t  you swear before the Quran as requested,” her returned words to the husband.

    The wife continued, “I am tired of you Bang, of defending you and I don’t want to really believe what people have been saying about you, it just because I have not seen it with my own naked eyes you know.”

    “Why are you so upset? what are you talking about? you ni over lah Zah” he responded with little cricking voice. “Hope you really don’t mean that,” he continued with softer tone. “What you hear are all nonsenses, defamations and I don’t stand to swear because I do not do it, swear Zah!” the husband tried to cool down his angry wife.

    “Do I look upset Bang, of cause I am upset and I am very very upset, you know why I am upset, because I just watch that video tape, at my first glance I know it is you, why I have to bluff for you,” the wife declared with frustration. At the top of her voice she continues, “You know I am the president of an established party, a wife to you and mother to your children, don’t you know that?”
    “It can’t be me, Zah! Joe tells that the tammy is not mine, the nose is dent, my hair is not crew-cut style, my chest is not that floppy, and Joe also says my bum is not like Jennifer Lopes’s, I don’t have that broad shoulders either,” the husband persistently tried to convince his wife who was in grieved and troubled. Continue…..

  7. Continue……”Bang, you must be kidding, how in the hell Joe knows about your physical feature well, you know how long we have been married, I am your wife you know!  don’t you think that I did not know you from top to tail, you must be out of your mind, I know every spots marked on your body even with your holy robe on, I could see through, do you know that?   the way you did to that betina Sial, you also did it to me same same, my God! I am lucky, didn’t you try to force me to do that ice cream act, if I did I won’t be abled to eat solid food again and I be ending up living on liquid food spooning through of using straws”

    The daughter who was all along keeping herself still and quite, suddenly voiced out, “please you Mami, Dad stop bickering and I already lost my mode to be around you guys, you guys don’t even respect I am the vice president and also your eldest daughter.”

    There was a pause:

    “By the way Mami, while you were arguing, I saw these jellies like Ameba floating, what is that Mami?” 

    “Ahh! Itu lah! Bapak kau ni….dia baru KENTUT  dalam air lah tuuuu.” Patut lah, Bapak kau tu….dan betul lah tuuu,  tadi Mami dengar bunyi kereta Bapak kau, jam 4 tadi, tapi Mami tak nampak muka Bapak kau pon, Bapak kau tak naik naik ke bilik atas pon, apa dia buat dalam bilik bawah tu lama lama? entah lah, tahu tahu dia join kita dalam Jacuzzi!”

  8. Whether it is blessed or whether unfortunate to be born with a sliver spoon? One thing for sure Najib has no control over it. I was born bold-headed and please to have my hair grown as I grew up and gradually developed. I used to let my hair grown down to my shoulders but now I realize my hairs were falling off. I could not help it.

    This thing talks about Rosmah drove me nuts. Because I have no control over it. I guess, this is a woman in her own ways, is trying to do good to her man but looks otherwise. To cool me down, I view it to make a different.

    It may be a figment of our imagination that the Prime Minister to relying on the counsel of his wife or vice versa. Indeed, the issue is petty. Thus the imagery of fabricated perception has worsen the situation by rhetorical presumption and contradiction. It has become an escaped perspective.

    However, since much of the communication between Najib and his wife is private and personal, it is reckless yet impossible to assess the role of his wife is interfering or soliciting in the decision making of her husband. Many say, it is the other way around.

    Which left us behind to wonder, wife of the Prime Minister is not addressed in the Constitution and not an elected member seems to have the uncalled privileges. Taking the husband and the country for a good ride is thought to be Rosmah’s misgiving.

    She travelled in the US 55 million luxurious jet belongs to the Government of Malaysia “She should be going by ship or fly with the commercial airline Ma.” In addition to that, “You know! It costs the Rakyat a fortune to fly her to Qatar and return, it is a shame, she has done it again, we are furiously mad of her doings, we know what to do when the time comes in about five years time.” Najib is irresponsible leader. It be better off Najib to appoint his loving wife as Minister.

    All the above talks are sensationalism. I would say, so what? Are you finished and contented of roasting her?

    But the role of the Prime Ministers’ wives have shifted and formalized over the years from housewife, serve as  hostess and to public services. The role of the Prime Minister wife has grown. She is not merely a housewife anymore. She stands to represent the country. The fact is, many were misrepresented by rambling about and then condemning her to the gallows.

    Why not? To be down with her husband no matter what through good or bad because of their love for their country. But Najib’s hardihood was a little surprising to all, considering it, it is a demonstration of courage. He probably careless of bringing bed time stories before his Umno’s congregation; nevertheless, he was possessed of no false hardihood. 

    Indeed Rosmah’s responsibility is no mark for leadership but certainly she can be a female ombudsman. What we hope for and expected of our leaders and their wives sometimes did not meet our expectations. Maybe the following quotations perhaps we all maintained will splash out a little explanation and for realization.

    “Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.” Tom Robbin

    I think, it is in our Malaysian culture as portrayed by the following quotation:

    Great minds discuss ideas 
    Average minds discuss events
    Small minds discuss people 

    This above quotation has been pondering in my mind since reading rack of articles written about Najib and Rosmah. It has gone beyond the ideal, “All man are created equal”. A lesson that is to be learned, great minds do not need to gossip or belittle others. How in the hell to learning for a ‘free mind and moderate mind’ to deal with this approximation? 

    Small minds discuss people by injecting emotion, selfishness and jealousy. With the intention to put others down by idiom in blowing his own trumpets, more or less with an narcissistic sense. Indeed, great minds discuss the underlining cause and effect of its ideas. The event and after the event is the discussion of an average mind.

    But no one can fit into only one category even with the smallest mind. I guess the smallest mind with moderation has its moment of fleeting greatness.

    • Only One Thing You Need to know Bud…

      (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

      • You have authority to instruct, stupo? You have nothing to say, just keep quiet.

        Me? I want to say: Rosmah should look deep into the mirror, not on how she looks but on what she does that has been damaging to Najib’s, UMNO’s and BN’s reputation.

        She doesn’t need to be helpful. Just be a normal PM’s wife.

  9. Thank you Zen.

  10. I’m not sure about all the rumours about Rosmah. Especially her spending and shopping habit.

    It’s easily believable because it’s Rosmah.

    No doubt Rosmah as the wife of the prime minister did do good. She initiated a lot of new things, to help people.

    However, serving her ultra huge ego is canceling all the deeds she does.

    Notice this usual complain anywhere, everywhere, even amongst Umno ppl “Pity Najib. He is working along. His cabinet ministers are not working as hard as he is”.


    Its obvious that they don’t get to see other ministers do their work. They are not tv because of priority is provided for Rosmah. Even she did nothing, her image accompanying PM must appear every night.

    That is at the expense of ministers.

    Politics is a game of perception. Her dear hubby is in power because of politics. At the rate of they way things are heading, perception on and against her will hurt her hubby’s politics.

    Make no mistake about that!

  11. There’s an Old Chinese saying “A man calls you a ‘donkey’. Pay no mind to him. If another man calls you ‘donkey’, it’s probably time to get a saddle”.

    Rosmah is undoubtably a liability for Umno.

    Go and the real pulse on the ground. Ppl loathe the sight of her.

  12. She gets a lot of media coverage. Let’s analyse why. OK, not good at analyzing, I’d mostly ask your opinions:

    1. Rosmah-nia more in the mainstream media or in the Pakatoon media? If Pakatoon media, very understandable.

    2. If more in the mainstream media,

    a. Bernama or Government TV-generated news? If so, are they instructed or “expected” to include ample footage on Rosmah’s presence, words and actions? Lim Guan Eng has a Press Secretary, Rosmah may have the entire Information Ministry.

    b. BN but-not-quite-BN news media? Note that The Star was said to have even pro-DAP blokes in their midst, and there have been occasions when MCA has not been sounding pro-UMNO in recent times. So, is it possible that the reports on Rosmah are designed to play up readers’ disdain for UMNO? As a hangover of the Chinese tsunami?

    3. More in Malay language, or in the English language media?

    a. While the Malay language media is also Pakatoon-infested, generally they reflect the Malay thinking and attitude, likes and dislikes.
    Are the Rosmah stories purposely done by wolves in sheep’s clothing, out to amplify the dislike for Rosmah to the public?

    b. The pro-BN English language newspapers been reduced, ain’t it – Malay Mail bought over by pro-Pakatan blokes, New Straits Times has reports with grammar mistakes and at times not providing background information to stories, like Bernama also does. Hence, they are read generally by the less discerning members of the public. The Malay Mail would of course want everybody to be pro-Pakatan. But the supposedly pro-BN NST still has the Riong Kali anti-Establishment blokes in their midst trying to get as many readers as possible to also be anti-Establishment?

    I get the feeling that they are mostly out to do Rosmah up in the overall design to get Najib/UMNO out. I’d like it if Najib goes out but I want UMNO to always be in.

  13. Amongst other things, people are not happy why up to 3-digit million RM are allocated for the Permata Program just to keep her busy with something to do.

    Everybody knows that once those kids are enrolled in to Std 1, they will be ushered in and segregated into vernacular schools and other schools. Those kids will be cocoonised by which language they will learn, which in turn belie the purpose of Permata.

    Rosmah in the limelight. Money in the drain.

    • What about those kids in international schools?

      Kids whose parents are Malaysians?

      Aren’t they being “cocoonised” too?

      But, in this case, they benefit from an education system geared to the IGCSE or the IB curriculae, and from being taught in English from day 1.

      And if that isn’t a game changer, then I don’t know what is.

  14. […] The controversy of Prime Minister’s wife Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor recent trip to Qatar for the Women Enterpreneur Conference using the Malaysian Government ACJ219 VIP jet 9M-NAA is still fresh on people’s mind. This is on top of the growing more commonly ‘market talk’ of her opulence lifestyle and extravagances. […]

  15. […] They say charity begins at home. Unless Prime Minister Najib could ‘rationalise’ with facts that the Federal Government’s revenue have significantly increased and they are able to manage the ‘rationalisation of subsidies’ much better without passing the burden to the rakyat, then they should stop the opulence. […]

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