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Redberry Group

The cat is out of the bag. The ongoing negotiations between the Redberry Communications (as part of the Ancom Bhd Group) and representatives of the Al Bukhary Group for the take over of English business daily The Malaysian Reserve has been made public.

It is timely that the successful Malay corporate giant not only has his own English business daily, but a media group.

There have been structured and consistently growing subtle and direct attacks on Malay-based institutions and corporate groups which include all those under the Al Bukhary Group wing of late, in stories and opinion carried by Chinese control English-based business dailies, like The Edge, Kinibiz and Focus Malaysia. At some point and angle, even by The Star.

The Malaysian Reserve website

The Malaysian Reserve website

These attacks are part of the strategy to demonise the Malaysian Government policy against the Bumiputera business community such as NEP and preference for Malay-based conglomerates such as PNB, LTAT, Tabung Haji, JCorp and lately, FGV.

They manipulate the various perspective of ‘subsidy’, ‘preferential status’, ‘affirmative action’ and use them to instigate in the tone of ‘cronysim’, ‘unfair’, ‘opportunities denied’ and eventually perpetuating the notion of the ‘continuous practice of corruption’. Worse of all, it is ‘All the way to the top’.

It is a conniving strategy using business, corporate and economic perspective to achieve a political objective.

Hopefully, The Malaysian Reserve with the new owners would see more success stories of the Malay entrepreneurs and industrialists being featured, the right perspective and intonation.

Setting the record straight is imperative, after too much of manipulation and over-politicking. The interest of nation building should take prominence, to build the confidence of Malaysians especially the business community and potential commercial associates from abroad and the global market.

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  1. Well done, Al Bukhary. It’s high time the Malays have the medium to hit back at, or at least provide an alternative to, the proliferation of lies, deceits, half truths, twists, spins and slants by the Opposition and the deliberately anti-Malay groups out there, especially DAP and their kind.

    The Government under Najib and his pseudo-liberal thinking cannot be expected to take any action against the spread of such nasty propaganda especially on the alternative media, including by the so-called news portals like the blasted Malaysia Kini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Chronicle, that the Information Minister said on his assumption of office, he was considering to follow the Singapore Government’s action, but kept quiet until now. .

    Even what used to be the UMNO-controlled newspapers like the Malay Mail was hijacked by the Opposition-favouring group that led to a MM news usage agreement with Malaysia Kini, and MK would not have agreed if MM news are not slanted to favour the Opposition.

    The New Straits Times are still under the influence, if not the control, of the Riong Kali who is disgruntled against the Establishment, among the reasons being he is not allowed by the Muar Registration Department to register his child as a Malay (he himself said it in a blog somewhere). Often the line adopted by NST in its news publication is not really favoring the Malays and the Malay-led Government.

    Even Bernama is led by a Chinese who, I’m sure will be happy to promote Najib’s pseudo-liberal policies and utterances. Bernama can slant the news by the very act of instructing newsmen where and who to go to and ask for comments on current developments in the country. And instructing what kind of questions to ask. In any case, some of their reports even have grammar mistakes, so, other than the mandatory subscriptions by foreign news agencies that are not be well represented in this country, how to expect foreign companies interested in doing business in Malaysia to subscribe to their news?

    I hope the Bukhary media will employ competent editorial and reporting staff to avoid all those, gain readership and promote the interests of the Malays at the same time. Best of luck to them.

    • If the following news heading is not part of the ” lies, deceits, half truths, twists, spins and slants by the Opposition and the deliberately anti-Malay (and anti-Islam) groups out there”, I don’t know what is:

      COLLISION COURSE: 77% of Malays DO NOT want Christians in Sabah & Swak …

      Malaysia Chronicle – ‎1 hour ago‎

      KUALA LUMPUR – A new survey by Universiti Malaya’s Centre for Democracy and Elections or Umcedel shows that 77% of Malays in the country still want the word ‘Allah’ to be kept exclusive to Muslims.


      In Taliban country, those responsible for such a headline may be made headless.

      • To make sure readers know where the above hews heading appeared – it was on Google news page.

        Is Google a part of them? I read that Google Malaysia employs many Chinese. The Tsunami Chinese kind, maybe.

  2. Subtle attacks on Malay based institutions can be described as a SunTzu – like war strategy. The only thing that’s missing is a real military force. The principles of that strategy are pretty apparent which include laying down plans, attack by strategem, tactical dispositions, look at weak and strong points of the opponent, maneuvering, variations in tactics, the ‘army’ on the march, terrain and situations of terrains and the use of spies.

    It is a great and intelligent move on the part of the All Bukhary Group to acquire the Malaysian Reserve. One way of neutralising the march of the opponent or competitor.

  3. I urge the Bukhari group and/or others with the financial means and the expertise, to take over, or at least organize new so-called news portals to specifically and effectively counter the Opposition blogs like Malaysia Kini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Chronicle, Free Malaysia ToDay and such.

    I also urge Malays who have the ability to counter-argue the Oppo hippos not to start so many blogs, thus spreading our resources thin. Instead concentrate, contribute and participate in the existing popular and respected blogs like this one.

    Never mind appearing not having so many comments as the Blog Admin ensures the cheeky (e.g one-line comments) and the nasty (rude, vulgar, seditious etc comments) are filtered out. What is important is that they are read by those to whom blog posts and comments are intended.

  4. We have been on the defensive for long enough. Its high time to seize the initiative and strike back at all those half truths, misinformation and outright lies.

  5. My New Year resolution:

    To try and do whatever I can, however small the contribution may be, anywhere that may be meaningful to do so, to dent the image of the so-called news portals that do the spinning, twisting and slanting of news.

    To pray for the endless success of the Al Bukhari venture into the media business.

    • Ooops, forgot to mention the names of the blogs that I very much want to see their image dented continuously –

      Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia To Day, etc.

      Whoever said they are “news portals”? Look at Malaysia Kini – they select the most caustic comments from readers and publish them s main items of “news”. They are mostly opinions, like their regular post articles are. Opinions are not news, innit?

  6. Why can’t the Malaysian Government do to the “news portals” like the Singapore Government has done?

    The Information Minister said not long after he became Minister the Ministry was considering that. Nothing was heard after that.

    Anybody knows?

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