Singaporean scums

Singaporeans are obedient and very law abiding in the tiny lil’ red dot. However, when they cross over into this land of rule of law, they start to show their true law disobedience self. The damning bit is when when caught, they conveniently try to bribe Malaysian Law Enforcement officers.

They say proof of the pudding is in the eating. In the context of story telling, proof is in the video taping.

Lee Mong Seng was stopped by SPAD agents for driving an unlicensed tourist van. He tried to bribe the agents with SGD200.00 and was arrested under Section 17(b) for the MACC Act.

Shaik Mohamed Bin Shaik  Zain, 68, tried to bribe a SPAD agent in Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex of the amount RM50.00 for breaching tourist van license. He told the SPAD agent that he brought some Singaporean shoppers to Mydin. Shaik Mohamed was charged under the same Section 17(b) of the MACC Act.

Ng Geok Hock, a Singaporean taxi driver pleaded to bribe SPAD agents. He was arrested for similar breach of laws at the same spot like mentioned above. He pleaded guilty and was jailed for one day.

Updates on these cases on MACC website.

These are very common traits amongst Singaporean motorists when they cross over into Malaysia via Johor Bahru. Often, they find it convenient not to observe Malaysian traffic laws, which are almost identical to Singaporean traffic laws. When they are apprehended, they immediately attempt to bribe.

They never do this in their tiny lil’ red dot. It is not because they are naturally obedient citizens who respect and observe the law. It is because they fear the Singaporean stiff penal system, which provide very little tolerance for deviants.

These same Singaporeans feel that they need not respect Malaysian laws and customs most probably because they believe Malaysian authorities are not as strict and stiff as the counterparts. It seems its the kiasu thingy.

*Updated 1730hrs

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  2. Bro now if we use this method on our local scums, Najib ada berani, ka ??????

    • This is not about Najib nor his courage.

      BTW, law enforcement agencies do these sting exercises all the time. Just because you dunno about it, doesn’t make it that its not being done.

  3. Man is a product of his environment

  4. you said it yourself – they dont do it there because more strict enforcement. they get away with it here and thats why they do it here. its not a singaporean thing stupid, its a human thing. if you want people to stop bribing, stop accepting bribes and enforce the laws properly

  5. We should be proud of Riza Aziz who has been reported to be extremely successful in his movie production house in Hollywood. Riza who is the son from Rosmah’s first marriage happened to be the step son of DS Najib, PM of Malaysia. The article is written with malicious intention with hints of corrupt practices by the PM and family but without any details or proof of criminal acts. What has Riza’s success to do with Rosmah and Najib as we don’t even know the real story but only based on pure speculation and wild accusations? As for the $33.5 M apartment in New York, it is possible through bank loan and financing based on certain financial criteria which is so easy to obtain in US, Europe or UK unlike in Malaysia, where applicants have to fulfill certain conditions with collaterals. I am sure there are closed forms and business associates who would trust Riza for a personal loan, etc to pay for the alleged purchase of the property.

    • Thank you.

      However, you’re definitely in wrong article posting.

      This one is specifically about Singaporean motorists who break Malaysian law, tried to bribe SPAD officers and were apprehended and reprimanded for their acts.

      And nothing at all about PM Najib, his wife and/or any members of their family.

      If you can’t even get your posting right to address your thoughts and opinion, how do you expect people would take you seriously?

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