Professional courtesy, deficient

The 9M-AWK, shot in Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Halim, Alor Setar the morning a VVIP party leader flew in to attend the breakfast with rakyat of Pendang

The 9M-AWK, shot in Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Halim, Alor Setar the morning a VVIP party leader flew in to attend the breakfast with rakyat of Pendang

Our earlier story about the high possibility of Malaysian Government or any of its agencies leasing a ACJ320 VVIP jet with tail number 9H-AWK from a Malta-based executive Comlux Aviation drew so many attention.

Datuk Rocky asked the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to respond to the story ASAP.

This came through the comment section:

Kenyataan Akhbar

Penggunaan Pesawat Khas

Pejabat Perdana Menteri ingin menarik perhatian berhubung laporan blog mengenai penggunaan pesawat khas untuk Perdana Menteri.

Laporan tersebut mengandungi beberapa fakta yang salah dan tidak tepat yang boleh menimbulkan persepsi yang tidak tepat kepada penggunaan pesawat khas tersebut.

Kerajaan sebelum ini memiliki 5 buah pesawat khas iaitu ACJ A319, BBJ, Fokker F28, Global Express dan Falcon 900 yang diperuntukkan untuk kegunaan YDP Agong, YAB Perdana Menteri, dan YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

Tertakluk kepada syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan oleh Kerajaan, pesawat-pesawat ini juga boleh diluluskan untuk kegunaan oleh DYMM Sultan-sultan dan TYT Yang Dipertua-Yang Dipertua Negeri, YB Menteri-Menteri dan Timbalan-Timbalan Menteri, tetamu-tetamu Kerajaan Persekutuan dari negara asing, Pegawai-pegawai Kanan Kerajaan serta orang-orang kenamaan.

Pada Ogos 2012, pesawat Fokker F28 telah dilupuskan kerana telah berusia lebih 30 tahun dan tiada pesawat gantian dicadangkan.

Pada tahun lepas, pesawat BBJ dan ACJ A319 telah dijadualkan untuk menjalani proses penyelenggaraan wajib. Pesawat BBJ menjalani urusan penyelenggaraan di antara Januari-Julai 2013 sementara ACJ319 di antara 15 Jun-8 Oktober.

Sejajar dengan itu, Jabatan Perdana Menteri yang bertanggungjawab atas urusan pesawat khas Kerajaan telah mengambil keputusan menyewa sebuah pesawat lain ACJ A320 bagi menampung kekurangan pesawat.

Pesawat ACJ A320 ini disewa di antara 1 Februari – 31 Disember 2013 setelah mendapati pesawat BBJ memerlukan lebih masa bagi urusan penyelenggaraan.

Penggunaan pesawat khas membolehkan Ketua Negara dan Ketua Kerajaan bergerak di dalam dan luar negara dengan keadaan keselamatan yang lebih terjamin. Selain itu, Anggota Pentadbiran yang sibuk dengan pelbagai urusan tidak terikat kepada jadual perjalanan komersil di samping kepentingan menjaga imej negara.

Pejabat Perdana Menteri
3 Januari 2014


It was posted by someone who claims to be “Rizal Mansor”. It looks like something official but we don’t quite understand why it was posted in a comment section, instead being e mailed to us through a PMO e mail.

That would made it official. Of course, we would be providing the space for the response to be posted.

Who is this “Rizal Mansor”?

Obviously he is not a personality the administrators of this blog could relate to, when it comes to the communication and media of the Prime Minister’s Office. There are other officers who have established a working level mutual respect and relationship with administrators of BigDogDotCom.

Instances are speeches by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, which were posted here in this blog were transmitted via e mail.

It is baffling the fact that why wasn’t the official media release in response to the story, which originated by this blog, was not e mailed by a known media officer in the PMO.

It was not until Datuk Rocky verified the authenticity of this media statement did we decide to post it here.

What happened to the professional courtesy of the officers of PMO?

At least almost two weeks ago, when Special Officer to the CEO of PEMANDU wanted to correct an erroneous story by another blog, it was e mailed to us. We posted the e mail. It was also e mailed to the said blogger.

*Updated Saturday 4 January 2014 1000hrs

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  1. Terbang ke Kota Kinabalu untuk Berkempen adalah untuk menjaga Image Negara?!

    Naik saja Commercial Airlines First Class pun dah Cukup untuk menjaga imeg Negara.

    • Anda tahu ke jika PM/ Presiden negara negara Asean yang sebandingan saperti Thailand, Philippines dan Indonesia ada menggunakan jet jet saperti PM Malaysia gunakan itu?

      Jika ada, hal menjaga imej Malaysia iu menjadi relevant. Jika tidak, menjadi mengarut. Romah-rut, kot.

  2. Since the govt has embarked on several austerity measures by imposing belt tightening policies on Malaysians, it must think again before spending millions of ringgit in govt top leaders travelling costs. The PM and his cabinet colleagues should begin taking commercial flights. No excuse for tight schedules or, don’t want to be tied to commercial flight schedules or to preserve image. Come on, Malaysia cannot afford such over priority for its leaders especially when its people is now made to pay for the national debt problem.

  3. thats why i believe they should just go back to the old ways… from MAS when its needed and it can be fitted within days with all the amenities turning the plane into a VVIP Jet.
    That way the goverment dont have to mantain an aeroplane which is proven to be very expensive…..

    • Fitting requires “several days” and very busy people often make snap decisions to travel on cases that don’t require well-in-advance arrangement/ appointments.

      So, quite justifiable to have executive jet. But one or two cukuplah. Awat nak mengarut sampai wanting big jet to carry a retinue of people like Obama does?

  4. Well at least the PMO responded. Do you expect everyone to have your email address? you are sidetracking the issue. Do you accept or reject PMO’s response? That is the main issue here.

    • The e mail of this blog is right on the face of the blog.

      Do you suffer the same deficiency like these PMO officers too; don’t read too well?

    • Mamat,

      Who is the one unable to see the issue here? The private jet issue is one and it brings us to another issue as mentioned in the post. Kenyataan akhbar posted thru the comment section? They could’ve at least CCed the bigdogdotcom even if the email was only meant to be sent to media. What a joke. Who’s this rizal? A 17yo blogger who is doing part time at PMO’s office? Or the rest of the office are that immature, and daft for lack of better words.

      • Must get Pemandu to look into this la.

        Soon Najib will announce this and a special lab to be formed. In 6 weeks, we shall know the result

  5. Who are you?

    • And you?

    • Ini bukan soal siapa tuan punya blog atau siapa “lebih besar”. Isu yang dibincangkan adalah serius terutamanya dalam keadaan semasa – cukup serius hingga pejabat berkenaan terpanggil untuk memberi penjelasan. Malangnya caranya itu tidak kena. Kalau hendak memberi penjelasan eloklah jika ia dihantar melalui saluran yang betul, khususnya kepada semua pihak yang mengetengahkan isu tersebut, dalam kes ini terutamanya kepada Rocky Bru dan Bigdogdotcom. Penjelasan itu seterusnya boleh dipaparkan sebagai “post utama” untuk dibincangkan oleh orang ramai.

      Kita semua maklum adakalanya sesuatu post itu mempunyai komen hingga mencecah 3 angka. Berapa orang yang membaca semua komen-komen berkenaan berbanding dengan yang membaca posting utama?

      Jika penjelasan diberi melalui seksyen komen, ini menimbulkan persoalan lain, seperti:

      a. Apakan kredibiliti atau “authority” orang yang membuat penjelasan tersebut? sesiapa sahaja boleh mendakwa dia mewakili PMO melalui ruangan komen. Silap langkah tuan punya blog mungkin buat keputusan untuk tidak memaparkan komen tersebut kerana curiga. Akhirnya penjelasan tersebut jadi sia-sia.

      b. Tahap kebijaksanaan dan kelayakan si pemberi penjelasan. Kalaulah benar ini kenyataan akhbar yang rasmi, kenapa dibuat secara terhad (melalui seksyen komen) dimana kemungkinan besar segelintir pembaca sahaja yang membacanya? Bukankah ini “defeat the purpose” berkomunikasi? Is this the type of corporate communication/Public Relation Officer that you want to be working for you?

      c. Menimbulkan kontroversi dan keraguan tentang motif sebenar penjelasan yang diberi. Seperti yang dibangkitkan, instead of discussing the merit of the response, orang tertanya-tanya dan mempertikaikan tentang isu-isu sampingan. That in itself, distract people’s attention away from the content of the press release.

  6. Rizal Mansor is Rosmah’s special officer. Why is he acting for the PMO?

    Has Rosmah taken over husband’s office? Then it is true Rosmah is controlling and dictating government.

    • How come Rosmah has a special officer? She got to prepare for cabinet, mehh…?

      Is this Rizal Mansor a Malaysian government employee?

      Is Rosmah, who herself is not a government employee, is entitled to a ‘special officer’?

      What grade is he? JPA created a warrant for his appointment? Permanent or contract employee?

      So many questions!

      Maybe Najib can announce that Pemandu will look into all these. That’s right, Idris Jala will set another lab for six weeks.

      It is now an SOP of the Malaysian government…….

    • Rosmah sure is not “controlling and dictating government.” But she sure makes a nuisance of herself and appears to us like a cengkurik –

      * not that important but trying to show as if she is important

      * not having power but usurps a little power, though not even like the Consort or Empress Dowager of China a thousand years ago. She must be quite ancient in that respect

      * she appears not to have much scruple, even sense of responsibility, damaging her husband’s credibility as a PM – she must have insisted to use the executive jet to travel to the Mid East, announced as approved by the Cabinet even. Apa daaaa…

      * vanity, ego, etc what have you

      Question is: what do we do about her?

  7. So PMO leased the ACJ320 for 11 months.

    That is a lot of money. Im guessing, its in the neighbourhood of RM40-50 million.And some of the ‘executives’ operating the jet were former Ukrainian mafia.

    There is a handsome amount of profit element here.

    Is that good expenditure, especially it is part of Operating Budget of 2013? More over, part of the travel is purely for politics and party work.

    I think this response would draw more questions to be raised.

    Another point troubling in my head; Why cant Najib the Felinist use the Bombardier Global Express, since its already there?

    Why must charter an ACJ320?

    Tun Dr Mahathir used the Global Express. Even until present day (Not the TUDM one lah!). He’s bloody fine by it.

    Najib the Felinist thinks he is a bigger PM than Dr M, is it? Someone in the ‘same class of Barack Obama and David Cameron’. Poooddaaaahhhh!!!!!!

    • Like you’ve guessed it; This calls for Pemandu lab!

      Take it away, Idris Jala’s boys…..

  8. If PMO office really meant what they were saying, they should have leased the aircraft via MAS or Air Asia. Even if Air Asia or MAS have to re-lease from the first party or etc. At least part of the money stays in the country. For the money PMO is paying, Tony Fernandez would have painted DS Rosmah’s face on the fuselage.

  9. Absolutely Agreed…In future the Government should set an example at “Buying Malaysian First” instead of handing money out to foreign companies. What’s wrong in leasing from MAS?

    • Thank you.

      Yes, chartering from Malaysia Airlines is a very good idea. After all, Malaysia Airlines took delivery all if not almost all the B737-800s. That is a 180 seater two configuration aircraft.

      There are also bigger options for further distances, like the brand new A330-300 or the older B777-200s. Both types could carry more than 250 passengers, which means that the entire entourage, media and even accompanying civil servants and business community could travel in the same ride, at the same time.

      Makes even efficient ground handling.

      Then again even if PMO wanted a VVIP executive jet, there is a Malaysian executive charter company operating from Subang which offers a converted B737 and B727 (both with executive configuration) and also a GIV.

      Why Comlux Aviation?

      Probably all these networking in GCCs and Wall Street has gotten into the influence of thinking process.

      • Anything to do with the step son/ Rosmah’s son who is buying a posh RM100 plus apartment in New York?

        Commission, kickback or profit share, easy money, simple job, just arrange for PMO to use the aircraft and cash goes to the relevant bank account.

        Hence the statement issued by Rosmah’s Special Officer. Stupid one sent as a comment instead of to the blog owner/ operator, as BD said.

        If Rosmah has a hand in this sort of things, she really is messing up the PMO and treating it like … too harsh to spell it out, folks.

      • BG,
        In the 80s there’s no long term leasing, just wet lease(complete with crew) from MAS as and when it required, the plane will then be converted into VVIP set up that was it. As Cabin Crew back then we used to fly the VVIPs all over the world.

        So get rid of bigger jets just maintain the small jets for regional or domestic need or better fly MH ke AA ke FIrefly ke Malindo ke ‘baru boleh mesra rakyat’ jangan cakap je…buat.

  10. Apparently you “mohon maaf” on one of those Facebook groups

  11. Despite all those money spent on consultants and labs, it is clear that this administration do not to know what should be the priority. Ego and aloof seems to get the better of them.

    While all these outrageous amount of wastage going on, the people and the country continue to suffer. To add insult to the injury, they would have us believe that spending on Rosmah too is justified and in the national interest.

    Since we are talking about aircrafts, let me share with fellow readers of this blog about another “aircrafts”, one that the country truly need and the government should have allocated money for.

    The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) have been begging the government to replace the Sikorsky Helicopter (Nuri) and then Mig 29N fighter jets for years. The Nuri has been falling off the sky like “cempedak busuk”. The most recent one was last week in Pulau Perak. True there may be other factors that contributed to the crash, nevertheless age, wear and tear, and obsolescence cannot be wholly ruled out. The aircrafts is after all, almost 50 years old. As for the Migs, the RMAF is forced to decide between spending a big chunk of their Operational Expenditure to keep it flying or simply ground them to save. Meanwhile our sea and airspace particularly in the South China Sea continue to be violated almost with impunity and all we can do is to “monitor” those activity. Of course there is other requirements, but lets just stick to aircraft for now.

    As I said while this administration have us believe it is alright to spend on Executive jets and what have you, last October Najib told us decision over which fighter jet will be chosen to replace the ageing fleet of 18 Russian-made MIG-29s will have to be delayed as the country focuses on cutting its budget deficit. He said “It might take a little longer because we need to consolidate our fiscal position first and this is what people wants and this is what the market wants”.

    I wonder if spending of Executive jets and for Rosmah is also part of “what the people wants and this is what the market wants”.

  12. Other than that I agree that this kind of expenditure too is also unjustified. I am referring to the habit of appointing “Special Envoy with Minister status”. The issue unfortunately but correctly, raised by opposition MP. This too cost us a lot of money. My guesstimate, for each of those Special Envoy”, the government will have to fork out at least RM2.0 mil per year in emolument, staffing, facilities and perks. All these while we already have established embassies and career diplomats.

  13. […] PMO responded within the end of the same day of business, amidst the controversial raised to the exorbitant spending for VVIP. This is when in so many quarters the Malaysian public explicitly expressed their utter displeasure to the rise in cost of living, after the rise of petrol and diesel, sugar, grocery products and expected electricity tariff and tolled road rates. […]

  14. […] quarters within PMO, although it is believed that those are still premature. What is commendable is the speed of Special Officers within PMO responding to the issues raised by the rakyat, especially in social media network and […]

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