Cow Tales

Cattle grazing in Kazakhstan

In Malay, there is a proverb “Jauh berjalan, luas permandangan“. It simply translate to when one travels, one’s horizon is broader. That’t probably what is the take out from the recent Senators’ visit to Kazakhtan lead by Dewan Negara President Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang recently.

Apparently, what they were said to have discovered is that a prominent Malaysian acquired 1,000 acres of land for cattle grazing in the Central Asian nation, known for its Steppes environment.

It was also rumoured she bought a condo priced at USD3 million for her recently married son.

These are nice gossips that would be spoken of in the connotation of envy or suspicion, along with a lot of other controversies. Eventually, some would  believe this as the ‘truth’. Never the less, let’s hope in time more information would surface to either deny or validate these socialites’ gossip.

*Updated 1000pm

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  1. Can we step on the Steppes with the step daughter?

  2. If “that prominent” Malaysian’s son can afford to buy a 7-bedroom condo in NY for US33.5 million, what is US$3 million condo in Kazakhstan? Haiya..celah gigi only lah.

  3. Does that condo got anything to do with cow dwelling?

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