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They say whenever a problem presents itself, there would be opportunity opened up for it. In the recent growing grouses of increased rise of price of goods and services of almost across the board, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is glad to announce the market price of some goods is actually going down.

It has been learned that Khazanah National Bhd. will be venturing into kangkung in the plantation scale as an extension to Prime Minister Najib’s specific mention on how the most common South East Asian vegetable’s price at the market has gone down.

This shall provide a new major opportunity for the commercialisation of seemingly the most favourite vegetable in the region.

However, the project would not be executed and rolled out without the usual modus operandi of getting very expensive consultants to look into the idea, develop a suitable proposal and several alternative proposals, PEMANDU doing the necessary projection evaluation and transformation impact assessment and eventually CIMB doing the over all plan for IPO listing and exit.

It is probably would be known as Kangkung Consolidated Bhd. upon listing. The initial targeted kangkung plantations size is expected to be 100,000 acres. Several key strategic partners have shown termendous interest, especially when government-guaranteed financing would be made available as this would be classified as a ‘Consolidated High Impact Priority Economic Transformation Project’ or CHIPET.

A synergy business track would also be created by Khazanah to go into krill and shrimp farming. This is part of the restructuring of the prawn business that Khazanah went in, sometime back. Eventually, the two corporations could be amalgamated and consolidated.

An initial salvo of on over all strategy for the kangkung consumption

An initial salvo of an overall strategy for the kangkung consumption

Several kangkung-based end products have been thrown in and discussed at certain quarters within PMO, although it is believed that those are still premature. What is commendable is the speed of Special Officers within PMO responding to the issues raised by the rakyat, especially in social media network and blogs.

Prime Minister Najib’s acknowledgement of the market price of kangkung would be the catalyst for more consumption. A special task force lead by soon-to-be named a senior PMO aide and hand-picked team is to provide for the kangkung comprehensive business push-factor strategy.

The Federal Government would eventually need to work with relevant State Governments for this agriculture-based commercial end-to-end project to work and be productive. The commitment and co-operation is necessary for initiatives such as gazzetting all longkangs and drains for kangkung growing.

This should be seen as nothing less than a brilliant business strategy, capitalising and commercialising on the ‘created demand’ due to rising cost of living of late.

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