Lessons from Paracels, Pt II

James Shoal and proximity to Sarawak

The three Chinese Naval Forces vessels which include an amphibious landing ship complemented with armed marines detachments have been conducting ‘exercise’ in the James Shoal, 50 nautical miles off Bintulu.

Riong Kali dot com story:

Chinese ships patrol area contested by Malaysia

JANUARY 26, 2014

'A' marks the location of James Shoal, about 80km off the coast of Sarawak. - January 26, 2014.‘A’ marks the location of James Shoal, about 80km off the coast of Sarawak. – January 26, 2014.

Three Chinese ships patrolled the James Shoal, that is also claimed by Malaysia, as soldiers and officers on board swore to safeguard its sovereignty, in the latest sign of Beijing’s territorial assertiveness in the South China Sea, Reuters reported today.

This latest act of aggression by China is a slap in the face of the Najib administration that has talked up China’s benign intentions in Asean meetings as well as touted Malaysia’s special ties with Beijing.

James Shoal is located about 80km from Sarawak, however, Beijing regards it as the southernmost part of the country’s territory.

The Chinese vessels comprised an amphibious landing craft, the Changbaishan, and two destroyers, state news agency Xinhua said.

“During the ceremony held in the Zengmu Reef area, soldiers and officers aboard swore an oath of determination to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and maritime interests,” Xinhua said. Zengmu Reef is the Chinese term for James Shoal.

Xinhua said the fleet commander Jiang Weilie “urged soldiers and officers to always be prepared to fight, improve combat capabilities and lead the forces to help build the country into a maritime power”.

China is in an increasingly angry dispute with its neighbours over claims to parts of the potentially oil and gas-rich South China Sea. China lays claim to almost the whole of the sea, which is criss-crossed by crucial shipping lanes.

Last March, Malaysia protested against the incursion of four Chinese ships in James Shoal. Chinese sailors fired guns in the air during the visit to the shoal.

In April, a Chinese maritime surveillance ship returned to James Shoal to leave behind steel markers to assert its claim.

China upset the Philippines and the United States this month when rules went into force demanding fishing boats seek permission to enter waters under the jurisdiction of China’s southern province of Hainan, an area the provincial government says covers much of the South China Sea.

Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines also claim other parts of the South China Sea. China has a separate dispute with Japan in the East China Sea. – January 26, 2014.


Chinese state TV news channel story, based on Xinhua report:

Chinese ships patrol southernmost territory

01-26-2014 16:44 BJT

ABOARD CHANGBAISHAN, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) — A flotilla with China’s Nanhai Fleet on Sunday morning patrolled the Zengmu Reef, the southernmost part of the country’s territory, and held an oath-taking ceremony to safeguard sovereignty.

The three-ship flotilla consists of amphibious landing craft Changbaishan and destroyers Wuhan and Haikou, according to military sources.

During the ceremony held in the Zengmu Reef area, soldiers and officers aboard swore an oath of determination to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and maritime interests.

Fleet commander Jiang Weilie urged soldiers and officers to always be prepared to fight, improve combat capabilities and lead the forces to help build the country into a maritime power.

The Zengmu Reef is a key maritime traffic juncture as well as a strategic spot. The Chinese navy patrols the area on a regular basis.

James Shoal is definitely within Malaysia’s continental shelf and economic exclusive zone (EEZ).


This reflective of China’s attitude towards the sensitivities of the regional neighbours and United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS) where she is a signatory.

China is also a signatory on the Declaration of Conduct (DOC), inked 4 November 2002 between ASEAN nations and China. It is obvious that China diplomatically commit to a position but the military casually dishonour it.

China’s claim on the James Shoal which is more than 600 nautical miles from her own undisputed territories being part of her territories is baffling to experts.

South China Morning Posty story:

How a non-existent island became China’s southernmost territory

Bill Hayton says records show that a translation error some 80 years ago may be to blame

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 09 February, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 09 February, 2013, 6:37am

Bill Hayton

  • china-military-maritime-dispute_bej6563_30096749.jpg
An aerial view of the city of Sansha on an island in the disputed Paracel chain. Photo: AFP

Where is the “southernmost point of Chinese territory”?

It’s a controversial question and the least controversial answer might be Hainan Island . More controversial options would be the Paracel (Xisha) islands or the Spratlys (Nansha). But officially the southernmost point is even further south – as far south as the James Shoal, about 100 kilometres from the coast of Borneo. What’s more surprising is that this piece of the motherland is actually invisible. There’s nothing there to see, unless you have diving equipment.

The James Shoal lies 22 metres below sea. Yet this inconvenience doesn’t prevent PLA Navy ships visiting the shoal from time to time to demonstrate Chinese sovereignty over it. This ritual involves heaving a large piece of engraved stone over the side of the ship. There is now a small collection of Chinese stelae gathering organic encrustations on the sea floor, more than 1,000 kilometres from Hainan.

How did the Chinese state come to regard this obscure feature, so far from home, as its southernmost point? I’ve been researching the question for some time while writing a book on the South China Sea. The most likely answer seems to be that it was probably the result of a translation error.

In the 1930s, China was engulfed in waves of nationalist anxiety. The predation of the Western powers and imperial Japan, and the inability of the Republic of China to do anything meaningful to stop them, caused anger both in the streets and the corridors of power. In 1933, the republic created the “Inspection Committee for Land and Water Maps” to formally list, describe and map every part of Chinese territory. It was an attempt to assert sovereignty over the republic’s vast territory.

The major problem facing the committee, at least in the South China Sea, was that it had no means of actually surveying any of the features it wanted to claim. Instead, the committee simply copied the existing British charts and changed the names of the islands to make them sound Chinese. We know they did this because the committee’s map included about 20 mistakes that appeared on the British map – features that in later, better surveys were found not to actually exist.

The committee gave some of the Spratly islands Chinese names. North Danger Reef became Beixian (the Chinese translation of “north danger”), Antelope Reef became Lingyang (the Chinese word for antelope). Other names were just transliterated so, for example, Spratly Island became Sipulateli and James Shoal became Zengmu. And this seems to be where the mistakes crept in.

But how to translate “shoal”? It’s a nautical word meaning an area of shallow sea where waves “shoal” up. Sailors would see a strange area of choppy water in the middle of the ocean and know the area was shallow and therefore dangerous. James Shoal is one of many similar features in the Spratlys.

But the committee didn’t seem to understand this obscure English term because they translated “shoal” as ” tan” – the Chinese word for beach or sandbank – a feature which is usually above water. The committee, never having visited the area, seems to have declared James Shoal/Zengmu Tan to be a piece of land and therefore a piece of China.

In 1947, the republic’s cartographers revisited the question of China’s ocean frontier, drawing up what would become known as the “U-shaped line”. It seems that they looked at the list of Chinese names, assumed that Zengmu Tan was above water and included it within the line. A non-existent island became the country’s southernmost territory.

But in a parallel process around the same time, the republic government gave new names to many of the sea features. Spratly Islands became Nanwei (the noble south), for example, and James Shoal was changed from a sandbank ( tan) into a reef ( ansha). Perhaps, by this time, the authorities had realised their mistake. Nonetheless Zengmu Ansha retained its official southernmost status.

By now, the translation error had become a fact, setting the region on course for conflict 80 years later.

This is more than a piece of historical trivia; James Shoal is a test of whether Beijing really is committed to the rule of international law in the South China Sea. Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, no state can claim sovereignty over an underwater feature unless it lies within 12 nautical miles of its land. James Shoal is over 1,000 kilometres from undisputed Chinese territory.

Last month, the Philippines government announced it would seek a ruling from an international tribunal about whether China’s claims in the sea were compatible with the UN convention. James Shoal would be a clear example of a claim that is not compatible. Perhaps this might be a good moment for Beijing to review how it came to claim this obscure piece of submarine territory in the first place.

Bill Hayton is writing a book on the South China Sea for publication later this year

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as How a non-existent island became China’s southernmost territory

As a comparison, 600 nautical miles is about one and half day steaming in the sea.

One of the Chinese Naval Forces vessel which is part of the flotilla off Bintulu is the 19,000 tonnes amphibious landing ship Changbanshian. Armed marine detachments are onboard. The ship is believed to carry upto 1,000 armed marines (one and half battalion), armoured vehicles and tanks and helicopters.

Changbanshian is supported by two guided missile destroyers.

This is not the first time this happened. Last March, Changbanshian’s sister ship Jianggangshan and three other guided missile warships conducted live firing exercise using missiles near James Shoal.

It is obvious despite China being a ‘friend’ to Malaysia and the two leaders embraced each other as symbol of friendship and continuous trade, working and diplomatic relations, the military is very intimidating against Malaysia and at the brink of provoking an international row.

It is obvious too that Malaysian political and diplomatic leaders have not learned anything when China invaded the Paracel Islands, off the coast of Vietnam exactly forty years ago this week.

Defence Minister Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein was reported to slip his tongue when talking the American press right after the ASEAN Defence Minister’s Meeting Plus summit held at Bandar Seri Begawan in late August:

“Just because you have enemies, doesn’t mean your enemies are my enemies,” Hishammuddin said on the sidelines of meetings with counterparts from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) as well as the United States. “The Chinese can patrol every day, but if their intention is not to go to war” it is of less concern, he said. “I think we have enough level of trust that we will not be moved by day-to-day politics or emotions.”

It is naive to treat that Chinese PLA’s and military might as toeing all the diplomacy and international politics lines that China’s formally agree. The fact is that Chinese PLA is independent from the government and only adhere to what the Communist Party decide.

Military dominance based on the communism paranoia is reflective on China’s military build up and expansionary track, more rapid and aggressive since the past decade. China has been flexing its military muscle and filling the void in the region ever since the Americans withdrew all major bases from The Phillipines, after the end of the Cold War with Soviet Union 20 years ago.

Energy demand forecast, between the soon to be mega economies

Energy demand forecast, between the soon to be mega economies

China’s determination of dominance in the multiple claim areas in the South China Sea has took prominence coupled with her own rapid economic growth and corresponding increasing demand for energy. The multiple claim in dispute held huge deposits of valuable oil and gas, which is a very important component to drive the economic uptrend.

The popular notion around the ASEAN bloc to resolve these multiple claim issues within South East Asia is continuous multilateral discussions. As mutilateral talks progresses and develop into productivity, the end result would point towards a joint development co-operation to explore and extract produce in the multiple claim area, where hydrocarbon is the key objective.

Existing oil and gas fields, multiple claims and China's imaginary 'territory' in South East Asia

Existing oil and gas fields, multiple claims and China’s imaginary ‘territory’ in South East Asia

However, China is more interested in being the neighbourhood bully with the ‘divide and rule’ policy of bilateral talks on country-to-country basis.

The military does not correspond to this diplomacy, despite Chinese diplomats insistence on mutually exclusive bilateral talks. China’s political willingness is also hampered with the aggressiveness of the PLA, to flex its military muscle and might. They are bent on the heavy handed approach to resolve in meeting China’s strategic intent and economic objective.

China’s is also not shy to assert their interest on these hydrocarbon deposits, with glee and greed.

New York Times story:

China Asserts Sea Claim With Politics and Ships

Published: August 11, 2012

HAIKOU, China — China does not want to control all of the South China Sea, says Wu Shicun, the president of a government-sponsored research institute here devoted to that strategic waterway, whose seabed is believed to be rich in oil and natural gas. It wants only 80 percent.


Mr. Wu is a silver-haired politician with a taste for European oil paintings and fine furniture. He is also an effective, aggressive advocate for Beijing’s longstanding claim over much of the South China Sea in an increasingly fractious dispute with several other countries in the region that is drawing the United States deeper into the conflict.

China recently established a larger army garrison and expanded the size of an ostensible legislature to govern a speck of land, known as Yongxing Island, more than 200 miles southeast of Hainan. The goal of that move, Mr. Wu said, is to allow Beijing to “exercise sovereignty over all land features inside the South China Sea,” including more than 40 islands “now occupied illegally” by Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.

In the past several weeks, China has steadily increased its pressure, sending patrols with bigger ships and issuing persistent warnings in government-controlled newspapers for Washington to stop supporting its Asian friends against China.

The leadership in Beijing appears to have fastened on to the South China Sea as a way of showing its domestic audience that China is now a regional power, able to get its way in an area it has long considered rightfully its own. Some analysts view the stepped-up actions as a diversion from the coming once-a-decade leadership transition, letting the government show strength at a potentially vulnerable moment.

“They have to be seen domestically as strong and tough in the next few months,” Kishore Mahbubani, the dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, said of the senior leadership. “They have to make sure they are not seen as weak.”

The Obama administration, alarmed at Beijing’s push, contends that the disputes should be settled by negotiation, and that as one of the most important trade corridors in the world, the South China Sea must enjoy freedom of navigation. The State Department, in an unusually strong statement issued this month intended to warn China that it should moderate its behavior, said that Washington believed the claims should be settled “without coercion, without intimidation, without threats and without the use of force.”

Washington was reacting to what it saw as a continuing campaign on the South China Sea after Beijing prevented the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, at its summit meeting in Cambodia in July, from releasing a communiqué outlining a common approach to the South China Sea.

The dispute keeps escalating. On July 31, the 85th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese Defense Ministry heralded the occasion by announcing “a regular combat-readiness patrol system” for the waters in the sea under China’s jurisdiction.

The government then said it had launched its newest patrol vessel: a 5,400-ton ship. It was specifically designed to maintain “marine sovereignty,” said People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s leading newspaper.

Adding to the anxiety among China’s neighbors, a Chinese Navy frigate ran aground in July near a rocky formation known as Half Moon Shoal, in waters claimed by the Philippines. The accident raised questions about the competence of the Chinese Navy and suspicions about what the boat was doing there.

Mr. Wu, who is the president of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies as well as the director general of the Hainan provincial government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that none of China’s actions were untoward.

Interviewed in his spacious office decorated with landscape paintings from Italy and Russia, he had recently returned from a day of festivities for the expanded legislature and garrison on Yongxing Island.

Yongxing, a sand-fringed island of less than a square mile dominated by an airstrip that can handle midsize passenger jetliners, is part of what China calls the Xisha Islands. They are known as the Paracels in Vietnam, which also claims the territory.

A Boeing 737 flew special guests to the party, including the Communist Party chief for Hainan Province, to celebrate the newly inducted legislators, and the garrison, Mr. Wu said.

The increased military presence on the island makes the Philippines especially nervous because it thrusts China’s presence closer to the islands in the South China Sea that the Philippines claims as its own.

Since the 1990s, the approximately 620 Yongxing Island residents have enjoyed drinking water, electricity and air-conditioning, Mr. Wu said. The new 45-member legislature, which sits in a two-story brick building with pillars and a dome draped with blue and red bunting for the celebrations, is intended to issue laws on maritime issues, he said.

At Mr. Wu’s institute, here on Hainan Island in a handsome new building, visitors are invited into a modern screening room where they are greeted with a video that is a policy sales pitch. The video says that China enjoys maritime rights over “a vast area” of the South China Sea, though it does not specify how much. The 1.4 million square miles of the sea are “crucial to the future of China as a growing maritime nation,” since the sea is a trade conduit between China and the United States, Africa and Europe, the video says.

The deputy director of the institute, Liu Feng, said that China not only claimed sovereignty over most of the islands in the South China Sea, but also transportation, fishing and mineral extraction rights over “all waters within the nine-dash line.”

The nine-dash map, which appears in government documents and even in Air China’s in-flight magazine, is one of the central points of conflict in the South China Sea dispute. The U-shaped line south of China passes close to Vietnam, then around Malaysia and north to the Philippines. It was drawn by China before the Communist takeover but is not recognized by any other country.

On how long it would take China to win back the islands that it claims sovereignty over, Mr. Wu said he could not estimate. The other claimant countries were standing firm, he said. Moreover, the re-engagement of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region “means we will have obstacles in solving the South China Sea questions between China and the relevant claimant states.”

The sustained attention to the South China Sea has been almost certainly coordinated from the senior ranks of the central government, Chinese analysts and Asian diplomats said. “Suddenly, the top leaders have taken a more hard-line policy,” said Shi Yinhong, a foreign policy adviser to the State Council, China’s equivalent to the cabinet.

After the State Department criticized China’s actions, Beijing immediately accused Washington of taking sides with smaller Asian nations against China. On Aug. 4, the Foreign Ministry summoned Robert S. Wang, the deputy chief of mission at the American Embassy in Beijing, and in an accompanying statement said the State Department had shown “total disregard of facts, confounded right and wrong, and sent a seriously wrong message.”

Bree Feng contributed research.


History has proven China’s military resolve on their expansionary track is consistent.

Paracel Islands, which is closer to Vietnam than China, were invavded by Chinese Naval Forces forty years ago

Paracel Islands, which is closer to Vietnam than China, were invavded by Chinese Naval Forces forty years ago

Changbaishan flotila, like Jinggangshan’s live exercise last March, is more than capable to invade any island belong to Malaysia in the size of Tioman or Banggi and hold the position till more military units and logistics are able to join and fortify their position. Just like the Paracel Islands, they are ready to occupy indefinitely. And no international political pressure nor diplomacy could overturn the PLA’s aggression.

The naval and air force capability of Malaysia and ability to ward of a flotilla of this size, would be discussed in Part III.

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  1. For a long time in history, China and the Chinese have been encroached upon, conquered and ruled by foreigners like the Mongols in the 13th Century and the Manchurians, from the 7th to the 20th Century. The last Manchu Emperor, Pu Yi, lost his throne in the revolutionary upheaval early in the 20th Century.

    The Chinese were even bullied by the British and other Westerners in the 19th Century – the Opium War was so named because the British forced them to take opium as payment for Chinese goods taken out from China, and Hong Kong was handed back to China only in 1990). The Chinese were also bullied by the Japanese, who total much less in number than the Chinese, and whose country is much smaller in size, as recently as in the 20th Century – until the end of the Second World War in 1945.

    China was treated by the West as a pariah only until 1-2 decades ago. Now that they have become the second largest economy in the world, are they trying to bully others? Is the PLA thinking and mentality the same as the Chinese Communist Party politbureau, the rulers of China? Damn dangerous, if so. We must shout at them as much as possible. Endlessly.

  2. Goodness, this is the 21st Century. No more Imperialists, Capitalists and Running Dogs that Mao Zedong and the Red Guards shouted at relentlessly in the last century. The Chinese themselves, like the Russian communists, have become capitalists and practice free enterprise like hell now.

    Why behave like communist terrorists of Mao Zedong’s time in the south China Seas now? That’s heading for military confrontation. And these days one thinks in terms of nuclear war, a nuclear holocaust, the annihilation of a vast part of the world and many hundred million of mankind.

    Getting back to becoming uncivilized, are they? Yet, for over a thousand years calling themselves the Middle Kingdom, referring to others around them barbarians. Cakap tak serupa bikin like the DAP, eh? And DAP taking inspiration from what Mainland China does, getting emboldened with subversive and seditious acts and utterances on the kalimah Allah etc? Damn them.

    Let’s whack them DAP and the mainland Chinese each and every time they do those ultra kiasu things. Those DAP blokes who do not respect and abide by the Constitution – tell them to jump into the south China Seas. See if the PLA naval vessels lingering there will fish them out.

    • Isa,

      At a time when Malaysian sovereignity is under seige from a foreign power, I would have thought that it would be a great time to call for unity amongst ALL Malaysians.

      And what do you do?

      You equate DAP to the Chinese and you start attacking your fellow Malaysians with your stupid and divisive racist rants.

      I really wonder if idiots like you understand why Malaysia has the problems it does.

      • The name you use itself suggests stupendous stupidity (a double whammy like the words ungrateful ingrates that the DAP blokes are made of, with their so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, having got citizenship right, wanted equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Srawak), opposed the NEP on the pretext of opposing corruption in its implementation.

        You tell us what is it that the DAP has done for Malaysian unity that you want to defend them and call them to unity in this country. What unity can you expect of them? Causing the race riots of 1969? Lim Guan Eng politicizing the kalimah Allah when raising the issue in his Christmas message in 2012?

        What “fellow Malaysians” are they, when they are anti-Malay and anti-Islam, all the time time barking at anything and everything that has Malay dominance – the Government, the GLCs, the Police, the Military. I have not read one good word on them from the DAP all these years.

        Not even recognizing the history of this country, tried to change it, got the stupid and lying then DAP MP Kua Ka Soong to write about the race riots of 1969 being caused by Tun Razak, who is revered by practically all Malays. And opposed History being made compulsory in schools to prevent the younger generation from knowing the role of DAP in the 13 May race riots.

        And idiots like you don’t even know why Malaysia has problems of unity, refusing to acknowledge the real causes of the 1969 race riots, not training your guns at those who have been proven divisive – only 2,500 or so members, the RoS revealed recently, are divisive even in their own party, tried to get about half of their voting members not vote, not following their own party rules, threaten to sue the very authority that regulate societies in this country when told to furnish the required info on their CEC RE-ELECTION.

        You think they will rally behind the Malaysian Armed Forces should a physical confrontation occur?. You are naive if not dumbfounded to think so. Lim Guan Eng officiated the opening of a building in Penang named Sun Yat Sen, wanting the Chinese to look towards China rather than Malaysia. Better hit at them so that others may know and watch out if any of them will become a Fifth Column in such an eventuality.

      • The words ‘DAP’, ‘Unity’ and ‘Sovereignty’ do not go well in one sentence. Say ‘No’ to Neo-Communists!!

  3. This Hisham is really a numbskull! Did he discuss with cabinet before giving the Chinese a carte blanche like that?

    Idiot minister!

    He cock it up bloody good when he was the home minister. A real menteri pondan, who only gives one amaran after another.

    Now, no more amaran. Instead give free for all, ‘come and rape my sister on our frontyard!’, invitation to treat.

    Might as well make Malaysia the 23rd province or 6th autonomous region. After all, his dear cousin already adopted a Chinese nickname; Ajib Gor. So manja summore!

    Now that CNY is coming near, probably Hisham the Nansha Glasnost-Troikist should make a political statement to the Malaysian Chinese as globally-preferred pseudo mainland Chinese. Then they’d stop calling themselves 2nd class citizens with this Platinum Sea Miles status.

    And whilst at it, immediately recommend a Chinese navy officer at least a rear admiral rank to be the ‘liaison’ at Armada HQ in Lumut of continuous Chinese navy ‘exercises’ or ‘training programs’ in Malaysian EEZ. Another one in Marwila 2 would make it more efficient.

    I-Xiam Xiou-Chien would be a good new name for him.

  4. Unfortunately this issue brings no votes, thus it doesn’t get the kind of attention it deserves. Hardly any local media report on this incursion. If it were to take place in most other countries, it would have been a prime time news for days if not week. We would rather have Encik Labu or Encik Labi – ahli kariah masjid Antah Berantah giving his expert view on Gobind Singh’s letter to ROS everyday for a month than report this dangerous incursion to the public.

    Soon our fisherman will not be able to fish without fear of being arrested by the Chinese. Nobody would want to invest in oil and gas exploration here because they no longer certain who own what and where. Malaysian flagged merchant vessel will be subjected to boarding and search at the Chinese whim and fancy. We will not be able to conduct sea based recreational activities without first asking for permission from the Chinese. You think this is too far fetch? Ask the Filipinos.

    Agree with Saudara Ledang-Tenggaroh-Sembrong, the way we handle this issue and at the rate we are moving we might as well declare Malaysia as Chinese 23rd province or their vassal. Bulan depan boleh mula bayar ufti.

    This is what happened when we have weak leader who don’t want to rock the boat, even when the boat is obviously sinking.

  5. Varuna,

    “…Hardly any local media report on this incursion…”

    Damn right there are very few media reports about the outright hijack of the James Shoal and the Spratly Islands.

    The reason is probably because the Malaysian Govt has already given up trying to get our territory back.

    I suspect the Malaysian Navy and Air Force are ill equipped to defend Malaysian sovereignity and the PLA knows this.

    Big Dog is writing Part III and I would be interested to see what he has to say about the capabilities of the Malaysian defence forces.

    • “interested to see what he has to say about the capabilities of the Malaysian defence forces”? Again, being naive or sarcastic, eh?

      You probably are waiting to mock at the Malaysian Armed Forces. You know jolly well that they are not comparable at all to the Chinese Armed Forces or PLA. And even now you sarcastically say “I suspect the Malaysian Navy and Air Force are ill equipped to defend Malaysian sovereignity and the PLA knows this.”

      You are so idiotic to have come out with that statement. Of course the MAF will never be well equipped to face the CAF – they got nuclear bombs since Mao Zedong’s time in the 1960s, man.

      You would not have been idiotic if you had ventured an opinion on what aspects of the MAF should be beefed up – land, air and naval forces – to prevent a complete walk-over of the country in a blitzkrieg like Hitler did on Poland in World War II. What measures could be taken before international help could come. Whether the US, recently been planning to station their fighter jets and aircraft carriers at their former Clarke Air Base and Subic Naval Base in the Philippines, would come to our rescue and how quick it’d be.

      Or mention the fact that China is among the Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council where a simple No means no international force can come to help under the UN banner. You could have ventured an opinion on who would come under a “Coalition of the Willing” like that which invaded Iraq a decade ago. Russia and Japan perhaps? Let Japan re-arm and change their war-renouncing Constitution in order to do so? Nuclear-bomb China which has been bullying them over their claim to the island in the East China Sea?

      • Agree with you. If we want to spend on defence, DAPigs like Tony Puaka and Kua Kia Shit will start barking like mad. Bet if something were to happen to this country, these DAPigs will be on the first flight to singapore, if not shanghai.

  6. In an event the People’s Liberation Army Navy invades, and the Malaysian Royal Navy resists, the outcomes would be deadly to the Malaysian Royal Navy, without any doubt.

    • And what’s you point?

      Scare Malaysians? Clap on the Chinese?

      You are the same as that Never mind his name bloke.

    • “…deadly to the Royal Malaysian Navy….”? Do you really think Malaysia is like mentimun? No doubt Hishamuddin is a bloody idiot for making inane statements, but do you really believe that this country senang kena lanyak eh Mustapa?

      Let me tell you this. If the PLA Navy is that mighty, how come they have not shown their real strength against the Philippines Navy? Hmmmph? Why they don’t just lanyak the Philippines Navy first and that would scare the shit out of Vietnam, Malaysia and other contesting countries. Why? Do your calculations first la.

      It would be extremely costly for Beijing to do so. Of course on paper, PLA Navy’s hardware are monstrous compared to us, but do you really think our leaders are stupid (minus Hishamuddin)?

      They can try to invade us, but it would be extremely costly that their perceived victory will be as bitter as defeat. I would like to see them try.

  7. Here is the official footage of the Chinese naval exercise, if you think the Malaysian Royal Navy has comparable fire power, then the Malaysian Royal Navy should take on it. .

    • You trying to make a mockery of the Royal Malaysian Navy?

      I’d ask them to shoot you to smithereens first.

      You see, I love this country. Its RMN, Tentera Udara and Tentera Darat, however small they are compared to the communist Chinese.

      You should jump into the south China Seas, then the Chinese Navy torpedo you to doom thinking you are a saboteur to them.

      • This Mustapa guy really thinks Malaysia is like mentimun eh? Who bloody cares what kind of ships or weapons China possess?

        I’m not gonna lose sleep even if they placed a giant, nuclear-powered robo-panda armed to the teeth and doing tai-chi or wushu movements off our coast to scare us off (well, Mustapa will definitely take the first flight out of the country) and Mustapa can post as many videos of the robo-panda as he wants, for all I care.

        But trying to invade us by flexing their maritime muscles and using state-TV to shout about it? Please, this is Malaysia, we’re not as gullible as Iraq.

        Plus, if they want to invade us, I suggest we tie this Mustapa guy n co on the torpedoes onboard the Perdana-class submarines and shoot them first. Then we can claim torpedo malfunctions due to saboteurs. China would easily understand such explanations involving subversive threats like Mustapa, after all they can’t even tolerate exercise groupies like Falun Gong.

        Use your brain Mustapa (assuming you have one, coz Hishamuddin doesn’t).

      • Mustapa ni Cina bukit yg menyamor agaknya. Biasalah resmi Cina bukit. 60 tahun dulu jadi supplier utk kominis.

        Sekarang kominis dah mula datang balik sini, dia mulalah keluo balik.

        Pendekatan ja beza. Matlamat sama!

        Dengan Cina bukit cegini ni kena buat baik berpada pada. Betul punya berpada pada. Kalau lepa ja, mati kena racun atau sembelih kita!

  8. Here is the video clip about the amphibious ship that was sailing off the coast of Sarawak.

    • You really want to rub it in, don’t you? Making 3 separate comments each one showing the strength of the communist Chinese.

      Son of a gun, you idiot.

      • We should also let Mustapa to Google about the Vietnam War. Just look at the hardware possessed by the U.S. at that time. And yet, who ‘won’ the war?

        Watch those videos Mustapa, watch those videos. Stop wanking yourself whilst watching videos about the Chinese military.

      • The stupid Mustapa could be a communist Chinese agent. Working under the instruction of a communist Chinese Intelligence Officer operating from the Chinese Embassy in KL.

        Maybe part of their psywar to scare Malaysia off from doing any harm to their vessels coming close to our territorial waters.

  9. If the People’s Liberation Army Navy wants to, it can wipe out the entire Malaysian Navy and Air Force in no time with its fighter jets and Aircraft Carrier.

    • The Malaysian Armed Forces Chief has said that the Chinese vessels were having a naval exercise in international waters.

      But try to create and incidence, and see if they will not get whacked back.

      And the US, with so many submarines prowling the international sea trade routes, will come to assist soon after.

      They have been prepared to assist nearby Philippines.

  10. Now, the Malaysian government is even begging for help from the biggest enemy of Islam, USA, to defend Malaysia. That only shows that Malaysia has no faith in its own military capabilities.


    • Hey Mustapa, if M’sia is attacked, then the other 4 nations in the Defence Agreement with M’sia wil be involved too. They are SIN, UK, AUS and NZ. And these countries have their own defence agreements with the USA. Gosh,it will be dirty. Btw, I don’t think the S’poreans will side with M’sia. They are Chinese after all. How to trust them right?

      • It is impossible for UK to get involved, given the long distance. Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore will have remote or no possibility to get involved, as they view Malaysia as a bigger enemy than China. Malaysia’s affiliation with Islamic radicalism is seen as a threat to these countries. In addition, Malaysia is on America’s watchlist on the war on global terrorism. That gives America little reason to protect Malaysia in a event of Chinese military aggression. As for Singapore, if Malaysia is attacked and crushed, that only serves the objective of Singapore’s national defense.

      • I agree with calling this boy Mustapa stupid.

        He didn’t read about the Falklands War not too long ago when British PM Margaret Thatcher sent a naval armada some 8,000 miles away to the southern part of South America and smashed the Argentinian forces invading the Falklands.

        Very shallow minded Chinese masquerading as a Malay, with views as warped and demented as the Muslim terrorists he implied exist in Malaysia. He should be brought to the Taliban in Pakistan or Afghanistan who can wank his head with a frying pan.

      • The boy is stupidier still when saying “Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore will have remote or no possibility to get involved, as they view Malaysia as a bigger enemy than China.”

        It’s pure dumbfoolery. No further elaboration needs be given.

      • Falkland Islands are UK territories, hence the UK has every reason to intervene. This is 2014, the UK doesn’t own Sarawak anymore. Therefore, the UK has no business here. Since China considers James Shoal and its surrounding as the Chinese territory, then I’m afraid China thinks it has every reason to go to war if they are challenged.

      • Don’t be naive. UK is one of the 5 Permanent Members of the UN Security Council. Historically, they have not abandoned their role in maintaining the status quo in the world.

        No country will be allowed to change the status quo. Especially China that the West have considered a pariah until only 1-2 decades ago.

      • “Australia, New Zealand .. will have remote or no possibility to get involved, as they view Malaysia as a bigger enemy than China”?

        Ever heard of Membership of the Commonwealth?

        You have an IQ of 12? Your brain the size of a peanut? Your head often in your arsehole?

        This being about the last comment I’m making this later afternoon, and looking back at the comments I made earlier, found that I missed out the above comment of yours and think that it deserves my counter comment above.

        Enjoy it.

      • “the objective of Singapore’s national defense” –


        How a foreigner in a red car slipped past Singapore’s Woodlands Checkpoint without the proper clearance, two weeks ago ,, the driver went past a drop-arm barrier by tailgating another car that had been allowed to proceed.

        A second line of inspection also failed to spot the border intrusion and by the time the zone was locked down, the Malaysian-registered car had vanished.

        On its own, this represents a very serious lapse .. but subsequent events proved to be equally unnerving. Despite an islandwide police alert for the intruder and scanning of Land Transport Authority traffic video ,, inexplicably, public assistance was not sought for information on (the intruder’s) whereabouts.

        .. three days later (the intruder) drove to the Police Cantonment Complex after having tailgated a taxi for an hour .. later managed to enter the compound of the foreign affairs ministry before (the intruder) was finally stopped.

        These events make for sorry reading because of the embarrassing dent to the reputation of the important agencies that are in charge of protecting this country’s borders and maintaining law and order.

  11. If China wants to, it can take the entire Malaysia without too much effort. If the Malay Regiment decides to resist, their only outcome is “kembali ke Rahmatullah, Alfatihah”

    • With US support, Japan may change its war-renouncing Constitution and re-arm themselves (they have the infrastructure, precision equipment machineries etc), quickly build nuclear warheads, rockets and missiles, then shit China from where they are – remember, China has been bullied by Japan a few times in the past, despite China being the most populous nation on earth.

      Russia, China’s huge neighbour in the north, is not going to allow China to be a menace and upset the balance of power in the region.

      You understand international politics, Chingkie boy?

      • I hope Japan will arm themselves heavily asap. I hope they build as many nuclear heads asap too to counter the Chinks. I don’t trust the PLA. Not an iota.

        Btw, is M’sia going to make noise or not with regard to this latest provocation?

      • For Japan to even consider a nuclear program would have deadly consequences, China would not let that happen. If Japan decides to proceed, the Chinese leadership will weigh all measures, including preemptive nuke attacks.

      • Currently, Russia is one of China’s closest friends. President Xi Jinping received VIP treatment during his visit to Moscow last year.
        As a result, China has nothing to worry about Russia.

      • What preemptive nuke strikes you talking about? You think US and Russia would stand by if that happens? China wants a nuclear war?

        Get Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles delivered from Russian soil and as far away as US? Whacked on the heavy concentration of population on Chinese soil?

        And China does not have ICBMs. Not known to have tested efficiently delivered ones.

      • Russia is one of China’s closest friends just because President Xi Jinping received VIP treatment during his visit to Moscow last year?

        And that would stop Russia from wanking China if China tries to upset the status quo in the region?

        Do you know that anybody making official visits to any country is given VIP treatment?

        How simplistic a thinking that is. Stupid is an apt word.

      • “If Japan decides to proceed, the Chinese leadership will weigh all measures, including preemptive nuke attacks”?

        You think Japan will shout about if they “decide to proceed” re-arming themselves, including building a nuclear arsenal? How naive.

        Yeah, announcements will be made on changing the Constitution, using phrases that cloak their real military intention and the world will argue endlessly while they quickly build that nuclear arsenal. Remember, they rose up from World War II ruins and became a developed nation in just 20 years – from total ruins, mind you.

        Yes, their annual defence budgets will increase but who is to say what their real military intentions or the extent of their military expansion, or how sophisticated their military hardware will be?

        And who is to say if there would not be any massive but secret transfer of stocks of short and long-range missiles aimed at China from the US to Japan? Remember Kruschev quietly got Soviet Russian Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles on to Cuban island, aimed at US just across the short stretch of sea?

        Or the shipment by US of multiple nuclear reactors at no cost to Japan as a means to contain China? Remember the US quietly shipped a used nuclear reactor to Israel soon after the Zionists unilaterally declared the existence of the state of Israel?

        Ever thought of US and/or Russia wanting a preemptive nuclear strike on a belligerent China menacing in South East and East Asia?

  12. The size of our military might not be as big as the Chinese. But together with other ASEAN members, we could be a strong force. Don’t forget that China have not only been rocking our boat but including our neighbours as well. Our people could be patriotic when defending our nation and remember and it will be the “Tanah tumpah darahku” if it calls for it. Don’t undermine our Armed Forces as we have been modernizing our military assets over the last 10 years. Our army and commandos are well trained and participated in many wars unknown to people.

    • I agree with the opinion that our Armed Forces (MAF) simply cannot be compared with the Chinese Armed Forces (CAF). Or even with the combined Armed Forces of the ASEAN member countries directly affected by China’s muscle flexing in the South China Seas – Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia.

      They have a standing army of over a million and can conscript many more millions at short notice, Gosh, they have a population of 1.2 billion. And they have nuclear weapons, developed since the 1960s. Their delivery system has been greatly improved now that they have sent rockets with men into outer space.

      Yes, what we should be talking is more on what measures can be taken to withstand their attacks as long as possible before international help arrives and ensure no speedy walk-over of our country in the event of an armed conflict. Whatever strength we may have, two submarines and a dozen or two modern fighter jets, they have those in huge numbers, and a concentrated attack will leave our MAF crippled in relatively quick time.

      We absolutely have no “deterrent factor” (words popular with the Zionist Israelis who have been bullying the poor, miserable Palestinians for decades), no nuclear bombs, no aircraft carriers to launch a more meaningful defence, which, for the war-renouncing Japanese, can be having fighter jets flying way beyond territorial waters and the 200 miles Economic Zone – offence and defence can overlap in interpretation in that instance. But our MAF cannot go beyond the normal reach of our fighter jets, even assuming we have on-air refueling facilities. We don’t have an aircraft carrier; only Super Powers have aircraft carriers and even China is not a Super Power – they are now just testing one aircraft carrier that they recently built. Military strength has, perhaps quite rightly, never been our leaders’ objective all these 56 years. We therefore have to depend on our military alliances.

      I look forward to Part III of this series that BD said will be posted in due course. I believe BD has good contacts to know the thinking of our MAF top brass on the MAF manouvres in the South China Seas in recent times. I note that the MAF Chief has announced that the Chinese are not “encroaching” on our waters but merely having a “military exercise” or testing of their new aircraft carrier. I can’t help but get the feeling that our MAF is being apologetic about it. I was hoping to hear him say, even in general terms, that we have arrangements in place to defend ourselves in the event of any incidents that might spark a war with what appears to me to be a possible bully.

      • Correction:

        “to know the thinking of our MAF top brass on the MAF manouvres in the South China Seas in recent times.”

        should be

        ” to know the thinking of our MAF top brass on the CAF/ Chinese Navy manouvres in the South China Seas in recent times.”

      • In fact, China has over 2 million military personnel in active duty, in addition to those in reserve, and civilian militias, At any given time, China can mobilize as many as 8 million people into combat missions. In terms of overall military capabilities, China is only second to the United States. The entire Malaysian military would be crushed in no time should it take on China’s People Liberation Army.

      • So what if China has 10 million personnel on active duty in its Armed Forces?

        The entire Malaysian military would be crushed in no time should it take on China’s People Liberation Army? Oh yeah? So you are trying to say let the Chinese do anything they want?

        If you want to give your backside to them, it’s your business. Don’t try to imply others should.

  13. Here is the Chinese version of the naval exercise near James Shoal

    • So what?

      I don’t think many bothers to even go to that website. I don’t.

  14. Here is the footage of China’s 60-year anniversary ceremony in Beijing, it took place in 2009.

    • Were you there? You glorify China all you want and I think you are not Malaysian.

      We will shit any attempt at cowering Malaysia and treat muscle flexing at us with wanton disgust.

      So far they are deemed to have been carrying out naval exercises in international waters.

      If it’s an attempt at bullying, we’ll take comfort in knowing that the Chinese have been bullied so many times in history – including by a small country, Japan – despite being the most populous country in the world.

  15. This footage shows the parade of Chinese military equipment.

    • You sure they are made of good steel? Or ones that rust and won’t fire in no time?

  16. This is the showcase of Chinese military strength, taken place in 2009 as part of the 60-year anniversary celebration of the People’s Republic of China.

    • Just try hitting Japan, a country that has only “Self Defence Forces” i.e without any offensive capabilities right now. See the sting they can deliver China.

      China would love to bully Japan that has bullied China a few times in the past, eh? See if “the small fella” would not shit China back prim and proper.

  17. The Chinese is and would be continuously testing our response to their provocation. The question is whether Malaysia would just sit back and relax to enjoy their show. Baring in mind that this is not the first time they came this close.

    • Bismillah Ir Rahman Ir Rahim –
      This is actually the third time. Mereka dah datang dua kali tahun lepas. Ini kali ketiga.
      Allahu Akbar.

      • Are you the same as the Malaysian Patriotic guy? You scared him off and he now is biting your bait?

        Who the hell said dia dah datang 2 kali tahun lepas?

        Kalau lalu international waters, lu mau batu api juga ka?

      • You must be a bloody foreigner masquerading as a Malay.

        You have used a Qura’nic translation that has so many Engineers, stupid.

        In Malaysia “Ir” denotes the person is registered as a practicing Engineer.

        You PLA? Wanna fight the Japanese? Or the Russians on some dispute over islands off Sakhalin or somethin’?

        Care to list out your disputes with the Russians? On land and in the seas?

        Kamon, be honest lorr. China has thousands of miles of border with Siberia etc and there are islands off the China-Russia border that were not clearly spelled out in the Treaties with Russia, including in the Peace Agreement after the defeat of Japan in World War II.

      • بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

      • 漢字 傻瓜 笨

  18. This took place off the coast of Sarawak, in the vicinity of James Shoal.

    • So you rely on whatever propaganda the Chinese put out? And who is to verify that those photos (no interested what they did) are of PLAs off Sarawak? How many miles off Sarawak, what exactly they were doing etc.

      DAP kind of propaganda bole caya ka? The captions are in Chinese language, so who cares? Nobody can say if they are not training in Chinese territorial waters.

      Give up trying your propaganda la, Mista.

  19. I’m all for our Armed Forces and proud of them 110%. I just can’t wait to see we flex some muscle as well to play along their mind games. We have been patient long enough and patience has its limits..

    • Any suggestions as to how we can flex our muscles?

      We can’t hope to hear any such things from Menteri Amaran who now is Menteri Semboyan/ Semboran, whatever.

      His enemy, my enemy, your enemy – that impostor, masquerader Mustapa son of a gun is clapping until maybe slapped again by the Japanese like done on them several times in the past.

      I like the containment of China idea propagated by the US – don’t you?

  20. […] (UNCLOS) and ASEAN’s Document of Conduct (DOC) signed in 2002. They rudely demonstrated their ‘Projection of Power’ and continous presence in areas 50 nautical miles of the coast of…, deep within the Malaysian […]

  21. Here is the Martial Arts performance of the People’s Liberation Army in Hong Kong.
    Persembahan kungfu dari pasukan tentera darat China di Hong Kong. Wassalam.

    • They don’t even give you time off on Chinese New Year away from your propaganda masquerading?

  22. Lawatan Pengerusi China Xi ke Berek Tentera Darat di kawasan tentera Jinan.

    • Is that Jinan or Japan?

      Would he pop by Japan? Or Japan pop by Hainan?

  23. Persembahan Pasukan Tentera China di Hong Kong.

    • Hong Kong which was occupied and ruled by the British since the period of “The Unequal Treaties”?

      So-called Unequal Treaties because China was bullied by the Westerners, forced to take opium from British India as payment for goods from China, which even led to “the Opium War”?

  24. Pesawat Tentera Udara China, J-10, buatan China.

    • This is digital fixing – fake, like Hollywood footage for the film that Tom Cruize acted.

      • The film was called Top Gun.

        There are many aspects of the photo / footage that tell it’s a fake.

      • Yang ini tulin ke?

    • Semua bole digital fixing, tipu le wei.

      • Komen komen yang lain bertimbun tu, ko tak dapat jawab ke?

        Tak guna juga 1.2 billion manusia Cina ni ye?

        Kebanyakannya otak kecik ke?

  25. Tentera Udara China – Allahu Akbar..

    • Allahu Akbar doesn’t rhyme with Tentera Udara China.

      “Gambar tipu tak tahu dari mana” does.

  26. Lawatan rasmi Sultan Brunei ke Beijing,

  27. Sultan Brunei was given “VIP treatment” and the Chinese must be scared to touch Brunei’s 200 mile EEZ.

    • Sebab tak lama lagi, Brunei, Sabah, dan Sarawak akan jadi milik Beijing.

      • Armed Forces chief, Gen Tan Sri Zulkefeli Mohd Zin said that talk about China warships patrolling contested waters in the South China Sea were mere rumours.

  28. […] This military co-operation could be an extension of the Malaysian foreign policy. The need for this to likely be redressed with more involvement of military co-operation arisen from China PLA’s more aggressive moves to display their military might, in the psychology war for their claims of the imaginary and unsubstantiated Nine-Dash-Line in South China Sea. […]

  29. […] constantly progressive aggressiveness of Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) Naval Forces (PLAN) in… is worrying. The developments since the 2008, saw China moving from its Green-water navy capability […]

  30. […] Lessons from the Paracels, Pt II – "thirteen million plus Ringgit" guy … https://bigdogdotcom.wordpress.com/The Chinese vessels comprised an amphibious landing craft, the Changbaishan, and two destroyers, state news agency Xinhua said. “During the ceremony held in the Zengmu Reef area, soldiers and officers aboard swore … […]

  31. […] the less, the increasingly growing China’s PLAN aggressive maneuvres  (poorly being masquaraded as “T… is a test deeply divided between its ‘Panda diplomacy ‘ as the second largest world […]

  32. […] The live missile firing and oath taking ceremony at James Shoal exactly a year ago, where the Jinggangshan amphibious task force complemented with 1,000 armed marines, amphibious tanks and helicopters, shocked the international community. […]

  33. […] maneuvres include Peoples’ Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) of China deploying a fully armed task force and ‘st…, which is 50 nautical miles off the coast of […]

  34. […] China’s aggressive military maneuvres in the region, building and compounded since 2008. The PLA Navy (PLAN) has been making ‘provocative exercises’ well deep in the EEZ territories…, which is 50 nautical miles off the coast of Sarawak March last […]

  35. […] This is not the first time PLA-N vessels have been stationed within Malaysian EEZ. Twenty months ago, it was at Beting Serupai (James Shoal). […]

  36. […] This is not the first time PLA-N vessels have been stationed within Malaysian EEZ. Twenty months ago, it was at Beting Serupai (James Shoal). […]

  37. […] PLA-N ships have been mounting military manoeuvres at Beting Patinggi Ali, which is 50 nautical miles off the coast of Miri and is very much in Malaysia’s EEZ area. Two years ago, we talked about the same manoeuvres at Beting Serupai. […]

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