Moral Vacuum

This is a punt from BBC’s ‘Yes, Minister’ series, episode “Whiskey Priest”. It is very much applicable and could be extrapolated into the way things are done in Malaysia. Even how information and feedback is passed back to the Prime Minister.

Considering that there are several ‘inner circle rings’ that have been ‘circling the wagon’ around the Prime Minister, it is likely that the information never got to reach upstairs in the proper context, tone or even perspective. Thus, it would contribute to decisions and/or actions stalled if not the poor decision made.

Execution and implementation is something else. Nevermind the complexity of mastering how things are done in the civil service way.

Then, there is the process of measuring it. In 2010, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak introduced the planning the matrix and measurement of Government’s performance and planned policies being rolled out via the ‘consultants’s way’ by mixing inexperienced macro-economic planners and so-called management professionals from the private sector and hand picked cvil servants.

That is a total new creature, to deal with.

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  1. When DS Najib first became Prime Minister there was a lot of Memukul Canang coupled with Pomp and Ceremony about how he was going Administer the Country with Professionalism via the KPI System. All and Sundry will be Judged by their KPI Score. A Minister from Gefakan was appointed to Keep Score on every Politician and Public Servant’s Performances.

    Whatever Happened to All That!!

    Dah Masuk Bakul Sampah Ke?

    • Yes Joe Black

      What happen t the KPI? How many met the mark?

      Or it was never a good idea in the first place.

      Too many not thought though policies and decisions. PEMANDU serve to cover politician and policy makers by passing the buck back to the public

      Ah …we did a lab. Got feedback from so many seminars, people, and consultants.

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