PKR MP guns on PKNS ’employment massacre’

PKR MP for Kuala Langat Abdullah Sani Abdullah Hamid is hopping mad on the recent abrupt termination of 23 PKNS Holdings Sdn Bhd senior management and employees yesterday, which was without any reason, proper notification, due process and opportunity for them to represent themselves.

All are provisions under the Employment Act.

NST story:

05 February 2014| last updated at 01:49PM

PKNS sacked employees lodge complaint

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SHAH ALAM: The 23 employees of PKNS Holdings Sdn Bhd (PHSB), whose contracts were terminated with immediate effect yesterday, lodged a complaint with the state industrial relations department this morning on grounds of wrongful dismissal.

The group’s spokesperson, former PKNS marketing head Dr Alif Aiman Abdullah said they were seeking to be reinstated to their posts or would seek legal action against the corporation.

“If our services were no longer required, PKNS is obliged to send us back to PHSB as we were hired by them in the first place. PHSB must use us until our contracts expire.

“There was also no study or exercise conducted to suggest that our roles in the corporation were redundant, hence there is no justification to terminate our service,” Alif told reporters after filing the complaint here.

The group was accompanied by Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) deputy president Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid.

Abdullah Sani said PKNS’ actions had breached rules under the Employment Act as there was no proper procedure in place to lay off the workers.

“There must be a policy in place where retrenchment is concerned. Firstly, they must call up the workers to inform them. Secondly, they must reveal if it is a cost cutting strategy.

“PKNS is not going bankrupt, so what is the real reasoning? Is it to cater to the whims and fancies of important parties at the top,” he said.

He said the sacked employees had a strong case for wrongful dismissal, with a decision to be made within two months.

“If there is a strong case, then it will be settled in the industrial court. While waiting, MTUC will try its best to get them reinstated,” added Abdullah Sani, who is also PKR member of parliament for Kuala Langat.

Read more: PKNS sacked employees lodge complaint – Latest – New Straits Times


As such, Abdullah Sani who is also MTUC Deputy President, claimed the improper termination is a “Personal agenda” and described it as “Cruel”.

On the other hand, PKNS stated that the termination was about cutting down duplication of work and redundancies which function and expertise are already available within the permanent staff of the Selangor state economic development corporation.

The Star story:

Published: Wednesday February 5, 2014 MYT 7:20:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday February 5, 2014 MYT 7:22:06 PM

Staff terminations made to avoid job duplication, says PKNS

SHAH ALAM: The service contracts of the 23 staff of the Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) Holdings Sdn Bhd were terminated to avoid job duplication within the corporation.

Its public relations manager Ishak Hashim said this was because PKNS had permanent staff with similar expertise.

“The services of the 23 staff in PKNS had been engaged in stages as early as 2010 to fill up vacancies and strengthen several new divisions in the PKNS, including the marketing, business development, strategy and media, investment and business organisation and integrity.

“PKNS is of the view that there is no necessity to continue the services of the 23 officers as similar expertise and experiences are available among the permanent staff in PKNS,” he said in a statement, here Wednesday.

The 23 staff members concerned had earlier lodged a report with the Selangor Industrial Relations Department on the matter Wednesday.

Their representative, Dr Alif Aiman, said the report was made to protect their rights as workers.

“We are made to understand that no contract has been terminated, there are workers who still have 12 months of service contract, three months of service contracts while some have had their contracts extended, so (work) performance is not an issue in this matter,” he told reporters after making the report at the department.

Also present was the deputy president of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC), Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid.

Dr Alif, who was PKNS senior marketing manager, said PKNS should pay compensation for terminating the services.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Sani described the action taken by the PHSB as cruel and violated the Employment Act 1955.

On Tuesday, PKNS Holdings, a subsidiary of PKNS, terminated the service contracts of the staff concerned by giving them 24-hour notice, and gave them two months salary in compensation. – Bernama


What is baffling is the human resource planning PKNS in developing internal competencies and phasing out the contract employees providing the said function. It is impossible to fathom the fact that the process to made available all the functions in permanent staffs are not done in stages and the phasing out is done with proper job handovers.

It is literally ssuddenly one morning someone in the organisation woke up and decided to unceremoniously sack the contract staffs.

By far, it is the worst dis-employment exercise by a GLC in the country. As such, Abdullah Sani also demanded that MB Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to resign.

Riong Kali dot com reported about the decision to abruptly and unceremoniously terminate these employees was made by Khalid to stop PKNS as an organisation to be used by certain quarters within PKR for their personal political agenda.

  • Khalid sacked 30 PKNS employees ‘to stop it from being used as political tool’

    The Malaysian InsiderThe Malaysian Insider – 14 hours ago

    The dismissal of 30 employees of PKNS Holdings Sdn Bhd (PHSB) was a move by Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (pic) to stop the subsidiary company from being used as a political tool by certain parties, says a source.

    Khalid was reportedly unhappy about certain parties using PKNS for their own interests.

    “Imagine, there are public relations executives earning RM12,000 a month… a salary that is beyond PKNS’s pay scale,” the source told The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

    “But these officer are in PKNS, not to work for the company, but for the political interests of some.

    Yesterday, 30 PHSB contract employees had their contracts terminated and given two months’ severence pay.

    One of them, Dr Alif Aiman, contacted Bernama last night about the dismissal.

    Alif, who was PKNS senior marketing manager, said the 30 were only told their dismissals were in line with the company’s restructuring.

    It was believed that PKNS acting general manager Azlan Alifiah had met Khalid at his official residence on February 1 at 8.30pm.

    At the meeting, the MB was said to have ordered the sacking of all PHSB staff by February 3.

    Following that, Azlan ordered the deputy GM of PKNS to carry out Khalid’s orders.

    The dismissal letters were prepared by PHSB chairman Datin Paduka Norazlina Zakaria on the same day.

    The staff were then given their dismissal letters with the severance pay yesterday, effective immediately.

    Those dismissed were asked to reapply to PKNS later and they would be deployed according to its needs.

    The PKNS issue remains one of the reasons behind the strained ties between Khalid and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, who was also a former PKNS board member.

    Azmin, who is Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman, was ousted from the PKNS board of directors on January 10.

    In the state exco meeting, Azmin’s name was not on the list of names proposed as part of the new PKNS board of directors.

    The dismissal of the 30 PHSB employees was the first after the Selangor state secretary was ordered by the MB to investigate PKNS.

    Prior to this, its general manager, Datuk Othman Omar, and executive secretary, Norita Mohd Sidek, were transferred to the state secretariat building to take over administrative positions.

    Khalid had previously said that their removal was to allow investigation into the Azmin’s sacking from the board. – February 5, 2014.


What is certain, all these are the in correlation to Khalid acting as a professional and running Selangor State Government as the chief executive using business and corporate acumens and the complications arisen from the proxy fight between Anwar Ibrahim as the Opposition Leader and PKR Adviser and Wan Azizan Wan Ismail as PKR President.

It is also obvious Anwar and Wan Azizah are taking the their complicated ‘menage-a-trois‘ and morbid extended-play of infidelity which translated as bedroom tussle  extended into party internal politics.
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  1. my little understanding of employment act 1955 is that you don’t have to make calls your workers to inform they have been sacked. a letter would do it. you are not obliged to give reasons. all you need to give is proper compensation. if your salary is above RM2k, you are not covered.

  2. Bayar je Khalid compensation,buangall the deadwood.

    • Ya lor, claimed to have a lot of money in the State coffers, use it for salary increases for him and his toons, and spend the balance on such things as compensation for sacked staff of Selangor government bodies.

      Belly kleber bloke. More rakyat will vote against the Pakatoons and boot them out.

  3. Khalid pun buang sama. dia lagi bapak pd deadwood..

    • Good one, amigo.

  4. This is crazy behaviour. Wanton sacking and dismissal of staff. No reasons given for the dismissal. Whatever employment contract that may have been signed. it still is unbecoming of a State Government body to have done that. Very unprofessional.

    The sackings were done in summary fashion. More like the practices of dictators of North Korea or communists in mainland China. Done after the PKNS General Manager and Company Secretary were transferred to the Selangor State Secretariat after Azmin Ali was sacked as a PKNS Director? Looks like Khalid Gagap has a hand or gave the final word on the sacking of the 23 PKNS staff. They were Azmin supporters were they? “Political sackings” were they?

    How can Khalid do that sort of things. How can the former CEO of Guthries, a huge plantation company in the PNB fold, be so unethical and unprofessional?

    But then, Khalid was a failed CEO of Guthries. He took the company to invest hefty sums of money in new plantations in Kalimantan where there were poor road links for oil palm carriage to mills and palm oil transport to ports for export. And hardly any port facilities. Guthrie lost money when all other plantation companies like Sime Darby, Socfin, H&C, KL-Kepong made huge profits those years.

    No wonder people been saying Rafizi and Anwar planned for Anwar to
    stand as ADUN candidate at PRK Kajang as a prelude to sacking Khalid. But would not announce it so now. Because not certain whether Sultan Selangor would give his assent to Anwar candidacy as MB – twice assents were not given in the past, in Perlis and in Trengganu. I hope and pray this Strategic Director Rafizi’s “strategy” will become a huge fiasco for PKR and PR.

    • Exactly. Which gives rise to the question as to who are the mastermind behind the terminations of the 23 PKNS staff. And the manner in which they were terminated smacks of employers who are devoid of professionalism and little knowledge of labour laws, and incompetent in terms of managing human resources. Under the BN govt we didn’t hear of mass layoffs by PKNS but the Pakatan govt has shown what it is capable of. Cold and mean way of treating workers. Two months salary as compensation? Kedekut nak mampus. Interesting to note that the staff are all Malays. Why? Purging?

      • No, not purging but gagap, tersasul cakap.

        The sacking must be on Khalid’s instructions – upon listening to the findings of the State Secretary, who must have been told to investigate the situation after Azmin Ali’s removal (perhaps explained away merely as “not re-appointed”) as a Director.

        Khalid may be stammering but his head has gone big after saving a substantial amount of money for the Selangor state kitty and the rakyat not yet realizing a lot of it will be spent on salary increases he approved for himself and his/ Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves. .

  5. Good job Khalid.

  6. I wonder what the reaction of Pakatan leaders and members will be if such action was taken by a BN state government.
    And, it also reflects badly on the management of state assets by Pakatan state government as they are now in second term of office. Why were these sacked staff not terminated in the first term. Why only now?
    And, lastly, it appears that the state government is run almost entirely by PKR with little or no involvement of DAP and PAS. So many important decisions were made without the knowledge, let alone consultation, of the other two “partners”.
    And now, Anwar wants to be the MB, also without prior consultation with DAP and PAS who are in fact larger parties in term of seats.
    It’s a true and clear case of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours”.

  7. Betul siapa yang teka “Khalid sacked 30 PKNS employees ‘to stop it from being used as political tool’. Sekarang dah keluar dalam portal Pembangkang Malaysian Insider pulak. Kalau dan MI kelurkan berita gitu, mesti le betul. Tonggang lnggang le Pakatoon.

    “Imagine, there are public relations executives earning RM12,000 a month… a salary that is beyond PKNS’s pay scale,” the source told The Malaysian Insider yesterday. So, Khalid increased his own salary to even higher than that of the PM for the whole country.

    Must be warped thinking, demented mind, that Khalid fellow. How Pakatoon to rule like that. The rakyat must see all those nonsense Pakatoon characters do and reject their candidate at Kajang by-election.

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