Carving out JCorp

Johor Corporation Bhd

Strong rumours circulating ‘in the market’ about Johor Corporation recently concluded the decision to hive off its group of project management, property development, construction and integrated facility management arm, Damansara Realty Bhd.

Details are sketchy but it is strongly believed that the two Johor born individuals would benefit from the sale as acquirer and eventually would be the new shareholders.

One of the individuals has been said to be a prominent member of the ruling feudal family of one of Malaysian states where as the other is a believed to be a very well known Batu Pahat son.

JCorp is the most successful and profitable state economic development corporation. This time last year, the devouring of JCorp’s cash cow was discussed here.

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  1. BD, based on your description, my hunch is that they maybe non-Malays.

    • If so, what?

      My question is, if this is true, will it be done openly and transparently through a formal tender process?

      • If so, why them?

  2. Ambik le Johor tu sorang sikit. Bagi-bagi sementara sempat. Nanti kalau dah kalah GE14 boleh migrate ramai-ramai. Dah kaya lah katakan. Dulu si Ghani tu yang dikatakan crook nak bolot semua. Ni siapa pulak punya angkara? Tau-tau sendiri sudah lah. Dulu Ghani berani lah juga tahan mana yang boleh. Korang juga yang belasah dia kata dia macam-macam. Sekarang aku nak tengok macam mana Khaled yang handsome tu nak handle benda ni.

  3. Proxy anyone ?

  4. This Johor State is lawless, aimless and feudal. Good luck orang Melayu Johor

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