Hishamuddin: Expand bilateral relationship to include sharing of military assets

Malaysian Minister of Defence Dato' Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein calling on Singaporean Prime Minister Brig. Gen. (NS) Lee Hsien Loong 13 Feb 2014

Malaysian Minister of Defence Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein calling on Singaporean Prime Minister Brig. Gen. (NS) Lee Hsien Loong 13 Feb 2014

Minister of Defence Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein expressed the need for much closer working relationship between ATM and Singapore Armed Forces, in the tune of smart partnership such as sharing of military assets and common platforms, on top of frequent and more comprehensive joint exercises and programs.

NST story

13 February 2014| last updated at 07:29PM

Malaysia and Singapore bilateral relationship needs expansion: Hishammuddin

By Rizalman Hammim | news#nst.com.my
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SINGAPORE: The bilateral relationship between Malaysia and Singapore is currently at an all time high but there is a need for the relationship to be expanded to other fields.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the two countries have a very good relationship in fields like the economy but both countries need to expand such relationship to other fields like security and defence.

“During my visit here, I have had meetings with a number of Singapore leaders including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. During the meeting with Lee, I am glad to hear that both countries are on the same page on many matters,” said Hishammuddin, who was in the republic to attend the Singapore Airshow 2014.

He said in the field of security, Malaysia and Singapore need to increase the smart partnership in the sharing of assets in the effort to prevent excessive expenditure by both countries.

“Both countries face similar threats, namely terrorism and militancy but the biggest threat to our security and safety is natural disaster. There is no need for us to spend money on assets that might be overlapping,” said Hishammuddin.

He said the military of Malaysia and Singapore also need to enhance their cooperation by undergoing more joint exercises and training, as well as developing the defence industry in both countries.

Hishammuddin was speaking to the media after visiting the Bukit Chandu Memorial which memorialise the sacrifice of Lt Adnan Saidi during World War 2. Today is the eve of Adnan’s death on February 14, 1942.

Also present was the Army’s field commander Lt General Datuk Seri Zulkepli Kassim.

The bilateral relationship between Malaysia and Singapore is currently at an all time high but there is a need for the relationship to be expanded to other fields, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said. Pix by Zulkarnain Ahmad Tajuddin

Read more: Malaysia and Singapore bilateral relationship needs expansion: Hishammuddin – Latest – New Straits Timeshttp://www.nst.com.my/latest/malaysia-and-singapore-bilateral-relationship-needs-expansion-hishammuddin-1.483387#ixzz2tEUP1WKq


In principle, the call is an extension of the existing formidable and very cordial diplomatic and bilateral relationship. Trade between the two nations which once were part of Federation of Malaysia is growing and more and more GLC co-operation in joint development programs are being initiated and rolled out.

Temasek is partnering with Khazanah to develop projects within Marina new central business district, as result of the redevelopment program of former KTM land in Tanjung Pagar. Also in various investment opportunities arisen from the mega-development corridor economic plan within Iskandar Malaysia, RAPID and Johor Bahru CBD, which include the extension of MRT line from Woodlands.

In terms of security, the Royal Malaysian Police has established a very good working relationship and sharing of information and intelligence materials with the Singaporean Police and Internal Security Department, in areas such terrorism, extremism and militancy due to religious devotion. The co-operation is reflective with the arrest of South East Asian most wanted terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari near Johor Bahru on 1 April 2009 after he managed to escape from ISA detention on 27 February 2008.

Channel News Asia story:

Singapore and Malaysia to strengthen bilateral defence relations


Singapore and Malaysia have reaffirmed the longstanding defence relationship between the two countries and agreed to strengthen bilateral defence cooperation.

Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen (3rd-R) had a meeting with and hosted Malaysian Defence Minister Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Hussein (4th-R) to dinner on Monday evening. (Photo: MINDEF)

SINGAPORE: Singapore and Malaysia have reaffirmed the longstanding defence relationship between the two countries and agreed to strengthen bilateral defence cooperation.

Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen and Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein held discussions on Monday evening at a dinner hosted by Dr Ng.

Mr Hishammuddin is in Singapore from Monday to Thursday, and will visit the Singapore Airshow 2014 on Tuesday.

During his visit, Mr Hishammuddin will call on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and meet with Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law K Shanmugam and Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew.

MINDEF said Mr Hishammuddin’s visit underscores the warm defence and bilateral ties between Singapore and Malaysia.

The Singapore Armed Forces and the MAF share a long history of cooperation, and interact regularly through bilateral exercises such as the Land Exercise Semangat Bersatu and the Naval Exercise Malapura.

– CNA/gn


However, it is rather unusual for Hishamuddin making the call in the context and perspective of defence and military. It is because the SAF is superior in terms of access to wide range of quality and potency of assets, skills and availability of resources to support the comprehensive military system from the defence doctrine adopted and applied in Singapore for the past 45 years.

RSAF G550 AEW/C, capable of very serious surveillance and ability to continue flying for more than 12 hours

RSAF is operating 24 F15SG air superiority fighters, 52 F16C/D multirole combat aircrafts, 4 KC135 and 6 KC130 air refueling tankers, 4 G550 AEW/C airborne early warning and command aircrafts, on top 20 AH64D Longbow anti-tank assault helicopters and streams of CH47 Chinooks, Super Pumas and Cougars utility helicopters. RSN is operating 6 submarines, 6 Lafayette Class frigates, 6 corvettes, 12 patrol vessels and 6 missile gunboats. There are 4 amphibious transport docks (LPDs).

This is not withstanding the availability and utility of UAVs.

Endurance Class LPDs in service of RSN. Able to carry half a battalion of combat troops, weapons, MIFVs and trucks anywhere in the world

It terms of assets and military platforms, it is likely Malaysia would gain more in the ‘asset sharing’ co-operation as compared to Singapore. At this point of time, it is unsure how the Singaporeans would receive Hishamuddin’s call. More importantly, how would the ‘asset sharing’ co-operation would be implemented.

Currently, Malaysia has been very accommodating towards RSAF use of Malaysian airspace for take off and landing approach, particularly for the Tengah Air Base which is located at the north west part of the Singapore island.

Singapore also enjoys preferential military co-operation and standing with US and Australian Armed Forces. The Changi Naval Base is a major US Navy base in South East Asia region.

Minsiter of Defence Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein greeted by the Commander of US Navy Pacific Fleet Command in Pearl Harbour Adm Harry Harris Jr., accompanied by Director General of Military Intelligence Lt Gen Dato’ Abdul Hadi Abdullah

Unless Hishamuddin is making the announcement as part of Malaysia’s strategic partnership in military relationship and co-operation with US and Australian Armed Forces, either directly or indirectly (for example via Singapore). In his recent visit to US Navy Pacific Fleet Command in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, Hishamuddin announced closer maritime co-operations with US Navy and US Marines Corp.

NST story:

18 January 2014| last updated at 12:21AM

Malaysia, US to strengthen maritime ties

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia and the United States are ready to strengthen the maritime abilities of the Malaysian Armed Forces by using the US Marine Corps model, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said.

In a recent meeting with US Marine commander General Terry Robling, Hishammuddin discussed how both countries could realise plans to strengthen their maritime abilities.

“I have invited US Maritime specialists to Malaysia for further discussions.

“I believe this will help our armed forces in the future,” Hishammuddin said during a visit to the marine war training centre in Kananoke, Hawaii.

Hishammuddin was on a working visit to Hawaii from Jan 11 to 16 before heading to Washington and New York.

He also met Commander of the US Pacific Fleet Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr, Commander, Pacific Air Forces General Herbert J. Carlisle and Commanding General of US Army Pacific General Vincent K. Brooks during his visit to United States Pacific Command (USPACOM).

At the meeting issues related to stability and safety around borders, especially involving terrorists, gun smugglers and human trafficking, were discussed.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein (centre) with USS Lake Erie commanding officer Captain John S. Baringan (left) during a visit to United States Pacific Command in Hawaii yesterday.

Read more: Malaysia, US to strengthen maritime ties – General – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/nation/general/malaysia-us-to-strengthen-maritime-ties-1.464986#ixzz2tErkWqYr


There is a more probable strategic initiative of smart partnership for military relationship and co-operation in region. This could be a precursor to an initiative for a Commonwealth Military Co-operation and the possibility of Commonwealth Armed Forces in South East Asia particularly around the South East Asia rim.

Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei are Commonwealth cousins, where Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are nations within the neighbourhood. Coupled with United Kingdom and Canada, the Commonwealth Military Co-operation to flex the ‘brotherhood muscle’ in the region and the strategic initiative to keep the most important waterway in the world free from probable threats.

The attitude towards greater military co-operation with the US Armed Forces has already been paved from Hishamuddin’s announcement of the establishment of USMC base in Bintulu.

The Diplomat story:

Malaysia to Establish Marine Corps and South China Sea Naval Base

Malaysia’s Navy has announced it is creating a Marine Corps force and naval base at Bintulu.

October 19, 2013

The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) is creating a marine corps and establishing a new naval base in the South China Sea near waters it disputes with China, IHS Jane’s reported this week, citing a press release from Defense Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

According to the defense minister’s statement, the new naval base will be built in Bintulu on the South China Sea (SCS) for the explicit purpose of protecting nearby waters and oil reserves. As Jane’s points out, however, the base will be located just 60 miles from the James Shoal, an area in the South China Sea claimed by both Malaysia and China.

Back in March a PLA amphibious task force conducted a large naval exercise in the James Shoal.

“It is not just a few ships here and there, but a crack amphibious landing ship carrying marines and hovercraft and backed by some of the best escort ships in the PLAN fleet,” Gary Li, a senior analyst with IHS Fairplay,told Asian Correspondent at the time.

“We’ve never seen anything like this that far south in terms of quantity or quality … it is hard to know whether it is just coincidence, but it does seem to reflect [President] Xi Jinping’s desire for more practical operationally based exercises,” Li added.

IHS Jane’s said that establishment of the Marine Corps will be partly used to deal with Sulu militants who have caused unrest in Sabah in eastern Malaysia. The Marine Corps will be drawn from Malaysia’s existing services as the overall size of the armed forces is capped. It has not been determined which of the services the Marine Corps will fall under.

IHS Jane’s said that Malaysia will rely on the expertise of the U.S. Marines Corps (USMC) to help develop the new Marine force.

“Malaysia is keen to draw on the USMC’s expertise and has been in discussions with the United States (US) over support, training and expertise exchange,” the report said.

Initially, the Malaysian marine corps will lack an amphibious naval platform as the RMN’s only amphibious ship, the Newport-class landing ship-tank KD Sri Inderapura, was destroyed in a fire in 2009. It is currently in discussions with both France and South Korea over acquiring a landing platform deck (LPD). The U.S. has also offered Malaysia the LPD USS Denver after it decommissions it in 2014. U.S.-based defense companies are also discussing selling Malaysia the AH-1Z Super Cobra attack helicopters.

Malaysia’s decision to establish a naval base in the South China Sea is in line with other Southeast Asian nations that are locked in territorial disputes with China over the waters. As The Diplomat reported last week, the Philippines is creating a new naval base on Oyster Bay, Palawan Island. Vietnam is similarlyexpanding its Cam Ranh Bay naval base and offering foreign navies greater access to it.


Jane’s Defense Weekly story:

Military Capabilities

Malaysia to establish marine corps, naval base close to James Shoal

Dzirhan Mahadzir, Kuala Lumpur – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly
15 October 2013

Malaysia’s 8th Royal Ranger (para) battalion practice beach landings on Nenasi Beach, Pahang state, Peninsular Malaysia, with the US Marine Corps during CARAT Malaysia in June 2013. Source: Dzirhan Mahadzir

Malaysia is to set up a marine corps and establish a naval base close to waters claimed by China, Defence Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said in a statement on 10 October.

According to the statement, the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) base will be established at Bintulu on the South China Sea (SCS) to protect the surrounding area and oil reserves.

Unstated by the minister is the base’s proximity to James Shoal, which is 60 n miles away and was the location for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) exercises on 26 March that were the most recent example of China asserting its claims to most of the SCS.

Hishammuddin’s description of the marine force only states that it will be established for amphibious operations, drawn from all three services and essential for security in the East Malaysian state of Sabah, where Sulu militants staged an incursion in February that was subsequently repelled by a military operation.

The statement did not give any further details but IHS Jane’s understands that the marine corps proposal was planned before the Sulu incursion but has since been prioritised.

While the marines will be drawn from all three services, the bulk is expected to be drawn from one of the three parachute battalions of the 10th Parachute brigade, which will be redesignated as a marine battalion.

The 9th Royal Malay Regiment (para) and 8th Royal Ranger Regiment (para) have both conducted amphibious warfare training as a secondary mission, most recently in June during the CARAT exercise with the US Marine Corps (USMC) and subsequently in an amphibious landing exercise with French troops and the landing platform dock FNS Tonnerre .

The marines will be drawn from existing personnel because of a government cap on the number of armed forces personnel allowed on active duty.

The Ministry of Defence is yet to decide whether marines will fall under Malaysian Army or Royal Malaysian Navy control. Initial plans call for the unit to be an independent force under the control of the Malaysian Joint Force Headquarters until operational experience determines which service is better suited.

Malaysia is keen to draw on the USMC’s expertise and has been in discussions with the United States (US) over support, training and expertise exchange. Malaysia has been without an amphibious naval platform since the loss of Newport-class landing ship-tank KD Sri Inderapura in an October 2009 fire.

Plans to obtain an LPD, with France offering a downsized Mistral design and South Korea offering a downsized Dokdo design, have been stalled due to budgetary constraints. The US has offered the LPD USS Denver , scheduled to be decommissioned from US service in 2014, to Malaysia on a hot transfer along with some equipment, which likely includes AAV-7 amphibious vehicles.

The US would welcome Malaysia’s establishment of a marine force as current Pentagon regulations restrict the USMC to conducting exchanges and training with marine units of non-US treaty ally nations – an exception being in the case of multiservice exercises such as CARAT. Likewise, Malaysia has been keen to further develop joint amphibious training exercises and exchanges with the US but has been hampered by the absence of a marine force.

Other than equipment for the marines, the US has offered Malaysia surplus equipment from operations in Afghanistan, including infantry weapons and sights, night-vision goggles and mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles.

The US is also offering the AH-1Z Super Cobra to meet Malaysia’s requirement for an attack helicopter. While Boeing has been marketing the AH-64 Apache, the prospect of a purchase by Kuala Lumpur is unlikely due to Malaysia’s disinclination to buy key military equipment in service with its neighbours: the Apache is in service with Singapore and on order by Indonesia.

France has been marketing the Eurocopter EC 665 Tiger for the same requirement and hopes to leverage the French Army’s long-time assistance in training the Malaysian Army Air Corps.

Hishammuddin’s announcement of a new naval base at Bintulu follows a number of unpublicised incursions by Chinese naval and maritime surveillance forces into Malaysian waters off East Malaysia and the Malaysian portion of the Spratly Islands.

Unlike Vietnam or the Philippines, Malaysia does not make public such occurrences to avoid jeopardising its strong economic ties with China. China’s activities in its near waters are of concern to Kuala Lumpur, however, which has stepped up naval patrols in the area.

The RMN is hampered by its small fleet and the need to maintain a strong naval presence off Sabah to discourage further intrusions by Sulu militants. In this light, another portion of Hishammuddin’s statement – that the first in class of the Second Generation Patrol Vessel – Littoral Combat Ship (SGPV-LCS) programme will start operations in 2018, gains greater importance.

Six of the SGPV-LCS corvette-class ships, which are based on the DCNS Gowind corvette family, are to be built by Boustead Naval Shipyard. Construction is expected to begin in 2014.


And the press release on his recent visit to US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon.

January 17, 2014

Readout of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s Meeting with Malaysian Minister of Defense Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein

Assistant Press Secretary Carl Woog provided the following readout:

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel met with Malaysian Minister of Defense Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein today at the Pentagon.

Secretary Hagel underscored the U.S. commitment to deepening ties to Malaysia.  The two leaders discussed a range of international security issues, including Afghanistan, North Korea, and the role of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in addressing regional security challenges.

Malaysia is an important partner in Southeast Asia that is making valuable contributions to international security both on its own and in partnership with ASEAN.  Secretary Hagel praised Malaysia’s leadership in Southeast Asia.

The secretary and the minister also talked about ways to enhance the defense relationship between the United States and Malaysia, including by enhancing bilateral exercise and training opportunities and exploring expanded defense trade cooperation.

The two leaders looked forward to meeting again at the upcoming U.S.-ASEAN informal meeting in Hawaii in April.


This military co-operation could be an extension of the Malaysian foreign policy. The need for this to likely be redressed with more involvement of military co-operation arisen from China PLA’s more aggressive moves to display their military might, in the psychology war for their claims of the imaginary and unsubstantiated Nine-Dash-Line in South China Sea.

ASEAN EEZ Vs China's claims over South China Sea with the imaginary Nine-Dash-Line

ASEAN EEZ Vs China’s claims over South China Sea with the imaginary Nine-Dash-Line

China also demonstrated their blatant disregard to respect the United Nations Convention Law of the Seas (UNCLOS) and the Document of Conduct which she inked.

Hishamuddin and his entourage reciting the doa for the 146 gallant warriors of 1 FMR. 13 Feb 2014

Minsiter of Defence Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein and his entourage reciting the doa for the 146 gallant warriors of 1 and 2 FMR at the foyer of the Bukit Chandu Memorial, 13 Feb 2014

It is very refreshing that Hishamuddin as Minister of Defence paid tribute and homage to the 146 gallant warriors of 1 and 2 Federated Malay Regiment who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending the Pasir Panjang Line between 12-14 February 1942 with the final battle at Point 226, commonly known as Bukit Chandu.

Doa untuk pejuang bangsa: (dari kiri) Birg Gen Rahim, Jen Tan Sri Zaulkifli, Dato' Seri Zahid, Dato' Dr Latif dan wakil Kelab RAMD

Doa for gallant warriors:  Minister of Defence Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi leading the doa at Bukit Chandu Memorial (from l to r) Brig Gen Rahim, Cihief of Defense Forces Jen Tan Sri Zaulkifli, Deputy Minister Dato’ Dr Latif Ahmad and representative of Kelab RAMD. 14 Feb 2012

He is the second Minister of Defence to remember Lt Adnan Saidi and the gallant men of 1 and 2 FMR during the commemoration for their heroic defense of the Pasir Panjang Line and tragic defeat. This is reflective of the Malaysian Government attitude in honouring gallant warriors and servicemen killed or wounded for the nation.

Bronze statue depicting three men of 1 Malay manning a field mortar

Bronze statue at the Bukit Chandu Memorial depicting three men of 1 Malay manning a field mortar

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  1. Good that US Defence Secretary Hagel underscored the U.S. commitment to deepening ties to Malaysia. I personally don’t mind US military presence in Malaysia, even like in Clarke Air Base and Subic Naval Base in the Philippines. China, it appears to me, is menacing in the South and East China Seas. Only US presence will check their evil intentions.

    Anyone who sees bad points in such a US presence can state them here and be argued. Social problems etc will of course be there if US fliers and sailors are stationed in this country. But even DAP and PKR presence also creates social and religious problems – non-respect of Malay and Bumiputeras Special Position, kalimah Allah issue, etc.

    We want the Chinese in this country not to become emboldened in their anti-national feelings simply because of the Chinese naval forces bullying by their presence in waters we have been claiming, so-called naval exercise and whatever nonsense.

  2. Only good governance will keep all these foreign interests at bay. The US sees red when you tell them that there is a terrorist treat. You see in Pakistan they are going for the terrorist with or without the agreement of the government. Sometime we must be careful what we wish for our self because it may come to pass. And you may find US troops in this country.

    China is at the moment busy projecting its soft power. They could have walked into Hong Kong and Taiwan despite US and British support for the two. But they held back because they saw the economic gains of allowing these two to continue to govern themselves. The use of power is, as we have seen repeatedly in history a weak man’s show of strength. Power, both soft and hard, is the greatest deterrent any nation should have. But like all deterrents it ceases to be deterrent the moment you use it.

    • US going for the terrorist in Pakistan with or without the agreement of the government.does not mean they’ll do the same if there are US bases allowed in the country. In fact, they’ll be more mindful of such an act if there are US bases in any country.

      Allowing US bases does not mean surrendering sovereignty on any part of the country’s territories. Stupid Tengku A Rahman’s so-called kicking of Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore out of Malaysia was.

      Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons (even undeclared) has never ceased to be a deterrent against Arab attacks. It emboldened the Zionists to bully the Palestinians by endlessly building Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

      • As regards para1, you can dream on.
        As regards pare 3. Yes nuclear weapons in Israel is still a deterrent because they have not used it yet.

      • TL Man, the para 1, only opinion, no reasoning or examples?

    • Soft power, hard power … these sound dubious to me.

      What is “good governance”, pray tell. All the weaknesses in the ruling party, the opposition parties also have them as shown in the states they rule. Corruption also exists in the advanced countries like US – EU countries had billions of corruption, as announced recently.

      “good governance will keep all these foreign interests at bay”? Ben Laden and his men didn’t attack the New York Twin Towers because of US good governance? Al Qaeda is not even a country. How naive.

      And what’s wrong with US troops in this country if allowed under defence arrangements like the Philippines had and a new one drawn up? Images of the “Ugly Americans” propagandized by the Communists and subversives in the 60s? Mainland Chinese troops in waters claimed by the Philippines in 2013 and by Malaysia in 2014 not ugly?

  3. If the China Chinese attack M’sia, the M’sian Chinese should be interned as they don’t love M’sia and they will help their brethren from Motherland China. This was what the Americans did in WW2 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. Never trust the Chinese wherever they are especially M’sian Chinese. That is why die, die they must have their stupid vernacular schools. They should be sent back to Tongsanland pronto!

    • Agree 100%.

  4. Having good relations in the military and defence fields with Singapore is the inevitable consequence of addressing Malaysia’s security dilemma and a way of projecting benign intentions towards Singapore. That is fundamental upon which cooperation can be built and enhanced. Having said that Malaysia needs to exercise good judgements as to what types of defence cooperation it wants to expand with Singapore. It is good to look at Malaysia’s foreign policy and foreign relations priorities as well study Singapore’s foreign policy and foreign relations priorities. Whilst there maybe some convergence, there maybe some divergence. It is here that limits of defence cooperation may have to be weighed and evaluated. Singapore ministers are more often than not very smart and sharp and they work based on calculated risks and strategies. After all Singapore is a small nation that is always on its toes and alert because that is the only way for Singapore to survive. I can’t say for our minister and politicians and hope they have the strategic thoughts and not accept defence cooperation enhancement at face value but must ask what ‘s in it that benefits Malaysia security wise.

    • Correction : * as well as study Singapore’s…*

    • I suppose that the F-15s, F-16s (soon to be upgraded under a US$2 billion deal) and the possibility of F-35s and F-22s coming into the mix would be a powerful inducement for the MAF (especially the RMAF) to look to co-operation with willing allies.

      Given the relative strengths of the 2 economies and their currencies, there is little chance that Malaysia has the wherewithal to match Singapore’s defence procurements.

      Given that scenario, Malaysian defense planners must have realised that they have to make the best of current reality, given an expansionist China.

      • I like the words “an expansionist China” and detest the reality looming ahead.

        But did I miss the news on “the F-15s, F-16s (soon to be upgraded under a US$2 billion deal)? And “a powerful inducement for the MAF (especially the RMAF)”?

      • Ok, got the above, and MAF = Malaysian Armed Forces.

        But must there be upgrading of our military hardware before looking to co-operation with willing allies?

        If we look to “willing allies” like US, they won’t shun co-operation with countries having haprak military equipment, would they?

        I believe anything goes for them as far as containment of China is concerned.

        It used to be containment of Soviet Russia. Now that the Federation of Russian States under Vladimir Putin are active US partners in seeking peace re Syria, Iran etc, the focus is on the new bully in the region.

        I don’t even mind Japan re-arming themselves. They got bullied, too, over islands in the East China Sea.

      • I am glad you grasped the point, Haba.

        What are the alternatives available to Malaysia? The FPDA? An Asean collective defence and security pact? A formal alliance with the US? Closes defence cooperation with Japan, South Korea and India?

        You see, when it comes down to the wire, there aren’t that many realistic alternatives available to Malaysia.

        And, from the perspective of Malaysia’s economic planners, if you are courting Chinese investments, Chinese companies and Chinese tourists (as much of the world seems to be doing these days), then the defence and security aspects may have to be circumscribed.

        That’s the reality.

    • Don’t trust the Chinkie Singaporeans. They are after all LKY’s little ducklings, very racist, kiasu and hyper chauvinists. Anytime they see if they can denigrate any Malays (from S’pore or M’sia), they will do it. Thye will hijack a topic and put their irrelevant motion just to pursue their agenda. Don’t believe me, just go to the social websites like The Real Singapore, TR Emeritus, Facebook groups etc, you will see what I mean. MELUAT!!

      • But, see, they can afford to buy the best weaponry.

        Without blowing their budget and without running up deficits too!

        I am amazed at how Malaysian VIPs and VVIPs consider Singapore as one of their own little playgrounds.

        Maybe they feel safe there, without the need for bodyguards and gated communities!

        Back to topic, how would YOU deal with an expansionist China?

        By having the MAF draw a line in the sand (or the South China Sea) and engage in a game of “chicken”?

        I doubt that even the most gung-ho of Malaysian politicians would have the stomach for such a move and it’s repercussions.

        UNLESS they have a BIG BROTHER standing behind them……

  5. The framework for much of what the minister intend to achieved as far as Malaysia-Singapore relation is already in existence, it is called Five Power Defense Arrangement or FPDA. It is a matter of far both country are prepared to push the limit of various provision under the Arrangement.

    As far as the Malaysia-U.S relationship, I hope we will request to be included in the US Foreign Military Financing program particularly in the “Defense, Military, and Border Restructuring, Reform and Operations” sub-account. Although that will be rather embarrassing, it is necessary since our government don’t seems to have the will (or balls) to spend on defense acquisition. This will greatly alleviate the burden on the MAF and its reliance on limited existing assets.

    On another note, I have no qualm if we become a contributing partners in US Air-Sea Battle architecture. We do have something significant to offer – geography. In an operational concept where time and space is a critical elements, what we can offer almost certainly be too good for them to pass up. This is one aspect that we can leverage on.

    The basic premise of this suggestion is of course, we have decided that first; it is in our best interest to choose side and second; we choose to be with the American.

    • Bloody good point, Sir. Choosing side.

      But Najib doesn’t want to choose side even concerning the Malaysian Chinese, despite the Chinese tsunami. The Ministerial posts reserved for MCA are still there despite the MCA EGA rejecting the proposed resolution to take them up. And they got only 16 seats at PRU13 compared to some 40 seats at PRU12. What the …

      And of course Hishamuddin is still Menteri Amaran, isn’t he?

      Yes, the glorious Islamic Empire that lasted 500 years was crushed by the Mongol invasion of Baghdad in the 13th century, became strong again, then fizzled out by Turkey choosing to side with Germany in modern history.

      But some politicians may not have heard the Malay proverb that when the elephant and the tiger fight, pelandok mati di tengah tengah. Join one side you may also mati, but China, a weak nation in World War II, got to be a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council by being on he US side, didn’t they?

      We used to react when Singapore acted. Now we don’t even know what to do when the Little Red Dot got the US umbrella such that they even became insensitive to their neighbours’ interests – brought in Zionist Jews as advisers in their military – and God knows where else – in the face of the Malaysian and the Indonesian majority Muslim populations.

      • Choosing sides is a very difficult thing for DS Najib to do. Poor Najib. Some call him stupid and all sorts of names. He wants Chinese votes. He has gone to great lengths to get them. Even gave money to Chinese schools that exist in contradiction of Article 152 of the Constitution on Bahasa Malaysia. He got the Chinese tsunami yet reserved Cabinet posts for the Chinese. And the Chinese still adopt the arrogant attitude – MCA who didn’t do their job and got only 16 seats at PRU13, rejected the motion to take up gomen posts, appearing arrogant and unfriendly to BN, wanting to be like DAP.

        So, Najib will not do anything to antagonize China. Like Tun Dol who stupidly sent Home Minister Azmi Khalid to Peking to apologize for the Police making a woman (hurriedly perceived to be a Chinese national) to squat on a dadah-in-the-kemaluan inspection, only to find out later the woman was a Malaysian national. Najib was DPM then, also responsible for the humiliating national image debacle.

        So, Najib trying “the balancing act”? The International Trade Minister announcing the Government has not yet decided on participation in the “containment of China” trade arrangement led by US? No talk about the Chinese encroachment other than justifying it as a “previously notified” military exercise? Around James Shoal?

        Why should Najib care now that he was returned unopposed as UMNO President recently? So, when do we start another “Replace Najib” campaign? Would Tun Dr Mahathir lead it? Wish he would.

    • It is a sad reality. Bullied into taking sides with the global bully. This must got something to do with Hisham’s faux pas in Brunei last August, giving a carte blanche to China to come into our turf with their arms as they like.

      What is heart wrenching is that Tun Dr Mahathir brought Malaysia’s international standing if not dignity to a pedestal position. Something 10 years ago validated by world leaders in the likes of Jiang Zemin, Vladimir Putin, Jacques Chirac and Fidel Castro.

      Najib the Felinist in a single stroke dismantle all that. Being chummy-chummy with Obama is obviously a foreign policy priority for him.

      He of all politicians should appreciate the deep necessity to fulfill armed forces requirements, to ensure that Malaysia’s strategic interest.

      Whether in the context and perspective of providing security for the nation or ability to maintain projection of power and force in the vast maritime area of Malaysia’s EEZ, all the arguments to rationalise for armed forces asset upgrades if not addition.

      He is a major disappointment. Now that he has appointed lil’ cousin-brother to the job, the latter is realising Najib the Felinist’s Americanisation policy rather than fight for the sake of the soilders and sailors for more money and provisions to buy new assets, to replace the sorry state of existing ones.

      He too now is messing up our defense policy!

    • I, too, prefer to be with the Americans. The Chinese will eat us up in no time if we let them do so. After all, their brethrens in M’sia and S’pore will do their bidding any time. I wonder what the S’porean military will side if there’s a war between USA and China. …

      • Sorry typo error, last line should read, ‘I wonder WHO the S’porean military will side if there’s a war between USA and China ..

      • Without any doubt Singaporean Chingkies would be on US’s side anytime of the hour, any hour of the day, any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

        After all, mainland Chinese wont call the Singaporeans as “Banana”, for nothing, would they?

        (Yellow outside, white inside!)

        Like Israel, Singapore is US’s most trusted ally in a region of Muslim majority. That’s why they hv access to weapons such as F15s, F16s, AH64D Long Bows, CH47 Chinooks, KC135 tankers and G550 (before that E2C).

        Just like Israel.

  6. Five Power Defense is not even a Paper Tiger. China has nothing to gain by invading Malaysia. I may not say the same for some of our ASEAN friends. When it comes to internal and external defense the best arrangement is for the citizens to take charge. External Alliance can be a good umbrella while we go about building our dense capability but makes a poor roof. Sharing of defense hard wear is a new and innovative concept that has yet to be put to use on the ground on the basis of equality. If you look at examples of such arrangements that the US has with a number of countries you will notice that the stronger partner tends to dominate.

    We must depend on ourselves to protect our country. We have the resources, we have the man, money and machines, and we also have the brains to build the best defense force in this region. But to do that we have to do some soul searching first and get the correct basic policies in place that will transform this nation to first world status.

    • FPDA is a military co-operation which is still valid and most likely able to be activated if and when Malaysia and Singapore are attacked.

      It is a very important military treaty. For Malaysia, military co-operation with the UK, Australia and New Zealand is nothing new. Ever since MCP, mainly of Chinese descent, waged a war against Malayans, the military assistance and co-operation was implemented and put to the test.

      Since 1981, that physical co-operation has been in the form of annual air force and naval exercises.

      The issue here is Malaysia is obviously giving up on the neutrality and starting to take side.

      China’s growing ‘gunboat diplomacy’ on top of rapid physical increment in number of lethal naval and air force assets and potency isn’t making nations around the region feel safe.

      Now that the Liaoning aircraft carrier is operational and the LPD task force is always in the region, a military threat from China is eminent.

      Soon enough China would face energy and food crisis. Nations around this region would not forget how another East Asian nation just attacked, becoz they badly needed resources like oil.

  7. China has nothing to gain by invading Malaysia? Think again, TL Man. And the word used may not be “invasion”.

    “internal and external defense the best arrangement is for the citizens to take charge”? Would you like to say how?

    Of course, “arrangements that the US has with a number of countries .. the stronger partner tends to dominate.” But, they don’t bully, do they? Whacking Osama Ben Laden dead on their own in Pakistan I dare say is a different matter – I’ll also drone and drown such a terrorist anywhere when he caused my Twin Towers to tumble down and if I have the power to whack him so.

    Sounds good to say “We must depend on ourselves to protect our country.” Again, would you like to say how?

    • In no time, China would face energy crisis. Also food crisis.

      The resource rich South China Sea would define the survival of China’s bullish and expansionary economy.

      China need not land troops in Sabah or Sarawak. Too messy. After all, they are not interested in acquisition of land, like the Israelis.

      Just occupy all islands within Malaysia’s EEZ like the Spratlys and James Shoal would suffice, to ensure Chinese oil companies drill the rich oil fields and fish to their hearts’ content!

      Chinese trawlers are already fishing deep in our EEZ zone, anyway. Soon enough, we shall see Chinese geological and geo-physics and hydrography vessels doing surveys near these islands.

      Better start ship spotting……..

    • Just look at the mess in Egypt, and Latin American countries where US openly supported right wing regimes in the days of anti communism and socialism. Only a handful of countries have risen from the ashes as a result of US presence. In our part of the wold Korea and Japan come to mind. You also have the core of Western Europe. But you can see today at what cost.

      As I said only good governance, backed by good and strong institutions of government that limit the extent to which individuals can exercise their power for self interest, can save any nation. In a sense it is similar to your family if it draws its strength form fairness and good governance, in laws and out laws will not be able to disrupt your unity.

      • Egypt and Latin America got US presence, US bases in their countries? US bases is what we talking about, innit?

        Korea and Japan in a mess due to US presence? What history you got one?

        You still not saying “how to protect our country” by just “depend on ourselves.” What “strength” to draw “from fairness and good governance ..”?

        What unity can come about by good governance .. what kind of good governance? Got good governance under Pakatoon? In Penang, Selangor etc?

        What unity under Pakatoon? PKR whacking each other in Selangor. And creating mischief wasting public funds, dragging voters to polling centres unnecessarily by resigning one ADUN seat for Anwar Al Juburi to contest to get rid of Khaliid who Anwar’s loyal friend Azmin Ali detests since 2008? Very round about, stabbing in the back way. Ooops, Anwar stabbing in the back, hehe.

        What unity can DAP bring? They cannot even unite their own party, cannot even have a proper CEC Election. And even a Re-Election.

  8. China is not a Super Power. China’s Ambassador to US said so on CNN recently. But it is on the way there. Having completed one aircraft carrier and many more would surely be built, sent rockets and a rover to the lunar surface etc. Proof of Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) capability.

    Experts believe they’ll get to Super Power status in 20-30 years. But they are already menacing in South and East China Seas. The Five Power Defence Arrangement is no match to China’s arsenal of military hardware and million-man Armed Forces.

    Yes, they don’t attack militarily. Just encroachment. Here and there. And bullying. And I don’t see any valid arguments how ASEAN members can defend themselves. Alone, or as a group. And ASEAN is not a military grouping at all.

    Therefore, US military bases in the ASEAN region – even on Malaysian soil – is a good option. Yes, US lost in Vietnam. But we are not talking about China invading. That’ll lead to a nuclear holocaust. It’s the deterrent factor we want. Being able to live relatively at peace. And not feeling being bullied.

  9. Malaysia has become a strategic choke-point being astride the Straits of Melaka and the South China Sea. From the founding of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP until now the brillliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore is obsessed with his desire to control our beloved Malaysia through proxies. His ill-advised June 2009 Grand Tour of the Ulus to hector his digits, cohorts and spies confirmed his intentions. He has always knew that even the Imperial Japanese Army had to conquer Malaya first. Singapore’s bluffology on the tiny Straits of Singapore as a choke point and their crass spying on the sexual peccadilloes of prominent Malaysians and Indonesians and passed the info to Third Parties, shows they do not care two hoots about those they flatter. The use of DAP, proxies, swallows, ducks and tycoon spies, again underline the fact if the Malays and the UMNO are not careful with their sovereignty, national interest, and self-esteem, the Malays and Malaysia could lose all overnight. The crass interference in the domestic politics of Malaysia and Thailand (the purchase of Thaksin’s business for US$1.3 billions) with unending riots and chaos 2003-2014, clearly confirmed the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew is no Santa Claus.

    • Your point being what, exactly?

      Are you faulting Singapore’s foreign policy and defence strategies?

      If Singapore has the economic wherewithal to be able to purchase sophisticated arms from the US, the UK, France, Sweden and Israel, why is it any concern of Malaysia’s?

      If Singapore is on good terms with China, Japan, India and Australia, shouldn’t that be of reassurance to ASEAN that the “big 4” in the region are staying invested here?

      I wonder if the MAF top brass share your concerns.

      And what’s with regurgitating the apocryphal “14 failed Policies” for Singapore?

      It can’t be having the Sing Dollar being worth 2.6 Ringgit now, is it?

      That’s like kicking sand in your face!

  10. Kineas. No need to be vulgar. Since you are not aware of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s 14 failed Policies for Singapore and turning it inot a failed State here it is in full.
    1. Money was used as an instrument of Foreign Policy to buy out Thaksin’s business to deter the construction of the Isthmus of Kra Canal which will put Singapore out of business. Since 2003 to 2014, chaos, riots, deaths of innocent men, women and children etc in Bangkok.
    2. US$108 billions of CPFs Trust money was lost by the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of yes-men with the smartest fellow on top in October 2008 on Wall Stree.. Vide Channelnewsasia. Lee Kuan Yew November 2008.Financial Times London Gillian Tett. April 2010.
    3. The 2 Child Family Policy of 1970s-1980s. This is the real killer. Vide Singapore Government’s White Paper on Population 2013. Lee Kuan Yew assumed power in 1959, indigenous population was 100%. 2013 – 62% 2030 – 45%
    4. Humanity and Multiculturalism never practised. Vide Channelnewsasia. The Curry Smell Tribunal the 188 bus drivers strike, the tollet fights, the Little India riots, the Rex cinemas sit-ins etc.
    6. The perfunctory Judiciary well known the World over. Vide. Mr Chee, Tan Koon Swan, the Aussie, Malaysian, German drug mules, Dr Woffles Wu, Shaw. It the Police stopped at 1, he would have been in trouble. But they stopped at 51 poor girl ! etc.etc.
    7. 5,000 pigs imported daily. The flower nurseries contracts. King of the Road. The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank. etc. etc.
    8. No world class transportation established. Vide. Mahubani. Disitnguished diplomat and scholar.

  11. Kineas. I continue.

    9. The highest paid Cabinet Ministers in the World for a one-street town. Vide Warren Buffet.
    10. The establishment of a full military of aging Gurkha brigades, 300,000 reservists on constant alert, F-35s, AWACS, Apaches, very long range artillery, rusting tanks, a S$2 billion strategic water reserve, secret caverns, bomb-proof buildings, spies complete with swallows, ducks and tycoons, 9 submarines, corvettes etc against abank-adeks who only enjoy 19 holes of golf.
    11. The spying on the abang adeks, close friends etc on their sexual peccadilloes since 1972. Vide Wikeleaks
    12. The complete dismantling of the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of yes-men with the smartes fellow on top. In 2013, 2 Ministers announced that future applicants will be considered not only on their acadmemic qualifications but also their hidden talents. At year’s end, the Singapore Government was reported to be discouraging more graduates. At least we give them kudos for correcting a wrong, a FIB.
    13. The founding of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew in 1966. DAP has been in the Opposition for 47 long years with a colourless leadership which failed to deliver a conquered Malaysia to save the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy.
    14. Lee Kuan Yew assumed power in 1959. Since then his only basis of brilliance is his Starred Double First in Law in Cambridge in 1947. This achievement must be recognised. This was in 1947. He is still there in 2014, 55 years later. During this period, Malaysia has had 6 democratically elected Prime Ministers..

    If the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore

  12. Kineas. If the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew did not have his 14 failed Policies for Singapore :-

    1. Thailand would be in peace and harmony. And not like today, Thai killing Thai. etc.

    2. Malaysia would have less conflict as it is now desperately created by vested interests both from inside and outside.

    3. Indonesia would be like Thailand and Malaysia with no outside interference in her domestic politics.

  13. Kineas. If you are a Singaporean here are your choices within 25 years.

    1. Singapore becomes the 53rd State of the Union of the United States. The Johor Straits will be filled up until it is only a monsoon drain separating us and America. Every morning, we say ‘Selamat Pagi, Amerika ‘ across the fence.
    2. Singapore becomes a British Crown Colony again. How ? Even Scotland wants to leave.
    3. Singapore re-merge with Malaysia. But the problem is ‘ A good horse does not return to old pastures.’
    4. Singapore retains status quo with the full military of 300,000 reservists on constant alert, aging Gurkha Brigades, F-40s, AWACS, Apaches, 9 submarines, corvettes, spies, swallows ducks and tycoons etc..
    The choice is yours my friend. NO NEED TO LOSE YOUR COOL AND BECOME UNCIVILISED AND VULGAR.We are Malaysians !

  14. Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! Kineas. Your one-street town Singapore is a FAILED STATE. The meddling by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore in his domain of 2 millions in 1970s put paid to the procreation of more Singaporeans. He could not get his maths right. 2 million fellows would have 10% old folks and 10% below 21. That leaves only 1.6 million to produce a brilliant Lee Kuan Yew. But this guy did not come from this but from a huge mass of Chinamen on the mainland. He cleverly shot-himself in the foot while bragging about his 1947 brilliant achievements. I seem to read less of headlines in the Straits Times like, ‘ Singapore Navy next best to the US.’, or ‘ Singapore Fire-brigade best in Asia.’ or ‘DBS best bank in Asia.’ or ‘ MRT is amongst the best of the ordinary countries.’ Hong Kong MRT has 99% efficiency. The sanctimonous advice by the Singapore Business Times junior journalists to the Malaysian Governmne how to run their economy, nearly every week for years, strangely stopped in January 2012. How come ?

  15. Hey ! Kineas. Thanks for being vulgar. Here is something special for you.

    I asked my friends.’ Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman. ‘ They all answered promptly, ‘ No.’ I continued, ‘ But you have met Chinamen who are so very clever as to be stupid.’ They all looked puzzled and bewildered. I then rolled out a few household names. My friends all laughed loudly and said, ‘ Yes !’

    Who have you got in your mind, Kineas ? Man proposes. God disposes !

  16. Dunno what you’ve been smoking, mate. Whatever it is, it must be powerfully hallucinatory stuff, judging from the garbage you’ve been spewing out of late.

    What’s it with you and Singapore anyway, when this thread is about the potential security implications of an expansionist China in a less-than-united region?

    Or are you using Singapore as an excuse to divert attention away from Malaysia’s unpreparedness to deal with China’s tactics in the South China Sea?

    I think that Malaysian government and security planners are less exercised about what Singapore is or isn’t doing than they are about the China’s agenda in the region.

    It’s only people like you who have this fixation on Singapore, to the extent of quoting chapter and verse about it’s “failed policies”.

    Well, from everything that’s been published thus far, Singapore seems to be doing just fine.

    And it’s not only the Yanks who say so, but also the Aussies, Brits, China Chinese, Japs, and even the Indons (in spite of the contretemps about the naming of an Indonesian Navy frigate).

    I guess Dr M failed dismally when he tried to “sideline” Singapore, and that has been since then a sore point sticking in the craws of the “ultras” in Malaysia.

    So, back to topic. Exactly how would you propose that the Malaysian government deal with China’s expansionist policy?

    That shouldn’t be too difficult for someone with your intellectual prowess now, would it?

  17. Zoitan. Hopefully you are not one of those brainwashed Singaporean specimens in Malaysia. You need more info on the whole scenario now enveloping our beloved Malaysia And if those who are responsible for the SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST AND SELF-ESTEEM think it is all fun and games, it will be far too late to save good old Malaysia. You do not need to be personal to get home your point. For your info, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew your hero went up to the bottomiest Cambridge non-collegiate college by the back door without taking the common entrance exam. I took the entrance exam with full marks into the best and top college at Cambridge.

  18. Zoitan. Where have you been all this while, talking about the expansionist policy of China now ? You have only one recourse and that is to remain friends with all countries even though they poke at you while you are asleep. What can you do ? Our beloved Malaysia did not fight to safeguard her territories in dispute but went to the International Court of Justice. But all other countries did. Uh ! you forgot Hitler, Danzig, Saar, Sudetenland etc. I have always said we should be like Switzerland be neutral and friend to all. Why take sides ? We are Malaysians under the Constitution. And even in you, I see the brainwashing by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew to create division amongst ourselves SO THAT WE ARE WEAK AND READY TO BE TAKEN OVER BY HIS PROXIES to save his legacy. Fortunately, his proxies are not brilliant and dull and colourless. Otherwise , they could have taken over our beloved Malaysia in 3 EASY STEPS.long ago !

    • Yah, but what happened to Hitler and Nazi Germany? Or to Tojo and imperialist Japan? One committed suicide. The other was put to death by hanging.

      Any more lessons from history?

      Oh, yah – what about the Arabs, Palestine and Israel?

      Who does business with Israel? China and India, among others.

  19. Zoitan. The 3 EASY STEPS missed by the dysfunctional Opposition to takeover Putrajaya.
    1 In 1997, if the DPM had taken his family to Disneyland, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia.
    2. In 2008, if the Opposition had sorted out the 32 seats before the 12th General Elections instead of after, they would be there by now.
    3. In 2013, if the Opposition had boycotted the 13th General Elections and announced a 100 day fast to death and permitted the BN to win all the seats with 49% of the votes, they would be in Putrajaya easily.

    If you take sides between China on the one hand and whoever on the other, have you got THE SPY SYSTEM (complete with swallows, ducks, and tycoons) AS SET UP BY SINGAPORE AS LONG AGO AS 1972 ? They spied on the sexual peccadilloes of their abang adeks, close friends etc. and passed the infor to 3rd parties.

  20. Ladies and Gentlemen. It is at times like this that all like minded Malaysians who remember and appreciate the wisdom and efforts of the Royal Sultans and our 6 Prime Ministers, should stand united and be counted. You now see every night the results of crass interference of the domestic politics of Thailand, Malaysia and maybe Indonesia every night by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singaporre. Our beloved Malaysia has no such blood on her hands. Fortunately, our leaders held such external interference at bay. No one really wants to jeopardize the Malay biased of Malaysian politics which are based along historical, religious and cultural conventions and traditions of the Malays. The trouble comes when mischievous troublemakers try to highlight the emotive racial fault lines between peace loving communities.to gain political traction. AS LONG AS WE RECOGNISE THAT THESE STRUCTURAL WEAKNESSES HAVE BEEN WITH US SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME, we will prevail and progress from strength to strength.

    • Yup, that is right, while remaining “buddy buddy” with China.

      Because Malaysia doesn’t have a choice, does it, the Sultans and Prime Ministers notwithstanding.

      Unless you want to call on Uncle Sam to save your a**, but that may be a poisoned chalice. It means choosing sides instead of being “friends with all”.

      I doubt that the Chinese President and the PLA top brass will take the “kita semua kawan” philosophy seriously, especially with regard to the South China Sea and a possible ADIZ over it.

      So, all the caterwauling is basically playing to the Malaysian gallery.

      It’s a different ball game in the regional and international arenas, where a deft hand is needed to manoeuvre Malaysia’s foreign policy.

      Rubbishing the DAP or Singapore doesn’t count, unfortunately.

  21. Zoitan. No need to save your ass. In 1956, the KGB came to town and looked high and low for Malaya’s Foreign Policy. They could not find it and left. A year or two later, the Soviet Ambassador congratulated our Tunku for keeping the Foreign Policy so secretly. To his astonishment, the Tunku replied that Malaya had no Foreign Policy. Right Zoitan, no need to save your ass.

  22. Zoitan. Unless you are Rip Van Winkle, our KL has become a leading espionage centre in South East Asia what Bangkok and Singapore used to be during the Cold War. Maybe thanks to our durable Foreign Policy to welcome the World. The Americans were here in force from 1947 to 1982 and many of our compatriots were educated there. They know the geographical layout and its flora and fauna better than you and me. Why worry ? Within 25 years or earlier, Singapore could be the 53rd State of the Union of the United States. And you can say,’ Good Morning, America 1′ across the chain-link fence every morning. We may be as close as this. No need to save your ass.

  23. […] greater role and potency of the Five-Power-Defense-Agreement. It then could be escalated it into a FPDA Plus or even a Far East Commonwealth Maritime Force which could be introduced in this region for […]

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