Kajang is the beginning of making Malaysia a republic

ADUN DAP blatantly stood on the bench and was yelling  despite HRH Regent of PerakDYTM Pemangku Raja Perak was still present in the DUN Perak chambers

DAP ADUN  for Kepayang Loke Chee Yan blatantly stood on the bench and was yelling despite HRH Regent of Perak DYTM Pemangku Raja Perak was still present in the DUN Perak chambers, 7 May 2009

The N25 DUN Kajang by-election next month is not about PKR politicians abusing the process of democracy for internal politics per se. It is about Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim embarking on the roll out of the strategy to diminish of the power base with the Malay majority, by making Malaysia into a republic.

Demanding the Istana Bukit Kayangan to accept him as the Menteri Besar of Selangor if and when the Permatang Pauh MP wins the by-election of 23 March is not the destination of this sinister political strategy. It is just a process.

Just like the failed ‘Black 505’ series of rally between May and June, was to realise the “Malaysian Spring” which the Opposition Leaders envisaged as their ticket to topple the Barisan Nasional led Federal Government.

Anwar would start another ‘revolution’ that eventually would topple the Constitutional Monarchy system and a republic installed instead. It is the perfect democracy, just what his Neo Con Jewish minders would want from their New World Order.

It is so unfathomable for HRH Sultan of Selangor to accept Anwar as the MB of Selangor, if and when Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim could be pushed aside even by a vote of no confidence by Pakatan Rakyat. This is because Anwar is Penang born, compared to Khalid who is Selangor born.

What happens when HRH Sultan Selangor refuse to accept Anwar as the Menteri Besar of Selangor?

DAP, PKR and PAS jointly and severally would put so mush pressure by the series of the mobstreet demonstration held, very frequent to protest against the Istana’s refusal to adhere to the “Wish of the rakyat”. They would conveniently blame UMNO and other right wing Malay NGOs as the scapegoat which ‘poisoned’ the decision of “Not to accept the wish of the rakyat”.

That would instigate more hatred towards UMNO and right wing Malay NGOs. It is unequivocally part of the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy, which is the minority’s only hope of over-powering against the will of the majority.

After all, Opposition Leaders have proven their blatant disregard for the position and role of HRH Rulers, especially HRH Sultan Selangor, as the Constitutional Head of Islam.

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