Award for excellent use of lure and bait

Opposition via its minions such as news portals, activists and the opportunity of using intellectual discourse and networking events have been making in roads into winning in the game of perception and buy in of the minds of the more younger, ICT savvy, educated, professional and urbanites segment of the populous. The most recent is the World Blogger and Social Media Network Summit in Sunway Resort the past two days.

The Opposition news portal and mouth piece Malaysiakini’s story on the the award they bagged for the extensive use of soecial media:

Malaysiakini bags Social Media 2014 award

Malaysiakini‘s extensive use of social media has been hailed at the World Bloggers and Social Media Awards 2014 in Kuala Lumpur last night.The independent news portal won the Social Media Excellence prize for the online media category, an award which is based on public voting – 80 percent weightage – and a panel of judges.

According toMalaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan, the ground-breaking website plans to further enhance its social media outreach with a full-time social media curator.”We have almost one million Facebook fans.”But I believe we can do even better,” said Gan, who received the award from Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Ahmad Zahid has had a few run-ins with Malaysiakini where he had previously lambasted the news portal for being bias.As Gan walked up to receive the award, he quipped, “You’re not going to point your finger at me, are you?”Ahmad Zahid smiled and said: “Truce.”

In his speech to the 300-strong crowd at the awards gala dinner, Ahmad Zahid urged social media users to be truthful in their postings.

“Today, the entire pattern and mind shift of people are geared towards getting a collaborative effort to resolve issues,” he said.”I hope this healthy trend of being connected continues and people can blog freely, knowing what to express at the right place and time.”

Predominantly younger readersGan said increasingly news and opinions are delivered through the various social media platforms and to predominantly younger readers.Malaysiakini actively promotes its content on Facebook and Twitter across three languages – English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese.

Content ranges from links to articles in Malaysiakini, news flashes, infographics, photo galleries, videos and occasional live reports on key events.

Malaysiakini’s three Facebook pages currently have 970,000 followers combined, while there are over 227,000 followers for the website’s three Twitter accounts.

The awards, held in conjunction with the Malaysian Social Media Week 2014, is organised by Malaysia Social Media Chambers, a body aimed at sharing best social media practices and encouraging social media use.

Over the past two years, the organisation has been handing awards to bloggers specialising in various topics.

This year is the first time that the event gave awards to the corporate sector for its social media use.

Among the companies that bagged awards are Honda, Maybank, Tune Talk, Nestle, IJM, Sogo, Pavilion, RHB and Digi.

AirAsia group chief executive officer Tony Fernandes won the Social Media Celebrity of the Year.

The event is supported by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.


The Malaysiakini story itself is a lie. The news portal was never “Independent”. It was created by activists who wanted to take Anwar Ibrahim’s REFORMASI struggle online, back in 1999.

It is obvious there are hidden hands between the organisers and personalities behind Malaysiakini, to lure Home Minister Dato’ Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi into attending the awards dinner event as the VIP guest of hounour and hand over the prizes to the winners.

It was said that Zahid wasn’t even aware of the winners’ list which include Malaysiakini until he was already on stage, ready to dispense all of these awards which were prepared by the organisers.

It is a perfect ‘photo-opp’ for Zahid as a senior Cabinet Minister and UMNO Vice President to the photographed handing an award to Malaysiakini Supremo Steven Gan.

That picture which tells a thousand words where Director General of Information Dato’ Ibrahim Abdul Rahman is standing next to the Home Minister, is a psychological apparatus to ‘blind’ the perception and probably used to manipulate that the endorsement for Malaysiakini’s reporting.

The Home Minister previously barred Malaysiakini from attending his media conferences because in the past the news portal which was formed by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s minions to promote the struggle of the man who was the most important asset in demonising the  Federal Government and Barisan Nasional, then under Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

It is pointless for Zahid to remind social media, which include Malaysiakini “To be truthful in their reporting” because the truth often does not serve their political agenda and aspirations. Their strategic objective to realise power via ‘Politics of Hatred’ can only be achieve by the avenue of demonisation of authority, manipulation of information and history and perpetuating lies.

The fact still remain that pro-Opposition news portals would not change their ways, especially when it is clear it is with the intent of malice. These entitities, coupled with purposely created NGOs  would still continue to be important apparatus in the Opposition’s strategy imposing the aspiration and will of the minority against the majority via the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.

It is refreshing that Federal Government agencies under Information. Communication and Multimedia Minister Dato’ Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek is opening up to be participative in industry initiated events to promote the progress utility of blogs and social media network, in the age where information dissemination is very efficient and seamless.

However, each departments must be mindful that they are not used as lures and baits for the conniving use of Opposition minions to get ‘endorsement’ from a Minister representing the Federal Government at the juncture where Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is up at arms against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s continuous lies after another.

Prime Minister Najib even reminded the Malaysian Foreign Ministry Mission Heads to be vigilant in the use of social media.

The Star story:

Published: Tuesday February 25, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday February 25, 2014 MYT 4:59:36 PM

Be wary of what you say, diplomats warned


Bolstering ties: Najib mingling with the participants of the Eighth Conference of Heads of Mission in Kuala Lumpur. — BernamaBolstering ties: Najib mingling with the participants of the Eighth Conference of Heads of Mission in Kuala Lumpur. — Bernama

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian diplomats must be wary of what they say – even behind closed doors – as they embrace technological and social changes, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“It is more than just coping with social media as it must be practised and a prerequisite. However, beware because anything you say, even behind closed doors, can be found on the Internet in real time,” he said at the opening of the Eighth Conference of Heads of Mission yesterday.

Addressing 105 ambassadors, high commissioners and consul-generals, Najib said this was crucial in light of the changes to society brought about by technology.

“Running throughout these geopolitical developments and changes are deeper currents of technological and social change, such as increasing access to information, new forms of citizen activism, higher expectations and greater accountability in an age of information,” he said.

Diplomats, said Najib, should respond and adapt to the changes aimed at securing a safer and more sustainable future for the nation.

“We must react to the transformations around us with a transformation of our own and with a foreign policy which will see Malaysia through to 2020, a developed nation and beyond,” he said.

Earlier, Najib said traditional hierarchies and relationships between major superpowers had undergone changes in the last century, of which Malaysia should emerge as the region’s “Middle Power”.

“We must embrace our position as one of the region’s Middle Power of states that rarely act alone but which have a significant systematic impact in a small group or international institutions,” he said.

In this respect, there would be greater expectations from the Mal­aysian public and international community for the country to play a more leading role in Asia and globally, pointed out Najib.

He also said that the nation would be impacted by the ongoing instability in West Asia, particularly religious and ethnic conflicts between differing groups.

“Underpinning the tension and conflicts (in West Asia) is the Sunni and Syiah conflict.

“This state of uncertainty and instability is a challenge for us as our close cultural, religious and economic ties to the region mean that developments there would resonate with the Malaysian public,” he said.


Here we have something very close to home. What transpired here at the Sunway Resort event was an indirect form of ‘breach of security’ for Federal Government.

Agencies are lured into being supporters and sponsors of an intellectual discourse event which is actually camouflaged to lure into the ‘entrapment’ of a more prized catch for pro-Opposition minions’ strategic agenda of ‘Politics of Hatred’.

The fact that the Chairman of the World Bloggers and Social Media 2014 Shahul Hameed referred Ministry of Information, Communication and Multimedia as “Santa Claus” in his opening address is a clear demonstration that funds are being utilised to realise the objectives of certain quarters. Unfortunately, it was taken advantage of for the strategic benefit of entities like Malaysiakini.

Let us not forget Ibrahim and Prime Minister Najib’s own foolhardy who arranged for Malaysiakini reporters to get Pingat Kedaulatan Negara, when all they was did gross dis-service in manipulating information, rubbishing the ‘Ops Sulu’ and ‘Ops Daulat’ and extended the doubt of the ATM and PDRM capabilities to resolve the Lahad Datu tragedy.

*Updated 1100hrs

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  1. […] The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles…. […]

  2. Sure, the fear of being wiretapped, bugged or eavesdropped are real. Recent cases of what the US had done to its so-called friends are still fresh in our minds. But actually the diplomats are known to be very subtle in what they articulate to the point that the implicit and explicit are hard to decipher. The diplomats are very circumspect too and they don’t say more than is necessary. But what about politicians and others? They should remind themselves too as what diplomats have been reminded.

  3. Why the hell allow so-called news portals that print half truths, twists and spins? What in the name of freedom of expression are all those shit? Why encourage them by attending such so-called the World Bloggers and Social Media Awards?

    Who organize them? Who do they represent? How to know the 80% votes were fairly taken? Remember, even DAP CEC Election and Re-Election voting were complained by members to RoS and until now not resolved.

    Bloody hell, Malaysiakini chooses the most caustic anti-Establishment comments from fellows we do not know who, and publish them, calling themselves a news portal. What news portal is that? How to know if those making the daily caustic comments are not the same buggers or even those on the staff of the outfit?

  4. What is the extension of DG of Penerangan’s stupidity? Or he has been living in a cave for the past 15 years?

    Mkini has been doing nothing but fan anti-establishment sentiments. Even the Police consider them a threat to internal security.

    What good will that do to the progress of this nation, when their social media involvement is absolutely negative and counter productive?

    Is that Jabatan Penerangan newest strategy: support the promotion the twisting of facts and glorify persons with tendency and track record of lying?

    Might as well give the award to Anwar Al-Sodomy. His FB and twitter followers are already substantial and he is the darling of Western media!

    Or this is actually Ahmad Shabery Cheek cannot shed off his opposition attitude and thought process. After all, he was a bloody good Semangat 46 propaganda chief.


    • The pathetic thing is that those on the government establishment follow what Najib wants. Maybe no written instructions, but they read into what Najib said and did all these years, and acted or uttered accordingly.

      How else can we surmise the reason for Ahmad Zahid being pointed a finger by the Malaysiakini ultimate who’d-done-it character on stage while holding Oscar Wilde’s whatever, at the ceremony – see BD’s photo above.

      When taking office as Minister of Information, the chap said the Ministry would consider clamping on so-called news portals like Singapore did. Malaysia has been known to have always reacted when Singapore acted. But not this time.

      Najib wants to appear liberal, hoping to go down in history as the most liberal PM, perhaps. But he might go down, period. The way things have been going, he may be gone by PRU14. The only mitigating factor is the voters’ resentment of Anwar Al Juburi, a man of no principles, no scruples, who does anything and everything so long as it serves his unending dream of becoming PM.

      • It is baffling that UMNO and Ministers can still suck up to a weak leader and weak PM, like as if he holds the office of President ala Obama. This is the cause of the rot that will carry UMNO to its final curtain call comes GE14. UMNO silent conservatives cannot be forgiven for allowing the liberals in UMNO to lead the party on a merridance to destruction. If UMNO thinks that it can wait till say 2017 to make amends with people who voted them in GE13 , it is gravely mistaken. The ‘damage done ‘ list is a very long one and it keeps getting longer with the liberals at the helm. The greatest travesty of the current govt is in its economic policy, dragging Malaysians into an abyss of force austerity and soon to be poverty. Malaysia is rich but wealth is grossly held by the very few and this is where the govt failed to see..The govt is happy that economic growth is generated by investment and exports and the govt doesn’t care that there has been a marked decrease in domestic consumption which means the lifes of Malaysians are getting poorer and miserable. If this is what the govt is satisfied with, then Malaysia doesn’t need any politicians and govt to run this country. Let the neoliberal free market, rich investors and capitalists run this country because there is no difference between the current govt and the free market and capitalists that it kowtows to so much.

  5. These people must be crazy. Lending credence to a very nasty anti-Government blog called Malaysiakini.

    The dumbfounded are dumbfounding. Again and again.

  6. Is there an award for “The most sorry excuse for a media outlet”?

    I think it will be a close call between MalaysianInsider and Malaysiakini, at least based on the number of apology and correction they have to publish.

  7. Vary difficult to read the mind of Home Minister.Like King Ghaz.He was vary close with student leaders and student in the 70 but when they started demonstration,he arrest all of the under ISA.
    Sometime dealing with enemies you have to used reverse psychology.The SB and the police are famous using this method.

    Zaid also vary close with Anwar,the last time they met in London on 30 Dec. to discuss reconciliation goverment.I was told they are like abang adek.

    • You got told wrong, man. Bluffology, I think.

      Don’t get “told” – read, man. Read what Zaid said since announcing he’s standing in the PRK Kajang. Very loud and clear he wants to win against Anwarul Al Juburi.

      SB using reversed psychology? The TV movies also say the Police use the good cop-bad cop routine during interrogation. And DAP and Pakatoon say the cops are bad, shoot suspects, not wait to be shot dead and then only shoot back!

      King Ghaz vary close with student leaders in the 70s but when they started demonstration,he arrest all of the under ISA? That’s clever, don’t you think? When close, he knows intimately what those blokes think and what they would do if not ISA-ed. Must not allow them to create mischief in a big way and disturb the peace.
      . .

  8. […] KPKK support of the event provided the perfect ‘lure and bait’ to draw Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to …. The fact is that before this Home Minister Dr Zahid has warned and actually banned Malaysiakini […]

  9. […] KPKK support of the event provided the perfect ‘lure and bait’ to draw Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to …. The fact is that before this Home Minister Dr Zahid has warned and actually banned Malaysiakini […]

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