Takziah for Suraya Yaacob

Syed Alfandi, on his way for a journey of eternity

Syed Alfandi, on his way for a journey of eternity

Syed Alfandi Syed Mansor Al Barakbah, 46, an-MRSM Kulim Alumnus (80-84) was called back to be with Allah. S.W.T. in Alor Setar, this afternoon.

He is the husband of ADUN Sg Tiang Dato’ Suraya Yaacob, an MRSM Seremban Alumnus  (85-87). Suraya also is Kedah State Government Exco in charge of women and family affairs, welfare, agriculture and agro-based industry and entrepreneur development.

Solemnly, here at BigDogDotCom we wish our deepest condolences for the passing of Syed Alfandi. May Allah S.W.T. bless his soul and place him amongst the anbias.

May Suraya and family be strong in these most trying moments.

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Brother Anwar Bin Brahim challenging the Federal Constitution and Agong’s decree

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim used the church as a political platform and pandered into the anti-Constitutionalist minority’s game, as a systematic provocation against the Federal Constitution, Selangor Constitution, the sensitivities of the Malay-Muslim majority and decree of His Majesty Seri Paduka Yang DiPertuan Agong.

Riong Kali dot com:

Anwar impresses congregation during visit to Holy Family church in Kajang

FEBRUARY 16, 2014

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim speaking at the hall of the Holy Family church in Kajang. –  The Malaysian Insider pic by Najjua Zulkefli, February 16, 2014.Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim speaking at the hall of the Holy Family church in Kajang. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Najjua Zulkefli,

February 16, 2014.Rebuffed by keepers of his own faith when he tried to preach at a mosque last month, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was welcomed with open arms at the church of the Holy Family in Kajang after the English and Mandarin masses today.

Parish priest Father George Harrison welcomed the opposition leader as “our brother” before he gave the floor to Anwar, who vowed the 1,200-strong crowd with his 25-minute speech on various issues.

But it was Anwar’s bold and direct approach to answering the questions from the congregation that impressed the crowd.

When he was asked about his stand on the religious issues currently affecting the country and the rights of Bahasa Malaysia-speaking Christians to use the word Allah, Anwar said that even international Muslim scholars thought it was a subject unworthy of debate.

“When I asked an international scholar about it, he asked me what kind of question that was.

“I told him it was Umno’s question, so he explained that Muslims recite five times a day: “Praise be to Allah, Lord of Heaven and Earth.

“So, if Allah is Lord for the entire universe, how can there be limitations?” Anwar pointed out.

He also stressed that for Umno, the Allah issue  was clearly not about faith.

“If it was, then their stand must be binding on all. But in this case they are saying Sabah and Sarawak can use the word but not in the peninsula,” Anwar said to loud cheers.

He then joked that this meant that a person who boarded a flight from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur will say “Insyallah I’m going to KL” when he gets on the flight but when he lands, he will have to say “Alhamdu Lord”.

Anwar’s meeting of the Catholics at the Holy Family church hall comes amidst religious tension between Muslims and Christians which was reignited last year when the Court of Appeal had ruled in October that the Catholic weekly Herald could not use the word Allah in its publication.

The church is appealing the decision.

Herald had won a High Court decision in January 2009 that had overturned the Home Ministry’s ban on the use of the word Allah in its publication.

The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) further stoked the tension when it raided The Bible Society of Malaysia’s premises in early January and seized more than 300 Bibles, including the Bup Kudus, because they contained the word “Allah”.

The term Allah is used by Christians who worship in Bahasa Malaysia and Iban, such as those in Sabah and Sarawak.

Two-thirds of Malaysia’s 2.9 million Christians are from Sabah and Sarawak.

Mindful of the possible consequences of his visit to the Holy Family Church, Anwar said if Umno-controlled media would use his church visit against him, they should take note that he had been speaking at churches since his activist days in the Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) in the 1970s.

He added that he continued giving his views at church events even as a government minister.

“So to the Umno-controlled media here, note that I have been going to church, I’m here now, and Insyallah,I will continue to do so.”

In an obvious response to critics who had chided him for standing as an assemblyman, after he was once acting prime minister, Anwar admitted that he had gone from one extreme to the other and his experiences would help him.

“I was right up there as acting PM and then went to prison, so I’m wiser and have benefited from all my life’s experiences,” he said.

Anwar’s visit to the Holy Family church is part of his meet-the-people programme ahead of the Kajang by-election, which he is contesting as a PKR candidate.

His “rock star” appeal was obvious with parishioners excitedly waiting for nearly three hours to catch him in action.

When Anwar appeared just before noon, there was thunderous applause and everybody tried to capture the moment with the cameras on their handphones.

The multi-purpose hall was packed, with many having to stand.

Dressed smartly in a light pink striped shirt and brown pants, the crowd cheered when Anwar spoke about how he had brought international fame to Kajang.

“The international media mentioned me in their news, saying that my decision to stand here in ‘Kay Jang’ shocked my friends and foes,” he said to rapturous applause.

Beaming from ear to ear, a 72-year old parishioner, who wants to be known only as Alex, said: “I have heard him speak many times, and I wouldn’t want to miss this.

“We totally support him and want to hear what he has to say, especially on the Allah issue,” he added.

Alex said that during the 8.30am mass, their priest had told the congregation to welcome the opposition leader as “he is our brother”.

Alex said that to address the concern among a small group of parishioners who  had questioned the wisdom of allowing Anwar to speak at their parish for fear of a backlash from Muslim extremists,  Harrison had told his congregation “not to be afraid”.

“I believe the church’s stand is to accept everybody, so even if it was an Umno politician who wanted to speak in our church, we are not going to say no,” Alex said.

Debbie, a housewife, agreed, saying that she and her friends were eager to hear Anwar’s plans.

“As Christians we are taught never to resort to violence, and we stick to that.

“But the country needs a change of political power because what we want is unity not just in talk, but in action.”

Another parishioner Andrew Loh agreed, saying that Christians were concerned over the Allah issue and wanted to hear what Anwar had to say about it.

“The Allah case is in court because that is the only avenue for us. As Debbie said, we will not resort to violence, but it is our right to go to court,” he said.

Bernard, 45, agreed, saying that the case was about principles and the “rights of Christians”.

Marcel, 50, said he fully backed Anwar as Selangor menteri besar as it was necessary for the latter to get back into mainstream politics.

Also present were Centre for Reform, Democracy and Social Initiatives director Datuk Seri Dr Edmund Santhara and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali.

Others include his party colleagues comprising Subang MP R.Sivarasa, Batu MP Tian Chua, Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming,Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar, PKR vice president Datuk Chua Jui Meng.

The Election Commission has set March 23 as the polling date for the Kajang by-election, the country’s third since the general election last May, while nomination is on March 11.

Early voting has been fixed for March 19.

PKR”s Lee Chin Cheh won the Kajang state seat in Election 2013 with a 6,824-vote majority in the constituency that is 48% Malay, 41% Chinese and 10% Indian.

Lee had garnered 19,571 votes followed by Lee Ban Seng of the BN with 12,747 votes. Mohamad Ismail of Berjasa obtained 1,014 votes.

The three independent candidates who contested the seat were Mohd Iwan Jefrey Abdul Majib (249 votes), Ong Yan Foo (85 votes) and Mohd Khalid Kassim (83 votes).

The latest to indicate his intention to contest the seat is former minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

Zaid is the third independent candidate with former PKR links to join the Kajang by-election, after Anwar’s former tennis partner Senator Datuk S. Nallakarupan and Anwar’s former legal assistant Yuktes Vijay.

The Barisan Nasional has yet to indicate its choice of candidate but MCA vice-president Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun is widely tipped to be the party’s choice. – February 16, 2014.


It is grossly insulting as four week ago in Alor Setar commemorating his 88th birthday, His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong XIV explicitly state that “Allah is exclusively for Muslims only” and cited the 1986 National Fatwa Council decree on the matter.

Anwar is manipulating the circumstance as the controversy had never been about using bibles in Malay language for Sabah and Sarawak. It was when Catholic Church publication The Herald was banned by Home Ministry from using kalimah “Allah” in the Malay edition, editor Father Lawrence Andrew took the Home Minister and the Federal Government to court.

The matter affecting the Christians pertaining kalimah “Allah” controversy was actually discussed when National Fatwa Council met for the 82nd time 5-7 May 2008 and decreed that “Allah is exclusively for the Muslims”. The matter has been explained over and over again, which include Malaysian Islamic scholars and experts.

Look how Anwar deflected the kalimah “Allah” issue:

What Anwar would not admit publicly especially to an audience comprises of mainly Non Malays is that there is no reason for bibles in Malay language is made available in Semenanjung Malaysia as the Malays, who are the majority in this part of Malaysia are Muslims. Except for the purpose to prosetylising Christianity to the Malays.

That, has been proven happening in Semenanjung which include Selangor. Even HRH Sultan Selangor Tuanku Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah as the Constitutional Head of Islam and patron for JAIS acknowledges this fact, in the case of the JAIS raid on Damansara Utama Methodist Church on 3 August 2011.

Former Selangor Exco for Religious Affairs and Selangor PAS Commissioner Dato’ Dr Hassan Ali also attested to the fact that “Churches have specific units to prosetylise Muslims”. This repeated challenge was never refuted by Anwar.

After High Court Judge Lau Bee Lian awarded the judgment to the plaintiffs on January 2009, the case was appealed by the defendants. On 14 October 2013, Court of Appeal unanimously over-turned the judgment and awarded to case to the appellants.

The PKR Adviser also defied the several provisions enshrined in the Federal Constitution pertaining to position of Islam such as Articles 3(1) where Islam as the Religion of the Federation of Malaysia and prohibition to prosetylise Christianity to Muslims such as in Article 11(4) and the 1988 Selangor Enactment on the Propagation of Non Islamic Religion to Muslims.

Supporting the Catholic Church’s quest to use kalimah “Allah” especially in the context of a Malay-Muslim majority areas such as in Semenanjung Malaysia is violating the law and challenging if not provocating into the sensitivities of the Malays, which include HRH Rulers as the Constitutional Head of Islam.

HRH Sultan Selangor Tuanku Sultan Sharafuddin already sounded out in two titahs on the “Allah is exclusive for Muslims only and Non Muslims are prohibited from using it”. His Royal Highness also cited the Selangor Religious Council Fatwa, gazetted in 2010.

There is no need for the game of global interpretations on kalimah “Allah” as the demarcation is very clear. Islam is the religion of the Federation of Malaysia and it is enshrined in the Federal Constitution is the initial bit where the Federation of Malaysia is defined.

The sanctity of Islam in Malaysia shall take precedence whenever there is a dispute. It is one of the fundamental basis when this nation is born. It is one of the points where Tunku Abdul Rahman obtained the agreement of HRH Rulers for the soon to be given birth new nation called Federation of Malaya to be ruled under the Constitutional Monarchy system.

Article 3.1 & 3.2 of the Federal Constitution

Article 3.1 & 3.2 of the Federal Constitution

The rule of law provided that this political circus stunt in Holy Family church in Kajang, should warrant that Anwar be arrested and investigated under Sedition Act.

Make no mistake about this development. This political circus stunt by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is actually more than meets the eye. It is the evidence that he is a political stooge of DAP, which is flexing its muscle in Selangor and demonstrating to the Chinese that Anwar is a very obedient political and takes ‘instruction’ well.

It is also a test whether the Federal Government is willing to put aside political expediency, in the name of righteousness upholding the Federal Constitution.

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Chin should be investigated for instigating treason and seditious

Monash University Malaysia academician James Chin should be arrested and investigated for treason and under Seditions Act for stating that “majority of Sabahans and Sarawakians wanted to secede from the Federation of Malaysia”.

Riong Kali dot com story:

‘Slight majority’ of East Malaysians want to secede, warns academic

FEBRUARY 16, 2014

Prof James Chin of Monash University Malaysia speaking at the Bar Council's forum on the electoral system, in Petaling Jaya, today. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Afif Abd Halim, February 16, 2014.Prof James Chin of Monash University Malaysia speaking at the Bar Council’s forum on the electoral system, in Petaling Jaya, today. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Afif Abd Halim,

February 16, 2014.There are growing calls by ordinary East Malaysians for Sarawak and Sabah to leave Malaysia as they feel that the 50-year-old federation has not benefitted them, a Sarawakian academic said today.

“If you have a frank discussion with ordinary Sarawakians and Sabahans, there will be a slight majority to want Sabah and Sarawak to leave Malaysia.

“They feel that since day one, the federal government has not treated Sabah and Sarawak as separate entities as had been promised since 1963,” said Professor James Chin of Monash University Malaysia.

Speaking at a forum organised by the Bar Council today, Chin claimed that although this was the voice of the grassroots, the chances of Sabah and Sarawak seceding from Malaysia were unlikely as political leaders and business elites would not support such a move.

The elites of East Malaysia, both in the ruling parties and the opposition, are loath to sever the economic ties they have built with the Peninsula, he said.

Although they were still dissatisfied with Putrajaya’s treatment, the elites, especially those in Barisan Nasional, would likely only demand more parliamentary share for Sabah and Sarawak.

“Sabah and Sarawak have different demographics and history and the ruling government has created fault lines in Sabah and Sarawak that did not exist before,” said Chin, a political scientist.

Secession is considered treason under Malaysian law. – February 16, 2014.


Even without substantiating the claim, it is already very dangerous. BN won 22 out of 25 Parliamentary seats in Sabah and 25 out 31 seats in Sarawak in 13 GE, which is only nine months ago. James Chin obviously is starting a new lie and eventually, other Opposition Leaders especially from PKR would perpetuate this one from now on.

Pro-Opposition activists have been systematically and progressively getting bolder in their lies, outrageous statements and actions in provocation against the patience and tolerance of the majority and authority, particularly the Malay-Muslims.

It is part of the Oppositions’ strategy of ‘Politics of Hatred’.

Just like Opposition Leaders, James Chin is not shy to rubbish Malaysia whenever the opportunity arises especially in the purview of foreign media. He is expanding exactly the points that Opposition Leaders harping, manipulating or even the lies being perpetuated.

They sow hatred, targeted amongst the minority and special interest groups to go against the authorities and decisions made by the democratically elected Federal and State Governments, which are controlled by the majority. They even started to after provisions enshrined by the Federal Constitution pertaining to definition, power and role of Islam, HRH Rulers, administration of Islam and Special Malay Rights.

This is not the first time James Chin was given the spotlight of his anti-Constitutional activities. Last August, Chin who teamed up with Singapore Management University  Bridget Welsh authored a series of anti-Federal Government essays in a book coaxed behind the ‘Ventriloquist Puppet’ masqueraded as   an interview with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, in the effort to expand the struggle of Opposition Leaders’ ‘Politics of Hatred’ game.

What is more intriguing is that Chin made this statement in an event organised by the Bar Council.

A professional body using 'intellectual discourse' to demonize the Police Force

A professional body using ‘intellectual discourse’ to demonise the Police Force, on the front wall of the Bar Council

Bar Council has proven to be an anti-Constutional agent masquerading as legal organisation. The latest is their damning silence about the resignation of ADUN Kajang Lee Chin Cheh for no valid reason and vacating a seat for a bi-election, eight months after 13GE was concluded. However, they sound out to the Election Commission for illegal pre-nomination campaigns.

In the past, Bar Council made outrageous unsubstantiated damning statements against law enforcement authorities which include the Police which should be deemed as nothing less than ‘seditious’. This instance, coupled with others are evidence that Bar Council is part of Oppositions’ tool to realise the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.

Bar Council is very supportive of illegal organisation Coalition of Malaysian NGOs (COMANGO), which has proven to anti-Constitutional in the struggle for LGBT.

This is something serious that authorities should look into. James Chin and Bar Council should be investigated.

*Updated 1930hrs

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The Chinese should not forget the ‘Man with forked tongue’

In the midst of pre-official campaign for N25 Kajang by-election, the intensity of issues brought forth to remind the Malaysian public about who Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was. When Anwar was a fiery UMNO Youth leader, who had anti Chinese stance and made statements.

The Malay Mail online:

BH points to Anwar’s role in May 13, Ops Lalang

FEBRUARY 15, 2014

Berita Harian may be seeking to highlight Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's ‘anti Chinese’ past in the run-up to the Kajang by-election.— Picture by K.E. OoiBerita Harian may be seeking to highlight Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘anti Chinese’ past in the run-up to the Kajang by-election.— Picture by K.E. Ooi

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 — With Chinese voters set to play a major role in the Kajang by-election, Berita Hariantoday sought to re-associate Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to two historic events that are sore points for the community.

In an article recounting the opposition leader’s purported roles in both the racial riots of May 13, 1969 as well as the Ops Lalang security crackdown of 1987, the Malay-language newspaper said the public was unaware of what it termed Anwar’s parts in the two incidents.

“According to [anthropologist] Judith Nagata, Anwar took part in the mass demonstration protesting the Chinese insults against the Malays the day before,” read the article titled “Anwar’s crisis, Chinese people”.

It added the deadly riots that saw some 200 people killed had affected Anwar’s disposition towards the Chinese, which it said could be seen in his participation in subsequent protests with University of Malaya students in the months following the racial unrest.

Anwar’s alleged resistance in dealing with representatives of the Chinese community during the years leading up to the Ops Lalang crackdown in 1987 was also held up as further evidence of his “crisis” with the Chinese community.

“He refused to meet with those representing Chinese school teachers who wanted to limit the powers of the education minister. Instead, he placed 100 non-Mandarin speakers as principals and senior teachers in Chinese primary schools.

“This led to anger in the Chinese community, and was the impetus for DAP and MCA to hold a protest with about 2,000 people,” it added.

The protest eventually led authorities to launch a security operation to round up participants of the rally ostensibly to prevent possible racial clashes, but which was largely viewed as a crackdown on opposition members using the now-repealed Internal Security Act (ISA).

Among the given reasons for PKR’s triggering of the unforced Kajang by-election for Anwar to contest is to counteract alleged attempts by Umno to foment racial and religious tension in Selangor.

At 41 per cent, Kajang has a large Chinese electorate and was believed to have been chosen specifically for this reason.

In a surprise move, PKR’s Lee Chin Cheh resigned as Kajang assemblyman, presumably to pave way for Anwar to contest the by-election.

The EC has set March 23 as the polling date for the Kajang by-election, the country’s third since Election 2013 last May.

Nomination will be on March 11, while early voting has been set for March 19.

Lee won the Kajang state seat in Election 2013 with a 6,824-vote majority.

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/bh-points-to-anwars-role-in-may-13-ops-lalang#sthash.jeqQZyC9.dpuf


The insincerity of Anwar has been proven, over and over again.

Anwar in pro-Malay agenda:

The late Gerakan Supremo Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik spoke about Anwar’s ability to be a ‘political chameleon’:

Listen to what Anwar’s former political secretary and closest aide talk about his former Boss:

The public should be reminded who Anwar really was, because that he who he really is.

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Hishamuddin: Expand bilateral relationship to include sharing of military assets

Malaysian Minister of Defence Dato' Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein calling on Singaporean Prime Minister Brig. Gen. (NS) Lee Hsien Loong 13 Feb 2014

Malaysian Minister of Defence Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein calling on Singaporean Prime Minister Brig. Gen. (NS) Lee Hsien Loong 13 Feb 2014

Minister of Defence Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein expressed the need for much closer working relationship between ATM and Singapore Armed Forces, in the tune of smart partnership such as sharing of military assets and common platforms, on top of frequent and more comprehensive joint exercises and programs.

NST story

13 February 2014| last updated at 07:29PM

Malaysia and Singapore bilateral relationship needs expansion: Hishammuddin

By Rizalman Hammim | news#nst.com.my
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SINGAPORE: The bilateral relationship between Malaysia and Singapore is currently at an all time high but there is a need for the relationship to be expanded to other fields.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the two countries have a very good relationship in fields like the economy but both countries need to expand such relationship to other fields like security and defence.

“During my visit here, I have had meetings with a number of Singapore leaders including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. During the meeting with Lee, I am glad to hear that both countries are on the same page on many matters,” said Hishammuddin, who was in the republic to attend the Singapore Airshow 2014.

He said in the field of security, Malaysia and Singapore need to increase the smart partnership in the sharing of assets in the effort to prevent excessive expenditure by both countries.

“Both countries face similar threats, namely terrorism and militancy but the biggest threat to our security and safety is natural disaster. There is no need for us to spend money on assets that might be overlapping,” said Hishammuddin.

He said the military of Malaysia and Singapore also need to enhance their cooperation by undergoing more joint exercises and training, as well as developing the defence industry in both countries.

Hishammuddin was speaking to the media after visiting the Bukit Chandu Memorial which memorialise the sacrifice of Lt Adnan Saidi during World War 2. Today is the eve of Adnan’s death on February 14, 1942.

Also present was the Army’s field commander Lt General Datuk Seri Zulkepli Kassim.

The bilateral relationship between Malaysia and Singapore is currently at an all time high but there is a need for the relationship to be expanded to other fields, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said. Pix by Zulkarnain Ahmad Tajuddin

Read more: Malaysia and Singapore bilateral relationship needs expansion: Hishammuddin – Latest – New Straits Timeshttp://www.nst.com.my/latest/malaysia-and-singapore-bilateral-relationship-needs-expansion-hishammuddin-1.483387#ixzz2tEUP1WKq


In principle, the call is an extension of the existing formidable and very cordial diplomatic and bilateral relationship. Trade between the two nations which once were part of Federation of Malaysia is growing and more and more GLC co-operation in joint development programs are being initiated and rolled out.

Temasek is partnering with Khazanah to develop projects within Marina new central business district, as result of the redevelopment program of former KTM land in Tanjung Pagar. Also in various investment opportunities arisen from the mega-development corridor economic plan within Iskandar Malaysia, RAPID and Johor Bahru CBD, which include the extension of MRT line from Woodlands.

In terms of security, the Royal Malaysian Police has established a very good working relationship and sharing of information and intelligence materials with the Singaporean Police and Internal Security Department, in areas such terrorism, extremism and militancy due to religious devotion. The co-operation is reflective with the arrest of South East Asian most wanted terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari near Johor Bahru on 1 April 2009 after he managed to escape from ISA detention on 27 February 2008.

Channel News Asia story:

Singapore and Malaysia to strengthen bilateral defence relations


Singapore and Malaysia have reaffirmed the longstanding defence relationship between the two countries and agreed to strengthen bilateral defence cooperation.

Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen (3rd-R) had a meeting with and hosted Malaysian Defence Minister Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Hussein (4th-R) to dinner on Monday evening. (Photo: MINDEF)

SINGAPORE: Singapore and Malaysia have reaffirmed the longstanding defence relationship between the two countries and agreed to strengthen bilateral defence cooperation.

Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen and Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein held discussions on Monday evening at a dinner hosted by Dr Ng.

Mr Hishammuddin is in Singapore from Monday to Thursday, and will visit the Singapore Airshow 2014 on Tuesday.

During his visit, Mr Hishammuddin will call on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and meet with Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law K Shanmugam and Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew.

MINDEF said Mr Hishammuddin’s visit underscores the warm defence and bilateral ties between Singapore and Malaysia.

The Singapore Armed Forces and the MAF share a long history of cooperation, and interact regularly through bilateral exercises such as the Land Exercise Semangat Bersatu and the Naval Exercise Malapura.

– CNA/gn


However, it is rather unusual for Hishamuddin making the call in the context and perspective of defence and military. It is because the SAF is superior in terms of access to wide range of quality and potency of assets, skills and availability of resources to support the comprehensive military system from the defence doctrine adopted and applied in Singapore for the past 45 years.

RSAF G550 AEW/C, capable of very serious surveillance and ability to continue flying for more than 12 hours

RSAF is operating 24 F15SG air superiority fighters, 52 F16C/D multirole combat aircrafts, 4 KC135 and 6 KC130 air refueling tankers, 4 G550 AEW/C airborne early warning and command aircrafts, on top 20 AH64D Longbow anti-tank assault helicopters and streams of CH47 Chinooks, Super Pumas and Cougars utility helicopters. RSN is operating 6 submarines, 6 Lafayette Class frigates, 6 corvettes, 12 patrol vessels and 6 missile gunboats. There are 4 amphibious transport docks (LPDs).

This is not withstanding the availability and utility of UAVs.

Endurance Class LPDs in service of RSN. Able to carry half a battalion of combat troops, weapons, MIFVs and trucks anywhere in the world

It terms of assets and military platforms, it is likely Malaysia would gain more in the ‘asset sharing’ co-operation as compared to Singapore. At this point of time, it is unsure how the Singaporeans would receive Hishamuddin’s call. More importantly, how would the ‘asset sharing’ co-operation would be implemented.

Currently, Malaysia has been very accommodating towards RSAF use of Malaysian airspace for take off and landing approach, particularly for the Tengah Air Base which is located at the north west part of the Singapore island.

Singapore also enjoys preferential military co-operation and standing with US and Australian Armed Forces. The Changi Naval Base is a major US Navy base in South East Asia region.

Minsiter of Defence Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein greeted by the Commander of US Navy Pacific Fleet Command in Pearl Harbour Adm Harry Harris Jr., accompanied by Director General of Military Intelligence Lt Gen Dato’ Abdul Hadi Abdullah

Unless Hishamuddin is making the announcement as part of Malaysia’s strategic partnership in military relationship and co-operation with US and Australian Armed Forces, either directly or indirectly (for example via Singapore). In his recent visit to US Navy Pacific Fleet Command in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, Hishamuddin announced closer maritime co-operations with US Navy and US Marines Corp.

NST story:

18 January 2014| last updated at 12:21AM

Malaysia, US to strengthen maritime ties

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia and the United States are ready to strengthen the maritime abilities of the Malaysian Armed Forces by using the US Marine Corps model, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said.

In a recent meeting with US Marine commander General Terry Robling, Hishammuddin discussed how both countries could realise plans to strengthen their maritime abilities.

“I have invited US Maritime specialists to Malaysia for further discussions.

“I believe this will help our armed forces in the future,” Hishammuddin said during a visit to the marine war training centre in Kananoke, Hawaii.

Hishammuddin was on a working visit to Hawaii from Jan 11 to 16 before heading to Washington and New York.

He also met Commander of the US Pacific Fleet Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr, Commander, Pacific Air Forces General Herbert J. Carlisle and Commanding General of US Army Pacific General Vincent K. Brooks during his visit to United States Pacific Command (USPACOM).

At the meeting issues related to stability and safety around borders, especially involving terrorists, gun smugglers and human trafficking, were discussed.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein (centre) with USS Lake Erie commanding officer Captain John S. Baringan (left) during a visit to United States Pacific Command in Hawaii yesterday.

Read more: Malaysia, US to strengthen maritime ties – General – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/nation/general/malaysia-us-to-strengthen-maritime-ties-1.464986#ixzz2tErkWqYr


There is a more probable strategic initiative of smart partnership for military relationship and co-operation in region. This could be a precursor to an initiative for a Commonwealth Military Co-operation and the possibility of Commonwealth Armed Forces in South East Asia particularly around the South East Asia rim.

Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei are Commonwealth cousins, where Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are nations within the neighbourhood. Coupled with United Kingdom and Canada, the Commonwealth Military Co-operation to flex the ‘brotherhood muscle’ in the region and the strategic initiative to keep the most important waterway in the world free from probable threats.

The attitude towards greater military co-operation with the US Armed Forces has already been paved from Hishamuddin’s announcement of the establishment of USMC base in Bintulu.

The Diplomat story:

Malaysia to Establish Marine Corps and South China Sea Naval Base

Malaysia’s Navy has announced it is creating a Marine Corps force and naval base at Bintulu.

October 19, 2013

The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) is creating a marine corps and establishing a new naval base in the South China Sea near waters it disputes with China, IHS Jane’s reported this week, citing a press release from Defense Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

According to the defense minister’s statement, the new naval base will be built in Bintulu on the South China Sea (SCS) for the explicit purpose of protecting nearby waters and oil reserves. As Jane’s points out, however, the base will be located just 60 miles from the James Shoal, an area in the South China Sea claimed by both Malaysia and China.

Back in March a PLA amphibious task force conducted a large naval exercise in the James Shoal.

“It is not just a few ships here and there, but a crack amphibious landing ship carrying marines and hovercraft and backed by some of the best escort ships in the PLAN fleet,” Gary Li, a senior analyst with IHS Fairplay,told Asian Correspondent at the time.

“We’ve never seen anything like this that far south in terms of quantity or quality … it is hard to know whether it is just coincidence, but it does seem to reflect [President] Xi Jinping’s desire for more practical operationally based exercises,” Li added.

IHS Jane’s said that establishment of the Marine Corps will be partly used to deal with Sulu militants who have caused unrest in Sabah in eastern Malaysia. The Marine Corps will be drawn from Malaysia’s existing services as the overall size of the armed forces is capped. It has not been determined which of the services the Marine Corps will fall under.

IHS Jane’s said that Malaysia will rely on the expertise of the U.S. Marines Corps (USMC) to help develop the new Marine force.

“Malaysia is keen to draw on the USMC’s expertise and has been in discussions with the United States (US) over support, training and expertise exchange,” the report said.

Initially, the Malaysian marine corps will lack an amphibious naval platform as the RMN’s only amphibious ship, the Newport-class landing ship-tank KD Sri Inderapura, was destroyed in a fire in 2009. It is currently in discussions with both France and South Korea over acquiring a landing platform deck (LPD). The U.S. has also offered Malaysia the LPD USS Denver after it decommissions it in 2014. U.S.-based defense companies are also discussing selling Malaysia the AH-1Z Super Cobra attack helicopters.

Malaysia’s decision to establish a naval base in the South China Sea is in line with other Southeast Asian nations that are locked in territorial disputes with China over the waters. As The Diplomat reported last week, the Philippines is creating a new naval base on Oyster Bay, Palawan Island. Vietnam is similarlyexpanding its Cam Ranh Bay naval base and offering foreign navies greater access to it.


Jane’s Defense Weekly story:

Military Capabilities

Malaysia to establish marine corps, naval base close to James Shoal

Dzirhan Mahadzir, Kuala Lumpur – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly
15 October 2013

Malaysia’s 8th Royal Ranger (para) battalion practice beach landings on Nenasi Beach, Pahang state, Peninsular Malaysia, with the US Marine Corps during CARAT Malaysia in June 2013. Source: Dzirhan Mahadzir

Malaysia is to set up a marine corps and establish a naval base close to waters claimed by China, Defence Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said in a statement on 10 October.

According to the statement, the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) base will be established at Bintulu on the South China Sea (SCS) to protect the surrounding area and oil reserves.

Unstated by the minister is the base’s proximity to James Shoal, which is 60 n miles away and was the location for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) exercises on 26 March that were the most recent example of China asserting its claims to most of the SCS.

Hishammuddin’s description of the marine force only states that it will be established for amphibious operations, drawn from all three services and essential for security in the East Malaysian state of Sabah, where Sulu militants staged an incursion in February that was subsequently repelled by a military operation.

The statement did not give any further details but IHS Jane’s understands that the marine corps proposal was planned before the Sulu incursion but has since been prioritised.

While the marines will be drawn from all three services, the bulk is expected to be drawn from one of the three parachute battalions of the 10th Parachute brigade, which will be redesignated as a marine battalion.

The 9th Royal Malay Regiment (para) and 8th Royal Ranger Regiment (para) have both conducted amphibious warfare training as a secondary mission, most recently in June during the CARAT exercise with the US Marine Corps (USMC) and subsequently in an amphibious landing exercise with French troops and the landing platform dock FNS Tonnerre .

The marines will be drawn from existing personnel because of a government cap on the number of armed forces personnel allowed on active duty.

The Ministry of Defence is yet to decide whether marines will fall under Malaysian Army or Royal Malaysian Navy control. Initial plans call for the unit to be an independent force under the control of the Malaysian Joint Force Headquarters until operational experience determines which service is better suited.

Malaysia is keen to draw on the USMC’s expertise and has been in discussions with the United States (US) over support, training and expertise exchange. Malaysia has been without an amphibious naval platform since the loss of Newport-class landing ship-tank KD Sri Inderapura in an October 2009 fire.

Plans to obtain an LPD, with France offering a downsized Mistral design and South Korea offering a downsized Dokdo design, have been stalled due to budgetary constraints. The US has offered the LPD USS Denver , scheduled to be decommissioned from US service in 2014, to Malaysia on a hot transfer along with some equipment, which likely includes AAV-7 amphibious vehicles.

The US would welcome Malaysia’s establishment of a marine force as current Pentagon regulations restrict the USMC to conducting exchanges and training with marine units of non-US treaty ally nations – an exception being in the case of multiservice exercises such as CARAT. Likewise, Malaysia has been keen to further develop joint amphibious training exercises and exchanges with the US but has been hampered by the absence of a marine force.

Other than equipment for the marines, the US has offered Malaysia surplus equipment from operations in Afghanistan, including infantry weapons and sights, night-vision goggles and mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles.

The US is also offering the AH-1Z Super Cobra to meet Malaysia’s requirement for an attack helicopter. While Boeing has been marketing the AH-64 Apache, the prospect of a purchase by Kuala Lumpur is unlikely due to Malaysia’s disinclination to buy key military equipment in service with its neighbours: the Apache is in service with Singapore and on order by Indonesia.

France has been marketing the Eurocopter EC 665 Tiger for the same requirement and hopes to leverage the French Army’s long-time assistance in training the Malaysian Army Air Corps.

Hishammuddin’s announcement of a new naval base at Bintulu follows a number of unpublicised incursions by Chinese naval and maritime surveillance forces into Malaysian waters off East Malaysia and the Malaysian portion of the Spratly Islands.

Unlike Vietnam or the Philippines, Malaysia does not make public such occurrences to avoid jeopardising its strong economic ties with China. China’s activities in its near waters are of concern to Kuala Lumpur, however, which has stepped up naval patrols in the area.

The RMN is hampered by its small fleet and the need to maintain a strong naval presence off Sabah to discourage further intrusions by Sulu militants. In this light, another portion of Hishammuddin’s statement – that the first in class of the Second Generation Patrol Vessel – Littoral Combat Ship (SGPV-LCS) programme will start operations in 2018, gains greater importance.

Six of the SGPV-LCS corvette-class ships, which are based on the DCNS Gowind corvette family, are to be built by Boustead Naval Shipyard. Construction is expected to begin in 2014.


And the press release on his recent visit to US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon.

January 17, 2014

Readout of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s Meeting with Malaysian Minister of Defense Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein

Assistant Press Secretary Carl Woog provided the following readout:

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel met with Malaysian Minister of Defense Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein today at the Pentagon.

Secretary Hagel underscored the U.S. commitment to deepening ties to Malaysia.  The two leaders discussed a range of international security issues, including Afghanistan, North Korea, and the role of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in addressing regional security challenges.

Malaysia is an important partner in Southeast Asia that is making valuable contributions to international security both on its own and in partnership with ASEAN.  Secretary Hagel praised Malaysia’s leadership in Southeast Asia.

The secretary and the minister also talked about ways to enhance the defense relationship between the United States and Malaysia, including by enhancing bilateral exercise and training opportunities and exploring expanded defense trade cooperation.

The two leaders looked forward to meeting again at the upcoming U.S.-ASEAN informal meeting in Hawaii in April.


This military co-operation could be an extension of the Malaysian foreign policy. The need for this to likely be redressed with more involvement of military co-operation arisen from China PLA’s more aggressive moves to display their military might, in the psychology war for their claims of the imaginary and unsubstantiated Nine-Dash-Line in South China Sea.

ASEAN EEZ Vs China's claims over South China Sea with the imaginary Nine-Dash-Line

ASEAN EEZ Vs China’s claims over South China Sea with the imaginary Nine-Dash-Line

China also demonstrated their blatant disregard to respect the United Nations Convention Law of the Seas (UNCLOS) and the Document of Conduct which she inked.

Hishamuddin and his entourage reciting the doa for the 146 gallant warriors of 1 FMR. 13 Feb 2014

Minsiter of Defence Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein and his entourage reciting the doa for the 146 gallant warriors of 1 and 2 FMR at the foyer of the Bukit Chandu Memorial, 13 Feb 2014

It is very refreshing that Hishamuddin as Minister of Defence paid tribute and homage to the 146 gallant warriors of 1 and 2 Federated Malay Regiment who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending the Pasir Panjang Line between 12-14 February 1942 with the final battle at Point 226, commonly known as Bukit Chandu.

Doa untuk pejuang bangsa: (dari kiri) Birg Gen Rahim, Jen Tan Sri Zaulkifli, Dato' Seri Zahid, Dato' Dr Latif dan wakil Kelab RAMD

Doa for gallant warriors:  Minister of Defence Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi leading the doa at Bukit Chandu Memorial (from l to r) Brig Gen Rahim, Cihief of Defense Forces Jen Tan Sri Zaulkifli, Deputy Minister Dato’ Dr Latif Ahmad and representative of Kelab RAMD. 14 Feb 2012

He is the second Minister of Defence to remember Lt Adnan Saidi and the gallant men of 1 and 2 FMR during the commemoration for their heroic defense of the Pasir Panjang Line and tragic defeat. This is reflective of the Malaysian Government attitude in honouring gallant warriors and servicemen killed or wounded for the nation.

Bronze statue depicting three men of 1 Malay manning a field mortar

Bronze statue at the Bukit Chandu Memorial depicting three men of 1 Malay manning a field mortar

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Carving out JCorp

Johor Corporation Bhd

Strong rumours circulating ‘in the market’ about Johor Corporation recently concluded the decision to hive off its group of project management, property development, construction and integrated facility management arm, Damansara Realty Bhd.

Details are sketchy but it is strongly believed that the two Johor born individuals would benefit from the sale as acquirer and eventually would be the new shareholders.

One of the individuals has been said to be a prominent member of the ruling feudal family of one of Malaysian states where as the other is a believed to be a very well known Batu Pahat son.

JCorp is the most successful and profitable state economic development corporation. This time last year, the devouring of JCorp’s cash cow was discussed here.

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Article 3.1 isn’t for global churches’ grading scheme

The global Christian churches should stop from making comments and demands on the kalimah “Allah” issue after the Court of Appeal unanimously decided on 14 October 2014 that Home Ministry was right to ban Catholic Church’s Herald publication in Malay and overturned High Court decision to ban Catholic Herald from using kalimah “Allah” in place of God.

Riong Kali dot com story:

Churches worldwide lend support to Catholics over ‘Allah’ row as court appeal looms

FEBRUARY 12, 2014

The Catholic Church's appeal against the ban on the use of 'Allah' will be heard on March 5. – The Malaysian Insider pic, February 12, 2014. The Catholic Church’s appeal against the ban on the use of ‘Allah’ will be heard on March 5. – The Malaysian Insider pic, February 12, 2014.More churches worldwide are lending their support to Christian leaders in Malaysia as the court date to hear the Catholic church’s appeal against the ban on the use of the word Allah draws nearer.

The latest to join the chorus of criticism is the World Methodist Council (WMC) which expressed shock and consternation over the Court of Appeal ruling in October which bar the Catholic weekly, Herald, from using the Arabic word.

In a letter addressed to the Christian Federation of Malaysia, sighted by The Malaysian Insider, WMC general secretary Bishop Ivan Abrahams wrote that the decision was a “rather troubling” attempt by the courts in Malaysia to allow one religion to take ownership over a universal terminology.

“The verdict has the possibility to create unnecessary division between Christians and Muslims in Malaysia,” said Abrahams who wrote from the WMC headquarters in North Carolina in the United States.

The WMC represents more than 80 million believers in 130 countries.

Abrahams further noted that throughout the world, the use of the word God in a believer’s mother tongue was “not something that authorities should be seen as politicising”.

He added that this would only create a troubling and dangerous precedent in an already fragmented world.

“The Malaysian courts need look no further than neighbouring Indonesia to see that Christians and Muslims refer to God as Allah, without incident or controversy,” he said.

He further pointed out that daughters and sons of Abraham share the same God, and as such, to claim exclusive ownership over the name would constitute a divisive action at a time when religions should be working together to unite believers.

“I write to you as the general secretary of the World Methodist Council, which represents over 80 million believers in 130 countries, and together, our worldwide church family pray that all Malaysians may be able to practise their faith freely.

“And that a spirit of unity, civility and peace will sweep over the people of Malaysia and that the forces that seek to divide will one day learn the power of reconciliation and hope,” Abrahams wrote.

Just last week, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), in a letter to the  Council of Churches of Malaysia, noted that Christian communities in the Muslim world and in countries where Arabic words permeate local languages, God has always been referred to as Allah.

“This is not just a matter of faith, but also a reality of history and language.

“It is with great sadness that we continue to witness the burden you bear in the controversy in Malaysia over the use of the word Allah,” said ELCA’s Bishop Elizabeth Eaton in the letter dated February 5.

The letter also noted that the raid and seizure of Malay and Iban Bibles from The Bible Society of Malaysia’s (BSM) premises last month had brought “renewed attention to the unique problem faced by Christians in Malaysia”.

“What is particularly disturbing about the incident is how it violates Malaysia’s own Constitution, in which Article 11 sets out the freedom of religion,” Eaton wrote.

Even the United Nations had weighed in on the Allah issue in Malaysia, when its Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion and belief, Heiner Bielefeldt, called on the Malaysian government to reverse its decision to ban Catholic weekly Herald from using the word.

In a statement released in Geneva late last year, he had warned that the case may have far-reaching implications for religious minorities in the country.

“Freedom of religion or belief is a right of human beings, not a right of the state,” Bielefeldt had said.

UN Independent Expert on minority issues Rita Izsak and UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression Frank La Rue had both echoed Bielefeldt’s call.

The Herald won a High Court decision in December 2009 that overturned the Home Ministry’s ban on the use of the word “Allah” in its Bahasa Malaysia section.

However, last October, the Court of Appeal overturned that decision, saying that the word was not integral to Christianity.

In October last year, a three-man Court of Appeal bench were unanimous in their decision that Allah’s name can only be used by Muslims and barred the Catholic weekly, Herald, from using Allah in its Bahasa Malaysia section.

The bench found that the word Allah was not an integral part of the Malaysian Christian’s faith.

An appeal has been filed against this judgment and the case is scheduled to be heard at the Federal Court on March 5.

On January 2, tensions over the “Allah” issue escalated when the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais), raided BSM and seized more than 300 Bibles in Malay and Iban.

The Bibles have yet to be returned. – February 12, 2014.


Violation of kalimah “Allah, especially with  the intent to prosetylise Christianity to the Malay-Muslim majority populous of Malaysia should be seen as nothing but a direct attack against Articles 3.1 and 11.4 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

Article 3.1 & 3.2 of the Federal Constitution

Article 3.1 & 3.2 of the Federal Constitution

The intent to curb violation of both articles is reflective in the unanimous decision of the three learned Court of Appeal judges.

Under Article 3.1, Islam is not only religion of the Federation of Malaysia but Islam is a defining characteristic of this nation. That was based on the Federation of Malaya Treaty inked between HRH Rulers and representative of the British Empire on 21 January 1948 where the treaty became the fundamental basis of the Federation of Malaya Constitution which came into effect on 31 August 1957.

The definition of the Malays is also related to their belief and practice of Islam.

That is why, HRH Rulers take this kalimah “Allah” matter very seriously. Even His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong XIV had to stand up and be heard, specifically issued a titah on the matter recently.

Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, 21 January 1948

Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, 21 January 1948

The matter is not for scrutiny or criticism for the world community, just like in the episode where Vatican Ambassador to Malaysia Apostolic Nuncio Joseph Salvador’s statement in the interview with Riong Kali dot com, last Ramadhan.

It is very clear pro-Opposition news portals in the likes of Riong Kali dot com have intent of malice playing this issue continuously. Especially in the angle and flavour presented in this article.

They would not stop and put the matter to rest unless they could expand the matter which violates the sensitivities of the Malay-Muslim majority and create a situation of uneasiness and tense, where the minority Christians which is a minority amongst the minority especially in Semenanjung could then be manipulated as being ’emotionally oppressed’.

Example is giving a Catholic church odd-ball like Murphy Pakiam to tell off Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak or Non Muslim Consultative Council make seditious statements, via the Riong Kali dot com.

The recent JAIS raid at Bible Seminary Malaysia opened an investigation for the activities pertaining to violation of ban of protelysation of Christianity to Malay-Muslim majority of Selangor and surrounding states. Mots likely, the investigations have not been completed yet. Hence, the bibles have not been returned.

That is a simple logic to explain for the 300 plus bibles in Malay still in possession of JAIS. Yet, Riong Kali dot com chose to highlight this point.

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Agenda Cina Chauvinis DAP kuasai negara melalui Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim: Boneka Cina Chauvinis

Drama politik Ketua Pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim semenjak dibebaskan dari hukuman pada 2004 oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan kerana meliwat Azizan Abu Bakar merupakan agenda politik Cina Chauvinis untuk menguasai politik Malaysia.

Ini kerana Anwar merupakan tiket mereka untuk meraih kuasa, sedikit demi sedikit dan secara sistematik sehingga seluruh negara jatuh bawah kuasa mereka.

Buktinya jelas kerana sebelum mengadakan kerjasama politik PKR-DAP-PAS pra-PRU 12 pada Mac 2008, ketiga tiga parti ini bergerak sebagai Barisan Alternatif (sebagai reaksi pasca PRU 11 April 2004 dimana BN menguasai 90% Dewan Rakyat) dan kemudiannya Barisan Rakyat. Hakikatnya tanpa Anwar, DAP tidak mungkin akan bekerjasama dengan PAS.

Pakatan Rakyat sebenarnya lahir pasca PRU 12 pada 8 Mac 2008 apabila Pembangkang (PKR, DAP dan PAS) berjaya meraih 82 kerusi Parlimen dan sekali gus dalam sejarah menafikan Barisan Nasional (BN) 2/3 majoriti dalam Dewan Rakyat.

BN juga hilang kuasa untuk menubuhkan Kerajaan Negeri di Kelantan, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak dan Selangor.

Buat kali pertama, Cina Chauvinis DAP menubuhkan Kerajaan Negeri iaitu di Pulau Pinang dan menguasai (secara proksi) Selangor dan Perak. Ianya merupakan cita cita yang berusia lebih 40 tahun, semenjak Singapura dinyah-keluar dari Persekutuan Malaysia pada 9 Ogos 1965 dan DAP ditubuhkan untuk meneruskan perjuangan Chauvinis Cina pada 1967.

Platform Pembangkang melalui PR dan kejayaan menubuhkan dan menguasai tiga Kerajaan Negeri diperkudakan sepenuhnya oleh Cina Chauvinis DAP untuk mengukuhkan pengaruh dan sokongan keatas perjuangan mereka.

Mereka mula menyusun strategi bagi menguasai keyakinan dan kemudian sokongan orang Melayu dengan melantik dan menengahkan personaliti dikalangan orang Melayu yang berwibawa, seperti Tunku Aziz. Mantan Presiden Transparency International Malaysia itu dilantik sebagai Senator.

Cina Chauvinis DAP juga dengan rakusnya menjarah segala peluang yang ada seperti memberi tanah pajakan 999 tahun melalui Menteri Besar Perak Ir Nizar Jamaluddin, yang juga boneka kuasa DAP dalam Kerajaan Negeri Perak.

Nizar merupakan antara pemimpin ‘puak Erdogan’ dalam PAS yang mendukung agenda Anwar Ibrahim.

Pemimpin pemimpin DAP kini benar benar berjaya menjadikan Anwar boneka mereka, tertutama Pengerusi DAP Karpal Singh merupakan peguam dalam kes perbicaraan yang sedang dirayu ini.

Sekiranya dikaji, Anwar berdalih dalam isu isu seperti Hak Istimewa Orang Melayu dan Dasar Ekonomi Baru dan bersedia menyokong strategi melemah dan mengikis kuasa pada tangan orang Melayu dengan menghancurkan jatidiri orang Melayu-Islam. Ianya direalisasi melalui agenda seperti murtad, kalimah “Allah” dan LGBT.

Anwar juga menjadi ‘jurucakap’ bagi Cina Chauvinis dalam isu seperti Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng.

Jelas Anwar merupakan senjata strategik bahaya Chauvinis Cina DAP untuk melemahkan kuasa dan secara sistematik, sebagai minoriti menguasai majoriti Melayu-Islam atas bumi yang asalnya milik dan ibu pertiwi orang Melayu. Tidak hairan mengapa Cina Chauvinis DAP begitu bersemangat menegakkan alasan dan akan menentukan Anwar menang di DUN 25 Kajang.

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PKR MP guns on PKNS ’employment massacre’

PKR MP for Kuala Langat Abdullah Sani Abdullah Hamid is hopping mad on the recent abrupt termination of 23 PKNS Holdings Sdn Bhd senior management and employees yesterday, which was without any reason, proper notification, due process and opportunity for them to represent themselves.

All are provisions under the Employment Act.

NST story:

05 February 2014| last updated at 01:49PM

PKNS sacked employees lodge complaint

By AKIL YUNUS | news@nst.com.my
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SHAH ALAM: The 23 employees of PKNS Holdings Sdn Bhd (PHSB), whose contracts were terminated with immediate effect yesterday, lodged a complaint with the state industrial relations department this morning on grounds of wrongful dismissal.

The group’s spokesperson, former PKNS marketing head Dr Alif Aiman Abdullah said they were seeking to be reinstated to their posts or would seek legal action against the corporation.

“If our services were no longer required, PKNS is obliged to send us back to PHSB as we were hired by them in the first place. PHSB must use us until our contracts expire.

“There was also no study or exercise conducted to suggest that our roles in the corporation were redundant, hence there is no justification to terminate our service,” Alif told reporters after filing the complaint here.

The group was accompanied by Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) deputy president Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid.

Abdullah Sani said PKNS’ actions had breached rules under the Employment Act as there was no proper procedure in place to lay off the workers.

“There must be a policy in place where retrenchment is concerned. Firstly, they must call up the workers to inform them. Secondly, they must reveal if it is a cost cutting strategy.

“PKNS is not going bankrupt, so what is the real reasoning? Is it to cater to the whims and fancies of important parties at the top,” he said.

He said the sacked employees had a strong case for wrongful dismissal, with a decision to be made within two months.

“If there is a strong case, then it will be settled in the industrial court. While waiting, MTUC will try its best to get them reinstated,” added Abdullah Sani, who is also PKR member of parliament for Kuala Langat.

Read more: PKNS sacked employees lodge complaint – Latest – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/latest/pkns-sacked-employees-lodge-complaint-1.477505#ixzz2sTJd8XSU


As such, Abdullah Sani who is also MTUC Deputy President, claimed the improper termination is a “Personal agenda” and described it as “Cruel”.

On the other hand, PKNS stated that the termination was about cutting down duplication of work and redundancies which function and expertise are already available within the permanent staff of the Selangor state economic development corporation.

The Star story:

Published: Wednesday February 5, 2014 MYT 7:20:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday February 5, 2014 MYT 7:22:06 PM

Staff terminations made to avoid job duplication, says PKNS

SHAH ALAM: The service contracts of the 23 staff of the Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) Holdings Sdn Bhd were terminated to avoid job duplication within the corporation.

Its public relations manager Ishak Hashim said this was because PKNS had permanent staff with similar expertise.

“The services of the 23 staff in PKNS had been engaged in stages as early as 2010 to fill up vacancies and strengthen several new divisions in the PKNS, including the marketing, business development, strategy and media, investment and business organisation and integrity.

“PKNS is of the view that there is no necessity to continue the services of the 23 officers as similar expertise and experiences are available among the permanent staff in PKNS,” he said in a statement, here Wednesday.

The 23 staff members concerned had earlier lodged a report with the Selangor Industrial Relations Department on the matter Wednesday.

Their representative, Dr Alif Aiman, said the report was made to protect their rights as workers.

“We are made to understand that no contract has been terminated, there are workers who still have 12 months of service contract, three months of service contracts while some have had their contracts extended, so (work) performance is not an issue in this matter,” he told reporters after making the report at the department.

Also present was the deputy president of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC), Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid.

Dr Alif, who was PKNS senior marketing manager, said PKNS should pay compensation for terminating the services.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Sani described the action taken by the PHSB as cruel and violated the Employment Act 1955.

On Tuesday, PKNS Holdings, a subsidiary of PKNS, terminated the service contracts of the staff concerned by giving them 24-hour notice, and gave them two months salary in compensation. – Bernama


What is baffling is the human resource planning PKNS in developing internal competencies and phasing out the contract employees providing the said function. It is impossible to fathom the fact that the process to made available all the functions in permanent staffs are not done in stages and the phasing out is done with proper job handovers.

It is literally ssuddenly one morning someone in the organisation woke up and decided to unceremoniously sack the contract staffs.

By far, it is the worst dis-employment exercise by a GLC in the country. As such, Abdullah Sani also demanded that MB Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to resign.

Riong Kali dot com reported about the decision to abruptly and unceremoniously terminate these employees was made by Khalid to stop PKNS as an organisation to be used by certain quarters within PKR for their personal political agenda.

  • Khalid sacked 30 PKNS employees ‘to stop it from being used as political tool’

    The Malaysian InsiderThe Malaysian Insider – 14 hours ago

    The dismissal of 30 employees of PKNS Holdings Sdn Bhd (PHSB) was a move by Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (pic) to stop the subsidiary company from being used as a political tool by certain parties, says a source.

    Khalid was reportedly unhappy about certain parties using PKNS for their own interests.

    “Imagine, there are public relations executives earning RM12,000 a month… a salary that is beyond PKNS’s pay scale,” the source told The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

    “But these officer are in PKNS, not to work for the company, but for the political interests of some.

    Yesterday, 30 PHSB contract employees had their contracts terminated and given two months’ severence pay.

    One of them, Dr Alif Aiman, contacted Bernama last night about the dismissal.

    Alif, who was PKNS senior marketing manager, said the 30 were only told their dismissals were in line with the company’s restructuring.

    It was believed that PKNS acting general manager Azlan Alifiah had met Khalid at his official residence on February 1 at 8.30pm.

    At the meeting, the MB was said to have ordered the sacking of all PHSB staff by February 3.

    Following that, Azlan ordered the deputy GM of PKNS to carry out Khalid’s orders.

    The dismissal letters were prepared by PHSB chairman Datin Paduka Norazlina Zakaria on the same day.

    The staff were then given their dismissal letters with the severance pay yesterday, effective immediately.

    Those dismissed were asked to reapply to PKNS later and they would be deployed according to its needs.

    The PKNS issue remains one of the reasons behind the strained ties between Khalid and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, who was also a former PKNS board member.

    Azmin, who is Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman, was ousted from the PKNS board of directors on January 10.

    In the state exco meeting, Azmin’s name was not on the list of names proposed as part of the new PKNS board of directors.

    The dismissal of the 30 PHSB employees was the first after the Selangor state secretary was ordered by the MB to investigate PKNS.

    Prior to this, its general manager, Datuk Othman Omar, and executive secretary, Norita Mohd Sidek, were transferred to the state secretariat building to take over administrative positions.

    Khalid had previously said that their removal was to allow investigation into the Azmin’s sacking from the board. – February 5, 2014.


What is certain, all these are the in correlation to Khalid acting as a professional and running Selangor State Government as the chief executive using business and corporate acumens and the complications arisen from the proxy fight between Anwar Ibrahim as the Opposition Leader and PKR Adviser and Wan Azizan Wan Ismail as PKR President.

It is also obvious Anwar and Wan Azizah are taking the their complicated ‘menage-a-trois‘ and morbid extended-play of infidelity which translated as bedroom tussle  extended into party internal politics.
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Bankrupt on Excuses

It is very obvious that PKR is in desperation and bankrupt in excuses, in their morbid attempt to justify the abrupt resignation of ADUN Kajang Lee Chin Cheh without valid reason and suummary announcement of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to contest in the vacated DUN seat.

Riong Kali dot com story:

We need Anwar in Selangor to prevent Putrajaya declaring state of emergency, says PKR

FEBRUARY 04, 2014

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is contesting the Kajang seat to strengthen the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government. –The Malaysian Insider pic by Nazir Sufari, February 4, 2014.Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is contesting the Kajang seat to strengthen the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government. –The Malaysian Insider pic by Nazir Sufari,

February 4, 2014.Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ‘s presence in Selangor is vital to prevent Putrajaya from declaring a state of emergency to wrest control of the richest state,  PKR strategist Rafizi Ramli said today.

He said Barisan Nasional/Umno had done this in Kelantan in 1977 when it declared a state of emergency and subsequently grabbed power from PAS.

“This is one of the possibilities which we cannot rule out based on the escalating race and religious tension in Selangor,” he said in response to why Anwar needed to contest in the Kajang by-election.

A state of emergency was declared in Kelantan by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on November 8, 1977 upon the request of the federal government following a political impasse and reports of street violence.

The mentri besar then was Mohamad Nasir of PAS as the Islamic party was part of BN after 1974.

PAS was unhappy with Mohamad Nasir’s performance and he was accused of defying party instructions.

A no-confidence motion was tabled in the state assembly where 20 PAS assemblymen supported the motion while 13 Umno and one MCA assemblymen walked out in protest.

Mohamad Nasir refused to resign and he then requested the head of state to dissolve the state assembly to pave way for an election but was denied this.

His supporters took to the streets, resulting in violence and looting.

The Emergency Powers (Kelantan) Act 1977 was passed by Parliament the next day (November 9), giving the federal government implied power to govern the state.

Rafizi said PKR, DAP and PAS in Selangor have been discussing about Anwar playing a pivotal role in the state after the last general election.

He said the central leadership of the parties, minus Anwar, had agreed to the plan after considering the overall situation.

“We were looking for a multiracial seat and the Kajang assemblyman volunteered to vacate his position and pave the way for a by-election,” he said.

Rafizi said racial and religious tension had been brewing following seizure of more than 300 Alkitab and Bup Kudus by Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) on January 2, with Umno and other Malay groups protesting in front of several churches.

“We need a political maestro like Anwar to handle the political problems. It is no longer an administrative issue here.”

He said there were also forces within Umno, led by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who were promoting the political ideology that almost all the states in the peninsula could remain with BN/Umno with the overwhelming support of the Malays.

He said BN could no longer remain viable as a multiracial coalition with 65 % support of the Malays but instead wanted to raise the support level up to 90 % as the population was growing.

“So we had to throw the spanner in the works so that they have to relook their strategy.”

Rafizi said if Pakatan did not make the move there would be flash points resulting from race-religious issue like the tussle over the use of the word “Allah” by Christians. He said Anwar would lack legitimacy as PKR national leader to meddle in Selangor unless he was an assemblyman in the state.

“He lacks clout by merely being appointed a RM1 economic adviser of the state. We want him to be elected by the voters.”

Rafiz said there were more options for Anwar as assemblyman although Menter Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had stated there was no reason for him to vacate the position now. – February 4, 2014.


There is no reason for the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in Selangor. There is hardly any violence nor demonstration, unlike in Kota Bahru in 1977 when manny wanted Mohamad Nasir to quit as Menteri Besar.

In fact, if that would be the excuse then it would have been carried out during the series of ‘Black 505’ rallies, which was launched in Kelana Jaya on 8 May 2013 as their reaction in failing to get majority control of Dewan Rakyat at the 13GE three days earlier. Opposition staged and tried to create a snowball effect with political rallies turning into mob-street demonstration to topple the Federal Government, which they pre-empted and dubbed as ‘Malaysian Spring’.

The ‘Black 505’ rally was against held in Selangor, which is in Petaling Jaya on 25 May. The last one, which is the fifteenth was held in Kuala Lumpur on 22 June.

Opposition claimed that the 13GE was held with fraudulent practices, such as Anwar Ibrahim’s own lies about “40,500 Banglas were brought in 16 Jumbo flights to vote” and the so-called ‘Black out in Bentong, during the vote counting’.

The Federal Government did not do anything. In fact, Police actually allowed all of these rallies to proceed despite they failed to adhere to the condition of the process of notification the local Police as stipulated in Peaceful Assembly Act.

The fact is that PKR is trying to deflect from the grave internal issues such as the challenges mounted by PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali against MB selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, which resulted in the sacking of the former from PKNS BoD and Chief Executive Othman Omar. The latest in the summary sacking of 30 PKNS employees.

04 February 2014| last updated at 11:06PM

30 PKNS Holdings employees dismissed on 24 hours notice

SHAH ALAM: Nearly 30 employees of Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) Holdings Sdn Bhd (PHSB) were today dismissed by the management company with 24 hours notice effective yesterday.

It is understood that all the 30 employees of PHSB, which is a subsidiary of PKNS, received their dismissal letters during a meeting with the management this morning after coming to work as usual.

The letters were personally signed by PHSB chairman, Datin Paduka Norazlina Zakaria.

Dr Alif Aiman, who spoke on behalf of the dismissed employees said they were shocked by the development as there had not been any discussions prior to their dismissal.

“The shock that we got when attending work today is akin to persecution as there is no sound reason for the termination which is a real hardship for us, being the families’ main breadwinners.

“What we regret is even now we all still do not know why we have been dismissed when we have not committed any offence against PHSB for which we were willing to sacrifice time and energy to develop,” he told reporters here today.

Dr Alif, who is also the Senior Marketing Manager of PKNS, said they were only informed through the letter of termination that the move was made in accordance to changes and direction taken by PKNS in restructuring the organisation and human resources, including in PHSB.– BERNAMA


The issue in Selangor pertaining to some Christians defying the role and position of Islam as Religion of the Federation, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution under Articles 3(1) and 11(4) and prohibition to prosetylise Muslims, which provided under the 1988 Enactment of Propagation of Non Muslim Religions falls under the jurisdiction and authority of JAIS.

JAIS is only answerable to the Constitutional Head of Islam for Selangor, HRH Sultan of Selangor. In fact, HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah several times issued titah on the issue  which PKR is trying to manipulate here as probable excuse for Federal Government to declare State of Emergency.

The fact is that the Selangor State Government is backing these Christians and church leaders even though they are breaking the law.

It was former Selangor Exco in-charge of religious Affairs Dato’ Dr. Hassan Ali who admitted that the Churches were systematically prosetylise Muslims into Christianity. This came about after the shocking revelation from the JAIS raid in Damansara Utama Methodist Church in August 2011.

HRH Sultan Selangor issued a titah on the findings of JAIS investigations on the DUMC case, which is there were prosetylisation of Muslims.

The fact that PKR Strategist Rafizi Ramli would not include in any of his statements with regards to the point of “Racial and religious tension had been brewing following seizure of more than 300 Alkitab and Bup Kudus by Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) on January 2, with Umno and other Malay groups protesting in front of several churches” is that His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong XIV recently stated in his titah “kalimah Allah is exclusively for Muslims”.

Observing this and Selangor State Government playing its role as a responsible elected government should not cause any avenue for “Racial and religious tension had been brewing following seizure of more than 300 Alkitab and Bup Kudus by Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS)”.

PKR Strategist Rafizi said in this media conference that they have “To throw spanner to the works so that they have to relook their strategy”. It is very unclear how Anwar Ibrahim got PKR to manipulate the democratic electoral process would justify for their morbid justification to check against UMNO.

When they run out of logic, continue to perpetuate lies as their habitual ‘business as usual’ trait and as a reaction, staunch PKR supporters and activists start to express their dismay, it is evidently clear that the party is unable to continue represent the interest of the rakyat.

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