Time to show patriotism


Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity should rise to the moment and demonstrate their patriotism and loyalty to the nation they so wanted to be treated as equals, in the literal sense. This include coming in droves at Royal Malaysian Police recruitment centers for selection to the law enforcement and internal security agency.

Police relaxes entry requirements to get more Chinese recruits

MARCH 01, 2014

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has relaxed several conditions pertaining to recruitment, apart from studying numerous aspects of improvement in its service to lure more Chinese to join the force.

Beginning this year too, PDRM intends to recruit 5,000 Chinese as low-ranking officers, in stages.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Mohd Zinin (pic) said PDRM might review various aspects related to salary, promotion opportunities and others to entice the participation of the Chinese.

“We are targeting about 5,000 Chinese in stages because we need to look at the capacity and our need to provide basic training and courses,” he said.

Mohd Bakri was speaking to reporters after the 2/2013 series Cadet Inspector Course Passing Out Parade Ceremony at the Police Training Centre in Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur, today.

He said currently, the number of Chinese police personnel made up only 1.87% of the total police strength.

Mohd Bakri said the force had also formed a special team to ensure the participation of the Chinese could be implemented as soon as possible.

“So, we have this task force which handles the matter. They will explain to society, especially the Chinese community, on joining the PDRM. We are doing that, this is our initiative, to ensure we get suitable candidates in PDRM,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bukit Aman Management Department director Datuk Seri Fuzi Harun said PDRM viewed seriously the boosting of Chinese participation as the community made up 30% of the population.

“So, less than 2% have joined the PDRM, it does not look good, so we have to improve this figure… to ensure this programme is successful, we will relax the entry conditions,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bukit Aman Personnel (Recruitment) assistant director ACP Saiful Azly Kamaruddin said the exercise for the recruitment of new police constables for the first session this year, would be carried out on Monday.

He said the relaxation included a pass in Bahasa Malaysia at Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. apart from passing a vision test or by using glasses or contact lenses by obtaining V/6/9.

“We understand the entry requirements, prior to this were too stringent for the Chinese community, namely, credit in Bahasa Malaysia while there are those among them who are not fluent at all.

“So, we consider this situation a special one for the Chinese community,” he said in an interview themed, ‘2014 Special Recruitment Exercise for the Post of Constable to encourage the Chinese community to join the PDRM’ here.

According to Saiful Azly, the relaxation must be made because the current membership ratio in PDRM was imbalanced among the Malays, Chinese, Indians and others.

“Based on statistics, as of December 31 last year, membership was dominated by Malays (90,156 people), followed by Indians (3,659 people) and the Chinese (1,974 people), while the rest were from other communities,” he said.

He said, the lack of Chinese (in the force) was due to several reasons, including salary, which was regarded as still low, while parents did not encourage their children to join the PDRM.

“According to a study, most of them do not realise a constable can bring home RM3,000 a month, if all the allowances are included,” he said.

For the recruitment on Monday, the Chinese were encouraged to download the application form from the PDRM website at http://www.rmp.gov.my, and after filling it out, should send it to the nearest police station or to the Personnel Recruitment Unit at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman. – Bernama, March 1, 2014.


It is pointless for Malaysian Chinese to demand so much from the Police, making a lot of complaints and setting standards for expected service and delivery, when they are unable to do their bit but talk, talk and more talking.

Why should concessions be made the for recruitment of Malaysian Chinese into the Police Force?

If the Malaysian Chinese wants to treated as ‘citizens with equal standings and rights’ in the literal sense, then they should stand up and willing to sacrifice their comfort and risk their lives for the blanket of security at the moment being provided by mainly Non-Chinese.

Funeral procession of notable Policeman of Chinese ethnicity Perak CPO tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong, assassinated in Ipoh on 13 Nov 1975 on his way to lunch

Funeral procession of notable Policeman of Chinese ethnicity Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong, assassinated in Ipoh on 13 Nov 1975 on his way to lunch

Malaysian Chinese numbers 26% of the 30 million Malaysian population. They should at least form 25% of the application into the Police Force, at all recruitment drives from the entry level constable to the probationary and degree holders’ inspector selection.

If they are really serious of ‘Malaysian, Malaysia’, then DAP should take this opportunity to shed the ‘Chinese Chauvinism’ and anti-Malay sentiments that they are so synonymous and demonstrate their true spirit of nationalism and patriotism by championing the drives of Chinese youths into Police Force recruitment drives.

Correspondingly, MCA should also do separate specific  programs such as drive for graduates of TAR College and UTAR, to ensure that Chinese youths show up and submit their application. This is without special incentives as per what Deputy IGP Dato’ Sri Mohd Bakri Zinin said that the Police is pondering.

None of the falling heroes amongst the extraordinary Policemen who were slained in Lahad Datu are of Chinese ethnicity. A demonstration of unfair heterogenous representation of the Malaysian populous. Pix by Apanama

None of the fallen heroes amongst the extraordinary Policemen who were slained in Lahad Datu are of Chinese ethnicity. A demonstration of unfair heterogenous representation of the Malaysian populous. Pix by Apanama

In the first anniversary of the Lahad Datu tragedy, the Malaysian Chinese wouldn’t want to be questioned on how many amongst them were killed and injured in the line of duty lately.

As they watched the development from the comfort of their homes, conveniently criticise and even made cheap pot shots as the nail biting stand off  from the Kg Tanduo aggression February last year unravels, the fact that there was no casualty of Police or Army of Chinese ethnicity demonstrate the unfair heterogenous representation as component of a typical Malaysian society.

It is the right time.

The Malaysian Chinese have this one chance to demonstrate that their magnamity and shed away the ‘kiasu’ mentality that often used to generalise them. The Malaysian Chinese substantial involvement in Police Force, Malaysian Armed Forces services and essential services like Fire Services is the perfect ‘national reconciliation’ which is initiated and driven by them, as the true patriotic citizens of Malaysia.

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