MH370 politicised by very low scums

In the combination of anxiety and distraught of the missing B777-200 MH370 enroute from KUL-PEK which dissappeared from cvil aviation radar on 8 March 0241hrs, saw the nation came together in support and prayers. Even His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong expressed his condolences to the family and loved ones of passengers and crew of the ill fated airliner.

However, at the height of DUN N25 Kajang by-election, Opposition leaders manipulating the tragedy to a point of contentious slander against the Federal Government, realising the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.


In this ceramah in Kajang, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad lied to the audience about the “Chinese government is upset with Malaysian government”. Clear it is not true because China is providing full co-operation in the effort to search for the missing B777-200 and managing and consoling the families and loved ones of 159 Chinese national passengers, Beijing side.

This is nothing new. It is a repeat of the Lahad Datu tragedy last year, where PKR Vice President Tian Chua lied about the “Kg Tanduo incursion was something staged by UMNO”.

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  1. If these guys can so insensitively politicise their unfortunate tragedy and loss of lives, it only shows how they will be if they were to run the country.

    Windbags like this guy have a shallow understanding of aircraft, aviation, airlines, search & rescue and other such operatons but just spout off hot air to serve their political agenda.

    Sure there will be lots of questions asked and finger pointing once the aircraft or remains of it and of the deceased passengers are found and the aircraft analysed but right now the focus should be on finding the aircraft, which I now believe possibly did not explode or disintegrate in mid air but landed on or dived into the sea and sank to the sea bed intact.

    Let’s consider the implications of these reports:-

    1. Pentagon data shows no evidence of a mid-air explosion of MH370.

    2. Eyewitness accounts reported in the New Straits Times today (11
    March, 2014), Alif Fathi Abdul Hadi, a Kelantan-based businessman
    claimed he saw a bright white light descending at high speed towards the
    South China Sea early Saturday morning (1.45 am), from the compound of
    his house in Kampung Kadok, Ketereh.

    The NST article also quoted fisherman Azid Ibrahim who said he saw an
    aircraft flying at a low altitude overhead whilst he was fishing off
    Kuala Besar, about 8km from here. He and five other anglers saw a bright
    light streaking overhead at 1.30am on Saturday.

    “Usually, lights from an airplane look like distant stars at night but
    the one that I saw was big as the aircraft was flying below the clouds,”
    Azid said.

    So it could well be possible that the aircraft landed on, or dived
    into the sea near the area where it was spotted, with its fuselage
    intact and later sank to the sea floor.

    This could well explain why there is no debris from the aircraft, no
    fragments of baggage, seats nor bodies floating on the sea have been
    found well into the fourth day.

    Astro Awani reported that search & rescue efforts also include scanning the sea bed with sonar, so hopefully they will find the aircraft soon, though I cannot find the link.

    Hopefully they will find the aircraft soon and if the fuselage
    is still intact, hopefully there will be some survivors at least.

    • The Director of the CIA has refused to rule out terrorism.

      He said that there have been “some claims to responsibility” for what happened to MH370.

      Do the Americans know something that we don’t?


  3. Well, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman did sound a trifle impatient with the way the Malaysian authorities are handling the investigations.

    And is it too much to ask that the Home Minister, the IGP and the D-G of the DCA present one coherent and consistent viewpoint instead of wandering off on their own?

    As too the Immigration boss who tied herself into knots about biometric passports.

    In fact, the only person who came across with the necessary gravitas is the CEO of MAS. And look at the bad press he’s getting, with MAS’s share price being in the toilet and all.

  4. RE: It is a repeat of the Lahad Datu tragedy last year, where PKR Vice President Tian Chua lied about the “Kg Tanduo incursion was something staged by UMNO”.

    To the Polis Di Raja Malaysia and the innocent civilians who lost their lives to terrorism at Lahad Datu:

    Daylight again, following me to bed
    I think about a hundred years ago, how my fathers bled
    I think I see a valley, covered with bones in blue
    All the brave soldiers that cannot get older been askin’ after you
    Hear the past a callin’, from Ar-megeddon’s side
    When everyone’s talkin’ and no one is listenin’, how can we decide?

    (Do we) find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground

    Mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down
    Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground
    Mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down
    (Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground)

  5. Have no intent to add more injury to this tragedy, but if you follow these press conferences, there have some bungling here and there by our officials on juggling facts and data. Sad because it is their industry.

    Apart from that — matter of anticipation — the oppo clowns will start politicising this tragedy. One website even tried to wing in on our ‘racist policies’. What! At this time. Have you no heart?

    And hear this Khalid speaks. He thinks we are a bunch of morons.

  6. Pakai kopiah dan berimej warak tapi dengan selambanya menabur fitnah. Dari raut mukanya jelas beliau sendiri tidak yakin, malah teragak-agak nak menyebut apa yang dia ucapkan.

    • Jenis kopiah dia pun pelik, menandakan manusia yang “not conforming to norms of behaviour and thinking”. Nak nunjukkan dia pandai, kononnya. Tapi mengeksploitasi keadaan sedih, suasana muram dan perasaan nahas untuk politiknya. Pandai kaki aku.

      Malangnya, ramai yang terpedaya dengan pemikiran ala Anwar Al Juburinya. Di Shah Alam ramai yang bepelajaran tinggi dan luas pemikiran. Tapi lebih ramai orang biasa, pekerja kilang, pembantu pembantu di kedai, mereka yang senang terpedaya, sanggup menerima “janji pilihanraya Pakatan Rakyat ada lah bukan janji”.

      Tapi sekarang ramai yang sakit pinggang mengangkat air akibat pendirian kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor sabelum Khalid tanda tangan MoU dengan Kerajaan Persekutuan. Di jngka ramai yang menukar pendirian terhadap PR Selangor di PRK Kajang dan PRU14.

  7. I’m not politicizing – I don’t belong to any political party and have no interest other than knowing what happened, knowing if the S&R efforts are placing the right emphasis, and putting out sincere views that hopefully are constructive. And I hope nobody thinks that I’m speculating because that’s not my intention.

    The lost passport issue should now be placed on the back burner. The Air Force saying their radar records show the plane turning back and flew another hour or so until 2.40 am when it disappeared from the screen – as stated in the earliest reports – should make the S&R team use more assets and time on the west coast of the Peninsula, while at the same time continuing the search in the east coast towards Vietnam.

    Understandably, our Air Force wanted to corroborate their finding with records on civilian radar before being emphatic on their finding and recommending emphasis on searching the west coast. But I shudder at the thought that we might not have a reliable radar system, if so here is a case for the Air Force needing to demand for the state-of-the-art, sophisticated and completely reliable radar system – with our full support as concerned citizens. Everybody should know that in any war, the first wave of attacks will be from the air.

    I cannot imagine what will happen to this country in the event of war if our Air Force becomes hesitant to deploy the relevant assets (and I’m sure we cannot claim to have many under a “felinist” defence policy) to scramble and whack enemy aircraft approaching our shores. We must have an efficient and totally reliable radar system.

    No, not true that “the “Chinese government is upset with Malaysian government”. But the Malaysian government and we ordinary citizens abhor blokes like Khalid Samad who exploit tragic situations for their selfish political interest.

    • What’s happening? Now Reuters reports that Malaysia’s air force chief has denied an earlier media report that the military last tracked a missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner over the Strait of Malacca, far west from where it last made contact with civilian air traffic control when it disappeared four days ago.

      “I wish to state that I did not make any such statements,” Malaysian air force chief Rodzali Daud said in a statement on Wednesday.

      Local newspaper Berita Harian had quoted Daud as saying radar at a military base had detected the airliner at 2:40 a.m. local time near Pulau Perak at the northern approach to the strait, a busy waterway that separates the western coast of Malaysia and Indonesia’s Sumatra island. Berita Harian should be pulled up and the reporter grilled.

      That still does not answer the question of whether Malaysia has a modern and reliable radar system.

    • In trying to get information or say anything that might be helpful, we search for the most reliable sources.

      Is this source reliable? It says

      “U.S. transport officials warned four months ago of a weak spot in Boeing 777s that could lead to rapid decompression and even to the aircraft breaking up in mid-air.

      One possibility is that such a fault rendered the crew unconscious, leaving the aircraft to fly on before crashing into the sea.

      If reliable, maybe should search in the area where the plane first disappeared from radar – off Trengganu on the way to Vietnam.

    • At the latest press briefing led by Hishamuddin a while ago, the Air Force General mentioned something about the military radar normally tracking “hostile” enemy aircraft (the DCA Director earlier saying that there are radars that show type of aircraft, size, flight height, etc), and a “dot” indicating non-hostile civilian aircraft needs to be corroborated with civilian radar and analysed by the experts to know more details.

      While the Air Force General does not reveal the level of sophistication and the detailed capabilities of their kind of military radar, I think we can sleep soundly knowing that our Air Force has a reliable radar.

      US NTSB, Boeing and other experts are coming to assist the SAR work.

  8. Apa daaa lu Khalid Samad .. lu baca Harakah saja kah?

    Baca lain paper sikit lah. Like New Straits Times which has this report:

    China happy with SAR progress

    APPRECIATIVE: Search carried out in an orderly manner, says China’s ambassador

    CHINA is satisfied with Malaysia’s efforts in handling the search-and-rescue (SAR) operation of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft flight MH370, said Chinese ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang yesterday.

    “Malaysia has done well in the SAR as well as dealing with the needs of the passengers’ families and next of kin,” he said after a courtesy visit to Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia.

    “I have explained to the Chinese media that rescue operations are being carried out in an orderly manner. We must be calm and patient as some things are beyond our knowledge. Wait and pray for the safety of everyone on board and hope for the best.”

    “I have watched them in action and witnessed how the operations were carried out.

    “I appreciate Malaysia’s efforts. I know that we (Malaysia and China) can work together to resolve this problem.”

  9. Well look at you clever little Sherlocks. So now the M’sian Government has finally unveiled their political intentions by linking this to Anwar (the very act that you condemned), what do you have to say about it? That this political link is the Opposition’s fault?

    What disgusts me so is that our government keeps every single piece of information (besides the false, dodgy ones) away from us and the families, and they finally break their silence just to tarnish the name of a family-man who flew MAS planes for decades? Without any evidence close to conclusive. For their own interests too. It’s the ultimate travesty and abuse of the responsibility they hold.

    SHAME on them, and we should be ashamed of them too.

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