Search for MH370 is “Well organised and very professional”

The Co-ordinator for the MH370 SAR Director General of Dept of Civil Aviation Dato' Azharuddin Abdul Rahman presenting the 'expanded area of operation'

The Co-ordinator for the MH370 SAR Director General of Dept of Civil Aviation Dato’ Azharuddin Abdul Rahman presenting the ‘expanded area of operation’

The combined efforts of 12 countries’ armed forces and maritime and security agencies co-ordinated by DG of Department of Civil Aviation Dato Azharuddin Abdul Rahman has been described as “Well organised and very professional”.

NST story:

Missing MH370: Malaysian SAR Efforts ‘Exceptional’, Says US Navy Commander

12 Mac 2014
PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Government is doing an exceptional job organising the search-and-rescue (SAR) effort to find the missing Malaysia Airline airplane, says the United States Navy Seventh Fleet.

“I give them a lot of credit. They have done what I would call an exceptional job,” said spokesperson Commander William Marks, in a recent interview with Sinosphere, the China blog of the New York Times.

He credit to the Malaysian Government for a ‘well-organised’ plan in coordinating the SAR effort.

“They coordinate both the water-space and the airspace management. It’s like a big chessboard out there. It’s really like moving chess pieces around, and that’s 3-D. You have three dimensions, you have the water-space and the airspace.

“If you don’t do a good job of it, there is a very real possibility of an accident. They track all these assets coming in from all these countries, they make assignments, and they’re very efficient, very professional,” Marks said.

Two US Navy guided-missile destroyers, the Pickney and Kidd, are among the dozens of ships searching for the MAS plane that disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last Saturday.

Marks said the SAR effort was a ‘very difficult, very challenging puzzle’ as the search box that started closer to Vietnam got bigger with each hour that passed, particularly with the latest report that claimed the plane may have turned around.

“So we are now looking at this area in the northern part of the Straits of Malacca, in case it turned around.

“This is a very large area. We are talking hundreds of square kilometres. The good news is it’s an international effort – there are a lot of assets down there. The country of Malaysia is in the lead. They’re the lead organisation, and they’re doing a terrific job of organising all this. The last information I had, had about 40 different ships here, and over 30 aircraft,” Marks said.

To a question on how much longer the search could last, Marks said the first 72 hours was considered as a search mission for the survivors.

“After that, it’s at the decision of the Malaysian Government what they want us to do, and where they want us to be,” he said.


This is a validation on the steps taken, decisions made and careful expansion of the area of operation.

In the same breadth, it is also a statement which is a totally opposite contrast against Opposition Leaders’ statement these past few nights, in their sordid zest to retain the N25 Kajang DUN seat in the current by-election campaign.

It is very low for them to take cheap potshots against the Federal Government and agencies for the missing B777-200 with tail number 9M-MRO MH370 KUL-PEK with 239 souls onboard since last Saturday.

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  1. Well, how then would you explain Chinese PM Li Kequiang’s comments that were made at a press conference in Beijing yesterday or today, and which I saw on the 3:00 PM Channel NewsAsia news bulletin this afternoon?

    It seems to me that he was referring to the Malaysian authorities in his comments.

    Are we going to tell him (and the other Chinese government representatives) to butt out and zip his mouth as the investigations into MH370 are our sole prerogative?

    I don’t think so. I think that the Malaysian authorities recognise the fact that they need all the help that they can get.

    There’s no harm in acknowledging that or in the fact that in these days of pervasive 24/7 social media, you can maybe run, but you can’t hide.

    • You wouldn’t say what he said? You think everybody has read or heard what he said? You want people to agree with your opinion, don’t talk in riddles, lorr. Say a bit what the Chinese PM say lar – what is it you want to hide? Or you want to run?

      Any government can give comments. Only we hope they are constructive ones. But if any gomen is blaming us, hell, we tell them that the Chinese gomen department that got the satellite images of what may turn out to be MH370 body parts kept it in the toilet since Sunday and brought it out only last night – Wednesday night.

      Then blame Malaysia for saying “possible” MH370 turned back and fell in the Straits of Malacca arr? What the ….

      Two thirds of the passengers were Chinese nationals – you think got any “help” issue with the Chinese gomen?

      • Let’s see now. Chinese PM Li Keqiang demanded that “the relevant party” step up coordination.

        Mr Li told reporters at a news conference in Beijing yesterday: This is an international and large-scale search operation involving many countries. The Chinese government has asked the relevant party to enhance coordination, investigate the cause, locate the missing plane as quickly as possible and properly handle all related matters.”

        Now, who is this “relevant party”? Are the phrases “enhance coordination” and “properly handle all related matters” mere euphemisms?

        Also, a report in the Singapore TODAY paper on 14 March noted that “China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang had on Monday urged Malaysia to ramp up efforts to speed up the investigation and provide timely and accurate information.”

        The same report also noted that “the head of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), Mr Li Jiaxiang, yesterday said the authority had repeated its concerns about the response to the crisis to Malaysia’s Special Envoy in Beijing.

        He said, according to the report: “(On Wednesday), Malaysia’s Special Envoy arrived in Beijing, and the CAAC asked of him that Malaysia step up search efforts and increase its scope, and that we hope that Malaysia’s information release and communication can be smoother.”

        So, I am not hiding.

        And if you doubt the veracity of what I have posted, you can double-check the reports yourself.

      • Hello, Mister, Google News on this subject has many thousand reports lorr. I agree that if you want readers to believe what you say, give the links lah, not say search yourself etc.

        You not defending China why they just criticize and demand step up efforts etc without doing like US – upon finding “new evidence”, on their own initiative sent one ship to the Indian Ocean and asked the Malaysians what further SAR assets they need?

  2. As for information from some country, there are no sign of explosion detect by their technology in certain area and no sign of crash into the sea.
    Instead of searching at Selat Melaka which are known as one of busiest straits and might be detected both by Malaysia and Indonesia radar if any.
    Why you fella don’t go to Hindi Ocean as the flight have the fuel capacity and might be trying to evade or minimize radar detection and fly under the darkness of night which difficult to detect by satellite.
    By the time they landed at the intend location if any, you fella just start wake up at 7am in the morning and still don’t know what happen..
    If this is actual scenario,sorry to say that the probability to find them are small because no ransom or request are being made.


  3. This was just brought to my attention. It’s a report titled “S’pore one of the few countries using Interpol database” that was published in the Singapore Straits Times on March 12, 2014.

    Quoting from the report:

    “Visitor passports presented to immigration officers at Singapore checkpoints are screened against Interpol’s database of lost or stolen travel documents, said the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) yesterday.

    “And if a passport is one of more than 40 million on Interpol’s list, the officer is automatically alerted and the traveller pulled aside for further checks.

    This procedure has been in place since May 2008, an ICA spokesman told The Straits Times.

    “He did not elaborate on how the system works, but security experts said this verification typically takes just a few seconds.

    “But despite the fact that checks are quick, Singapore remains one of only a few countries that use Interpol’s database to ensure border security, experts noted……

    “ICA uses biometric technology for identity verification when Singapore citizens and other known travellers opt for automated clearance, which is swifter.

    “The traveller’s thumbprint must tally with ICA’s data before the gates open for him to pass through. In this case, there is no need for verification against Interpol’s database……”

    Is the Malaysian Immigration Department aware of it’s Singapore counterpart’s SOP in using the Interpol database to screen visitor passports, a SOP that has been in place since May 2008?

    Did the Malaysian Immigration Department look into the feasibility of implementing a similar system at the country’s border checkpoints?

    If such a feasibility study was carried out, was it shelved due to lack of funds or the relevant technology?

    Will the Malaysian Immigration Department and Home Ministry consider implementing such a system in the aftermath of recent developments?

    • Are you the bloke previously always coming in here to glorify Singapore and belittle Malaysia? Previously banned but now coming in another name?

      You have evidence the 2 Iranians using stolen passports involved in making MH370 disappear? If so, go to the Police and it may change priorities. Careful now, IGP has said those two were just trying to smuggle themselves into the flight to find better lives in EU.

      Now focus on the Search efforts lah. Not yet time to ask will “Malaysian Immigration Department look into the feasibility of implementing a similar system at the country’s border checkpoints?” and the like.

      Got any leads? But not speculations, please.

  4. Big Dog is one of the few odd ones. This is the boring, non-sensational and rare news nowadays. As you can see very few media outlet would carry this news. The fact that an impartial and recognized authority acknowledged the good job despite the difficult and confusing situation out there says a lot about those involved in the search effort.

    Quoting Chinese officials who most likely have an ulterior motives while conveniently forgetting about China bungling of the “satellites pictures” and several others screwed ups does indicates an ignorance on his part.

    But then again, what would you expect from people who would rather listen to Mat Sabu, “Dr” Kua Kia Soong and the likes..

    • My hopeful thinking is that they have become a confused and scared stiff lot.

      Confused because they got scolded publicly – and I’m glad it happened. Hishamuddin told one of the buggers right into his face in front of everybody at the press briefing yesterday – “It’s only confusion if you want it to be seen to be confusion,” he said, curtly. Scared because Hishamuddin might do it again – he is not Menteri Amaran this time, he walloped the detractors prim and proper.

      These buggers don’t even think that even the experts in US and elsewhere don’t know so many things, cannot confirm radar blips and satellite pings, and also talk about “possibilities”. So when our Air Force General denied some words he was quoted as saying, they sensationalize it as Malaysia not being consistent in the information giving. Hell, the General was reminding the reporters that what they have are just blips of non-military aircraft on their radar and they need to corroborate such blips with civilian radar.

      And the DCA DG said they have to deploy assets in the Straits of Malacca as well, just in case the “possibility” of MH370 “turning back” proves to be real.

      Now that even the US with their varied expertise and sophisticated equipment have deployed assets in the Indian Ocean, I wish Hishamuddin would take a few soldiers to form a firing squad and “do up” those confused, confusing opposition bastards.

      • What on earth,the super duper state of the art
        sophisticated US radar on warships or at their base in Indian Ocean which monitor middle east,Afghan and SEA 24hrs overlook this so called MH…its definitely can detect.

      • If so, why have not detected until now?

        US purposely doing it to put Malaysia in bad light? Cannot be. Read the Commander/ spokesman for the US 7th Fleet participating in the search and having kind words for Malaysia’s search efforts.

  5. While waiting for the latest MH370 briefing where it is said PM Najib will
    attend, am wondering why the “official who is part of the investigating team” and who said he was “not authorized to brief the press”, is quoted by AFP earlier on to be saying the investigators have concluded that MH370 was hijacked.

    If true, he is pre-empting the DCA Director, Acting Minister of Transport etc? Is he clandestinely paid by some journalists to leak out what are not yet revealed and may be classified as secrets to protect the interests of the next of kin and relatives of those on board?

    He can’t be a trial balloon, “testing the market” or public reaction on some new product or controversial idea, as this is a matter of the lives of 329 human beings. Is he intended as am initial shock provider and later act as a shock absorber of some kind when the news are officially confirmed?

    If not, when the MH 370 crisis has settled down, the Police should investigate the bugger.

    • PM Najib did not confirm any hijacking, adding that the investigators are “still working on all possibilities”, they are checking the background of all passengers and crew.

      Son of a gun the AP or AFP or whatever foreign press publishing inaccurate and misleading information.

      • Even CNN make misleading and distort information when they said classified info that the plane crashed.If so,show the location now not after month which can be disputed.

    • Refuting the report that the hijacking is “conclusive”, the DCA DG Azharuddin, who is leading the MH370 investigation, told the Telegraph: “It is not conclusive. I’m heading the investigation and nobody is saying that. It’s not true.

      “We are looking at the possibility, we’re looking at all possibilities. We’re doing every profile of the passengers and crew but there is no firm evidence or leads so far.”

      Like that, anybody says the investigating team is not professional? The foreign reporters could be taken for a ride or talking to low functionary or a nut who claimed he is a senior member of the investigating team.

  6. UK tabloid Mirror saying

    Reports coming out of China that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s wife and three children had moved out of the family home the day before flight MH370 disappeared.

    The above report is suggesting pilot suicide. I shudder at the thought that the above might be vengeful and hate-motivated concoction by some Chinese in mainland China.

  7. Now the sensational tabloid in UK, the mirror, said

    “Fears emerged tonight that the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet may have hijacked the plane himself as an anti-government protest.

    Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was a fervent supporter of his country’s opposition leader who was jailed for homosexuality – illegal in Malaysia – only hours before flight MH370 vanished with 239 passengers and crew on board, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.”

    With no reliable source mentioned, the above could be an idiotic speculation.

    Yet the report also said

    “his friend Peter Chong insisted Capt Zaharie, 53, would be “the last person” to hijack the aircraft.

    He told the Sunday Mirror: “I would trust that man with my life. He loves people and being involved in something like that would hurt people. I would not believe he was involved in any way at all. If I went on a plane and was allowed the choice of a pilot, I would choose Captain Zaharie.”

    Looks like the idiotic tabloid is sensationalizing, as usual. Damn.

  8. I’m getting sick with CNN. Jim Clancy to be exact. 1 week based at KLIA, he doesn’t seem to have a clue about the chain of command regarding the MH370 investigation. Idiot.

    Only just now the clod was commenting on so-called confusion and saying there is “competition for leadership among those at the high rung of the investigation team. He said one time the DCA Chief said he was in charge, then the Acting Minister of Transport said he was, finally the Prime Minister said he was responsible.

    How damn stupid the bloke. No wonder, grey-haired and wrinkled all over, he still is not called Senior Correspondent or Senior anything whereas the younger Nic Robertson, Arwa Damon, Matthew Chance etc are Senior International Correspondents. .

    He should have asked and should know after 1 week at KLIA that the DCA Director General is indeed in charge of the investigations, But that the DCA comes under the Ministry of Transport and the Acting Minister naturally can of course claim he overrides the DCA DG. And damn idiotic Clancy sensationally commented derogatorily on the ultimate authority and responsibility of the PM.

    Bloody hell, CNN is full of Jews and Clancy is dancing to their tune, is he? True, CNN shareholding is substantially Jewish, and many of the staff are Jewish – blokes named King (2 in news casting at one time), Wolf Blitzer, Jim Foreman, etc are Jewish. Are they a part of the Irish Lobby comprising the Neo-Cons, Jews and Zionists out to weaken Muslim-led governments all over the world? Damn. Excuse my swear words, one too many this Sunday already.Those not being fair to Malaysia must be damned.

  9. According to, PKR exco member R. Sivarasa confirmed the pilot of Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft pilot Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah is a life member of the party.

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