Bontot ayam

Bitchy-mouth celebrity chef Dato’ Redzuan “Chef Wan” Ismail has done it again. His instragram earlier this afternoon distastefully mocked the desperate search for the missing B777-200 9M-MRO designated MH370 which gone missing on 8 March 2014 enroute KUL-PEK and the anxiety of so many people in this mystery.

Astroawani story:

Chef Wan ridicules discovery of object

 Astro Awani| Updated: March 21, 2014


Celebrity chef Datuk Chef Wan today ridiculed the discovery of two objects by Australia which could be related to the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 through his Instagram account @chefwan58.In his latest post, Chef Wan was posing with a piece of object which he said is part of the missing MH370 aircraft which disappeared on March 8.

In a distasteful joking manner, Chef Wan said the object was part of a toilet door from a house on the beach in Morib.


The entry has since been deleted after receiving 701 likes and much criticism from his Instagram followers.

Chef Wan’s distasteful comes at a time when tensions are running high among family members of the 239 passengers and crew on the missing plane after 14 days it had disappeared.

Chef Wan is highly regarded among his peers locally and around the world.

He is also also the Tourism Ambassador Icon and Malaysian Culinary Ambassador.

The search and rescue operations for the missing aircraft enters its 14th day today where it is now focused in the southern Indian Ocean, southwest of Perth.


It is utter distasteful and demonstration of sordid pure bitch-like behaviour to make fun on a massive international exercise to determine what Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott disclosed yesterday in Canberra was a piece from the perished 200 tonnes airliners.

Malaysians should teach errant individuals who abuse and misuse the borderless social media platform as the opportunity to trot on other people’s anxiety, confusion and misery and gain attention.

This sick joke is no different from when Tian Chua lied about the Lahad Datu Incident as an “UMNO drama” of the recent PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s speech in the current N25 Kajang by-election.

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  1. Faggot melayu

  2. What the hell should discerning citizens bother about a pondan chef whose popularity among the women folk largely depends on his pondanness – note that women always feel safe with and like to hang around pondans and Mak Nyahs.

    But, yes, not all Malaysians are discerning citizens and those way-off, distasteful so-called expert cooks (his cookings distasteful too?) should be pulled up and whacked for unwitting, ill-timed, careless and even stupid comments.

    Dato chef my foot – he has relatives in Johore Bahru close to the powers that be and can get Datoship even though the measure of his contribution to society is questionable.

    And what contribution can it be when he mocks the fate of Flight MH370 and doing so at a very crucial time when everybody – except the bloke – is full of anxiousness, anguish and anxiety.

    • Yes, bontot ayam is a fitting title, BD.

    • He is a ‘pondan’? Pondan people can have kids? Sorry, I’m naive about this kind of thing.

      • Can hv babies maahh.. sperm mana manusia ada anuuu serupa je.

      • In boys’ hostels like at MCKK, those fair complexioned, smooth skinned and some girlish looks, are called Jambu. Nasty boys will “merangkak” (actually they just walk) during sleeping hours to try get into the Jambu’s bed and do an Anxxx Al Juburi (also MCKK bloke) on them. Those known to give in to nightly attempts by the nasty boys are called pondans. Poor chaps, how not to give in – they just can’t sleep otherwise.

        Those who succeed in repelling the nasty boys nightly “merangkak” into their beds by kicking, punching etc may continue to be called Jambu (not pondan), though that title may disappear over time.

        Blokes like Anxxx Al Juburi will be going for them, doing their backsides. There was a theory that those selalu kena jolok belakang grow to be tall. And quite a few are. Read about film star Rock Hudson who was knwon to be a homosexual and died of HIV?

        Those known to be gays are said to take turns, doing depan belakang. They say Anxxx Al Juburi may be so. And he is not tall, is he? Maybe because of the depan belakang.

        Boys/ men who are girlish but can’t have kids are called Mak Nyah. They dress female, talk female, move about female in a rather pronounced manner.

        I don’t know whether this Chef Wan is gay or not. But he looks passable as a pondan by the MCKK definition.

        The moral of the story is: don’t be a bontot ayam and you don’t get called pondan..

  3. Meanwhile, it’s bashing time for Malaysia. Writer is pro Pakatan. Bitch!

    • One way not to get irritated or stressed is not to read those garbage kind of writing. If one happens to come across them, just have a quick glance, then chuck them into the rubbish bin. No need to put it out here or think about it any further.

      Often they are wild and unsubstantiated allegations. Or unreasonable expectations, like those expressed by the MH370 detractors, attention seekers, the usual twisters and spinners of whatever information they got. .

      But if you run across good Oppo hippo whacking, do let us know, even give us the link. Enjoy your reading. Of the good ones.

  4. Not just Malaysians should teach errant individuals who abuse and misuse the borderless social media platform as the opportunity to trot on other people’s anxiety, confusion and misery. The Government, too.

    Erdogan went to the extant of banning Twitter in Turkey.

    • Tun Dr Mahthir said if he is PM again, he’d “censor the Internet”. I fully support that. Close down the information twisting, massaging and spinning so-called news portals. Or do like Singapore government did, like what the Minister of Information said his Ministry was considering when taking office after PRU13 but did not decide to do so.

      Good that Ahmad Zahid refused newspaper license to Malaysia Kini. It’s a hideous blog that picks out the most caustic comments submitted to them and use them as main posts. They are not “news”, they are demented opinions and remarks by irresponsible people.

      But bontot yams like this Chef – just sneer and shit him whenever dia “mengomel”. And Tian Chua – sumbat dia in the Police Jianjang lock up, drag him to Court and charge him for sedition again and again. He has a few charges already – Mat Sabun said he has seven pending hearing. Good. Now even the rakyat dislikes him – he lost the MP post he contested at PRU13.

  5. Si Bontot Ayam PKR Vice President Tian Chua is being investigated by the Police –

    Inspector-General of Police yesterday said the investigation paper was opened, following a police report.

    Tian Chua, in his Twitter account, @tianchua alleged the five-year jail sentence on Anwar over the sodomy case was made by Prime Minister Datuk SeriNajib Tun Razak.

    Yesterday, Federal Territories People’s Progressive Party chairman Datuk A. Chandrakumanan lodged a report at the Sentul police station on Tian Chua’s allegation, which he regarded as not apt.

    I hope he will be arrested and charged in court. He has a few other Court cases for sedition, illegal assembly etc. PAS Mat Sabu recently said he has a total of seven coirt cases against him not yet heard.

    I had hoped Anwar be sent to prison immediately after the 5-year prison sentencing that day – sodomy is a serious offence should not be bailable. Now he can create a lot of nuisance until he is chucked into the prison.

    • The bontot ayam could very well say something against China flexing its muscle in this region instead of keeping quiet when the Chinese President told U.S. President Barack Obama that the United States should adopt a “fair” attitude on the East and South China Seas. As if China is fair to the smaller nations in the South and East China Seas.

      Lecturing the US also, saying “On the issues of the East and South China Sea, the U.S. side ought to adopt an objective and fair attitude, distinguish right from wrong, and do more to push for an appropriate resolution and improve the situation.”

      China has repeatedly told the United States not to take sides in any of these disputes. Mana boleh, otherwise China will be emboldened to bully us here endlessly.

      But how to expect bontot ayam Tian Chua to say anything against China when the bloke belittled the Armed Forces defending Lahad Datu against Filipino incursions. Very rightly, netizens walloped him heavily when he politicized the MH370 disappearance by criticizing DS Najib in his tweets. He should be locked up in prison after his sedition case is heard. Same prison as Anwar. please.

  6. Finally PM announced MYR 1 billion boeing 777 crashed and lost in the South Indian ocean. Chef Wan is friendly. Many people speculate on the reasons for one of the historical aviation incidents in Malaysia. Hopefully one day people will know why if not exactly why. Meanwhile empathy and symphathy for all. How evil can an evil mind be ? Crashing into buildings. Crashing into Pentagon. Crashing into what else ?

    • Friendly is OK, bontot ayam is not.

      “one of the historical aviation incidents in Malaysia”? It’s “unprecedented” in the entire world, man.

      Hope you have not decided that MH370 is deliberately crashed by the pilot like the Al Qaeda blokes did to the New York Twin Tower etc.

  7. This is what I call excellent writing, Definitely not bontot ayam, in fact it’s music to the ears. Look at the standard of English the man employs –

    “EVEN more shocking than the tragic loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been the disturbing and unedifying sight of the Chinese, both family members of those presumed to have perished, and Chinese government officials, reacting to the tragedy.

    It’s written by Tunku Abdul Aziz, the man who was Vice-President of DAP but bolted out of the party calling Lim Guan Eng “biadap”. He was UK-educated, at one time an Adviser in Bank Negara, later an Adviser at United Nations, A man fed up with corruption etc made the wrong decision of joining the DAP that he must have found also corrupt, crony and dynasty infested, etc.

    His words and deeds after that, including writings in mainstream newspapers, would have atoned for the ill-fated short sojourn at the DAP. But the bontot ayam Wan would not, even if he cooks DAP flags to tatters. The bontot ayam Tian Chua could do his atoning only in prison.

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