Nut forgetting the shell, nursing the monkeys from the wild

It has to come to our attention that Malaysian companies involved in oil and gas industry, which have benefitted immensely from Petronas, is believed to not do their bit in corporate social responsibility  for the Malaysian masses, particularly  for the unskilled youths and school leavers.

These contractors and service and solution providers have been awarded projects and amassed a lot of wealth from Petronas due to the Federal Government policies  towards their status as ‘Malaysian companies’  and not on their competency  and capability alone. That provided space and opportunities for capacity building, which later became beneficial in these companies’ growth and multidimensional expansion.

Now that they are there, they are conveniently turning a blind eye towards the strategic initiatives to develop the Malaysian youth masses. The excuse is “Market forces”. The fact is that, not only do little to train Malaysian youths  and provide them  will  upskilling opportunities, they are pitting their fellow Malaysians to compete against the imported labourers.

The Federal Government is providing training and up-skilling opportunities for Malaysian youths classified under ‘Not in Education or Training’ (NIET), to earn basic skills and necessary competencies for the industry. Never-mind the fact these contractors and service providers to Petronas not willing to do it.

Now, the expect these Malaysian youths to be paid equally with foreign labourers, particularly from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Myanmar. “We have to go with market forces and get who ever offers the lowest”.

It is convenient for executives of these home grown oil and gas contractor and service providers and support companies reflect on their roots and journey to this point of their corporate history.  If they think why they shouldn’t pay Malaysian youths more than the labourers because of “Market forces”, then how about when Petronas awarded them their first job back then. Where they they the best, against foreign contractors?

Probably what they should be also reminded is that more than 90% of  the RM7.00 per hour wages that they are willing pay foreign labourers would flow out  as opposed to if Malaysians youths were to be given the opportunity instead. Even if these Malaysian youths are paid 10-15% more, their wages would be recycled back into the domestic economy.

This is the same domestic economy which provided the  resilience and drive to the eco-system were these oil and gas contractors and service providers benefitted from, right from the start.


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  1. Do you know those leaders of GLC are all haprak? They cant even present and conduct intellectual discourse at global arena. Arrogant with the perks they received from government and they thought Malaysia and overseas are the same. That’s why they pay peanuts not realizing some of our youth are not monkeys but high achievers and ambitious, so they take up jobs in Middle East. Hey, orang luar overseas know how to appreciate us, our boys are very sought after, respected and being paid a salary of 3-5x higher than their colleagues, far better that those from India. Petronas are employing those low quality desperado from third world country. My friend pay 2500 a month for a Pinoy engineer here in UAE. Now may be Petronas would also like to employ those cheap nyet from Philippines?


    • How many countries have you been to be calling yourself Perantau? Just one solitary country in the Middle East? And claiming to know “those leaders of GLC”?

      No, I don’t know they “are all haprak”. But I think you are. To be talking the way you do, you must be haprak. Making the usual Oppo hippo “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations.”

      Now, what made you think “They cant even present and conduct intellectual discourse at global arena.” One, maybe two, didn’t impress you, so ” they “are all haprak”? What school you went?

      You are giving a lot of opinions, very low on facts, not even giving examples, or stating who did what to whom, how, when and where. Saying such nonsensical generalities as “Arrogant with the perks they received from government and they thought Malaysia and overseas are the same.” Only your opinion, no facts, innit? So, how to believe what you say?

      And why use the words “not realizing some of our youth are not monkeys”? Up to this point you certainly don’t sound “high achievers and ambitious”, And taking up jobs in Middle East certainly doesn’t prove that they are so.

      You want to sound “high achievers and ambitious”, learn to write meaningful and believable comments, mate. They may be believable if you put in more facts and less opinions, ok? Not just running down others and giving a bad image of my country. Heard of the words being patriotic?


      • Well, Hasan Marican seems to be doing well in the Singapore corporate world….

        Definitely not “haprak”, he!

        Anyway, Mr Perantau’s English leaves much to be desired.

        A product of the national education system, prithee?

      • You are now reduced to being an English teacher?

        Don’t mind me, I’m here just for the fun of it, haba haba.

  2. Aren’t you getting it back to front?

    Isn’t the availability of a trained and skilled workforce one of the main criteria that companies use when they decide whether to invest in a country?

    And isn’t it the responsibility of the government and educational institutions in a country to provide the educated and trained manpower (which includes women also) that employers need?

    Why shove off the job to the private sector?

    In Malaysia’s case, what percentage of GDP is spent on education?

    Are we getting the returns commensurate with this expenditure?

  3. GLCs are dominated by revenging geeks from MCKK, MRSM and RMC.

    It is time for them to get even and bully back the rest of the country after spending most of their life as loyal and obedient pupils and subservient to their former superiors.

    It is time for them to be selfish and have a better easier life. They wouldn’t give a damn to your quivering.

    • “revenging geeks”?

      Surely you mean ” revengeful geeks”, right?

      And wasn’t the raison d’etre for setting up MCKK to provide a top-notch English public school-type education to the best and brightest young Malay boys back in the day?

      So, are you saying that MCKK has failed to inculcate the famed British public school spirit of ethos and fair play in it’s alumni?

      • Revenging geeks is correct, Mister. It denotes the act of revenge.

        A revengeful goon may have the feeling of revenge but does not act, until he becomes a revenging goon.

        With geeks and goons, you trying to say you are a product of “top-notch English public school-type education”, too?

      • Not really, if you want to debate the semantics of it.

        I mentioned “revengeful”, because it’s not explicitly clear that these persons are actively engaged in seeking revenge.

        Seeking revenge for what? Being selected as blue-eyed boys, the cream of the crop, going head-to-head against the best and brightest Chinese and Indian students?

        But, if they are contemplating revenge…..hence ” revengeful”.

        As for goons, I am a fan of Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers. The original – and still the best – goons.

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